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1. The Bali Nine

The bali nine are suffering due to the mistakes and the lack of our Australian police and government investigating the ring leaders here in australia.

My name is Rachel Richardson and i am a former heroin addict and now a Human Rights campaigner and a member of Amnesty International, we need to stop injustices such as this, there needs to be more support in the war against drugs we need to educate our children against the dangers such as drug smuggling and the traps that they can so easily be caught up in.

There needs to be better rehabilitation and education and the government needs to be of support to this as well.... we all make mistakes and we need to learn from them not be killed for them.

Who will be the next victims ?? our children ?? being offered free holidays to indonesia. Then having their lives threatened or the lives of their families. This whole case needs to be investigated properly and the people behind this need to be prosecuted. Innocent people were roped into smuggling heroin and have already been sentenced to death due to the indonesian laws.

It is now up to the Australian Government and John Howard to help these innocent victims.