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1. Vampire Knight Season 3 (English Dubbed)

The creators, publishers, producers and whatnot did not have a good cut-off ending for this Anime series, Vampire Knight. Or in other words, did not finish it for whatever reason.

Because they did not finish the series through with the manga written by Matsuri Hino, there have been some mishaps, complaints, and obsessions that could lead to something else, and just to the facts, "Once you start something, do NOT stop and quit right in the middle, because you may affect and will affect others around you.

So, mark my words, FINISH! Vampire Knight! Lots of people I assure support this petition.

2. Vampire Knight Season 3

Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight was brought forth into the world of anime on April 8, 2008 and proved to be a huge hit among all anime fans, vampire lover fans and other fans alike. On October 7, 2008 the popularity of Vampire Knight continued and increased as a Second Season, known as Vampire Knight Guilty, aired which proceeded on with the story based on the original manga. After a small number of only 26 episodes this wonderful series has come to an abrupt end, concluding the Vampire Knight anime completely.

However the manga counterpart of this tragically epic story is still ongoing. Due to it's 'unresolved' and abrupt ending, there are many fans out there who have been left confused, asking countless questions that have been left unanswered.

If you are new to this particular anime, please do check it's extremely worth watching. And on further note, please do check out the Vampire Knight manga.

Vampire Knight has proved to be a classic among many anime fans and does not deserve to end the way that it did. So I'll get straight to the point....WE WANT A THIRD SEASON OF VAMPIRE KNIGHT!! XD If you truly love and heart Vampire Knight and would like to see more of it with brand spankin new episodes then...
Join this battle and help us fight for Vampire Knight Season 3 by signing this petition!! By signing we can all make this happen!! SO SIGN...

Thankyou for your time... SEASON 3 FTW! XD

NOTE: This petition will be sent to both Matsuri Hino and Studio Deen.

UPDATE: OH MY FUCKING GAWD....You people are nuts *O* 15 000+ signatures huh? *faints* I guess that just proves how awesome VK is ;DD Anyway...gomen...I said I'd send this on during July....but rl stuff got in the way and I've been really busy -__-" Don't worry though VK fans! D; I'll definitely try to send this on in September =] (The VK power is with me XD 8D ) Also I'd like to apologize to those who asked me countless questions through messages but never got replies. My email inbox kept acting funny and I couldn't send any replies DX Anyways... Please keep signing! >.< The more signatures then the more persuasion for another VK season 83 THANKYOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT *O* VK SEASON 3 FTW~!! >.<

Much Love,