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1. Save the Space Program

NASA and space exploration has been at the forefront of science and education here in the United States since early 1950's.

From the space program has come home computers, Teflon, solar cells, transistors and many other inventions that have saved energy, improved the health of Americans and kept this country in the forefront of science.

NASA is a major purchaser of highly technical equipment which would be affected if the funding is cut.

2. Let Peter Gichura stay in the UK

Petition to give peter the right to stay in this country and being a member in our church for the past 7yrs.

3. Stop illegal immigration

The immigration authorities are letting anybody in they don't know if they are terrorists or not. Since they have started coming in this country most of them are terrorists and have bombed places, for instance the 9/11 bombings on the twin towers then the July 7th bombings in London what ever next.

4. Stop British horse slaughter

July 3, 2006

I have been campaigning against the cruel and needless slaughter of over 35,000 horses every year, in this country, for human consumption on the continent.

I have a website but need all the help I can get to control this disgusting trade.

5. A fair go for our senior citizens

June 25, 2006

The very people who have enabled this country to be what it is today are being treated with contempt financially!

The amount they are expected to live on is a disgrace! Those who try to supplement their pension by WORKING are penalised!

Politicions received generous salary rises and pensions, while our senior citizens struggle to maintain a reasonable life style!

6. Change Martin Luther King Jr. Day to Civil Right Day

March 28, 2006

Rosa Parks, the mother of the civil right movement should be celebrated at one of the Holidays in the USA.

Since it is a conflict of interest to have another holiday, I would like to see her name written in the calendar as unobserved holiday. But this will beat the meaning of writing to you. I would really like to see her remembered. Since there are so many holidays in a year already, I would like to see her remembered as a civil right leader.

How could this be done? I researched about it and one of the ways to do it is the model of how the President Day came about. It has come to talk about, President Abraham Lincoln, the civil right leader. He is being observed along with President George Washington and then the rest of the Presidents.

With this, it seems appropriate that Martin Luther King Jr., the third Monday in January, to be Civil Right Day. On this date, we can remember all the civil right fighters that made this country great as it is. Everyone of this country that has actively spoken and supported Freedom should be recognized on this date. Let this country stand and let it stand as a wholesome peacemaker country. Let no Freedom Fighter be left behind.

To all free people of this country, let us stand and make this happen. Let us remember Rosa Parks, and the rest of the freedom fighters.

Ador Sibayan


We Christians need to stop the removing of GOD from our country. It is pretty simple. We outnumber them. We are in the billions. The majority rules and we are the majority.

We need to fight for GOD. This country was created with GOD. We have In GOD we TRUST on our money, we sing the national anthem at our games, we have GOD in our schools and that is the way it needs to stay. The way it has been since the beginning.

We are meek usually, now its time to fight for GOD. Jesus has already been crucified. Let's not let it happen again.

8. Promote Human Rights of Expatriates in Oman

The Omani government does not recognize the human rights of the foreign aliens in this country.

Children of Omani fathers automatically acquire Omani citizenship at birth and must enter and leave the country on Omani passports. Omani authorities usually confiscate the U.S. passports of U.S./Omani dual nationals. This does not constitute loss of citizenship by U.S. standards, but should be reported to the U.S. Embassy in Muscat. Child custody decisions are based on Islamic law. It is difficult for an American woman, even a Muslim, to obtain custody of her children through the Omani courts.

The Sultan and the Govt. of Oman should take this issue seriously as more and more omanis get educated - the donkey's days law will have to go away.

The People who are born and lived in Oman for over 100 years have not been given their citizenship or naturelization due to the law of the country.

9. Shakira, please help save Colombia

I am a Colombian who now lives in Canada. I just wanted to make the fact that this country is in serious need of global help. I believe that Shakira (being Colombia's most popular entertainer globally) has the power and resources to take action in making Colombia's cry for help heard. I know there are things that are being done as we speak. I just want to make this country's problem an issue that must be dealt with. I would just like to see Shakira help make more of a difference not only through her music but her actions as well. It just seems to me that there could be so much more done, yet it does not appear that Shakira is taking any action to help her country in need.

This petition will hopefully reach Shakira who will take a bigger role in helping her own homeland, through her music and resources.

Please forward this message to friends and family members and urge them to sign the petition as well.