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1. Armadale Dog Park

There are no public enclosed, off-leash dog parks anywhere within a 20-minute drive of Armadale. The growing number and success of dog parks all over the country demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work together for an enclosed off-leash dog park, not only can this concept work but it can thrive and enrich the community.

Recreational parks of all kinds increase the livability of a city and provide for a better sense of community. Therefore, we are asking the City of Armadale to approve the construction of an enclosed off-leash dog park for the following reasons:
1 There is not a current public enclosed off-leash dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities
2 The park would provide a more controlled environment for the socialisation of dogs and reduce the incidence of unwanted dog–human or dog–dog interactions
3 Socialising dogs can be beneficial to the community; the more a dog is socialised the less skittish and less aggressive they become when meeting other dogs and people
4 Regular socialisation leads to calmer, better behaved dogs
5 Many dogs need socialisation above and beyond human limitations; leashes can negatively affect a dog’s confidence when meeting other dogs and create anxieties that can lead to unpredictable behaviours
6 The park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with each other and help develop a sense of community
7 A Dog Park can be used as an opportunity by the City of Armadale to promote and educate the community on, responsible dog ownership.

2. Support Anomalie Clothing's Application to Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire

Anomalie Clothing is a small business operated by a sole trader and Byford resident. A Development Application was submitted to the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire on 11 December 2015 entitled Change of Use of Part of Building to Shop - 810 South Western Highway Byford. The Shire President, Councillors, and Planning Staff at the Shire indicated that an application to use the shop front at the residence for a small home based retail business was likely be successful.

4 months later, I was told that the neighbouring properties consulted had no objections, that the Shire had no objections and was just waiting for Main Roads approval. Main Roads have given their approval and now (6 months after submission) the Shire has indicated that they may reject the application unless I can provide further justification.

The following arguments will be presented to support the initial application:
- The premises was previously used as a small retail shop selling candles, wax melts and accessories, so this isn't technically a change of use, but a continuation of its existing use.
- Anomalie Clothing has proposed the same opening hours as the previous business - 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
- Prior to being used as a candle shop, the premises was well known to the local community as having been a very popular day spa, and before that, a hairdressing salon.
- The Vintage style of Anomalie Clothing complements the country look and feel of the area, a characteristic that the Shire actively promotes.
- A temporary 2 year approval would be acceptable, after which time Anomalie Clothing could possibly move on to a dedicated retail premises and provide employment opportunities to local residents.

I am hoping that a show of support from the community will encourage the Shire to give this small business a chance of survival, and offer its residents a local place to shop for Vintage Inspired clothing and accessories.

3. Stop Crime in Geraldton NOW

We, the citizens of Geraldton, W.A., are afraid for our families, our homes, and our businesses. While we have contacted our state and local government on many occasions, we feel we are being ignored.

Our local politicians seem to pass the blame, yet one thing continues to grow... crime.

Crime in Geraldton has been rampant and increasing steadily. Drugs are out of control, children are being trained by adults to commit crimes, vandalism of schools is happening on weekends only to be found by staff on Monday mornings.

Car thefts, arson, breaking and entering, shoplifting, public displays of indecency, public drunkenness, bullying, and truancy by children who are "working" at night to aid parents with their next "fix" are all centre to the problems here.

We need help now to regain control of our city and eliminate drug trafficking via our port city.

4. Let's get Perth included in Coroner's 2014 Australian tour!

For the first time ever in Australia, Hardline Media presents European thrash metal legends Coroner! ...but no Perth dates on the tour bill!

For all those fans interested in seeing these giants of thrash metal, after a 16 year hiatus, on their only ever Australian tour please sign, and share this petition. With enough signatures (at least 200 -300 signatures) we can show the band and promoters how much we want to see Coroner in Perth.

Sign the petition, share on social media, email your friends, encourage them to do the same, and we will all be enjoying this historic event together!

\m/ Metal Forever \m/

5. Keep The Yanchep Lagoon Cafe open

A petition to keep the Yanchep Lagoon Cafe open.

The City of Wanneroo has reduced the access to and inconvenienced the general public’s use of the Yanchep Lagoon Car Park and facilities.

This has caused the Café to suffer financial pressure due to patrons turning away because of the limited and dangerous car parking conditions. The Café cannot sustain this financial burden much longer and will have to close leaving no refreshment facility at the Yanchep Lagoon with the loss of 16 local jobs.

The City of Wanneroo has increased the risk to the health and safety of the public due to large earth moving equipment and associated vehicles in the car park that should have been located elsewhere.

Damage to the car park surface by these vehicles has caused many trip hazards. There is now no turnaround area for vehicles (particularly coaches and delivery vehicles) which is causing dangerous reversing manoeuvers adding to the risk to pedestrians going to and from the beach, showers/toilets and Cafe.

6. Recount the WA Senate Ballot

With the AEC refusing to re-count the WA Senate ballot, after a margin of just 14 votes, it is vital that a recount is conducted to ensure that no human error was made in the count.

The House of Reps has an automatic recount if the margin is less than 100, so why does the Senate not get the same treatment?

Independent analysis "shows 21 separate instances of discrepancies at booths in Western Australia divisions where the number of upper and lower house ballot papers varies by over 10 votes. The total number of discrepancies one way or another is 351 votes." (Crook, Andrew. 'WA Senate drama: ballot-box anomalies boost Ludlam’s fight' article Friday, 4 October 2013).

It is unacceptable that with such a large potential margin for human error that Western Australian voters appear to have had their intentions so grossly misrepresented, and misappropriated by the so called 'micro party alliance' preference deal brokers and their major party clients.

We ask that Senator Ludlams appeal to have a recount be approved, and independant assessment of the AEC's processing of past precedents in the Lower House recounts be a guide in a duly diligent inquiry.

Call on the AEC to commence a recount of the WA Senate ballot!

7. Bring Adriano Zumbo Patisserie to Western Australia

Adriano Zumbo Patissier is an award winning patissier based in Melbourne & Sydney.

8. Remove Barnett from the Western Australian government

Has not met one of his promises, does not care what the people want; power costs up, water up, mess up Parker point, and the solar power mess.

9. Bring back AFL State of Origin

The AFL are being absolute morons in not bringing back State of Origin.

10. Increase Wages for W.A. Low Income Earners

On 9 May 2013, Western Australia Treasurer announced that West Australian's will be slugged an extra $218 per year come July 1 for household fees and charges, which include a 4 per cent hike in electricity fees.

Ahead of the August 8 State Budget, Treasurer Troy Buswell also announced today that motor vehicle charges would increase an extra $25.24 a year, which includes a $3.80 hike for driver licence fees and $11.40 for motor vehicle licence fees.

He also revealed utility charges - which include electricity and water - would increase $137 a year, public transport $39 a year and the emergency services levy $16.

In total, the average family will pay $4987 in household fees and charges, up from $4769 last year.

Despite these increased in the cost of living, wages for the low to average income earner in West Australia has not increased.

11. Doppler Radar for Western Australia

A Doppler Radar is needed across Western Australia due to the Extent and regular occurrence of Tropical Cyclones in the North West and also Severe Winter Storms in the Southern Parts of the State.

Western Australia records quite a few Tornados each Winter across Southern Western Australia and having the Ability to track potential Systems is Required.

12. People Against WA shark Cull

We believe that the killing of white sharks who venture close to shore will only give the illusion of "protection" to swimmers and surfers, and pushes an endangered species closer to extinction.

13. Stop the shark mitigation strategy

We do not believe that destroying sharks close to shore will make a long-term difference and a more sophisticated understanding of the marine environment is necessary to implement long term solutions.

14. Bring One Direction to Perth

A group of six girls had planned a rally to get noticed by boy band, One Direction. It was very successful, we got an interview with NOVA 937 and they said they would forward our video onto Modest Management but we do not know if it ever got through.

We later got told that One Direction were having an Australian and New Zealand tour so we all got excited but when the dates and places were released our hearts sank because Perth was not on the list of places to visit. We had tried everything in our will to get them here but we came to the realisation that we won't be able to get them here.

We heard that One Direction were doing a world tour and now all we want to do is get them to Perth, since Australia is on the world tour list. We have made countless video's about our work and put them onto youtube and created groups and like pages on Facebook.
That's why we have started this petition!

15. Save Mandurah Horse Herd

Almost a year ago a herd of horses were found in a paddock in Mandurah, these horses and ponies are being neglected, malnourished and just left for dead.

There is constantly new horses arriving and old horses vanishing. People have personally witnessed the condition of these poor animals and some have been left to die in the paddock.

After several months of trying to get something done through animal welfare organisations and getting nowhere this has been our next option and we can take our supporter numbers to the media.

Unfortunately the owner is refusing to sign over any of these animals so there is nothing Second Chance Horse Rescue can do as they do not have the legal power to seize them.

16. Bring Airbourne's Australian Tour To Perth

Airbourne's current series of shows around the globe have been a great success. Later this year they bring their show to their homeland of Australia for more dates.

Unfortunately as they embark on their Australian tour, they are leaving many fans from Western Australia disappointed as these dates do not include Perth.

This petition's aim is to gain enough support for Airbourne's management to consider bringing their show to Perth, Western Australia.

17. NO Stonehenge Replica in Esperance, Western Australia

The Rotary Club of Esperance has suggested erecting a full-size replica of Stonehenge in Esperance, Western Australia. The prehistoric English monument, believed to be more than 4000 years old, is located in County Wiltshire, England.

The proposed replica, to be constructed of granite cut from a local quarry, was originally destined for a location in Margaret River. As the original project proposal however fell through, the Esperance Rotary Club believes there exists an opportunity to have the replica built in Esperance.

There has been no formal community consultation about the proposal, nor has any consultation with the Indigenous community taken place.

There is no record of any historic relevance this great wonder of the world has to this town or to this community.

There is no evidence to suggest the economic benefits of attracting a few more tourists would outweigh the harm to the cultural and social identity of the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who call Esperance home. The potential loss of amenity and emotional distress to the local community inherent in such an inappropriate cultural intrusion would endure for generations.

18. Increase funding for improved salaries for NFP community sector staff

There are over 550 not for profit organisations associated with the Human Services Industry in Western Australia.

The Human Services sector employs over 36,000 staff in Western Australia.

The non-government community services sector in Western Australia is already under resourced and sector staff are significantly under paid. In 2006/07 average weekly earnings for community sector workers were 30% lower than the average full time equivalent weekly wages for the health and community services sector in Australia.

The difference in base level salaries between public sector specified calling salaries compared to salaries for equivalent staff positions on the SACS Award in the community sector is up to 57% or $29,210 higher.

A first year graduate base grade social worker in the public service will earn $12,450, or 32% more, than a first year graduate social worker in the community sector.

After reaching the top level in the public service, the same base grade social worker will receive $29,210, or 57%, more than their equivalent in the community sector.

Women in WA are paid 26% less than men, and WA has the widest gender pay gap of any State. The national average gender pay gap (GPG) is 17% and WA has had a larger GPG than the national average since the late 1980s. The fact that the community services sector is large (the second-largest employer of women in WA), female-dominated (80.8% female) and lowly paid means that more equitable wages for the sector would have a significant effect on the gender pay gap in Western Australia.

Salary packaging in non government, not for profit organisations is considered a ‘benefit’. However, not all organisations have it, it is also available in certain Government Departments, not all staff have access to it or wish to use it and there have been no indexation changes.

Because of the demand for services, the NFPO community services sector is one of the fastest growing in Australia.

In Western Australia in 2007:
People being turned away by community service NFPOs has increased by 7%;
73% of NFPOs report waiting lists have stayed the same or worsened; and
53% of NFPOs say that the complex needs of their clients have increased.

There has been insufficient attention to capacity building and sustainability in the face of this rapid growth since the 1980s.

The compliance costs of reporting and monitoring were an increasing concern for agencies for which Government agencies were not making allowance in funding.

The demands of the increasingly diverse and complex service delivery demands emphasised the need for high level skills and their renewal.

65% of not-for-profits in Australia report an increase in demand for services as a result of the economic downturn, and 83 per cent expect an increase in demand for services in the next financial year (2009-2010).

19. Preservation of Bushland at Edith Cowan University

Edith Cowan University management have no plans to maintain the majority of bushland areas on the university grounds. It is likely that these areas will be flattened for future development.

Why is this important?
- ECU campuses are known for their iconic Australian bushland surroundings.
- There are currently no intentions to preserve extensive areas of existing bushland at ECU Joondalup campus.
- Urbanisation is a major contributing factor toward climate change, clearing native bushland areas will promote an environmentally irresponsible image for ECU in this respect.
- The bushland areas support a range of native wildlife.
- The surrounding bushland at ECU provide a positive and relaxing learning environment for students.
- These areas are valued by the community outside of ECU.

Ensure the continued existence of bushland areas at all Edith Cowan University campuses by signing the online petition for protected Edith Cowan University bushland areas.

20. Support a WA franchise in the NRL

With the NRL Executive Committee looking to make an official decision on expansion plans as early as next year (2010), there needs to be a strong and significant campaign continuing to promote Western Australia as a viable and necessary option.

The NRL claims to be a national competition, yet has a high saturation of its teams residing in New South Wales and Queensland (... and one team in isolation within Victoria, ACT, and NZ). This competition, at present, is not a national competition, but rather an Eastern States corporation.

For a long time, Western Australia has been a strong support for many sporting competitions. The Western Force have the largest membership base within the Super 14 (rugby union) competition. The Fremantle Dockers and West Coast Eagles have two of the largest membership bases in the AFL. All three clubs are amongst the richest (financially) in their respective competitions. This is a significant point the NRL needs to recognise.

Additionally, Western Australia has the support base for rugby league, it has the infrastructure (grounds), it has a solid community development focus (amongst its local competition), and has historically held a franchise in the past; and is more than capable of operating one again.

Presently, the National Rugby League has suggested an expansion into the "central coast" region. Another eastern states franchise, in an already saturated market. This will only further cannibalise fans and supporters from existing clubs over in the Eastern States, and is a nonsensical approach to solving the competitions market coverage and financial short-falls.

It's time the rest of the country becomes involved in the game. It's time other states and territories are considered. It's time for the NRL to become a truly national competition as it's namesake suggests. It's time for the NRL to compete with it's main competition (the AFL) on the national stage.

21. Campaign To Get A Socceroos Match In Perth


Perth has been a neglected city in terms of international football, and we think it is time that WA got another opportunity to show ourselves. The last time Perth hosted a Socceroos match was a pretty nondescript affair against Indonesia in 2005. Since then, 14 matches have been played in Australia, in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and even Canberra, but crucially - none in Perth.

- We are proven supporters in a soccer state, forget Perth Glory's recent performances.
- We are capable of drawing a big crowd to a match of significance.
- Perth's location makes it easier for opposing nations to travel to Australia, particularly from Africa, West Asia and Europe.

It would be unrealistic to get Brazil out here and have the match in Perth, but we also think we deserve more than a Socceroos D-Grade team against Bhutan. There are a number of realistic options available for a game in Perth:

- Phase 1 World Cup Qualifying Match
- Asian Cup Qualifier
- High Profile Friendly

Get behind Perth's attempts to host a Socceroos match! As a soccer mad state, we deserve the opportunity to see our nation's finest, but we need your support to make it happen!

Once enough support has been gained, this petition will be sent to Ben Buckley, CEO of Football Federation Australia.

This petition brought to you by One Week At A Time -

22. Western Australia’s working - and even All Black supporters can apply

On 22 August 2007 a media statement was released by the Western Australia Minister for Small Business stating that "even All Black supporters would be accepted, that is how desperate WA’s robust economy is for extra workers. "

This implies that if the economy were not robust "All Black supporters" would not be accepted and is direct racial discrimination under the Equal Opportunity Act 1984.

The full media statement is available here.

Australia and New Zealand have a long running history of giving heaps to each other but the line has to be drawn somewhere. This may have been attempt at humour by the minister however, if this comment had been made about any other group within society it would immediately be condemned.

If you're a rugby supporter, or supporter of anti-discrimination against any group within society please sign this petition asking for a formal apology.