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1. Sign the Petition to Boycott Georgia and Abolish the Death Penality!

In light of the Georgia’s execution of Troy Anthony Davis on September 21, 2011, those who oppose the death penalty have called to action a boycott of Georgia’s GNP and the Corporations that support it.

Troy’s execution was considered to be a lynching by entities whom have taken over our legal system in Georgia.

We “the People” did everything, we petitioned, we protested peacefully, we begged and we pleaded for the Government of Georgia to do the right thing.


2. An Appeal to End the Death Penalty - Signed by Christian Theologians and Ethicists in the United States

The execution of Troy Davis has alerted many people around the world and in the U.S. to the crying injustice of the death penalty as a form of judicial punishment.

3. Our Justice System Needs To Change

We believe who ever you are, What ever color your skin is, Who ever where ever you are You deserve a fair Trial so please there are still some people that aren`t getting what they deserve or have a right to, so please help me change this.

Today a possible innocent man, Troy Davis, is dead because he was not given a fair trial. Or how many children have to die or get beaten to death with out justice being served because the justice system fails them and so many others we need this changed.

4. Save Troy Davis

Georgia should give Troy Davis a new and fair trial. Davis was convicted of the 1989 murder of an off-duty police officer, but has always maintained his innocence. Many of the witnesses who testified against him at his trial have since recanted, and no physical evidence links him to the crime. Pope Benedict XVI, former President Jimmy Carter, and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu are among those who have spoken out against executing Davis.

The Campaign to Save Troy Davis is calling for a global boycott against two multinational Georgia-based businesses, Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines, Inc.

While the Campaign is not blaming these corporations, economic pressure should be placed on Georgia. Despite thousands of calls and letters from around the world, the Georgia political and judicial system has failed to respond.

This boycott will last until the state of Georgia grants Mr. Davis a new trial, or a full pardon, indefinitely if the execution is carried out.

The enormous amount of revenue that these two corporations bring to the State of Georgia comes with influence and we want this influence to save Troy Davis.