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1. Reinstate Ben Cousins to the West Coast Eagles!

Ben Cousins, has been the inspiration for the West Coast Eagles for many years, although there have been a few, to say the least, mistakes on Ben's behalf, I believe that the line WC took was a massive mistake that they will regret.

The fact is WC only did this because they knew they were going to get into trouble with the AFL, I’d just like to know where the line is, Melbourne players have been getting caught doing drugs for years, but it seems that only the WEST seems to have players publicly shamed! Ben Cousins has never been positively tested for drugs unlike *VIC players* who have tested positive twice and under AFL laws still have one more chance, well where is Ben Cousins' THIRD chance??

Shouldn’t punching your fist into an innocent person or even worse a loved one have the same effects as those placed on Cousins??? Where’s the JUSTICE!!