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1. Keep Allendale Court for Tennis

Please sign this petition to support the continued use of the Allendale Park tennis court for tennis, not pickleball. Tennis is already splitting time with pickleball during the week and not making any issues about it, but they want more – they want the entire court for themselves now. And they want it in spite of the fact that the City Planning Commission has already put the construction of dedicated pickleball courts in the CIP.
So if you are a tennis player who uses this facility and wants to maintain it as a tennis court, please sign this petition to support our cause and, if you are available, come to the Rec & Parks Commission meeting July 11, 6:00 pm, at the City Yards, 233 W. Mountain Street, in Pasadena.

2. Support Girls' tennis at Alexander Hamilton High School

Many girls do not have supported sports in their school.
The girls' tennis team in Alexander Hamilton Senior High School is not supported by the school.
The school did not provide any uniforms, a proper coach with experience, individual buses, and didn't support of our team.
I am one of the players who played in a team in fall of 2016.
The boys' tennis team received wonderful support and materials for the practice.

3. Save the Pickle Ball/Tennis courts at Walnut Creek Park

The Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Department is considering removing the Pickle Ball/Tennis Court at Walnut Creek Park and replacing it with another parking lot. I have spoken to the Director of Parks and Rec by phone and email and he thinks there is no other option. This was not announced to the public and there was no public hearing to discuss the proposal. The Director plans to use funds from the Lancaster County Hospitality Tax to pay for the new parking lot.

Pickle Ball is the fastest-growing sport among adults 55 and over and is a great low impact sport. A park's and rec department should be in the business of promoting out door activities and not building parking lots. Join me in signing this petition in favor of keeping the Pickle Ball/Tennis Court. This petition will be presented to the parks and rec department and to the Lancaster County SC commissioner's.

4. Save Nannigai Reserve Tennis Court & Playground

The City of Marion is proposing to remove the tennis court playground from Nannigai Reserve and consolidate it with the facilities at Capella Reserve, Hallett Cove. We oppose this action, and wish for the playground and tennis court to remain for the continued enjoyment of the community.

The City of Marion's proposal has several negatives for local residents and users of these facilities. The playspace at Capella Reserve is over 700 m from Nannigai Reserve, and has very poor pedestrian access from the north, particularly for children in prams and on bicycles, with steep inclines and limited paved pathways, Capella Reserve is frequented by dog owners who allow their dogs to run off-lead on the soccer pitch adjacent and en-route to the playspace, which can often be affronting to other users of the reserve, especially children.

The tennis court and playspace at Nannigai Reserve have been enjoyed by the local community for many years and are an asset to the neighbourhood, and we wish for them to stay as they are.

5. Help save democracy and the Badgers!

Hadleigh Park Lawn Tennis Club wishes to build a new clubhouse at unfavourable site, disturbing long-established badgers and their sett, and residents. There is room for the new clubhouse at other sites within the grounds, yet it has been earmarked for erection at the most intrusive place.

Castle Point Borough Council rejected the scheme by six votes to one. It is opposed by, not just local residents but also, local councillors and Rebecca Harris MP.

The clubhouse would damage and disturb the residents’ environment much more than the club and many of its players already do, and that of the active badger sett on the east side of the club grounds.

Hadleigh Park Lawn Tennis Club is a PRIVATE members-only club, behind locked gates, and these facts conflict with Veolia’s grant conditions, as set by Entrust and its regulations.

6. To Oppose GCCC Special Levies to Boykambil / Hope Island

The Northern Gold Coast Levy Action Group (NGCLAG) would like to thank everyone in the community who supported us! A very special thanks to those who signed our petition online, or at the Marina Quays Markets. We feel that was a major factor in Council relieving local residents from the discriminatory public bridges’ levies.

We have achieved a major victory with the Council at its meeting of the 1st of November 2010, resolving to fund both the Sickle Avenue North and South Bridges from whole of city funds, once and for all removing the proposed levy amounting to $13Million. This was a major achievement requiring many Councillors and Gold Coast City Council Staff to reverse their long held positions and support our cause.

The workload by the group committee over the past number of years that has brought this result has been overwhelming and ultimately exhausting. We have worked full time on this solution for the past 8 months, lobbying, researching, meetings with and submissions to Council and Government and wider stake holders, manning petitions, fund raising, protest rallies and events, also media interviews.

Following this victory, discussions have been held with Councillors and others to determine whether to pursue refunds of the Park and Canal levies applied in 2008. Several committee members who now face no levies at all, have indicated they would continue to stand by members who have already paid these levies. We appreciate the sentiments of those members who have expressed this stand.

Whether NGCLAG proceeds involves consideration of elements such as:

a) The remaining political capital, following Councillors and staff undertaking to bear the cost of two bridges, when they were sent away only three weeks ago to consider how they may pay for one.

b) The legalities of Council refunding levies already paid, as well as the illegality of letting some parties off the hook.

c) The ability to maintain the rage and effort needed for another extended fight that could last into 2012 with little chance of success.

d) The total loss of councillor and staff support for any further action following Councillors of other divisions burdening their constituents an additional rate sum that has been assessed at possibly 6% distributed over the next few years. This rate burden will create ratepayer agitation for these Councillors in the future.

e) The potential that the gains to date could be undone at 2011 budget time by the objectors Young, Sarroff, Crichlow and Shepherd. These objectors may not lie down and we need to retain the good will of the fringe Councillors that supported the recent resolution.

In consideration of the above the committee has now determined as a group it will not be pursuing the remaining levies.

We ask those who have paid or have to pay any levies, to accept that we have achieved significant success on your behalf removing in some cases, $10,000 to $12,000 from your total liability, that only a month ago seemed to be set in concrete. If you feel so aggrieved by the remaining levies we encourage you to pursue whatever avenues you feel appropriate. The structure of the NGCLAG shall remain in the near future to ensure no adverse circumstances arise.

Thanks to those who have sacrificed so much for this fight -in time, health, careers and family especially.

People power! With bridge levies “off the menu” everyone should enjoy Christmas!

Kind regards
The Executive Committee
- Northern Gold Coast Levy Action Group


7. Stop the privatisation of Alexandra Tennis Courts

Oxford City Council is proposing to grant a 25-year lease on the Alexandra Tennis Courts to Wildwood Leisure Limited. This company intends to operate a private club at the Courts.

Public access will be very limited and there will be a high hourly charge. There will also be an environmental impact caused by increased traffic and light polution from the flood lights.

These Courts, and the surrounding land, are a valuable local resource for the residents of Summertown and north Oxford. They not only provide year-round access to tennis facilities but are also used for children's play, dog walking and as a meeting place for young people. This is the only area of public recreational land in Summertown.

We think the City Council should retain the Courts as a public amenity.

Please support this petition. Thank you.

8. Minorities learning Tennis - Harris Park Tennis Court

The influence of television has greatly effected the way youths today think. Minority athletes are publicized more and they are greatly influencing the younger generation.

Tennis has become a very popular sport for young minorities, especially with the popularity of the William sisters. Yes, there have been others before them but these sisters have given new hope to a more vocal and can do generation.

The resources are here, we just need to make sure that they are well maintained. On Front Street there are numerous tennis courts and they can be reserved. There is also an unused tennis court at Harris Park. The only problem with the court at Harris Park is that it needs resurfacing. There are still barriers that need to be broken. Minorities are somewhat intimidated by the uptown park and would feel more comfortable in a more familiar setting.

It takes time to properly build self esteem, and a familiar setting helps the process. The resurgence of an old park would bring back some old memories as well as starting new ones. Remember the old saying "Let's put the spark back in Harris Park".

Children deserve the chance to experience new things. For some it is a chance to something new for others it could be a tool used to open a new door. Many children today are either running the streets or hanging around the house eating and not exercising. They are getting lazy, heavy and very disrespectful.

Tennis lessons offer; structured guidance, physical endurance, the chance to meet new people, and really learn a new sport. Tennis lessons are also available for older youths and adults. Your signature and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.