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1. We need Trump to declare PR a disaster zone and send military and medical relief.

The island of Puerto Rico, a US Commonwealth with a population exceeding 3.5 million people has been hit by two Hurricanes back to back. Irma had already damaged 75% of the electric grid. After Maria the island has no power, all Cell Phone Towers are destroyed. The island has no communication in over 85% of the population. Very few had generators. All landlines have been destroyed as well.
There are thousands of elderly, disabled, children that rely on medical devices that need electricity in order to function and to sustain their lives.
Being that it is an island makes it very difficult for aide to be delivered, ships will take weeks, planes can only do so much. This is a tragic disaster that has wiped the whole island. Additionally it's only a matter of time before looters and violence will escalate. They have no running water either.
The casualties will only grow in numbers as people in need will perish. Disease is sure to become an issue. Children will die with no proper medical attention.
People are trapped in their homes and now there are several dams with structural damage that are soon to create even more floods. This is a terrifying moment for the Boricua here in the states. Let's unite and get the word of mouth of this petition to hopefully pressure the administration to act as if their lives depended on it. We need to deliver military, medical, search and rescue, satellite phones, triage centers. This is no different than an earthquake or war.
We need to act now, today, and be resilient in the support of every single citizen of the island. Boricuas al Rescate starts now!

2. Appeal for the city of Derna

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya, Maria Ribeiro, expresses concerns over reports of severe shortages of basic necessities, including life saving medical supplies due to the conflict in Derna. This is has a negative impact on people’s health and wellbeing and, if prolonged, would lead to serious humanitarian conditions.

“I urge all parties to consider the safety and the wellbeing of the civilians a top priority and allow for the safe delivery of humanitarian supplies to ensure continued access to basic services, especially health”, said Maria Ribeiro.

The United Nations, through the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is monitoring the situation on the ground and working with all Humanitarian partners to respond to the evolving situation in Derna.

The Humanitarian Coordinator urges all parties to the conflict to respect Humanitarian and Human Rights law to ensure the protection of civilians.


Love Australia or Leave Party (LAOL) will play a historic role campaigning to vote to Leave the United Nations.

On June 23, 2016, LAOL announced that we will run a #UNEXIT Leave-UN Campaign. This will be a long-term campaign to leave the United Nations.

If the UK via #BREXIT can leave the EU, then there is nothing prohibiting Australia from leaving the United Nations. Let Australia be the country to take the lead. It took 20 years from the initial concept of the British leaving the EU to having a successful referendum. Our campaign will remain active until we can rid Australia of the curse of the UN.

We will document UN events, facts and the latest decisions and outcomes.
Leave-UN is dedicated to providing factual evidence to why and how we can leave the UN.

Find out more to why Australia should leave the United Nations check out our website


4. Implement UN Resolusition 1973-2011 for Libyan Civilians' Protection

- Spreading of heavy armaments & light weapons every where in Libya in the hands of Criminals that jeopardize the lives of ordinary people.
- The Corruption of all officials in the governing sectors that caused chaos in the country which made it unsafe place to live in and made the living so hard without the availability of currency in the banks and the boom rise in prices of food.
- The big number of deaths of young people,
- The vague future of the country shows a coming disaster that the UN should be held responsible for.

5. Dismantle the United Nations

The Declaration of Human Rights, which is the initialising document of the United Nations, was a laudable & wonderful effort to encapsulate the genuine desires of the politicians who signed it in 1948.

Since then even the first few words cannot be said to have been achieved. "ARTICLE 1, All human beings are born free & equal in dignity & rights."

It cannot be emphasised enough that these words, although evident & true, are violated every second of every day in all parts of the world & the United Nations cannot be said to have improved rights for any human being except, maybe those who occupy positions of power.

We see vast resources being funnelled into this organisation & we also see them constantly begging for further resources to cover their expenses.

We see enormous edifices of governance, huge conferences & meetings during which many resolutions & agendas are produced.

None of which have successfully prevented war, famine, disease or the loss of homelands & resources.

We hear of resolutions being vetoed by one vote against many over & over. This indicates a toothless tiger shackled to a globalist predator regime which, far from liberating the people of the world, is actually creating a global prison in which all people are subjected to draconian & domineering control.

I therefore propose that the existing United Nations be declared unfit for purpose & be dismantled before it achieves it's unsavoury objectives as laid out in Agenda 21 & 2030.

These Agendas may seem benign on the surface but the reality of them is the wholesale destruction of diversity of culture & the destruction of nations "for the greater good" - supposedly.

We need international cooperation without doubt, but we do not need an expensive, useless pariah dictating a policy in which human beings are to continue to be treated as just another commodity or resource in a world controlled by internationalist corporations & the sinister few extremely wealthy individuals who own them.

6. Push for the creation of a Multinational Peacekeeping Humanitarian Task Force to stop ISIS and provide aid to Iraq and Syria

The self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL, also known as ISIS, is a malevolent, well-armed group of extremists responsible for killing over 1,700 people in 23 countries, not counting the higher death toll in Iraq and Syria or the millions forced to flee their country.

All nations must work together toward lasting peace and bringing an effective end to this global calamity. Therefore, the formation of a multinational peacekeeping humanitarian ground force is called for under the terms of Chapter VII of the United Nations charter.

This contingent shall fulfill solely the purpose of dismantling ISIS and providing much needed aid to civilians in conflict-stricken Iraq and Syria, with strict adherence to international law and the directives of the UN Security Council.

You may also sign the petition at the White House web page.

7. The G20: Save the Planet

Our National “leaders”, represented by the G20, no longer represent the voice or the will of the majority of their people and the World’s people. They appear to only see short-term economic gains while the global economic system runs on the assumption that nature can continually provide us with infinite resources. Simultaneously, the growing threats to the human future of Nuclear War and Global Climate Change now severely threaten our future and all life on Earth.

In addition:

• Our growing human ‘ecological footprint’ is now in the process of damaging the natural world and much of the biodiversity on the planet.

• Just 1 percent of the World’s population owns and controls the vast majority of the World’s wealth (Oxfam International). In monetary terms, 1 percent of people on Earth are worth $110 trillion while the remaining 99% are worth much less in terms of collective wealth.

• The Health system in many nations is in crisis as Big Pharma is only concerned about profits. In the meantime, the altered environment creates outbreaks of uncontrollable diseases like Ebola. The biggest problems in the world are hunger, health and illiteracy, yet health and education have to be paid for by those who cannot afford to in many countries in the developing world and developed world. Economics is permanently viewed by our “leaders” as more important than human welfare.

• Our value system is adrift and our society is replete with control mechanisms on people such as government surveillance, media and educational “brainwashing” so the population hears what they are told to hear and are taught what is important for the transnational businesses which truly rule the world, especially Big Banks and Big Oil.As a result, the public becomes more and more stressed and chronic illnesses increase as our food is altered by pesticides and genetic modification.

• The People do not want war and do not want to kill each other. The basis of human interaction is the Family which has at its core the values of nurturing and love. Despite our closeness as the Human Family, Humanity as a whole is fractured by economic considerations, belief systems and cultural differences which belie the basis of Community which is based on loving kindness and connectedness.

• We, the People of the World, are essentially brainwashed by the systems which control and manipulate us,and by“leaders”and the compliant mainstream media who continue to lead us to incessant wars and human degradation in the face of rapidly escalating Global Climate Change and other severe threats to our continued survival today.

8. More Nuclear Power is NOT the Answer to the Climate Crisis

We believe that expanding the role of nuclear power may threaten the planet as surely as the global warming you seek to mitigate.

Fukushima alone demonstrates the risks of nuclear meltdowns even in a society based on science and advanced technology. The one hundreds plants in our country are terrorist targets.

There are no solutions in sight to nuclear waste disposal. The timelines for bringing new nuclear plants online exceed the UN's call for rapid decarbonization. The estimated costs are staggering.

9. Call For Aid Against Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws

Uganda's Govenment has just passed an Anti-Homosexuality (Anti-Gay) Bill that gives life imprisonment to anyone who is or expected of being gay and made it a punishable offence not to report these suspicions.

10. Bring Clean Water and Sanitation to Haiti

The United Nations was set up to promote world peace and ensure no country’s struggle or crisis goes unnoticed and unaccounted for. Just like the crisis Haiti is facing right now. Unfortunately, the current outbreak of Cholera in Haiti was introduced 1131 days ago by acts of negligence carried out by United Nations personnel: U.N. MINUSTAH troops.

8,459 documented deaths, 693,955 taken ill since October and hospitalized hundreds of thousands more while spreading to neighboring countries including the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

The ongoing Haiti cholera outbreak is the worst epidemic of cholera in recent history, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

11. Democracy & Justice for Cambodia

"The ruling Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) appears to have been involved in electoral fraud in Cambodia’s July 28, 2013 national elections, according to residents and ruling party officials interviewed by Human Rights Watch."

Prime Minister Hun Sen has ruled for 28 years and has not respected U.N. recommendation.

Cambodian citizens have witnessed and undergo:
• Fake Democracy & Dictatorship in Cambodia;
• Threats, Violence & Intimidations in Election;
• Election Registration Fraud & Ghost Voters.

The Cambodian People's Party have responded to the threat of mass protest by deploying extra troops and armored vehicles into the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

12. Freedom for West Papua

While everyone is encouraged to sign this petition, it was originally created to support action inspired by the eBook, Crying Freedom (previously called Vanishing Tribes) - an illustrated story written as a tribute to fifty years of peaceful resistance in West Papua. Further explanation is available on the website at for those who wish to better understand the reason for this simple petition.

Please help us ask the United Nations to fulfill their historic duty to protect West Papuans from the current military occupation by Indonesia, and from the associated militarized commerce that is ravaging this precious land and its peoples to the point of total destruction.

This simple petition is supported by the following facts:

1. The right of self-determination is articulated in article 3 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
2. In May 2013, the UN General Assembly voted to place French Polynesia back on their list of territories to be decolonized;
3. West Papua was also on the decolonization list from 1994 to 1962, and was taken off in a way that violated indigenous and fundamental human rights;
4. West Papua clearly meets the UN list criteria set down in resolution 1541 (XV).

(If West Papua cannot be granted de facto independence and acknowledged as an existing country, we would hope that the region at least be re-instated on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, opened to journalists from any nation, and the people of West Papua finally be given their first real opportunity to vote in a referendum properly supervised by the UN under the auspices of UN-sponsored armed forces. See the many other petitions for West Papua asking for these kinds of outcomes.)

OK - here is the entire petition in one sentence:


This petition began as a natural offspring of a dominical radio show, Radio Optimum, broadcast in New York, NY. A large number of participants have called for an end to the occupation of Haiti by the U.N. forces. With this document, the leadership of Radio Optimum has fulfilled its promises and responsibilities to take the lead in preparing a Petition to be signed by all patriots whether in Haiti or in the Diaspora.


The presence of the U.N. Mission for the Stabilization of Haiti (MINUSTAH) is an unacceptable violation of our national sovereignty as proclaimed in our Constitution. It has become a clear violation of the very values and principles of the United Nations Organization. Among those are the inalienable right of all people to self-determination, self-rule, and peaceful pursuit of national interests. Moreover, this mission is inefficient and counter-productive with respect to all of the goals it initially set out to achieve. Finally, it inflicts a profound and painful wound in our national pride. Therefore the MINUSTAH must go!

To Wit:
Whereas the Mission was to strengthen the rule of law and the respect of human rights, the members of the U.N. forces rather harass the Haitian youth into prostitution and even resort to rape, and sodomy.
Whereas the Mission was to improve the security of Haitian citizens, we rather assist at a new surge of kidnapping and insecurity every time the contract of the Minustah is about to expire.

Whereas the Mission was to heighten the development of electoral capacity, the internationals rather substitute themselves to the will of the Haitian people and simply impose their choices for presidents, senators, and representatives in defiance of our electoral laws.

Whereas the Mission was to foster good governance, the UN forces rather provide unconditional protection to their hand-picked governments thereby shielding the same into poor performance with impunity.

Whereas the Mission was to save lives, it instead caused the death of over 7,500 innocent victims through the introduction and dissemination of the cholera disease by a component of the U.N. forces in Haiti. Recent statistics published by the “Partners in Health” organization indicate that to date 600,885 people got sick of cholera while 76,981 new cases were diagnosed in 2012.

The above is clearly a dismal result for the billions of US dollars being spent by the Minustah. This practice must end. Truly the problems of Haiti are for Haitians to resolve peacefully through an active and effective dialogue. Toward this end, we hereby summon the government of Haiti and all the political forces in our nation to reject violence as a political tool and to reach a Pact of Governability by May 2014.


Cette pétition est l’expression de la volonté des auditeurs d'une émission dominicale et ligne-ouverte, Radio Optimum, diffusée à New York, NY. Un grand nombre de participants ont exprimé leur opposition à la présence des forces étrangères en Haiti et réclamé un retrait accéléré de la Mission des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation d’Haiti (MINUSTAH). Comme promis, la direction de Radio Optimum a coordonné la préparation et la vulgarisation de cette pétition pour la signature des patriotes de l’intérieur et de l’extérieur d’Haiti.


La présence de la Mission des Nations Unies pour la Stabilisation d'Haïti (MINUSTAH) est une violation inacceptable de la souveraineté nationale telle que proclamée dans la Constitution Haïtienne. Elle est devenue également une violation flagrante des valeurs et principes mêmes de l'Organisation des Nations Unies. Parmi ceux-ci figurent les droits inaliénables des peuples à l'autodétermination, à l'autonomie dans la gestion des affaires nationales, et à la poursuite des intérêts nationaux sur l’échiquier mondial. De plus, cette mission est inefficace et contre-productive eu égard aux objectifs qu'elle s'était-elle même donnés. Enfin, elle inflige une blessure profonde et douloureuse à notre fierté nationale. Par conséquent, la MINUSTAH doit partir!

En fait: Considérant que la mission prétendait garantir l’application de la loi et le respect des droits de l'homme, les membres des forces de l'ONU plutôt harcèlent la jeunesse haïtienne à la prostitution et ont même recours au viol et à la sodomie.

Considérant que la mission se disait vouloir améliorer la sécurité des citoyens haïtiens, mais nous assistons plutôt à des vagues d'enlèvements et d'insécurité à chaque fois que le contrat de la MINUSTAH est sur le point d'expirer.

Considérant que la mission était pour renforcer la capacité de notre pays à organiser des élections démocratiques, régulières, et crédibles, les internationaux plutôt se substituent à la volonté du peuple haïtien et simplement imposent leurs choix de Présidents de la République, de Sénateurs, et de Députés du peuple au mépris de nos lois électorales.
Considérant que la mission devait promouvoir la bonne gouvernance, cette force au contraire protège les gouvernements imposés au peuple, garantissant ainsi l’impunité pour les piètres performances des tâches constitutionnelles à la tête du pays.

Considérant que la mission était de protéger les vies, la Minustah a plutôt importé en Haiti une épidémie de choléra qui a causé la mort de plus de 7500 personnes. Des statistiques récentes publiées par l'organisation "Partners in Health" indiquent qu'à ce jour, 600 885 personnes ont été atteintes par le choléra tandis que 76 981 nouveaux cas ont été diagnostiqués en 2012.

Les données citées plus haut représentent un bilan désastreux pour les milliards de dollars dépensés voire gaspillés par la MINUSTAH. Cette pratique ne peut pas continuer.

En vérité, il appartient aux Haïtiens de résoudre les problèmes d'Haïti par des moyens pacifiques à travers un dialogue actif et efficace. À cette fin, nous encourageons, par la présente, le gouvernement d'Haïti et toutes les forces politiques de notre nation à rejeter la violence comme instrument politique et à parvenir à un Pacte de Gouvernabilité d'ici le mois de mai 2014.


On Friday the 15th of March 2013, a Swiss girl was raped by several (possibly 7 or 8) Indian men, while her boyfriend was tied to a tree. This act of violence is not standing alone.

Through the past years, there have been many acts of (group) rapes in India. Rape is a direct violation against the human rights, and therefore it should be strictly prohibited.

The Indian government is not taking enough action against it. That’s why the rapes still continue. Therefore the United Nations should make sure the Indian government is going to take action.

15. Stop the killing & execution of innocent Syrians in Syria!

Over 60,000 deaths have occurred in Syria since the first and peaceful protests against President Assad began. In addition, Turkey and other neighboring countries, are overfilling with fleeing refugee's who do not want to die in Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of Syrian's have fled the bloodbath in Syria. Children lay dead on the Syrian's streets, women are being raped, and men are being tortured by the Assad regime.

16. Support an Independent Balochistan

Balochistan got its independence in 11th of august 1947 & later pakistan took over Balochistan & annexed freedom of Baloch Nation in 27th of March 1948.

From the first day pakistan has continued Baloch Genocide & Crimes against the Baloch nation.

We want freedom for the motherland Balochistan.

17. UN Palestine Vote Illegitimate; West Bank is Ancestral Israel!


UPDATE: Israeli Cabinet resolution rejects UN vote on Palestine and affirms Jewish rights in all the Land of Israel.

"The Jewish people have natural, historical, legal rights to its homeland with its eternal capital Jerusalem... The State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people has rights and claims to areas that are under dispute in the land of Israel...The Palestinian Authority's one-sided step at the U.N. constitutes a gross violation of the agreements that have been signed with the State of Israel; accordingly, the Government of Israel rejects the U.N. General Assembly decision."

18. FREE Nasim Soltan Baigi (نسیم سلطان‌بیگی را آزاد کنید)

Last Updated: October 13, 2012
Human Rights Activists News Agency

سیم سلطان‌بیگی، فعال دانشجویی، جهت اجرای حکم به زندان احضار شد
يكشنبه 05 شهریور 1391 ساعت 02:16 |
خبرگزاری هرانا - نسیم سلطان‌بیگی فعال دانشجویی دانشگاه علامه طباطبایی، جهت اجرای حکم خود به زندان اوین احضار شد.

بنا به گزارش جرس، این فعال دانشجویی طیف چپ، در نهم آذرماه ۸۹ از سوی شعبه ۱۵ دادگاه انقلاب به شش سال حبس تعزیری محکوم شد. این حکم شامل ۳ سال حبس تعزیری به اتهام "اقدام علیه امنیت ملی" و یک سال به علت "تبلیغ علیه نظام" است و دو سال حکم تعلیقی نیز از سال ۸۵ به آن اضافه شده است.

این حکم سپس با اعتراض وی به دادگاه تجدیدنظر ارسال شده بود.

نسیم سلطان‌بیگی از جمله دانشجویان طیف چپ است که در آذرماه ۱۳۸۶ در جریان دستگیری گسترده این دانشجویان بازداشت و مدت ۵۶ روز را در زندان اوین بند ۲۰۹ سپری کرده و با قرار وثیقه ۵۰ میلیون تومان آزاد شده بود. وی همچنین در تجمع فعالین جنبش زنان در ۲۲ خرداد ماه سال ۱۳۸۵ بازداشت و به دو سال حبس تعلیقی محکوم شده بود.

19. End 200 years of war in America

The United States has been a country for 235 years and 209 of these years the country has spent at war. Sign this petition to call for an end to war.

War helps the US procure resources and create jobs but can destroy local economies and force other countries to adopt an American lifestyle which requires countries to support large scale industrial farming and production for export at the expense of small land owners and producers and social services. This leads to famine and debt enslavement.

20. Provide Developmental Aid to Lybia

On July 7th 2012, Libya held its first democratic election in 60 years. In response The Financial Times reported on July 11th, that Libya still lacks the resources to reconstruct the damages of the war, to ensure a smooth transition between the two governments.

Sherif Salem, Senior VP at Invest AD stated that "Even a little investment in infrastructure could go a long way to improving living conditions, and creating jobs." This petition is sponsered by the organization Project Democracy as a post-war effort to get Libya back on its feet and create stability in the region.

21. Stop Inhumane Siege of Camp Liberty Residents

In recent reports, we are seeing the Iraqi forces are increasing pressure the residents and treating them very inhumanely.

The Iraqi forces prevented the injured and disabled from taking their daily necessities to Camp Liberty. They prevented workers from entering for repairs to sanitary services. Repair or replacing damaged air conditioners is prevented. Residents are not allowed to bring working air conditioners from Camp Ashraf and to replace them. Despite Iraqi government's repeated promises, it continues not to replace or repair them.

These limitations are while the MOU signed between the Iraqi government and the UN on December 25, 2011, states: "It allows residents to enter into bilateral agreements with contractors to provide living necessities and requirements, such as water, food, communications, cleaning, and maintenance and reconstruction equipments at their own cost".

22. Project Prepare: Uniting the People of this World

We humans are closer to extinction that we all realize or want to acknowledge, we each have an obligation to preserve our species not destroy it, we owe it to ourselves and the generations to follow.

We may look different, sound different, and have different beliefs from one another but it does not negate the fact that we are all the same species and citizens of this world.

It is imperative that we work quickly and together despite any differences to preserve humanity.

I am asking all leaders and individuals to make a commitment to work towards uniting the people of this world.

Monolith: an organized whole that acts as a single unified powerful or influential force
- marriam webster

23. President Obama: End mistreatment of American children; Ratify the CRC!

Three former U.S. Presidents have denied children their basic human rights, and Obama will too unless we demand action. The CRC, The Convention on The Rights of the Child, is an international treaty that has been ratified by every country on Earth except the U.S. and Somalia. The CRC can change childrenʼs lives by finally giving our children their basic human rights.

These two children are paying for this:
Cristian Fernandez is a 12-year-old boy who faces life in prison.
This 6 year old Texan boy was hospitalized after a school paddling.

Thousands of children in America suffer in similar ways! But Obama has the power to stop this by ratifying the CRC!

What does the CRC guarantee American children?
•The right to play.
•The right to be safe.
•The right to practice the religion of their choice.
•The right to an education without physical punishment.
•The right to be tried as a child, and not sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In 1995, President Clinton signed the CRC, but he didnʼt send it to the Senate. It is time for our President to take real action. Obama says heʼs committed to improving the lives of our children. He says he values their well-being. He says itʼs an embarrassment that the U.S hasn't ratified the CRC.

Enough talk, Mr. President. It’s time for action!

Over 200 non-profits support the CRC, yet a small group of people are afraid of children having rights. They think parents should have 'fundamental rightsʼ over their children, to include the fundamental right to be criminally negligent parents.
. Here are a few of the crimes that will start to disappear:
. Child beatings occur in schools in 19 states more than 200,000 times a year.
. Approximately 6 million cases of child abuse go unreported annually.
. At least 200,000 children are sexually trafficked across the U.S. annually.
. The U.S. is the only country on earth to imprison children for life without parole.
. America is the worst offender of child abuse in the Industrialized World.

It is time to end the hypocrisy, and give children their rights. It is time for our President to do the right thing.

Please also sign the petition on

For more information about...
The CRC:
Corporal Punishment:
Imprisoning children for life:
Child Abuse:
Take a Stand for the End of child abuse:
Child trafficking:

24. Ask the United States to support UN Resolution 1325

In an attempt to balance perspectives on gender-related conflict, in October 2000, the United Nations' Security Council adopted Resolution S/RES/1325. This resolution aims to increase participation of women in conflict resolution and humanitarian response.

Some background:
*At the turn of the 20th century, 5% of war casualties were civilians
*In World War I, 15% were civilians
*In World War II, 65% were civilian
*By the mid-nineties, 75% of war deaths were civilians
*Today, 90% of the human war toll are civilians--the majority of these victims are women and children

UN resolution 1325 calls on all parties to conflict to take special measures to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, particularly rape and other forms of sexual abuse, in situations of armed conflict.

The United States is currently taking steps to create a National Action Plan to realize the resolution's goals.

25. MINUSTAH should withdraw from Haiti

The MINUSTAH, well known as The United Nations Stabilisation Mission In Haiti, has been in operation since 2004. A year of political crisis, violence and corruption, led to the resignation of the President Jean Bertrand Aristide. But now they are seen like a threat to the human rights, and also to the Haitian People.

"Haiti is in great danger because among others of Cholera, of the poverty the marginalization and of the exploitation of its people " said the Nobel Peace Argentin Adolfo Pérez Esquivel in an interview with the Latino channel TeleSur.

Numerous incidents of rape and other forms of violence have been reported by victims of MINUSTAH... from the 16 years old girl in 2006 to the Haitian teenager (male) in 2011.

Three Nobel Peace, led by the Nobel Adolfo Pérez Esquivel from Argentine, hundreds of NGOs, legislators and personalities of more than forty countries sent to the Secretary General a letter released yesterday in which they requested the withdrawal of international troops of Haiti.

Join the fight if you believe in Peace and want to change the actual situation of Haiti.

26. Mauritians for Palestine

Dear Mauritians

In view of the proposal for Palestine to obtain membership in the United Nations and hence be fully recognized as an independent state, we are circulating this petition to every Mauritians, be it the young as well as the elder people. We do, hereby, humbly request you to fill in your required details and by the beginning of next week; we will send it to the US Embassy of Mauritius, with a letter attached.

We wish to inform you that we are not affiliated to any political parties. We are doing this solely because these people are living as strangers in their own land. Our aim is to create awareness and despite being far from them, we are doing what we can for them. The way they are being treated is really inhuman when in fact, they are human beings like anyone of us and they have their rights as free people.

We take this opportunity to thank you all very much in anticipation for your participation.

Century Welfare Association Youth Wing

27. NUS must support ending the occupation of Palestine

NUS must support ending the occupation of Palestine.

28. President B. Assad should be brought to Justice

In the past few months Bashar Al Assad, the president of Syria, has used his country’s military against his own citizens. Furthermore, he has ordered for a mass execution of those who have been rebelling against his dictatorship.

Syria is not the only country that is being pressurized for the reforms and changes in its governing practices. Some other conflicts occurring in the same region include Hosni Mubarak’s removal from Egypt, as well as the rebellious activities, in Libya, Bahrain, and Yemen, following this event. Libya, currently under pressure through NATO attacks and other sanctions, imposed on the Gaddafi regime to stop innocent killings and brutality.

In Syria the current ruling government is Shia Islam whereas the majority of the people are from Sunni Islam. Assad has kept the country under a state of emergency since 1963, suspending the constitution and overruling many human rights. Broadcasting, foreign media and other sources of communication are being strictly monitored in order to prevent rebel activity. Assad has murdered thousands of protestors and there is little known information concerning the numbers still suffering from his brutality.

Syria’s ruling Shia government claims to have an Islamic constitution and leadership. According to any Shia law, mostly followed through the first Imam (leadership position in Shia Islam), and the preaching’s of Holy Prophet Muhammad (the prophet of Islam and the last messenger of God), killing an unarmed civilian is against the law and is strictly condemned by previous Imams. Not only condemned but many examples have been left behind by them as to how they dealt with revolts and rebellions without killing any innocent civilian.

Assad’s acts have not condemned by any religious cleric nor has any fatwa (a legal pronouncement in Islam, issued by a religious law specialist on a specific issue) been passed by the supreme leaders of Shia Islam. A list of previous fatwas passed by religious clerics can be viewed at the following link One example listed here is that of the famous fatwa to kill Salman Rushdie due to blasphemy against the prophet of Islam. Someone who has not been ruling according the proper laws of Islam, although he may claim to be doing so, is a blasphemy against the teachings of prophet of Islam and a misrepresentation of the religion.

The killing of protestors in Bahrain has been recognized by many Shia leaders and clerics, since the majority population of Bahrain is Shia Muslims ruled by a Sunni Government, but in contrast to Syria the ruling government is Shia Muslim in a Sunni dominating population. In taking a broader look at these countries current governmental situations, it is not religion that rules, but rather dominating and power-hungry dictators.

On a positive note, unlike Syria, Bahrain’s situation is under control and the media was given permission to carry out independent news reporting. In Syria it has been more than a few months and thousands have been executed without any valid reason, except for the sole purpose of protecting the ruling government.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran (the holy book in Islam claimed to be God’s word) that killing any innocent person is equal to killing the whole of mankind. (5:32): “For that cause we decreed for the Children of Israel that whosoever killeth a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and who so saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind. Our messengers came unto them of old with clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty), but afterwards lo! Many of them became prodigals in the earth.”

29. Trinidadians against unilateral declaration of Palestinian State at the United Nations

In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority - which has recently merged and reconciled with the terrorist group, Hamas - plans to seek unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State based on the 1949 Armistice Lines at the United Nations.

Such a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood based on these borders will render Israel defenseless against the possibility of future conflicts with its Arab neighbors. Additionally, such a declaration of statehood and possible recognition by the United Nations will contradict the Oslo Accords, to which both Israel and the Palestinian Authority are bound.

The only way to establish a durable, secure peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority - and thus be the basis for the legitimate formation of a Palestinian State - is through direct bilateral negotiations between the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority; where the issues of finalized borders, the recognition of Israel as the Jewish State, security, Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem will be resolved.

To ignore the peace process and unilaterally declare a Palestinian State would prolong the conflict and exacerbate and lend credence to hostilities.

Currently, Israel is seeking support from countries around the world to support the peace process and stop this ghastly resolution from being passed. Trinidad & Tobago has never taken an official position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and has historically abstained from voting in any resolution at the United Nations General Assembly regarding this issue. However, with the new Peoples Partnership government in power, it is unclear whether Trinidad & Tobago will continue in this tradition, and so, this petition was started so that the foreign policy of abstaining will continue - or, if need be, Trinidad & Tobago should take the moral high-road and vote against any resolution at the United Nations General Assembly which recognizes the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state outside of the peace process and negotiations.

Please note: This petition is not against the formation of a Palestinian state; rather, it is against the formation of a Palestinian state founded outside of the legally-binding peace process and outside of direct negotiations.

30. Restore Human Rights to the Northern Territory Aboriginal People

Navi Pillay, a former South Africa High Court Judge, is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. She will visit Australia in May.

This follows several years of criticism regarding Australia’s poor human rights record and last year’s visit to Geneva by Aboriginal elders who raised the Northern Territory Intervention with the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The Northern Territory Intervention imposed in June 2007, without consultation or the consent of Aboriginal people, continues to be a source of grave injustice. It has overridden the rights of the people, placed their culture and languages in jeopardy while removing their control over their land and communities.

The legislation passed by Parliament in June 2010, Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (Welfare Reform and Reinstatement of the Racial Discrimination Act) Bill 2009, has entrenched discrimination in Australian law and ensured that the Racial Discrimination Act, reinstated on 31 December 2010, is unable to protect Aboriginal people from measures that discriminate against them.

The UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) has recommended to the Australian Government that legislative amendments be made to protect and restore the rights of Northern Territory Aboriginal people including provisions to ensure the Racial Discrimination Act overrides other legislation which may be discriminatory.

You can help by signing this letter requesting Navi Pillay to address these issues with the Government, urging them to turn around the blatant human rights violations embedded in the Northern Territory Intervention.

The closing date for signatures is the 7th May 2011.