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121. Support Durham Public-Access Television & Community Media Center

Recent changes in state legislation have opened an opportunity for Durham to have its own Community Media Center and Public Access Television channel. We are the first major city in North Carolina to take advantage of the new legislative promise to invest and support local media and community technology access and training.

For the last decade, Durham Public Access has been managed by Time Warner Cable because previous laws required them to do so. The result was that the channel did not meet the needs of the community or fulfill its potential as a true accountable, community-driven operation. Durham now has an opportunity to change this dynamic and create a public-access television channel and community media center which would be truly reflective of its culture and diversity.

Public-access television was developed to provide local and diverse content to programming on cable systems. Functioning like a soapbox for communities, programming ranges from local news, events and entertainment, to inspirational, youth-oriented, and educational shows. The need today is even greater with the loss of locally owned and operated television, radio and newspapers due to media conglomeration.

Besides offering space (and a voice) on the cable line up, Community Media Centers provide training, access to equipment and facilities, and serves to build community through the production of media. Nationally, Community Media Centers and Public Access programmers produce 20,000 hours of new programs per week – more new programming than all the broadcast networks combined.

There is no one model for a Public-Access Television and Community Media Center; each reflects the needs of that particular community. However, one thing is consistent - they advocate for and maintain tools for creating media, provide media services and create venues for sharing community voices and showcasing creativity. Through technology, they provide a space to communicate in ways that are not available through traditional outlets.

122. Help get Victory Waters SPEAKS! on Syndication & Satellite

Victory Waters is an amazingly talented radio personality based out of Atlanta, GA. She started her own show with the understanding that a voice from her sex, generation and ethnic background needed to be heard.

After working in various television and radio organizations, Victory bought her own professional equipment and started broadcasting via the internet.

Interviewing celebrities, speaking with the average person, and getting informed with industry experts (physicians, attorneys, entrepreneurs, religious leaders, politicians) is what makes Victory Waters' show so unique. Never scripted it is raw but funny - informative yet entertaining.

HER NEXT MOVE? The big leagues!

123. hana kimi japan season 2

We all know that the Manga series created by Hisaya Nakajo is very popular, that's why Fuji Tv and CTS created a television series of this famous manga series.

Actually I know that the television series aired were very much watched in different countries and places. And now I am asking for your kind consideration to create a season 2 of both series.

124. Dedicated Motorsport channel in NZ!

Motorsport in New Zealand has a huge fan base, but is considered to be 'second fiddle' to most other sports such as Rugby, Cricket and Netball. Even though Motorsport was the 2nd most watch sport after rugby in New Zealand it still doesn't get the footage it deserves.

If Sky had a dedicated Motorsport channel then we would see an improvement in the quality of motorsport coverage in NZ and also a boost to the people competing in NZ and overseas.

125. Bring back It's A Knockout!!

We all remember the great fun that It's A Knockout was. I am making this petition in the hope that we can bring back the awesomeness!

It's A Knockout that's the nameeee of the gameeeee!!

126. BBC Whitewashes Tibet

In 2008 the BBC shamefully broadcast, 'A Year in Tibet', as Tibetans, who took to the streets and demanded independence for their nation, were being gunned down by Chinese security forces.

Covert Photograph of Tibetans Shot at Ngaba-16th March 2008

"Eight dead bodies brought into Ngaba Kirti Monastery according to confirmed information received by the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy. The bodies were brought in from the protest scene in Ngaba, Kham (so-called Sichuan Province). Sources say at least "30 Tibetans felled" after armed troops shot indiscriminately into the peacefully protesting Tibetans." (Released By TCHRD-Sunday, March 16, 2008 19:35]

Mr Richard Klein, BBC commissioned Mosaic Films and Sevenstones Media to produce 'A Year in Tibet', which BBC Four first screened at 21.00 on 6th March 2008, the final episode shown on 3rd April.

The series was produced and written by Mr. Peter Firstbrook. The locational Director was Ms. Sun Shuyun, a Chinese writer and film-maker. The film claims to be an 'observational documentary', following a year in the life of Gyantse, Tibet's third largest town.

The contents and style of this programme portray a seemingly contented and thriving culture, untouched it would appear by the odious excesses of Communist Chinese occupation. It is a troubling achievement for a film crew to document daily living in such circumstances, yet fail to include any reference to the cultural and political oppression, which has operated inside Tibet since China's invasion in 1950.

The timing of this series too was curious, coming just several months before Beijing launched the 2008 Olympic Games, an event which attracted international concern and oppostion relating to China's appalling human rights record, and its brutal suppression of the Tibetan and Uyghur people.

Such political realities do not feature in 'A Year in Tibet', which carefully avoids any issues of sensitivity by assembling a stereotypical and idyllic image of life inside Tibet. Internationally there is genuine and widespread concern at the plight of Tibet. Such opinion will be surprised and disappointed to note a film which lacks fundamental journalistic standards, such as balance, independence, accuracy and critique.

In 2009 the communist Chinese regime allowed it to be screened across China, thus confirming the film's propagana credentials. More here:

127. Marla Schultz ON Comedy Central Presents

Marla Schults Has an OutStanding Resume' such as Stand UP Comic, Writer, Advice Columnist, Actress, Voice Overs and Tv Shows -"Dirt," Chelsea Lately, E! Top 25 Bathing Suit Moments, The Entertainer With Wayne Newton, 2 Seasons of Girls Behaving Badly, Funny Money...

...and Last Comic Standing Films-What The Feng? Chutzpah, The Schmoole Glick Story, Sink or Swim she has been featuring for CHelsea Handler for a couple years now.

128. Bring Back Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Mysteries television show needs to return with new episodes so that it can help the families of missing persons.

129. keep one tree hill on tuesday

oth should stay on tuesday night there is no reason for it to move pluse HOUSE is being moved to monday so if anything oth will do better if it stays on tuesday

130. Help Resurrect LA FEMME NIKITA

La Femme Nikita was an exceptional espionage/spy drama that premiered on the USA cable network from January 1997 to March 2001. It was adapted for television by Joel Surnow from the original French film of the same title and ran for five consecutive seasons. During that time, it was the highest rated drama on cable television, and it went on to become a cult classic with viewers around the world.

As a weekly serial drama, La Femme Nikita was original and ahead of its time. The unique, innovative style of the show influenced numerous other television series and movies that followed. Revolving around complex moral and ethical dilemmas, it was intelligent, sophisticated, and darkly beautiful. For many, the fascination and genius of La Femme Nikita was its dark tone of modern minimalism and its unprecedented style of character development.

The program was of such outstanding caliber that there has never been another like it...before or since. La Femme Nikita has been profoundly missed and has left a void that no other program has filled. Thousands of individuals identified with the show on a deeply personal level and felt it became a part of their lives. On a global level, people passionately love it and have remained dedicated life-long fans.

Following a campaign in the summer of 2000 to save the series from cancellation, the devoted audience was given the gift of eight additional episodes. However, fans of this riveting and darkly engrossing drama were left with an unsatisfactory open-ending. Many viewers of the show felt they were denied closure and will never feel like complete resolution has been achieved until Michael and Nikita are reunited.

After seven years absence, the fans feel the return of La Femme Nikita would reward them for their loyalty and faithfulness, update them on the lives of the characters, and provide a positive and cathartic closure to a much beloved story.

131. Fussbroichs-Folgen im TV wiederholen

Das WDR-Fernsehen produzierte in den 1990er Jahren eine Dokumentation der Kölner Arbeiterfamilie Fussbroich.

132. Kid Nation 2

Preceding the premier of "Kid Nation", there was several claims of child abuse/child exploitation and worries about child labor. These are preposterous.

As for child labor, the kids could leave at anytime they wished. They also had to willfully participate, because as a few of the kids had shown, if they didn't work they were not forced to do it.

Also, can anyone seriously believe a powerful network, with everything to lose, would allow children to be harmed during the filming, and not provide immediate care? It would be better then what they could get at home!

133. Bring Back the Playdays TV Show!

Sign this petition to bring back the 1990's TV show 'Playdays'.

It was a fun and very educational children's tv show, it was my favourite show when i was little, it is full of bright colours, puppets, and of course 'Rosie' / 'Rosey' the magical merry-go-round.

A favourite traditional children's tv show that should return.

134. Australian Television: Remove Sickening Quit Smoking Ads

Quit Smoking ads have gone from deterring smokers to sickening the rest of the community.

The scenes shown in these commercials would most likely be cut if they were part of a show or movie on television.

135. Bring Back Digimon

This petition has been set up to bring back the original series of digimon onto television.

It was a massive success back in the 90s and i know many people that want to see it back on TV.

The new series, to be fair is not that good, and most of the digimon series were put onto sky. Bring back digimon.

136. Return Gabby to Strictly Come Dancing

The the result this most recent Saturday was appalling.

I believe that Kate should withdraw and allow Gabby to return to the show, or at least the latter alone.

137. (Fans Urge) Warner Home Video To Create Milestone in Television Animation DVD Releases

When the Paramount company released for the first time to a new public Charles Schulz’s well-remembered and beloved “Peanuts” animations on DVD media, they were not able to explore the technology options that were available to them. These include music-only tracks (without dialogue) that could spotlight the imaginative work of composer and jazz pianist, Vince Guaraldi, a highly unique and valuable contributor to American culture, who helped shape this legacy for many generations of viewers and listeners here and abroad, and whose true artistic range traversing traditional jazz to rock and electronic styles from the 1960’s through 1970’s is not yet fully appreciated.

We also call attention to the fact that in the past Fantasy/Concord Music Group, who is the holder for Mr. Guaraldi’s “Peanuts” recordings, was unable to secure original master tapes that could make a satisfactory release of Mr. Guaraldi’s early animation music as a CD (even though an abridged release did eventually come about).

We know, that the search for master tapes for the "Peanuts" shows such as "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is of high interest to everyone, and we are also of the belief that such materials may be located and secured for use in these new DVD's, if a wide initiative is made by Warner Home Video.

138. How homosexuals are perceived by heterosexuals in television shows

I am studying how Homosexuals are perceived by Heterosexuals in television shows.

This is really important to me and my course that I join websites like this to gain infomation on the views of people I don't know so whether you have a positive or negative comment to make please make yourself heard.

Please help me, Thanks.

139. Keep showings of "The Snowman" to Christmas Eve

Twenty five years ago, Channel Four started in Great Britain. On Christmas Eve 1982, the animated film "The Snowman" premiered on Channel Four, and has been shown every year since.

In recent years Channel Four has seen it fit to move The Snowman around in the Christmas schedules, showing it either on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and sometimes even Boxing Day, whereas if it was kept in it's original and traditional slot it would gain a much bigger audience than it would on another day.

If you feel The Snowman is more suited to an afternoon teatime slot on Christmas Eve, and feel it should be in that slot this year to celebrate it's 25th anniversary, and should remain in that slot permanently, then please sign this petition, which will be forwarded on to Channel 4 at the end of October.


There are many senseless and irrelevant programs being broadcasted on the radio and television in the metropolitan area where the crime rate is outrageously high.

I think that Radio One should cut some programs and devote at least one hour to the youth. Allowing them to call the station and express themselves about what's going on in there community, schools, and personal situations.

A counselor of some sort would also be available to answer questions and give advice. I also believe that BET should bring Teen Summit back. It would also be a good way for teens to receive information and speak on certain issues such as sex,gang violence,and STD's.

WPGC is my favorite radio station but I have an issue with them. They speak on violence in the city every chance they get but why not open up the lines for the youth to call in and express themselves. We have all these senseless programs on the radio but the biggest issue is left unattended.

I also have a big problem with my favorite television station BET. Who like I said about WPGC have discussed youth violence but where is the shows like Teen Summit? We need these programs back in the lives of the youth so there’s space and a place to air out issues. If we don’t reach out to our youth we will never know what’s really bothering them.


Steven Davis Jr.

141. Get TNA onto Australian TV

There is a lot of following for Wrestling in Australia and there are a lot of people that wish for TNA to be shown on Australian TV other countries have the show why not Australia.

Foxtel has the rights to air the WWE so why not try harder to get the rights to show the TNA weekly show as well as the Pay Per Views.

142. Bring Back A*mazing to Australian Television

Back In 1994, James Sherry hosted this children's game show, Called 'A*mazing' where contestants play for their schools.

Teams consist of two players, who take part in spelling challenges before venturing into one of two mazes, to hunt for letters which make up the word they've just figured out. The letters are hidden among many obstacles and confusing paths.

Towards the end of the show there is a deciding match of Super Nintendo's Mario Kart to see which team will play the final round. The finale consists of keys instead of letters, inside the maze. The more keys the players find, the more points their school gets. (One of which is the "bonus key" and will win the players an extra prize.)

At the end of the 5 day week, the school with the most over all points takes home the major prize. There was no doubt that this was a popular show and that James Sherry was a great host, so why did it get taken off the air?

143. Cosby Show Reunion

Bill Cosby has always been a comic genius and his Cosby Show program was loved by millions.

Let's get the Huxtable family back together so we can see what our favorite characters and actors are up to today, twenty years later!

144. Brian Dunkleman Hosting The "Price Is Right"

An overview of Brian Dunkleman's past, as documented in Wikipedia:

"Brian Dunkleman (born September 25, 1971 in Ellicottville, New York) is a comedian and actor, best known for co-hosting the first season of American Idol on the Fox Network with Ryan Seacrest.

He has appeared on 'The Tonight Show', had a recurring guest role on 'Two Guys and a Girl', played a stand-up comic suspected of murder in 'NYPD Blue', voiced himself in an episode of 'The Proud Family', in which the show parodied American Idol, did voices for the animated 3 South, and is acting in an independent film called 'Comedy Hell.' He also had a small role on an episode of Friends as the man who buys the engagement ring Chandler wants to buy Monica. He recently was a co-host with Eric the Midget on 'The Idol Re-cap Show' on Sirius' Howard 101. He now does voice over for American Idol Rewind.

Dunkleman began doing stand up comedy in 1992, winning the 'Buffalo’s Funniest New Comedian Contest.' Since then he’s also performed at HBO’s US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, NBC’s 'Late Friday,' and TBS's 'Very Funny at the Laugh Factory.' He's also acted in pilots for ABC and 20th Century FOX and guest-starred on the late night talk show 'Talk Show with Spike Feresten', 'The Ghost Whisperer', & 'Las Vegas'.

Brian can also be seen doing stand up regularly in Los Angeles at the Laugh Factory and Improv, and he makes regular appearances as the host of 'Family Feud Live' in Las Vegas and Atlantic City for Fremantle Media."

As the latter states, Dunkleman has experience in hosting major television shows in primetime ('American Idol'), should "The Price Is Right" ever alter time slots. Dunkleman also has experience hosting game shows ('Family Feud Live'), and is well-qualified to host a televised game show. Lastly, he has appeared on other popular television shows (i.e. 'Friends', 'The Tonight Show', 'The Proud Family'), that could extend the viewing demographics, and increase, ultimately, the Nielsen ratings of the show. In my humble opinion, Brian Dunkleman is the right host for "The Price Is Right".

145. Bring back Standoff

Standoff is an American television series. It premiered on the FOX network in September 5, 2006.

Created by Craig Silverstein, the series focuses on an FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit whose members negotiate hostage situations and share relationships.

The show is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and its executive producers are Craig Silverstein, Tim Story and Glen Mazzara.

A total of 18 episodes have been produced and the series is expected to complete its original run on July 20, 2007.

146. Banning my sister from programs with a laugh track

My sister spends ages watching TV programs which simply aren't funny but they have laugh tracks on every second.

She never laughs due to the programs being unfunny and it drives me and my mum and possibly other family members (including our dog) completely insane.

Examples of these programs include "Suite life of Zach and Cody" and "Corrie in the House", "Hannah Montanna", "Thats so Raven". The list can go on for days.

Please, help me by signing this petition. If she stops watching the programs because of the petition, there will be a lot more peace in the house, it will stop my sister losing her sense of humour and hopefully the wretched TV shows will have to stop as their viewing figures will dramatically drop (probably from about two people every episode to one person).

147. Bring Tru Calling Back

Don't you absolutely hate it when a television studio cancels your favourite show? Especially when the show is in mid story and you're all hyped up to know what is going to happen.

Well Tru Calling is no exception and was cancelled in 2005 by Fox Television. This show had everything and was extremely good and didn't need to be cancelled.

I would like to bring it back and turn it into the popular show it deserves so the fans can enjoy it and finally find out what happens in the end...

148. There is only ONE Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a popular t.v. drama with many fans who support not only the television network, but also the actors who play the characters we love so much.

The television network would not be doing it's fans and supports justice by cancelling the show after season 6. The show has been successful since it's first season, so why is there any discussion or debate on whether or not to cancel the show.

The fan base for One Tree Hill is huge, and continues to grow each season. More and more people are beginning to watch the show and love it just as much as the fans who have been watching since day one.

So, we the fans of One Tree Hill believe and truly feel that the CW Television Network should continue to produce and air One Tree Hill after the finale of season 6.

149. Bring Quizmania back to WIN Television a regional Channel 9 Station

Quizmania is on from midnight still 3am in the morning! Its Channel 9 midnight game show and used to be on WIN Television about 2 months ago....

WIN Televison is a Regional Station Which plays the same shows as Channel 9 except Quizmania.

WIN Televison has the show from the start untill 2 months ago.

I really miss the show.

150. Ban Big Brother....NOW !

Big Brother 8, can you believe that??, we have had to suffer nearly 10 years of attention seeking freaks of nature adorning oyur TV sets, as they flaunt their obvious imperfections and argue about domestic chores ( mmm, that last bit sounds like my house ).

As if that was not enough, we have to endure the horrendously excitable Davina Mccall and all those other Big Brother spin offs on Channel 4, E4 etc anaylising the far end of a fart as these pathetic specimens lounge around getting on each others tits...NOW IT IS TIME FOR US ALL TO STOP THIS DISEASE!!!!