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151. Early Voting in Ohio

This petition serves as a mandate to have early voting in the state of Ohio. Each and every citizen of Ohio should have the right and flexibility to cast their vote in a period of two weeks before the first Tuesday in November so that voting lines are alleviated. This petition is non-partisan so that every Ohio citizen regardless of their declared political party or persuasion has the possibility of voting, and the flexibility to do so.

"We the citizens of Ohio in the United States of America demand that early voting is available in every precinct in the state of Ohio. We would like this to start in the election year of 2006."

152. End War in Iraq

A petition to end conflicts in Iraq with a total withdrawl of US and "Coalition" forces.

153. Remove U.S. Troops from South Korea

In the 1950's, Korea was divided into two nations by Capitalist and Communist forces. Korea had supported neither yet the North was actually DEALED to Communist forces and the South to the U.S. Tensions eventually erupted into a massive civil war caused by Communist China and Russia and the Capitalist United States. Thousands upon thousands of families were separated in that tragic military conflict and decades later, nothing has changed.

North Korea continues to live in isolation from the rest of the world, depending wholly on China, now shying away from Communism, to survive. Recently, North Korea has been aggravated by U.S. attempts to disarm its nuclear weapons. Anti-North Korean feelings in the South have now been replaced with anti-American ones. Several riots by college universities have resulted in mass violence. America continues to OCCUPY South Korea.

It's been globally proven that the only way that unification will be successful if U.S. troops leave South Korea. If, heaven forbid, there is a rekindled conflict between the divided nation, only then would the U.S. have any jurisdiction of sending military troops to a land not even part of its own country.

*I never check my e-mail so please don't bother e-mailing me replies. If you have any comments or questions at all, please post them on the message board.

154. Show the "Accidents Will Happen" episode of Degrassi !

This is a petition to get The-N to show the "Accidents Will Happen" episode of Degrassi in the United States.

Hello, my name is Jillian and I'm here to fight for U.S. citizens that like to watch Degrassi. You've probably heard that The-N refuses to show the "Accidents May Happen" episode of Degrassi, but if you haven't it's an episode that involves Manny getting pregnant and then getting an abortion.

It's not fair that this television station does not allow this episode to be shown even though we U.S. citizens pay the cable bill every month for a full season of Degrassi. I think that The-N should either show the episode or put it out on DVD.

If you think this isn't fair please sign this petition. Thank you very much for listening to me and have a good day.

155. Summerhill Subdivision Zip Code Change

We the residence of Summer hill Subdivision state that we are listed as "City Of Citrus Heights as stated in our Deeds , boundry Maps and Street Signs. We the undersigned plead to be re-assigned into our proper Zip Code and City Name-
"Citrus Heights, CA 95610".

156. Stop the degradation of Lakeline Villas

Lakeline Villas sold to United Dominion. Since the onset of this change, the quality of the property has diminished, the management is unfriendly and rude, the gates remain open and there is a lot of non-resident traffic on the property as well as in the pool.

157. Legislation for Quality Children's Programming

As most of you know I am currently in the Early Childhood Education Master's Program at Oakland University. I am currently taking an advocacy class and I chose to be an advocate for the "Quality of Children's Television Programming." According to Nielsen Media Research, the average American (they included children in this average), watches an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes of television every day. That's 56 days of nonstop television watching each year!

The Parent's Television Council found that "foul language during the family hour (8-9 p.m.) increased by 94.8% between 1998 and 2002, and by 109.1% during the 9-10 p.m. airtime. I currently teach elementary age children English as a Second Language in the suburbs in the Metro Detroit area, and they are repeating inappropriate language they hear on television before they can carry on a conversation in English!

Some changes must be made. One of those changes starts with the parents themselves. They need to pay attention to how much quality time they are spending with their children, and how much time their children spend watching television, rather than having valuable interactions with their families. The other changes, are governmental, and I am proposing the following changes be brought to our government's attention:

158. Jewish Americans Want Politicians to Work for Peace in Israel/Palestine

"The world rests on three things: on justice, on truth, and on peace. And all three are one, for where there is justice, there is also truth, and there is peace."

-Talmud, Ta'anit, 4:2

Cynthia McKinney paid a price for speaking the truth. As a Representative of the United States Congress, she had the conviction and courage to state what so many of her colleagues think privately but are hesitant to say publicly: Israel's 37-year-old military occupation of the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem is wrong and that ending this occupation is a prerequisite for there to be peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Like the rabbis of the Talmud, Ms. McKinney understands that the strands which bind together peace and justice are inseparable. Israelis cannot expect to live in peace and security while their government is engaged in a land grab and degrading military occupation that denies their neighbors, the Palestinians, their individual human rights and their collective right of self-determination.

Ms. McKinney's willingness in Congress to question Israel's military occupation of the Palestinians earned her the ire of some Jewish American organizations. These institutions demonized Ms. McKinney both before and during her 2002 Democratic primary race and political action committees aligned with them pumped substantial funds into the election campaign of her challenger, Denise Majette. Flush with funds and the support of Republicans who "crossed over" and voted for her in the Georgia primary to punish Ms. McKinney for her critical analysis of the Bush Administration's "war on terror", Ms. Majette won her primary election and one of Congress' most important voices was stilled temporarily. However, Ms. McKinney is undaunted by this defeat and is seeking to reclaim her seat in the House of Representatives in 2004.

159. Stop the Deportation of Charles Sisnett

This petition is for an elderly man that was released from a Florida state prison only to be held by Immigration to be deported back to his birth country. He no longer knows anyone there. All family is here in the USA.

160. Ourt rights as US citizens to choose our own communication network!

When residents moved into the community, all kinds of documents were signed (ie.e no drugs will be used in the unit, and documents, the rental office having access to the units at all times). We were not notified, nor signed documents that stated that Star Power was the only communication network that we could get in our units, due to the owner of the community's buget plan until we were in our units.

We as residents that pay market rate rent, are requesting that other options be avalible to us by law to have the right to choose, as residents of Doglas Knoll Apt. community and citizins of the United States of America.

161. AT&T & ABC Consumer Addressibility Improvement

The current state of the broadcasting industry is not immediately held liable for content and other intellectual property issues known to cause severe brain damage and mental illness. This petition would establish a plausible option for residential parties and consumers to generate inquire concerning content, thematic inference and other causes of particular conditions such as parkinson's disease, alzhimer's disease and even some forms of schizophrenia.

Regulatory issues would include:
1) Launching a full scale internet service operation for all national regions
2) Introduce the Medicaid/Medicare coverage plan which would allow a co-pay option for partial internet access (SSI-SSA);
3) Create a national broadcast community in which forums and other programming are recognized by the US Congress under meritious and technical basis. (FCC-ABC)

162. Council Tax Costs across Berkshire

I like many people am passionate when it comes to Government fees and cost. Council Tax mainly. I want to raise a petition for everyone who lives under the RG postcode. If, like news articles report, the current Council tax is due to rise by up to 18% I want to bring people together in giving our personal opinions on the alleged rise in the current rates. There is lots of press coverage across the whole United Kingdom regarding the Council Tax issue.

I do not feel that I get "value for money" when it comes to Council Tax charges. I live in the RG31 (Tilehurst, Reading area) and am appalled by my current charges without even viewing the final upcoming raise to our current charges. If the Council could guarantee that ALL services that we pay for are honored, as they should then, I, for one would be less "discussed" of the charges for service. However, the only service I can honestly say I receive for my money is getting my bins emptied once a week. The Policing is poor; the streets are dirty, littered with waste and "rubbish". We have our grass verges cut three times a year if were lucky. The roads are generally in a poor conditionÂ…. I could go on.

I am asking you all, the people of Berkshire to sign this petition which will be passed on to our local government representative with a covering letter asking for their comments.

Many people in other parts of the United Kingdom are standing up for what they believe and refusing to pay the proposed increase which is due soon. We as a community NEED TO PULL TOGETHER to stand side by side with others and make sure our voices are heard before this country/county forces itself into a situation that will mirror the problems of late similar to the Poll Tax debate and make our living conditions further more difficult than they already are.

If you, as a resident of Berkshire agree or have your own personal view on Council Tax Costs then PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. A copy of this will be forwarded to all the local newspapers which cover Berkshire in hope of keeping our County as it should and in favour of us, the people. Many people are finding it difficult to afford the current living costs within Berkshire as it is.

Let's not worsen the situation?

Thank you for you time.

Mr. Daran Thomas
Knowsley Road
RG31 6FA

163. Oversized Passengers on Airplanes

As obesity becomes a bigger problem in the United States, so does the impact it has on various facets of life. If you have travelled on an airplane with an obese passenger who cannot fit in the seat, you know that the experience is unplesant at best and downright impossible at worst.

Southwest Airlines has started to enforce a policy that if a passenger is too large to fit in one airline seat, they must purchase a second one. This is fair for all parties; the overweight passenger benefits from the extra space, and the surrounding passengers are not 'squished'.

Before Southwest implemented this policy, 90 percent of complaints were about obese passengers.

164. End Impunity: Equal Rights for All Under the Law

In 1998, the United Nations finalized the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. The statute guarantees a court to deal with the most atrocious criminals on the planet: those who commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. Even recent events, such as the genocide killings in Rwanda, remind us of the importance of a standard, objective Court of Law. The International Court intends to assume jurisdiction only in countries that have ratified the treaty, and only for the most monstrous crimes. The Criminal Court is potentially the most important institution for human rights in half a century.

However, the United States of America have made it clear that they will not ratify the Rome Statute. In 2002, the United States government informed the United Nations that "the United States does not intend to become a party to the treaty." In fact, they are on a diplomatic mission to create impunity agreements for its nationals from the Criminal Court. Basically, these impunity agreements would prevent any United States national from facing the Criminal Court. It is unfair to give one nationality exemption from law which should be standard all over the world. It is neither the intention of the Court, nor the writers of this petition, to take away power or basic rights from United States citizens. Simply, the court was formed to provide equality under the law and this is impossible with the existence of impunity agreements.

165. Democracy for the USA

December 29, 2003

The United States is Undemocratic. How can the USA tell Russia and China to be more democratic when the USA has unfair electoral practices?

This is a petition to call on the United States of America to review its electoral practices and to abolish the 'first past the post' electoral system and adopt a system of preferential proportional representation.

The United States has one of the most undemocratic electoral practices. The current president does not represent a majority of USA citizens. The United States president is not directly elected but appointed by an unrepresentative electoral college itself elected by a minority of voters. If the United States is to maintain public confidence as the voice and campion of democracy then it must review its electoral practices to ensure that its Government and Head of State establishes and maintains a majority mandate as opposed to a representation of a minority.

Democracy can only be maintained with the majority support of citizens voting to elect its representative. The current first past the post electoral system was implemented at a time when most Americans were unable to write and had a low standard of education. The time has come for it to join the 21st century and update its electoral practices to give voice to its people and citizens.

The adoption of a preferential electoral system would ensure that the electoral process properly and democratically reflect the view and opinions of its citizens.

Given the power and influence that the United States wields in the world it is fundamental that its electoral practices are reviewed so that its elected representatives reflect the voices of its citizens in a democratic and fair electoral system.

166. Hackers2

This is a petition for United artists or MGM to make another Hackers movie. It was awesome!!

167. Release the Kidnapped Panchen Lama of Tibet (Gedun Choekyi Nyima)

The 11th Panchen Lama of Tibet (Gedun Choekyi Nyima) was born on April 25, 1989. In May 1995 Gedun Choekyi Nyima was 6 years old when he and his parents were kidnapped from their home in Tibet by the Chinese government. Widely known as the World's Youngest Political Prisoner, he has been missing for almost 9 years.

In Tibet, Panchen Lama is a title like Vice-President or Prime Minister. Panchen means Great Scholar and Lama means Religious Teacher.

This missing boy will grow up to be a great leader if released and allowed to pursue his religious studies in freedom.

So please add your signature to this petition for the speedy release of the 11th Panchen Lama. Thank you for your support.

168. Protect Marriage Now!

The action of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in declaring a right to homosexual marriage under its state constitution is an outrage. This act threatens marriage throughout the United States.

169. Get the UN into Iraq!

The cowardly heads on the United Nations Security Counsel threaten the stability of the Entire Middle East, as well as countless lives of the international coalition bent on rebuilding Iraq, by not supporting the rebuilding process. Not only will they not support any effort to help the coalition help the Iraqis, the UN sends the message to Iraqis and Arabs alike that the allies are the 'enemies'.

Behind this madness sits France, Germany, and Russia, who are bent on protecting there own hidden records of arms shipments to Iraq and lucrative oil deals, instead of doing the right thing. It no longer matters if you supported this war effort, the goal now is to bring peace and stability to the region, and route out the terrorists! The coalition needs help, help the UN won't give! Because of the cowardliness of the UN Security counsel, the following have happened;

2 November: 16 US soldiers die as Chinook helicopter downed
27 Oct: Red Cross and other buildings in Baghdad bombed, more than 30 killed
12 Oct: Baghdad Hotel bombed, six dead
9 Oct: Police station in Baghdad bombed, 10 killed
29 Aug: Mosque near Najaf bombed, dozens dead including Shia Islam's top cleric in Iraq
19 Aug: UN headquarters in Baghdad bombed, 23 killed including head of mission
7 Aug: Jordanian Embassy bombed, 14 killed

The UN was in Iraq for a short time, but withdrew after a Bombing at there headquarters! Remember that peace isn't free, and not let this situation be another Mogadishu! Let us convince the UN that helping Iraq is the right thing to do, which it Is!

170. Require all public schools to teach children the truth about United States history

The United States of America was created upon the basis of a eurocentric philosophy dripping with white supremist ideals. From the very beginning, America has been the number one terrorist in the world. It has institutionalized racism as well as supported and encouraged mass genocide of entire nations of peoples.

Contrary to popular belief, the first holocaust did not take place in Germany; rather, the first holocaust took place right here in the contegious United States. Hitler can be quoted as writing that his nazi regime had much to gain from studying how the Americans exterminated whole nations of native american peoples. The nazi concentration camps were based off of American indian reservations and the extermination and mass slaughter of over 100,000,000 native individuals. Our government signed treaties with these nations of peoples and continually turned around and broke nearly every single one of them. Native children were kidnapped and sent to boarding schools where they were forced to live their lives according to the strict Protestant ethic, taught to march and punished if they uttered a word of their native language. The popular justification at that time for the destruction of these children's ties to their native culture/way of life was "kill the savage to save the man." History books teach Americans to think of Indians/Native Americans as savages, when in reality, the Americans were the savages. Scalping is commonly associated as one of the savage behaviors native american's displayed. This is inherently false. Scalping came about when the federal and state governments offered a reward for native american scalps. Americans were the scalpers, not the native americans. In some instances people would get money for a native's head, then turn around and scalp the same head to receive even more money. Only long after Americans had instituted scalping as an acceptable, profitable practice did certain tribes begin to do the same to other tribes they were in conflict with--which, by the way, the government pitted against one another in order to ensure it would continue to have the upper hand in exploiting the natives and stealing their land.

People who live in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado do not actually live in the United States; this land is in reality Mexican territory which the United States acquired without Mexico's consent after invading Mexico, leading to the war of 1812. Hence, many educated individuals refer to these areas as occupied Mexico, as they are truthfully not part of the United States. Therefore, "illegal immigrants" from Mexico who live in these areas are not illegals at all; rather, AMericans living in these areas are the illegals.

These are just a few of the endless facts regarding our country's history, and we need to stop teaching children false information in our schools. Publishers of history textbooks should be legally forced to provide the truth about our country's long history of savage, brutal, dishonest and racist behavior. In light of current global events, knowledge of the truth abut our country will help us all better understand why the rest of the world does not like or is fearful of our country. Sugar coating the harsh reality of American imperialism in history textbooks perpetuates the continued discrimination and marginalization of only breeds racism, ignorance and stupidity.

171. Dump the United Nations

This petition was created on 9/24/03 to garner support to be sent to the President of the United States and the members of Congress to formly withdraw from the United Nations, ending all funding of said organization.

172. Legalize Gay Marriage in the United States

Help us to legalize same sex marriage in the United States.

173. The Tribe Season 1 DVD Distribution

Cloud 9's production of hit television series The Tribe is an unstoppable success in many countries including but not limited to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. However these countries do not have the privilege of purchasing Tribe Merchandise and would love to have the opportunity to purchase the DVD box sets now in circulation.

174. The return of jay tripwire to the united states

Sign this petition. Show the US immigration/customs agency that jay tripwire is an act that should be allowed to apply for a visa and work in the united states. The US govt needs proof the american people want to see jay back in the USA.

175. Ban Rodeos in the United States

Rodeo promoters say that the animals are wild and rough, but without the use of spurs, tail-twisting, and bucking straps cinched tightly around their abdomen and groin, these frightened and often docile animals wouldn't even buck.

They are terrorized into action when men shove electric prods into them, twist their necks, yank them by their tails or legs, slam them to the ground, or otherwise batter them. The fact that most of these innocent animals are eventually destined for the slaughterhouse in no way justifies compounding their agony along the way.

This is an "entertaining, family event"? I don't think so. In steer wrestling, the so-called cowboy twists a steer's neck until it falls to the ground, more often than not, breaking the neck of the steer. The fact is, rodeos are flat-out cruel to animals. This is not a sport, this is a gathering for animal abusers.

The bulls and horses used for the "wild bucking event" are shocked numerous times with a device that will deliver 5,000 volts of electricity into the animal. No contestant in the rodeo will have it used on them, even when SHARK(, and offered them $300 to try it out.

Many of the animals used in rodeos end up with internal bleeding, punctured lungs, broken limbs, etc.

You can learn even more about this cruelty by visiting the site that was listed above.

176. Terrorism Awareness Month

The judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Terrorism Awareness Month
19-Aug to 19-Sep

Whereas terrorism is a threat to the global peace, regional security, human rights and freedom.

Whereas the judicial courts of Germany, Argentina and Unites States have found the Islamist regime of Iran guilty of terrorist crimes.

Whereas the terrorists who fire-bombed the Rex Theater on 19-Aug-1978 in Abadan Iran; had the same purpose as the terrorists who caused the World Trade Center inferno on 11-Sep-2001 in New York.

Now therefore We, the undersigned, announce the period of 19-August to 19-September as Terrorism Awareness Month .
We also urge the Heads of the world's democratic states and General Secretary of the United Nations to facilitate warrants for the arrest of the Islamic regime in Iran to be carried out.

177. Get The US Government to Release ALL UFO and Alien Info

The US Government is hiding info about UFOs and Aliens. They are unwilling to share this info. This is because they are afraid it will cause chaos among the nation. Due to the last statement, the Government MUST have valuable info. Some things are meant to be kept out of the publics' eye, but not this.

178. Support for Maku Chief Black Eagle, Dr. Malachi Z. York-EL

Since 1993 A.D., over ten years, the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation have been undergoing ridicule and discrimination amongst the confederate settlers in Putnam, County, GA. After careful selection and deliberation Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird "Eagle" Dr. Malachi Z. York-El traced the family lineage of the tribe to a location in Georgia only 15 miles away to a Native American landmark called Rock Eagle Mound, which was built by the Yamassee Native American Mound Builders descendants of the Washitaw Mound builders thousands of years ago. The Yamassee/Washitaw Native Americans, being the oldest indigenous people on the planet earth, according to the United Nations (File No. 215/1993)and are recognized in the Bureau Of Indian Affairs #208/1999. We have reclaimed 476 acres of our native land and erected landmarks such as those of our ancestors, dating back to the oldest known civilization, the Olmecs, Mayans who are the descendants of the Egyptians.

In 1997 A.D., Howard Richard Sills was elected Sheriff of Putnam County, and from this point on, the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation/United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, have found themselves involved in civil case after civil case regarding building and zoning violations. These cases were designed to illegally extort money from the tribe by fining them ridiculous amounts of money for minor violations. Sheriff Howard Richard Sills then made it his point to find a way to discredit and degrade our nation over the next ten years. Our current legal battle is stemming from these civil cases and the fact that we were strong enough to endure. Now, this is their final attempt to once again try to extinguish the Native Americans from their land. Our talk of sovereignty and indigenous rights is what they feared.

On May 8, 2002 A.D., Maku: Chief Black Thunder Bird "Eagle" was arrested in a parking lot of a K-Mart Shopping Center in Milledgeville, GA, by FBI and over 100 law enforcement officers. While this was taking place, over 300 law enforcement officers from Putnam County, Baldwin County, Columbus County, and Jones County, with the Department of Natural Resources, FBI and US Forestry, and 400 heavily armed troops raided our Sacred and Holy Land, which is called Wahanee "Golden City" as found on Native American Maps of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors/ Yamassee Native Americans. At the time of this raid only women and children were present and a handful of men. All were unarmed. These incidents occurred because the FBI was given false allegations of child abuse by Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, who coerced teenaged tribal members to make false statements about their chief. None of these interviews were audio recorded or video taped. Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird "Eagle" has written over 460 books on various topics dealing with World Religions and Cultures. He has been successful in raising the awareness amongst the Native Americans who are made up of all races and colors stemming from the Nubian race. With all respect for all religions and races of people across the globe, his favorite phrase is "No one wins the race in racism". Yet Sheriff Howard Richard Sills has sought our to character assassinate our Maku. Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird "Eagle" has been held in the worst prison conditions because of who he is, during pre-trial detention. According to the law of Presumption of Innocence, Chief Blackthunderbird "Eagle" is innocent until proven guilty. Yet in his case he was deemed guilty until proven innocent by the Federal Court Magistrate Judge Claude Hicks. He was compared to Jim Jones and Jimmy Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, who were given the due process of law before being proven guilty. All charges against Maku are fabricated rumors and hearsay. The state and federal governments have no factual proof to back the claim. None of the so-called victims have ever given sworn testimonies in regards to the allegations. Yet after being in custody of the Federal Government he was illegally transferred to the State Government to be tried in their system, which was a clear violation of Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird's right to a speedy trial. An illegal grand jury, sequestered (gathered) by Sheriff Howard Richard Sills, indicted Maku three times before the current indictment, because they had to cover up their mistakes. Judge William Prior according to the Trial Calendar was not supposed to be on this case, yet the courts doctored the calendar to make sure, this "buddy" of Sills would reside over the case against Maku. These are blatant civil rights violations, yet Maku's cries are falling on deaf ears. Because of pretrial publicity the Judge was asked to change the venue, which he did just a measly 20 minutes away. With the odds weighed against him and after being mentally and physically tortured, with no signs of a fair trial in sight he was forced to sign a bogus plea agreement. Now we find ourselves 6 months after the bogus pela agreement he was forced to sign while under duress, with the next phase being the sentencing. The Judge denied the plea agreement because it was done illegally. He has also recused (excused) himself off of this case because of how many mistakes the federal prosecutors have made. He has been mentally and physically tortured into signing a plea agreement in both the state and federal court cases. This case has become a media frenzy of yellow journalism (one sided and biased). Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird "Eagle" is innocent of all charges and now they are trying to deny him his sovereignty in open court, only to be ignored and ridiculed by the public media because his skin is dark. Maku: Chief Black Thunderbird "Eagle" has thousands of tribal members that acknowledge him as their Commander in Chief. This case is not about child abuse, it is about driving the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation off of their land. Both governments know that all the lands from Savannah to the borders of Alabama belong to the Yamassee Native Americans and was illegally purchased, which is known as "The Yazoo Land Scandal". We are the Yamassee Native Americans who the Federal government thought they killed off and we have returned home to live peacefully on 476 acres of land that is rightfully, by birthright our Holy Land, Wahanee. FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO WWW.UNNM.COM

179. Lower the drinking age in the United States

Time and Time again, there are always debates about people being a certain age to carry on in certain activities. One activity that has had the most debate is the legal drinking age in the United States of America. Between the 60's and 70's when America was at war, this issue came about. It came about because at this time, the Governent decided that 18 was the legal age to vote and make educated decisions about people's political future, as well as fighting in wars. Since the question "I am at a legal age to vote and protect my country, why can't I drink?" came about, the Government decided to lower the drinking age to 19.

Over the years, there have been many irresponsible acts of binge drinking, and drunk driving done by many young people, this is in turn enticed the Government to raise the age to 21. I'm petitioning this issue because I feel that it would be fair for people 18, who are considered adults, and over to be able to have access to alcoholic beverages. There are many places in the world like Jamaica, and China who don't have a legal drinking age, and they don't seem to have a predominace of issues like drunk driving etc. I feel that it would be beneficial socially if people who are 18 are allowed to drink.

180. Reduce Age Requirement for Reserve Component Soldiers/Sailors Retirement

This Petition is to allow the reduction of the age cap for reserve component soldiers and sailors who are in the U.S. Armed Forces(Reserve) and National Guard. The current age a retired person must be is 60 years of age. We would like to see the age limit reduced or eleminated. We would also like the funds to be placed in an account that draws intrest so the money can work for us. It is not right that soldiers and sailors who are in a reserve status, be called to active duty at any time, meet all the same training requirments, and not be treated the same when we retire with over 20 years of service. All we want is to be treated the same as the active duty forces. One Army, One Navy, One Air Force, One Corps all the way until the end, not just while on duty.