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31. Allow Science Fair Project

I am trying to conduct a science fair project on propulsion using high voltage asymmetrical capacitors, with no moving parts. The SRC Board has turned down my project and stated that my designated supervisor needs a PhD in Physics, the project needs to be conducted in a qualified lab, and I need to use a voltage lower than the required voltage for the project to operate. These restrictions are unnecesary

32. Abolish Zoos and Circuses

Many of us have gone through life blind and accepting our society's tradition of using animals for clothing, entertainment and research studies. Then we eventually learn that animals are treated so terribly in our country and the countries around us. A big contributer to the poor treatment of animals is within zoos and circuses. Please sign this petition if you are sick and tired of seeing these defensless animals die and live miserably outside of their natural habitat.

33. Boycott Pepsi for breaking their deal with rapper Ludacris

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about Pepsi Cola breaking their deal with rapper Ludacris as a spokesperson for their company, and products. The decision to hire Ludacris to endorse their products was made to target Pepsi ads to a more "urban-ethnic" audience.

Well, it seems as though conservative commentator, Bill O'Reilly felt that Ludacris the rapper is too much of a bad influence on the "poor" community because of his lyrics, and Pepsi has since fired Ludacris as a promoter of their products.

Obviously, Pepsi had to be aware of the music, lyrics and, achievements (hit singles, albums, awards) of Ludacris, or they would not have hired him as a spokesperson.

If you share in this outrage in Pepsi's decision to stop using Ludacris as a Pepsi Endorser- Sign this petition, and Call their national headquarters at (914) 253-2000, press the option for Consumer Relations, and leave your complaint.

34. Indict Republic of Poland for War Crimes

Indict the Republic of Poland for warcrimes as it accepts continuity of the communist state. The former members of the communist party are actively invigilating civilians to force them into military service in case of possesion of a university degree.

35. Ban American scientists from the privilege of a Nobel Prize

This petition is to ban US scientists from the privilege of a Noble Prize.

The US is using unfair competition practices and using Nazi immigration law against PhD holders from US academia forcing them to leave the US without immediate employement.

36. Ban Animal Entertainment in Circuses in the USA

The animals used in the circus travel many miles every year without the proper care and abuse. Elephants are chained up and forced to stand in their own waste. They are caged in the heat without water. Elephants are trained with abusive methods, they are mentally broken down with brutal beatings some days at a time, they are beaten with clubs and shocked with electric prods, stabbed with sharp hooks and whipped. Baby elephants are taken from their mothers at one year of age and are stripped of their wildlife social bonds. Elephants in the wild live up to 70 years old. They live in herds and have large extended families. They take baths and find shade in hot weather. Large cats are also stripped of their wildlife traits. They can't hunt for food, sleep in the sun, and roam for miles each day. Lets put a stop to this abuse and stop using animals as entertainment in the circus.

37. Rattle snake round ups!

Each year, about thirty rattlesnake round-ups are held in seven states: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas. A recent year-long investigation into these events has revealed that:

Rattlesnake roundups are grossly inhumane. Snakes are driven from resting areas with toxic chemicals including gasoline, are held for weeks or months without food or water in crowded and unsanitary conditions, are roughly handled during roundups (including kicking, stomping, and whipping), are often skinned alive or have their mouths sewn shut, and are killed using methods that are inappropriate for reptiles.

38. Against the Girl Scout leadership using film "That's A Family!"

May 04, 2001

The producers of the pro-homosexual video "That's A Family!" claim that Connie Matsui, President of the Girl Scouts, has praised the film and plans to use it in informal teaching with your girl scouts.

The Clinton White House hosted a screening of the video last November 2000 when Matsui was present and made the comments. Chasnoff and Cohen who produced the video trumpet Matsui's endorsement on their website at