Petition Tag - town planning

1. Support Lidl In Hornchurch

Lidl have acquired the former Mecca Bingo site, 31 High Street, Hornchurch.

In due course we will be submitting a planning application to Havering Council to demolish the existing building and develop a modern foodstore (1,690m² sales area), with 104 associated car parking spaces.

Our proposal will drastically improve the visual amenity of this site and strengthen the commercial offer of Hornchurch's Local Centre.

The development would bring greater shopping choice to local residents and create up to 40 new local employment opportunities.

2. No Walmart on Blazier Drive, McCandless, PA


Despite ongoing negative public outcry, a lawsuit against The Town of McCandless and Walmart, and two court appeals, Walmart has continued with their plan to purchase land on Blazier Drive in order to build a 150,000 square foot 24 hour, big box, Super Walmart.

These are the reasons many of the people of McCandless are insisting Walmart withdraw from this proposed development.

1. The environmental impact will be substantial. The land lies immediately adjacent to Pine Creek on a historic wetland and within Pine Creek’s floodplain. The buildings of previous businesses and parking lots on the site were erected before current environmental regulations. Flooding, sometimes severe, has always occurred on the entire site.

2. The safety of any citizen using Ingomar Road for biking, walking, and running is in jeopardy. Ingomar Road, which is the main road leading into our 3,000 acre county park (North Park), will be one of two roads used for supply truck and customer access to the supercenter. The main entrance to the park lies only a few blocks from the proposed site. Traffic studies done by Walmart are truly questionable and do not reflect the traffic congestion expected from a store of this scope in this location.

3. The citizens in the immediate area of the proposed site have legitimate concerns. Surrounding the site on three sides are residential neighborhoods whose roads, property values, and safety will be greatly impacted and compromised.

Surveys, previous petitions, current retail saturation, and general public opposition indicate a Walmart is not wanted in this location. Sam Walton himself said he would not put a Walmart where it is not wanted!

We do not want or need a 24-hour, big box supercenter on Blazier Drive in McCandless, PA!

3. Say NO to 5 storeys in Park Hill Village and Murarrie

Currently the Brisbane City Council is proposing to change the zoning within our community that will allow the building of 5 storey buildings.

It will also allow for high density townhouses to be built alongside existing residents houses.

This has been done with no consultation with the local community. The original plan from the council suggested no change to zoning but after reviewing their own plan the council has changed it's mind ?

4. Construct an amenities block at Noosa River mouth

There is an urgent need for the construction of an amenities block at the Noosa River Mouth. At present the closest amenities is up to 500m to the east.

Due to the nonavailability of toilet amenities at the river mouth car-park, beach goers, boaties, fishermen, surfers and visitors are using the bush adjacent to the car-park to do their business, this bush has become a health hazard.

5. Amend planning regulations in order to protect residential gardens from property development

The potential for property developers to build on residential gardens and green corridors is an increasing concern.

Developers realise the profitability of building on ‘back gardens’ rather than, say, a disused chemical works as the infrastructure of roads and services are already in place and by building small plots it avoids much of the criteria to include affordable homes.

In order to protect our residential gardens and green corridors from this erosion, the government should change existing planning policy and reclassify residential gardens as Green Belt land.

6. We need an AREA ACTION PLAN for Clapton

We have lost too much of our heritage and seen too many houses turned into flats. It needs to be brought under some control. As residents we are having to fight bad design and "over optimistic" developers by objecting to planning applications. Applications that should never have been allowed in the first place.
Without an Area Action Plan there is no "vision" for Clapton.

More than that, visual environmental standards need to be set in many areas. Our visual environment is too often overlooked but its subliminal effect can be profound. A badly designed, badly cared for or visually jarring environment reduced the quality of life for everyone.

We need to stabilize or reduce local population density and set a whole raft of priorities so that Clapton can truly fulfill its potential and take its rightful place as being one of the all-round best places to live in london.

We need an Area Action Plan now!

David White
Sec. Beecholme & Casimir TRA
Sec. Clapton Resident Panel

Supported by Cllrs Linda Kelly and Ian Rathbone.