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1. The Voice of Henry County Indiana Residents

Henry County in Indiana is experiencing the renewable energy movement in the form of wind companies establishing wind projects throughout the county. There are three companies vying for position in the county.

Without proper ordinances, zoning, and setbacks, our county is open to major complications in satisfying all residents, those in favor of turbines on their property and those property owners in close proximity of potential turbines. This petition allows the voice of Henry County residents to fully prepare, in a reasonable and responsible way, for all involved to be satisfied. These wind farms affect all of us for a minimum of twenty five years.

2. Stop Keyneto Wind Farm

People near wind farms are being driven from their homes by the noise from the turbines that can be heard 10klms away.

They suffer from headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, migraines, nausea dizziness palpitations stress and depression collectively known as wind farm syndrome.

People want to leave their properties but they can't sell. Who would buy looking onto them?

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3. No to the Industrialisation of Mid Wales

Mid Wales faces industrial destruction through the proliferation of wind farms and the associated power lines and sub station needed. We are campaigning to save the beautiful countryside of Mid Wales from these poorly planned developments.

4. Save Our Wide Open Spaces

Canyon Country Coalition for Responsible Renewable Energy

Our coalition includes Property Owner Associations/Communities along the Grand Canyon Corridor (Highway 64). We have many concerns about the proposed Perrin Ranch wind project and our goal is to ask the Coconino County Planning and Zoning Commissioners and Board of Supervisors to declare a MORATORIUM on all conditional use permits for the installation of this wind project until the county and its citizens determine what renewable energy is best for us.

We are not against wind energy but we are against placing an industrial wind project in this corridor. We believe that renewable energy projects, in particular wind energy, must be evaluated in the same way as any industrial power project whether renewable or not.

Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. If we destroy the open land leading to this incredible place then how can we hope to preserve the wonder and beauty of this location?

We have to ask is this project really good for our future and our local economy? Is industrial wind power really worth doing if we are going to lose our pristine landscapes and wide open spaces? These 400 foot turbines are permanent and we must examine whether this is the right CHOICE for the Grand Canyon Corridor.

The local economy of Williams, Arizona and the Grand Canyon Corridor (Highway 64) are based on two major resources: Tourism and Hunting

WIND FARMS are INDUSTRIAL WIND POWER SITES which will not contribute to the protection of our natural resources or local economy! None of the power produced will power our homes or businesses.

The income from our two major resources Tourism and Hunting will always provide more revenue than the proposed income described by NextEra in their presentations or news Ads.

We are very concerned that this project has the potential to:
• Destroy the natural area of the Cataract Canyon Watershed
• Create greater risks for flooding, forest fires, and devastation to the environment & wildlife
• Ruin the views of our wide open spaces from Highway 64 and our properties
• Not conform to the 1992 Red Lake Area Plan regarding industrial development along this corridor
• Increase the risks for more wind turbines in the immediate future to the north and east of our properties as other ranchers are now negotiating with NextEra
• Have an adverse effect on our property values
• There has already been a 27% decrease in property values in the Williams area due to the economic slump and we have good reason to believe this project will decrease our property values further.

As citizens of Coconino County we are asking our county government representatives to oppose the Conditional Use Permit for the Perrin Ranch Wind Project. Our community development commissioners have for years protected the Grand Canyon Corridor from industrialized development and we are asking that they continue this effort by voting against this project and sending the message that this project is NOT the right choice for the Grand Canyon Corridor.

5. Stop Meridian Energy from building a windfarm near the Nga Waka a Kupe Range in Martinborough

Meridian Energy is in the planning stages of putting a windfarm on the Nga Waka a Kupe Range, 8km from the Martinborough Town Centre.

The proposed development will see 45 wind turbines situated on the hills above Martinborough. The wind turbines will be 140m tall, approximately the same height as a 40 storey building, or twice as high as the Auckland harbour bridge. The blade spans are bigger than the Westpac stadium (or the wingspan of a 747 jet).

New Zealand's projected increase in demand for electricity over the next 20 years is 40%, or 4,000 megawatts. There are currently 133 electricity projects under construction or in the planning stage, 37 of which are windfarms. These are projected to increase output over the next 20 years by 17,000 megawatts – a 13,000 megawatt overproduction. The Martinborough windfarm is expected to contribute only 150 mega watts. In short, the proposed Martinborough windfarm is not a necessary project.

We are not opposed to windfarms but believe there are less intrusive and more effective places they can be sited. Martinborough is a place where people go to unwind and relax; the visual and noise pollution created by the windfarm will detract from this experience.

Please help by lending your voice to this cause and creating a united voice opposing the windfarm.

6. Stop West Ancroft Wind Farm

E.ON, the big energy company, has applied to build a wind farm of 8 turbines 115m tall at West Ancroft, south of Berwick upon Tweed - the fourth such application in a small area of beautiful tranquil countryside close to Holy Island and with spectacular views to the Cheviot Hills and out over the Farne Islands.The turbines are only 550m away from the nearest houses.

This development will have an unacceptable impact on the landscape and on the amenity of local residents.

7. 2-km Wind Turbine Setbacks for Health and Well-Being

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Large wind energy turbines:
  • Generate a wide range of noises and vibration, day and night, that cause loss of sleep, headaches, tinnitus, irritability, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms in people who live near them.
  • Raise noise levels to a degree that is incompatible with the rural and wild environments in which they are typically sited.
  • Create intrusive shadow flicker over a long distance when the sun is behind the turning blades.
  • May shed and throw large pieces of ice over a great distance.
  • Are subject to stresses that often cause catastrophic blade failure, collapse, and fire.
Large wind turbines therefore need adequate setbacks to protect the health and safety of nearby residents. A moratorium on building large wind turbines is needed for epidemiologic and acoustic studies to determine safe setbacks. Meanwhile, a minimum distance of 2 kilometers (or 1-1/4 miles) between homes and the turbines is recommended by a number of noise and health experts.

In certain terrains, such as rolling hills, in quiet rural areas, and under some climatic conditions, and with increasing numbers of turbines, greater distances are required to protect the health and welfare of neighbors. Any specified setback, however, must be part of a robust set of regulations to also limit noise and protect wildlife, farm animals, the environment, and the landscape, all of which may well require much greater setbacks.

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8. Build more Suncor Windfarms

They are an oil company and they pollute with a lot of oil in the environment so they should have an alternative. They should build more wind farms to help the environment.

9. Wingates NOT Wind Farms

'Wingates Not Wind Farms' action group is set up to fight the proposals by Novera Energy, Coronation Power and Res (UK) Ltd in their plans to build several wind farm sites which would envelope Wingates village and the surrounding area.

Our 3 key objectives are simple
Protect Northumberland landscape
Protect Northumberland people
Protect Northumberland local businesses