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31. Oppose NI Detention Centre

May 19, 2006

No to immigration snatch squad -
These detention centres are effectively the same as prisons.

It is inconceivable that at the same time that human rights advocates and campaigners are calling for them to be shut down in England and Scotland, that there are plans to establish one here.

The centre will lead to the criminalising of the immigrant community living here.

At a time when racist attacks are spiralling out of control this will contribute to fuelling racist attacks. We are further opposed to the plans for a special immigration squad who will carry out raids on workplaces to try to identify undocumented workers. This will breed the idea that the majority of overseas workers are here unlawfully when that is not the position.

There is a tiny number of asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants living here and there is no justification for having either a detention centre or a special immigration squad.

The current plans should be scrapped and the available resources used to tackle the real problems of race hate crimes.

32. Deport Me Instead

April 16, 2006

Legal U.S. citizens in support of undocumented workers.

33. Stop KFC Cruelty

March 08, 2006

Every year over 850 million chicken suffer on KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) factory farms and in the slaughterhouses.

"Every time undercover investigators enter the facilities of KFC's suppliers, they find hideous abuse and suffering. At one KFC "Supplier of the Year" slaughterhouse in West Virginia, workers were caught tearing birds' heads off, ripping them apart, spitting tobacco into their eyes, spray painting their faces, and throwing them against walls—all while the birds were completely conscious and able to feel pain."

Not only this, but they often suffer broken bones from being bred and drug to being top heavy, (and from being roughly handled by workers). They also suffer from painful debeaking. And there is just so much more that the chickens suffer from. And "because KFC is an industry leader and they buy and sell more chicken than any other corporation they have the ability to require their suppliers to implement some basic animal welfare standards."

We must stop this cruelty that is happening today world wide. Organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are already asking KFC to eliminate the worst abuses that chickens suffer. But KFC isn't making any changes. So we need your help. Chickens are probably the most abused animals, and are treated horribly. There is no law against this abuse to chcikens, and we need to change that.

Please sign this petition, and know who your helping. And for more information on KFC cruelty, please visit:
Thank-you, and God bless.

34. Halt the implementation of House Bill 7 in Texas

February 23, 2006

House Bill 7, in Texas, intends to completely revamp the Texas Work Comp System.

This will be done by rules adoption by the Commissioner of Work Comp.

Part of the ultimate result would be the adoption of health networks, which would end up taking real free choice of treating doctors away from workers.

For several reasons, you should oppose implementation of House Bill 7.

35. Oppose HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills

HB 3773, The Mother Of All Anti-Life Bills: PLEASE OPPOSE IT!

Dear healthcare workers, citizens of the Philippines, and concerned friends around the world,

As medical workers and/or people who care about our country (the Philippines), we encourage you to help us in the fight against a frightening population control bill that has been proposed in our Congress: House Bill 3773, "The Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005".

The time is short, since there will be a vote for the bill very soon, and the stakes are high. Many people are outraged by this proposition, and by educating as many citizens as possible about the dangers and exposing the deceit, we might have a chance to defeat it. If you agree that the situation is dire, you are strongly encouraged to examine the following petition AGAINST HB 3773. Then, please sign your name and forward it to as many people as possible.

The petition and list of names will be sent to our Filipino Congressmen on behalf of healthcare workers, concerned citizens, and ALL people of faith -- Catholics, other Christians, and Muslims alike. The congressmen have been bombarded with misinformation, and many of them are being led astray. Help them to realize the dangers that the bill poses to the life, health, and soul of our people, particularly Catholics and healthcare professionals. Help them to see that the world is watching and that knowledgeable, highly-respected Christians both here and abroad are deeply troubled by this development. And most importantly, please keep praying that we can defeat this insidious bill.

For more information about the bill, please see the following resource:

Also, see how our friends in the USA are joining their voices for this cause:

Thank you for reading, and God bless you!


Petition for the Reform of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

This Petition has been drafted and put together for the Purpose of forcing those in Officials Positions to ADDRESS and Appropriately deal with the issues surrounding the ABUSE of Parents, Families, and their Children by the very Governmental Agency designed and originally established to protect children, help, aide, and serve Families in need.

TOO MANY innocent families have already been destroyed for the financial gains of this greedy self-suiting Governmental Agency and it is long past the time for this ABUSE to STOP.

After reading the Petition, we are confident that you will AGREE that these ARE very needed changes, whether or not you or your family has been personally affected by a case with CPS (Child Protective Services).

If there were no real need for these such changes, then this Petition would have never been prepared for "your" support.

Please proceed now to the Petition.


37. Stop The Employment Cuts At BlueWater Health

July 23, 2005

As of July 21 2005 David Vigar CEO of BlueWater Health has announced that the hospital in Sarnia will be laying off 169 health workers to cover a part of the 14 million dollar deficit.

We believe this debt is the responsibility of bad management and are asking that David Vigar step down and relieve him self of his duties.

38. Review Group Medical Insurance

Petition to Review and Re-evalutate
Sheetmetal Workers Local Union # 2
Group Medical Policy.

39. Reform Federal Bankruptcy Laws

When Corporations file bankruptcy workers lose pensions and other benefit plans. Under the current law, employees are last in line to receive compensation from bankrupt companies.

40. Ban Drug Testing

I believe drug testing is an unreasonable search, and that it forces people to incriminate themselves. Many who take the same position believe drug testing violates the 4th and 5th amendments. The counter argument is that the Constitution doesn't apply to private organizations.

It comes down to these values. An employer's right to know who s/he is
hiring stands in conflict with an individual's right to privacy. I wrote
this petition because I value the right to privacy more.

I also believe people SHOULD have the right to consume any substance
they want [without limits] given that they are knowledgeable about that
chemical. Employers, like anyone, have been effected by the Reafer Madness

The government pushed massive amounts of misinformation throughout communities and schools, and I don't believe that employers are
well informed enough yet to dictate what drugs will harm the workplace.

The only effective way to select workers is to evaluate their
performance on the job. Drugs can actually improve performance. Aspirin
relieves pain, allowing a worker to continue. Marijuana (when consumed on
the job) makes repetitive factory oriented work more interesting, which
lengthens a workers attention span. Marijuana will actually make some
people more alert. After intensive testing, someone I know can solve the
Rubix Cube 20 seconds faster when stoned (not scientific proof, yet
interesting). Stimulants will keep workers productive at the end of long
work days. If the negative effects of drug use begin to show in the
worker's performance, their employer has a number of options for dealing
with it.

Phil Smith summarizes an article in March 1990 Scientific American:
[The article] suggested that workers who tested positive for marijuana only: 1) cost less in health insurance benefits; 2) had a higher than average rate of promotion; 3) exhibited less absenteeism; and 4) were fired for cause less often than workers who did not test positive. Since marijuana is the most common illicit drug used by adults, and the one detected in up to 90 percent of all "positive" drug tests (half of which are false),
this fact has radical implications for current public and employer policies.

I could hardly believe what I was reading, but this article did carry
sufficient statistical evidence.
I see greater negative effects in drug testing than in drug use. In my
opinion, drug testing is un-American because guilt is assumed until the
test proves innocence. Our current conservative totalitarian Congress is
extremely irresponsible, and the peoples' civil liberties are suffering.
The Senate is even more threatening to our rights than Congress. This
particular privacy violation costs businesses $1.2 billion a year for
urinalysis of their workers. The military is notorious for their strict
drug tests. (note that marijuana helped soldiers in times of war). If you test positive in California, your drivers license is automatically
suspended for 6 months. Nightbyrd has "counseled several, very straight,
elderly workers - close to retirement -who were fired and lost their
pension benefits because they 'failed their drug test'" (Jeff Nightbyrd).

Bernard Williams of the Philadelphia Eagles failed the drug test for
marijuana. He was suspended from the NFL for six games for using a drug
that doesn't enhance performance. If anything, marijuana would detract
from an athletes performance. Let the coach judge Williams performance.

Now it's becoming popular for parents to drug test their children. Perfect; let's break up the families; cut down those lines of communication
and sneak around spying on our kids. Let's violate the child's privacy. We
use DARE like the salem witch hunts - to get children to turn in their parents. Now with DrugAlert, parents have a weapon to use on their kids.
The U.S. Supreme court just ruled June 1995 that public high schools
can require drug test for all student athletes. Many high schools already
do random searches on students; not for weapons, but for drugs. After all,
the Constitution has failed to protect children in the classroom, why not
expand? Students have lost 1st, 4th, and 5th amendment rights, and I think
it's absurd. We have patriotic history teachers telling children of their Constitutional rights, yet children aren't given these rights on campus. Kids get kicked out of school for questioning rules that violate the

It's also important to consider the discrimination factor. People with
dark skin may fail the urine test due to the false positive melenin. Drugs
are detected easier in dark haired people when the hair test is used. We are sacrificing too many important rights by allowing drug testing
to continue. Until this unjust drug testing frenzy is put to an end,
children, workers, military service people, and parolee's need to learn how
to protect themselves from the drug test.

I have no medical or legal credentials. I haven't even been drug tested myself (because I refuse to). I use the internet to research drug testing, and compile this paper from that information. I've talked to several knowledgeable people who either drug test, or get drug tested. I'm an activist against the War on [Some] Drugs, and I think that the government has taken the drug war to a ludicrous level. Laws created by the
legislature to protect me from myself demonstrate how totalitarian this
country has become. NORML reports that every *9* seconds someone gets
arrested for marijuana posession.

Please sign this petition if you think the government is violating your personal life by drug testing.

41. Demanding that Verizon remove the utility box recently installed on the corner of Pine St. & Congers

We are demanding that Verizon remove the utility box that they recently installed on a utility pole on the corner of Pine St. & Congers Rd. The continual presence of several utility trucks servicing this box and the already existing existy telephone utility box is creating a safety hazard for our children and a traffic hazard for all resident s who use Pine Street to access tgeur home.

We understand the nessecity of this new improvement, but feel a better and much safer place for this utility box would be elsewhere other than the corner of Pine Street and Congers Rd. This corner is already a bad corner for vehicle traffic. The island opposite Pine St. on the southeast side of Congers Rd. would be a much more safer placement for this utility box. Safer for our children, residential traffic and safer for Verizon workers.

42. Ban McDonalds

Mcdonalds underpay their workers and they destroy rainforests in poor countries. The people that look after the animals and grounds are underpaid and over worked.

Animals are killed inhumanely to produce burgers etc and transported in cruel ways. They are not treated with respect and neither are the workers. The food contains more fat than you should eat in a week although they do not tell you.

43. To Change the Word "Customer" to "Canon Fodder" in the English Language

Retail workers of the world unite and seek retribution on the morons that do everything except actually spend money in our stores.

44. Investigation into Workers' Compensation Boards in Canada

We the people of Canada respectfully request the Government of Canada to begin an investigation into all Workers' Compensation Boards in Canada in order to stop the suffering and persecution of hundreds of thousands of workers who have been injured on the job.

45. Stop the BNP and NF in the UK

The British National Party and the National Front have been gaining support recently. We must ally against these thugs in suits. They do not represent the working class. Their policy is similar to that of Hitler, who also claimed to represent the working class, yet stopped the trade unions and took away the workers voice. We must now do something about the Nazis, apathy is the real danger.

46. Stop Victimisation of Talat Butt



Talat Butt is a worker from Kashmir based in Sweden and working at M/S Birger Jarl - the old name for the Baltic Star when it was under the Panamanian flag. He started working on board in November 1997. Along with his 24 Pakistani colleagues, he was used as cheap labour in grave violation of the Swedish law. Talat Butt had a 12-hour working day for seven days a week. This went on for 21 months without a single day off. His wage was less then SEK 7,000 (approximately $750 or Euros) a month.

He started a struggle against this injustice. Working class organisations including SEKO Sjöfolk gave him help in his just struggle. After a long fight, he won equal rights according to the Swedish laws for the non-EU workers. It cost the company - Rederi - around SEK 5,000,000 (half a million dollars) for 24 workers. For more information see:

New situation:
By early 2002, Rederi changed its flag and registered itself with the Swedish flag. Using its new registration, the company tried to make use of European Union laws to fire us.

Talat Butt, one more time, started a campaign to save our jobs and for an improvement in our working conditions. As a result, he had to face deportation from Sweden during this campaign. The Swedish Immigration police arrested him from his work place and detained him for two hours. The police had to release him as there was no charge against him to keep him in custody.

Next day, however, when Talat Butt went onto the boat for work, he was stopped by the police with a notice served by Rederi. The company, through this notice, had banned him from going on the boat either for work or for meeting his colleagues. The company was afraid that his visits on board would help other workers getting organised.

Meantime, Rederi announced 25 vacancies for stewards through the Arbetformadeling (Labour Exchange). These jobs were announced without serving us any prior notice.

Talat Butt, along with his colleagues and some working class organisations, formed a "Solidarity Committee for Justice on the Baltic Star". The Committee launched a campaign to stop the deportation of Rederi´s non-European workers.

Visa denied
Following this struggle, Migrationsverket (the Immigration Office) granted 18-month work permits to all the workers but not to Talat Butt. (Again, more information also at:

Rederi didn't find any reason to lay off Talat, but still his employment papers were not sent to the Migrationsverket for his work permit. He was however getting his full salary meantime.

Rederi, in November 2002, offered Talat Butt a job in a meeting with SEKO Sjöfolk. The job was offered on "M/S Harley-Davidson" to solve the conflict. However, after one month, Rederi withdrew the job offer.

This state of affairs went on until 28th of February 2003 when the Migrationsverket finally denied Talat Butt any visa as Rederi management had deliberately avoided sending relevant papers to the Migrationverket.

The company has manoeuvred in order to fire him by denying him his stay and work permit in Sweden. This is just a tactic to fire him.

This is clear victimisation for his peaceful, just and bold struggle for working class rights guaranteed by the Swedish law. This also is an attempt to make an example out of him for those who want to struggle for justice and equal rights.

Demands of the campaign: Stop the victimisation! Grant a work permit for Talat Butt! Allow SEKO Sjöfolk intervention to help Talat Butt!

Sign an appeal to stop victimisation of Talat Butt by Swedish Rederi Allandia.

Stödkommittén för rättvisa på Baltic Star (Solidarity Committee for Justice on Baltic Star).
More info:

Contact:Talat Butt 0704418438, e-mail:

Arne Johansson 0709903840, e-mail:

47. Poll for Union in Wal Mart

People for Union in Wal Mart Stores. This is a poll for Wal Mart Workers who are PRO UNION. Wal Mart Workers who want the union please sign this petition.

48. Abolish unfair pay rates for Southern Hemisphere workers

The few richest people have the same amount of money as the sum of the poorest countries put together. Is that fair? I dont think it is. We as consumers pay a lot more than the workers get. They get like 4p from a pound of bananas, how is that right when we pay loads more?

The northern hemisphere markets are extorting the public at the expense of the poor workers. We offer charity to them when what they really need is fair prices for the things that they do provide.

49. Support Wal-Mart Workers Ability to Organize Freely

We are calling upon CEO H. Lee Scott to stop the vicious anti-union campaign his company uses to stop employees from legally organizing to better their working conditions.

We, the undersigned, want Wal-Mart to abide by American principles of fair play and free elections and allow Wal-Mart employees to have a free, fair and uncoerced election, and for Wal-Mart to live up to its legal obligation to bargain a contract if the employees choose to have the Union represent them. We promote the following:

-A Code of Ethical Conduct for the conduct of any election

-Join with the Union in allowing Las Vegas's faith community to independently monitor compliance with this Code of Ethical Conduct by both the company and the Union. The Union has agreed.

-Open all meetings with employees to members of Las Vegas's faith community. The Union has agreed to open all of its meetings with employees.

-Renounce such inherently coercive tactics as closed-door, "captive audience" meetings, where employees only receive one-sided propaganda, and to set a higher standard for labor relations in retailing by holding a series of joint appearances with Union representatives to guarantee employees full information before they vote.

50. Remember Those Who Died in the Workplace

Please join workers across the country in an effort to bring awareness to workplace injuries and occupational diseases.

In Solidarity,

Marcia Mayne
Office & Professional Employees International Union #320 of Missouri and Kansas/ AFL-CIO


51. Boycott Vanity Fair Corporation Products


Recently the VF Corporation that manufactures brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Bestform, Lily of France, JanSport, Eastpak, North Face, Jantzen, Red Kap and many others( decided to lay off approximately 1,800 workers from their factories in El Paso.

These factories are the last of the garment industry on the El Paso side of the border-- leaving a capable and experienced workforce jobless, with no benefits, no time for transition and little hope of finding other jobs. It is a workforce primarily composed of women, who due to discriminatory corporate and state practices do not fit the "retraining prototype".

There is reason to suspect Vanity Fair intends to close these factories completely ( This means the VF Corporate plan will eventually leave five thousand families of Mexican origin without economic support, and at the same time take advantage low wages in Latin America. Faced with no other opportunities, the workforce on the U.S. side of the border will likely be forced into sweatshop conditions.

However, Vanity Fair workers in El Paso are not voiceless. They are fighting the "political system". They have also formed committees in the different Vanity Fair factories to negotiate with the Corporation. So far the corporation has ignored their requests. Because there must be corporate accountability, they urgently ask for your help.

Please sign their petition boycotting Vanity Fair Merchandise until a more just plan can be agreed on. The public must unite its economic and political strength to demand justice.

52. A just plan for VF Workers in El Paso.

The economic situation along the El Paso/Juarez, Mexico border continues to deteriorate with the implementation of free trade policies and now with the impact of September 11. Since NAFTA we have lost more than 26,000 jobs in manufacturing plants in clothing as well as electronics. Recently the VF Corporation that manufactures brands such as Lee, Wrangler, Gitano, Vanity Fair, etc. decided to lay off approximately 1,800 workers from their factories in El Paso.

These factories are the last of the garment industry, leaving a capable and experienced workforce jobless and with little hope of finding similar jobs.

The VF Corporation considers itself the largest apparel company in the world with sales of $5.7 billion last year. There is no reason why these workers should be left practically on the street, with little time for transition or training.

We must put an end to this. We must unite our economic and political strength to demand justice for the workers.

The workers have formed a committee in the different VF factories to demand that the corporation take into consideration a more just plan that includes the retention of 3,000 jobs that remain. We are launching a campaign to obtain justice from this corporation. We urgently ask for your help.
La situación económica en la frontera de El Paso /Juarez, México sigue empeorando con la implementación de las pólizas de libre comercio y ahora con el impacto del 11 de septiembre. Desde NAFTA hemos perdido mas de 26,000 trabajos en las fábricas de manufactura tanto de ropa como las electrónicas. Recientemente la corporación VF que manufactura varias marcas, como Lee, Wrangler, Gitano, Vanity Fair, etc. decidió descansar 1,800 trabajadores de sus fábricas de costura.

Estas fábricas son las últimas de la costura dejando una fuerza laboral con mucha capacidad y experiencia sin trabajo y con poca esperanza de conseguir trabajos en su área.

Esta corporación se considera la más grande del mundo en el área de costura con ventas de $5.7 miles de millones el año pasado. No hay razón por la cual esta corporación tiene que dejar a los trabajadores prácticamente en la calle con poco tiempo para hacer una transición a un trabajo nuevo o para recibir capacitación para un nuevo empleo.

Tenemos que poner un fin a esto. Tenemos que unir nuestra fuerza económica y política para exigir justicia para nuestro pueblo.

Los trabajadores hemos formado un Comité en las diferentes fábricas de VF para exigir a la corporación que considere un plan mas justo y que incluye la retención de los 3,000 trabajos que quedan. Estamos lanzando una campaña pare conseguir justicia de esta corporación y necesitamos su ayuda.

53. Talat Butt

Appeal for International petitions and solidarity.

We, Kashmiri and Pakistani workers at Baltic star are experiencing racism and discrimination at the Boat which has been plying the rout between Stockholm and Mariehamn for the last 30 years. We are being super-exploited by the Boat management which has put us on a work scheme that is practically destroying our health irreversably. We are treated differently from Swedish workers at the Boat who have off duty between their schedules and who are also allowed pauses during working hours.
We are on a work scheme designed to make us work seven days a week, thirty days a month for three consecutive months without a pause. During this period, we are subjected to backbreaking menial jobs for 10.6 hours, working 5.3 hours without any pause. This is in violation of Swedish labour laws that stipulate that we are entitled to 15 minutes rest after every two hours of work (see attached press release).

We are appealing for urgent International help and solidarity. We are asking workers around the world, Trade Unions, political parties, anti-racist organisations, student and youth groups, activists, Internationalists and sympathisers to help us put pressure on the Baltic Boat management to follow Swedish and International labour laws and stop destroying our health through an impossible work routine. Our main demands are as follows:
A two week break after every two weeks of work like other Swedish workers.
A 15 minute break after every two hours of work in accordance with Swedish labour laws.

An immediate end to racism and discrimination at the boat by being treated like other Swedish workers doing similar jobs like us.
A Swedish Work Permit once the Boat acquires a Swedish flag.
Petitions can be sent directly to:
Baltic Star
Fax :- +46-8-100741
Tele : +46-8-4562200

Stockholm SEKO Seamen Union
Fax: +46-8-4116940
Tele :- +46-8-58034351
Mobil:- +46-70-5777190

HQ SEKO Seamen union
Fax:- +46-31-429501
Email :
Tele : +46-31-429420

54. UTR Action Against Sweatshop Abuse

This petition was formed by United Trauma Relief (UTR), an MIT student organization advocating for MIT's entrance into the Worker's Rights Consortium to end the abuse of workers involved in producing MIT-licensed clothing. The grounds for this position are explained in the Consensus Statement on MIT's role in sweatshop labor practices, available online at UTR's website.

55. Boycott Nike - Child Labor

Nike abuses(physically, mentally, sexually) it's child workers and forces them to work in outragous conditions. It is unsafe, and flat out wrong. They pay their child workers just pennies a day and then sell the merchandise for hundreds of dollars.