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1. Keep God in our Currency

With this country founded 'Under God', it is imperative that we continue to place 'In God We Trust' on our 'legal' tender.

There have been moves to strike this logo from various coins and paper money.

This must be stopped.

2. Abolish "Under God" In Pledge of Allegiance

April 23, 2006

The statement "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance shouldn't be permitted, under one of our country's amendments, stating that religion shall not be mixed with politics.

No certain beliefs in relgion should be supremicized or advertised in school or government.

3. Preserve our Pledge of Allegiance

Updated February 22, 2006

Preserve Our Heritage

The words [Under God] - there is a movement to have them removed from the pledge.

And [In God We Trust] - there is a movement to have them removed from our money. These words are part of our heritage.

These Movements are being lead by atheist Michael Newdow. The 9th Circuit court ruled that reciting of the pledge in public schools is unconstitutional.

Suit has been filed in 9TH Circuit Court Of Appeals to overturn that ruling. The Becket Fund will defend Under God.

Michael Newdow has filed suit to have the words In God We Trust remove from our money.

I have a petition to keep these words where they are.

The petition will be taken to the Senate and Congress and the Supreme Court.

Fellow Christians and Patriots let's join together and Preserve Our Heritage.

I can be reached at 814-767-9639 cell-301-707-8518
Donations to support the petition may be sent to the address below.
God Bless.
Thank You

Church Of Change
Rev. Daniel Driver
790 Beans Cove Rd
Clearville Pa 15535

4. Rights to pray or say One Nation Under God!!

This petiton is for all those who believe that One Nation Under God should not be removed from the Pledge Of Allegence. This is our right as Christians and Americans. People have the freedom not to believe in God if they choose, but those of us who choose to believe in God this is our right also.

We always hear let's remove anything pertaining to religion from schools government buildings and etc... But we should also have the right to pray if we choose or to say One Nation Under God. For those who do not want this then don't say or do it. But those who wish to let us have our rights also and let us be heard.


Pepsi is coming out with a limited edition can with the pledge of allegience on it. This is a great idea, with one very bad move! They have decided, that they did not want to offend anyone and would be removing the words "one nation under God". This is our country's pledge. These are the words that our great grand-parents, grandparents, parents, ourselves and our children & grand children know to be our pledge and recite every morning.
I am offended, so Pepsi's goal to not offend anyone has failed miserably! If you are offended, I urge you to exercise your right to speak out. I have purchased pepsi products my entire life, but not anymore. I cannot support a company who is ashamed of our pledge in it's entirely. Join me by signing this petition if you are offended of their choice!