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61. Remove Pakistan's name from ABC show, Last Resort

The "Last Resort" show is about the renegade crew of a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine, the fictional USS Colorado (SSBN-753), that defies an order to launch nuclear missiles towards Pakistan, a decision that cost the previous commanding officer his job when he refused to follow similar orders without an explanation or confirmation.

When his replacement also questions the same orders, the vessel is fired upon without warning and the crew are left for dead. Realizing that they have been declared enemies of their own country, they set up camp on the fictional island of Sainte Marina, and declare themselves a sovereign nation with nuclear capability.

At the same time, the crew must find a way to prove their innocence and find out who set them up so that they can return home to America.

62. Don't Cancel Victorious

If you are a fan of Victorious and her cast of characters then sign this an pass it around show Dan Warp @DanWarp and Nickelodeon TV @NickelodeonTV that this show has fans and we want Victorious back for a 4 season!

63. Bring back GCB

We believe that GCB is a show that we want to see back on ABC-tv.

It was an enjoyable show.

64. Nate and Blair Scene(s) for GG final season

GOSSIP GIRL was adapted from the NYTBS series of the same title. One of the main story-lines of the book series was the relationships between Blair Waldorf, Nate Archibald and Serena van der Woodsen. However, as many have noticed, the television series shifted its focus to other relationships and pushed the main relationships out of focus.

Nate and Blair's relationship was treated poorly and adapted incorrectly. Each meaningful scene fans of the book series expected to see come to life was tossed aside for a relationship between two characters who hardly spoke to one another in the original series. Are we saying that we want to see them together, romantically, again? No. Well, the Nate/Blair fans would enjoy that, however, that is not where the focus is on the show currently.

Our goal is to get back the meaning of their relationship. You don't forget your first love. Your sweet love. One of your best friends. We want communication between the two that doesn't end in some sort of flat joke. We, out of all the fans, deserve this - seeing as a majority of us waited for the adaption in anticipation. Whether it's in the form of a flashback, or a sweet and serious conversation, we deserve to be tossed a bone in the shows final season.

The show started with the triangle between Blair/Nate/Serena - Nate/Serena still communicate frequently, and there is no reason for Blair and Nate not to talk.

Whether you were a fan of their relationship on the show, in the books or a fan of their friendship, please do consider signing this petition and help us reach out for one final scene.

This petition is not intended to undermine the relationships between Chuck/Blair, Dan/Blair, or any of the current ships, so please take negativity elsewhere.

Here are various ways the Nate/Blair shippers have been "mistreated" (note: it is just a television show, and while we have the novels we would highly appreciate one or two final, lovely and positive scenes between the two):

65. Do Not Cancel Missing

Missing is a show about Becca Winstone who used to be a trained CIA agent. Now her son, who is 18, goes missing and Becca tries to find him. That means that she will have to revisit her past connecting with old friends. And enemies.

It is a great show to watch because:
-it shows how much your family will do for you;
-it takes place in different countries;
-it is watched by over 7 million people;
-inspires people to become apart of the CIA.

66. Cyber6: A 2nd Season

Cybersix animated series was produced in 1999 and aired on a few major television stations, such as Teletoon (Canada), Fox Kids (America), Kids Station (Japan), and Telefe (Argentina).

The show was based off the comics "Cybersix"; the show would give a realtime visual of the loved comic. Sadly, the show was not as popular as expected, only producing one season and within that season only thirteen episodes. The show was canceled after it's final epesode and ignored by it's producers for lack of viewers.

We hope that with enough support, we can send a request to the major stations, mainly Teletoon and request another season. However, we need the support of all the Cybersix fans around the world for this request to have any meaning.

Teletoon cannot ignore it's viewers, if they request a show again, we have high hopes they would at least consider.

67. Renew Southland for a fifth season

Head back to the streets of Los Angeles for the new, explosive season of Southland, the critically acclaimed drama series from Warner Bros. Television and Emmy-winning producer John Wells (ER, The West Wing). Chronicling the lives of LAPD officers and detectives like no other series on television, this powerful, intensely emotional drama stars Michael Cudlitz, Shawn Hatosy, Regina King and Ben McKenzie, along with special guest star Lucy Liu.

Since premiering in 2009, Southland has redefined the police drama with its raw, authentic look at the lives and work of Los Angeles detectives and beat cops. The show centers on four main characters: Officer John Cooper (Cudlitz), a seasoned cop who will have to prove himself again after recovering from surgery; Officer Ben Sherman (McKenzie), who still has much to learn after recently completing his training rotation; Detective Lydia Adams (King), whose unending caseload hits closer to home; and Sammy Bryant (Hatosy), a former detective who decided to go back to being a uniform cop after the traumatic death of his partner.

Shot on location in the streets and neighborhoods of Los Angeles, Southland captures a realistic, natural environment where similar situations can and often do occur in real life. The series was created by Emmy winner Ann Biderman (NYPD Blue, Public Enemies) and is executive-produced by Emmy winners Christopher Chulack (ER, Third Watch) and John Wells. Chulack is also a primary director of the series, while Jonathan Lisco (The District) serves as executive producer and Andrew Stearn (Shameless, The West Wing) is co-executive producer.

68. Bring Blue Mountain State back to TV

Blue Mountain State, was an amazing television show that ran from January 11th 2010, until it's cancelation in February of 2012. BMS was a football based sitcom that aired on the Spike Television Network.

It was easily the best looking show, was amazingly written, and arguably the greatest sitcom on TV today. Whoever watched the show immediately fell in love with it.

The show was adored by fans all over The United States and Canada. The show became more and more popular reaching a audience of well over 800,000.

69. Bring Back Star Trek

Star Trek and its many spinoffs provide the greatest science-fiction television has ever known. It's time for another show!!!

70. Keep Barefoot Rugby League Show on air with Maling Productions

The Barefoot Rugby League Show has been produced by an Indigenous production company Maling Productions. For the last four years the Panel program profiles Rugby League from The NRL NSW Cup, Intrust Super Cup QLD & Grassroots rugby league. Including visits to remote Aboriginal Communities.

Hosted by Indigenous staff members, Brad Cooke & David Peachey with feature stories covered by Paula Maling.

This program has been the most popular program and highest rating program on The National Indigenous Television service for the past four years.

71. WJJG is For Smart Shows Only

Not only did 2011 see the sudden death of Joe Gentile, but the removal of intelligent programming and music from weekdays (and even parts of the weekend).

It is totally unfair to get rid of Angry White Male, Job Talk, John DiVita's Morning Show, and other programming that made WJJG an amazing radio station.

Mancow should not be on at all. He is incoherent and his show does not belong on a community radio station like WJJG. Michael Savage should be aired in two hours or removed too, and sent back to WIND.

If you believe that WJJG should continue with original programming and music during weekdays, please sign this petition. This is an outrage and we need to keep whatever we have left of special radio stations like WJJG.


We can no longer support the dumbing down agenda of America. This show exploits not only the Italian youth in America, but alcoholic debauchery, unsafe sex, drug usage, domestic violence and profanity of all kinds. There are no morals or ethics.

Big egos, lack of intelligence, and shallow pursuits are not what this generation or the younger generations should be looking up to or aspiring to be.

Enough is enough of allowing this trash to continue while the Jersey Shore makes millions of dollars, our economy is falling.

Hard working Americans are losing their homes, children are starving, politicians corrupt. We must turn our attentions to more constructive pursuits & causes.

73. Bring Kim Possible Back On Air!

Kim Possible was Disney's longest running show. After season 4, it was cancelled.

We need you to sign this petition to urge Disney into producing another season. Come on, Kim Possible fans!

Anything is POSSIBLE!

74. Bringing Back NBC's Las Vegas

Las Vegas was canceled in 2008 due to the writers' strike. Season 5 ended with a cliff hanger that has left fans wondering what has happened.

The show ended with about 8 million viewers (which is what some shows start with now).

75. KeepKardashians

In response to the petition to ban the Kardashian show and business ventures, this petition is to show Kardashian support. If you do not like the Kardashians or find them entertaining then you do not have to watch them. Parents should be monitoring what their children are watching.

There are worse things in the world than what the Kardashian sisters do, that you will not be able to protect your children from. If your children are watching the show you could use the Kardashian mistakes as gateways to engage your children into conversations that may normally be uncomfortable and take advantage of the opportunity to teach a lesson. Even if you are not a fan of the show please sign this petition. They have worked hard to earn the fame that they have and should not lose everything because people dislike them.

If you do not support them do not purchase their products or watch their show. If your accomplishments were taken away everytime you made a mistake or offended somebody... How much would you have right now?

76. Bring GOLD to Freeview

I am starting this petition to try and get the TV channel GOLD (formerly UK Gold, UKTV Gold and G.O.L.D.) to join Freeview and be available to Freeview viewers.

The channel predominantly shows classic British comedies like Only Fools and Horses, Blackadder, One Foot in the Grave and Fawlty Towers for the vast majority of the day.

The channel is currently available only on Sky, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV.

I feel it would be a great advantage to people who have Freeview, and who do not want to spend a lot of money on buying Sky/Virgin etc. Many people are fond of these old sitcoms.

Thank you and please sign.

77. Bring back 'Invasion' (TV Series)

Invasion is an American science fiction television series that aired on ABC for only one season beginning in September 2005.

The show told the story of the aftermath of a hurricane in which water-based creatures infiltrate a small Florida town and begin to take over the bodies of the town's inhabitants through a cloning process (first by merging with and then unknowingly replacing them). The show was produced by Shaun Cassidy Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the aftermath in the southern United States, early on-air promotions were quickly pulled by ABC. The advertising then switched emphasis completely to the alien invasion aspect of the series, while the hurricane received no mention. The premiere was also preceded with a warning that the show featured images of a fictional hurricane that viewers could be sensitive to.

Personally i feel that Invasion was an exceptional show which has much more to offer, considering the current sci fi genre on television is at a low point, i say bring back Invasion. There are shows being aired at this moment in time that lack the quality of storyline, acting and potential that a real sci fi show requires, Invasion had all of this, the acting was outstanding, from William Fichtner as Sheriff Tom Underlay to Ariel Gade as little Rose Varon, throughout the show the actors portrayed their characters brilliantly and showed remarkable proffesionalism.

The storyline is fresh and original, many alien invasion storylines fail terriblly, whereas Invasion gained, at some points, above average ratings, although it was cancelled after one season i hardly believe this was due to a poor plot/show, their were many other factors that resulted in the cancellation (Hurricaine Katrina being a main factor)

And the show has great potential, any human being with an average knowledge of either sci fi shows or simply just good television would be able to tell you that Invasion is an all round excellent sci fi television programme, and has alot more to offer, i just hope its not too late.


ROJ TV is a multilingual Kurdish channel that can watch from Europe and the Middle East. Because of the Turkish Government's anti democratic pressures, ROJ TV can't work in the North Kurdistan. ROJ TV has been active in Copenhag since the foundation.

Danish Prosecutors applicated for banning ROJ TV by the Turkey's pressures that exposed with the Wikileaks . The trial will held on 15 August 2011 in Copenhag. We call al human rights defenders and supporters of the freedom of expression to attend to the petition.

79. Bring back SM:TV Live

I want to bring back the uk Saturday morning show SMTV live, aimed mainly at children, and hosted by Ant & Dec, Cat Deeley, which was axed in 2003.

We want to have decent Saturday morning television in England.

80. Knighthood for the Two Ronnies

I want the British public to help me to get the British comedian and comedy actor Ronnie Corbett a knighthood and a posthumous knighthood for Ronnie Barker. Barker and Corbett are/were arguably Britain's best-loved comic duo and they deserve to be knighted for their services to British television and humour.

Ronnie Corbett is well-known for his stand-up career as well as his acting in the Two Ronnies and the sitcom Sorry!

Ronnie Barker is famous for his comedy partnership with Corbett as well as his much-loved roles as Norman Stanley Fletcher and Albert Arkwright in the 70s sitcoms Porridge and Open All Hours. Barker passed away in 2005.

Please sign this petition for:

81. Ban 'Compare the Meerkat' adverts

I want to ban the stupid Compare the Meerkat advertising campaign from television.

It was slightly amusing when it first emerged in January 2009, but that was over two years ago, and now it is the most irritating thing in the whole country.

Ofcom and Compare the Market will be notified about this petition.

82. Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine

Quoting from the Museum of Broadcast Communications:

“The policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission that became known as the “Fairness Doctrine” is an attempt to ensure that all coverage of controversial issues by a broadcast station be balanced and fair. The FCC took the view, in 1949, that station licensees were “public trustees”, and as such had an obligation to afford reasonable opportunity for discussion of contrasting points of view on controversial issues of public importance. The Commission later held that stations were also obligated to actively seek out issues of importance to their community and air programming that addressed those issues. With the deregulation sweep of the Reagan Administration during the 1980s, the Commission dissolved the fairness doctrine. 1”

“The fairness doctrine ran parallel to Section 315 of the Communications Act of 1937 which required stations to offer “equal opportunity” to all legally qualified political candidates for any office if they had allowed any person running in that office to use the station. The attempt was to balance–to force an even handedness. Section 315 exempted news programs, interviews and documentaries. But the doctrine would include such efforts. Another major difference should be noted here: Section 315 was federal law, passed by Congress. The fairness doctrine was simply FCC policy. 1”

“By 1985, the FCC issued its Fairness Report, asserting that the doctrine was no longer having its intended effect, might actually have a “chilling effect” and might be in violation of the First Amendment. In a 1987 case, Meredith Corp. v. FCC, the courts declared that the doctrine was not mandated by Congress and the FCC did not have to continue to enforce it. The FCC dissolved the doctrine in August of that year. 1”

The Congress voted to enact the Fairness Doctrine into law; however, it was vetoed by President Regan. The second attempt ran out of support with a threatened veto by President Bush the First. Today, we find, “there is no required balance of controversial issues as mandated by the fairness doctrine. The public relies instead on the judgment of broadcast journalists and its own reasoning ability to sort out one-sided or distorted coverage of an issue. 1”

A license permits broadcasting, but the licensee has no constitutional right to be the one who holds the license or to monopolize a...frequency to the exclusion of his fellow citizens. There is nothing in the First Amendment which prevents the Government from requiring a licensee to share his frequency with others.... It is the right of the viewers and listeners, not the right of the broadcasters, which is paramount.

— U.S. Supreme Court, upholding the constitutionality of the Fairness Doctrine in Red Lion Broadcasting Co. v. FCC, 1969.

The fairness doctrine would bring back serious discourse, lengthier soundbites and deeper debates; it will not stifle dissent or free speech it will invite and embrace all voices.

83. Move 'Law & Order: SVU' to Tuesday 10/9c and 'Law & Order: LA' to Wednesday

In September 2009 'Law & Order: SVU' moved to Wednesdays 10/9c and often back an hour to 9/8c > the viewerships ranges from 7.1 - 9.1 million, whearas it used to range from 9.1 - 10/11 million. People can't catch SVU every Wendesday night.

In September 2010 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' started out at Wednesday 10/9c before the show got revamped in a good way and moved to NBC Monday nights at 10/9c - a night on NBC no one watches. > the viewership ranged from 7.1-9.0 million now it's down to 5/6 million.

But both shows are of good quality and highly praised by fans and critics.

84. Show more classic British sitcoms on the BBC

I would like the BBC to show repeats of their classic British sitcoms like One Foot in the Grave, Last of the Summer Wine (from the very start!), Keeping up Appearances, The Good Life, Fawlty Towers and Only Fools and Horses.

We want to see more of these classic, impeccably crafted comedies on our screens!!

85. Support an AFL Free-to-air Channel

The broadcasting of AFL games at present is not acceptable to the supporters. Games are either not being broadcast live or if they are being broadcast live, it only happens in the state that the game is currently being played in. Most often even this is not the case.

Live games have been commandeered by Pay-TV and means that those who can afford to buy cable get an unfair advantage, but even that is not a guarantee for live game coverage.

Delays of sometimes up to a whole day are completely unacceptable because by that time supporters will already know the score so makes watching the game, after the fact, redundant.

We propose that the AFL and the Australian Communications and Media Authority create a new channel or channels to accommodate the supporters' needs.

Also, during the off-season they could either replay classic matches or broadcast other sports that are of mass interest around those times.

86. Bring Back "In This Corner with Russ Anber" to TSN or TSN 2/ Nom de la petition: Ramener en ondes “In This Corner with Russ Anber” à TSN ou TSN2

Unfortunately, the much adored weekly boxing news television show "In This Corner with Russ Anber", hosted by the ever-popular veteran boxing coach and analyst, Russ Anber,  has been removed from the sports programming of TSN for over a year now.

With the popularity and success of boxing in Canada at an all-time high (Canada presently boasts 3 World Champions) we ask you to please help us bring back "In This Corner with Russ Anber" to TSN's television lineup.

Link to Mr. Anber's Blog on TSN:

Malheureusement, depuis plus d’un an maintenant, l’émission hebdomadaire culte de boxe « In this Corner with Russ Anber » animée par le toujours populaire entraîneur de boxe et analyste Russ Anber n’est plus sur les ondes de TSN.

Alors que la popularité et le succès de la boxe au Canada est à son sommet historique (le Canada compte présentement trois champions du monde chez les professionnels), nous vous demandons de nous aider à ramener « In This Corner with Russ Anber » sur les ondes de TSN.

Lien au blogue de boxe de M. Anber sur TSN :

87. Should Sikh TV launch on Virgin Media (Cable Operator in UK)

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

Dear Saadh Sangat,

With the grace of the True Guru and under the guidance of the eternal Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, we are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new digital television station – The Sikh TV.

We feel that many of the issues Sikhs face today around the world are not being actively resolved and will continue to spiral out of control unless steps are taken now to resolve them. The Sikh TV will aim to encourage unity and positivity amongst Sikhs so that we can tackle these issues together as one nation.

Despite being one of the newest world religions, Sikhs have a very rich and proud heritage spanning back over five centuries. However, over the past few generations, this has been lost amongst youth and elders alike. The Sikh TV will provide historical and factual programming and dig up the very roots that Sikhism has grown from.

As todays modern and western society continues to increase pressure on our youth, more and more Sikhs are giving up their identity and taking up consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other intoxicants. The Sikh TV will aim to educate and help our young generation to understand their faith in their language and offer soultions and guidance to the issues that affect them.

The Sikh TV will broadcast 24 hours, 7 days a week to audiences around the world from its base in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide spiritual and religious programmes that appeal to young and mature Sikh men and women, and inspire a Sikh way of life as inspired by the Ten Gurus. We will also be producing educational content for non-Sikhs and educational institutions.

The Sikh TV will give generations of Sikhs a platform to reach out and speak out on matters they feel strongly about. This will be a community television channel and we invite all Sikhs to get involved regardless of their age or gender.

We hereby humbly invite all Sikhs to offer their support and blessings for this project and participate by offering their ideas, opinion, comments and suggestions to make this endeavour a resounding success for the present and the future.

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa
WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

The Sikh TV

88. Keep the BFI Library together and accessible

Late in 2010, the British Film Institute’s (BFI) senior management proposed splitting the BFI’s collection of printed works (books, journals and the like) and establishing “digital delivery” to users at the BFI site on the London Southbank with much of the collection physically to be held at the BFI’s Berkhamsted site – about 30 miles north of London and with more than a mile walk (no public transport) between the BFI site and the nearest railway station.

Despite the BFI management claiming that the Library is “core” to the BFI’s collections and that “Developing access to collections continues to be a key goal” the proposed move will worsen access – particularly for those living outside London. Library users value both the integration of the collection and its location. In 2002, the BFI commissioned a consultants’ report which found users valued “ease of access” more than anything else; more than 70% of users said a central London location was very important – and a further 21% said it was quite important. Three quarters of respondents said they would be unlikely to travel to Berkhamsted to use the collections if they were moved there.

Splitting the BFI Library and moving much of it to Berkhamsted will drastically reduce the usefulness and usability of what’s generally agreed to be the world’s best collection of printed materials on the moving image. The BFI management’s plans will drastically damage its usefulness and effectiveness as an instrument through which the BFI has been able to discharge successfully key parts of its mission. If the BFI cannot maintain the integrity and accessibility of its collection of printed materials it must find another agency which can.

Please therefore sign the petition and encourage other past, present and future users of the BFI Library to do so.

Details of developments are usually to be found on the bfiwatch blog at

89. Please Save Medium from Extinction

"Medium" has been an Intelligent, Thoughtful, Creative and an Unpredictable Television Series which has succeeded on two networks, First NBC, which canceled it to make way for Jay Leno (A disastrous choice) and also on CBS which put it in it's Friday Night at 8:00 PM slot

90. Renew Rubicon!


Nothing is what it seems, everything is questioned, and clues hide in plain sight in the AMC original drama series Rubicon.

Inspired by the suspenseful and high-stakes political whodunits of the 1970s -- from The Parallax View to All The President's Men -- Rubicon is a modern-day conspiracy thriller that taps into the collective paranoia of a post-9/11 era. Set at the New York City-based American Policy Institute (API), a federal intelligence agency, Rubicon follows Will Travers, a beleaguered and brilliant API analyst who, after being faced with a shocking tragedy, begins to uncover clues that could point to a complex and sinister conspiracy.

Executive produced by Henry Bromell (Homicide: Life on the Street, Chicago Hope, Brotherhood), Rubicon stars James Badge Dale (The Pacific, The Departed) as Will Travers; Jessica Collins (The Nine, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) as Maggie Young; Dallas Roberts (Walk the Line, Flicka, The L Word) as Miles Fiedler; Christopher Evan Welch (Vicky Christina Barcelona) as Grant Test; and Lauren Hodges (Law & Order) as Tanya MacGaffin, with Arliss Howard (Full Metal Jacket, Natural Born Killers) as Kale Ingram and Academy Award® nominee Miranda Richardson (Sleepy Hollow, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) as Katherine Rhumor. Recurring guest stars include Roger Robinson (Brother to Brother) as Ed Bancroft and Michael Cristofer (The Bonfire of the Vanities, The Shadow Box) as Truxton Spangler.

Greenlit to a full series order in June 2009, Rubicon is AMC's third original series. The one-hour, 13-episode weekly series is produced by Warner Horizon Television.