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1. Make The Star Wars Gangsta Rap A Popular Radio Single!

The Star Wars Gangsta Rap is a very funny online song/music video hosted at that the public would definitly enjoy. Already it has millions of fans it attracted from the internet humor community.

We would like to see more of this song, however. Like I said before, the public would definitly enjoy this song and it's hilarious music video. Also, we would like to see a CD release so we can have this song and other funny songs the creators of this song may have in their heads at our homes.

We would like to see the release of The Star Wars Gangsta Rap as a single for popular radio.

2. Radiohead fans want Follow Me Around released

Dear Radiohead fans,

This is a petition to get the unreleased song, Follow Me Around, released. If you want this song released, please sign. Thank you for your time. Have a nice day.

-Emily Appleton & Matthew Griggs

3. Spongebob fans want to know who sings Sweet Victory

This petetion is to get Nickelodeon to announce to us just WHO sings the extraordinary song at the end of the Spongebob Squarepants episode "Band Geeks". This song is known by the fans as "Sweet Victory", and is shrouded in mystery. Spongebob fans all over the world have worked around the clock for information on it. The fans deserve to know!