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Peggy McCay The famous chowder making matrin of the Brady family has been let go from Days of our Lives. Let's show our support to Peggy and let James Riliey and Ken Corday know they are making a mistake!

362. Save Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana, a community in Romania, needs the support of Canadians. Gabriel Resources of Toronto plans to develop Europe's largest open-cast mine in the Rosia Montana area of Romania. This gold mining project is illegal and immoral and has met with strong resistance because it will force people to leave their homes without their consent, irreversibly destroy a beautiful 1600 hectare area, and threaten the environment with a vast cyanide lake. Yet, Canadian money is keeping the project alive.

The petition below expresses solidarity with the Save Rosia Montana Campaign. The signatures will be presented to the people of Rosia Montana on Oct. 11, 2003 during a ceremony in the village when supporters complete a solidarity march of 130 km. The petition will also be forwarded to the Canadian government, to say that Canadians do not want to be associated with this type of development abroad and to demand that the government withdraw support of this project.

363. Spread the Truth about Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered People

In response to the religious right's continued effort to prevent American's from accepting, respecting, and embracing all sexual identities.

We are a group of American Citizens who believe that people of all sexual orientations deserve the same rights, respect, and acceptance that straight citizens recieve from society. We are NOT a group of people pushing a 'gay agenda' but simply a mixture of straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, who have spiritual beliefs, and a belief that all of us are equal. We are attempting to inform others that homosexual people are not pedophiles, sex addicts, and predators. We know and support same sex couples who are in healthy commited relationships. Lastly, we believe that a person's sexual orientation in no way influences his or her ability to be a parent or leader to children.

364. Save the "Rebels" at St. Johns school

This is a petition to keep the nickname "Rebels" a part of St. Johns school.

There has been much debate throughout the SJS community regarding our current mascot and team nickname, the Rebels. Many arguments have been made by those who oppose as well as those who support the name, but no decision has ever been made to drop the term "Rebels" altogether.

365. Support World Music

Don't let music die. Support duppy music.

366. Support Clay Aiken

Clay aiken has many fans, but he also has many people who hate him. He deserved to win.

367. Protect Alaska's Bristol BAy


Bristol Bay, nestled just north of Alaska's Aleutian Island chain, is described by the National Marine Fisheries Service as the "single most important region of the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf for the conservation of marine mammals and endangered species and the protection and management of fishery resources." It has been protected from offshore oil and gas drilling for the last fourteen years. Now, however, it has become a primary target for drilling. A key U.S. Senate committee recently proposed deleting the longstanding, bipartisan protections for Bristol Bay, despite White House support for extended protections.

The living marine resources and global ecological significance of Bristol Bay far outweigh its projected oil and gas value. Bristol Bay:

- shelters the world's largest run of sockeye salmon, a key halibut nursery conservation area, and important herring and king crab fisheries, all of which are mainstays of the regional economy;
- provides the migration corridor for millions of adult salmon and the migration and feeding habitat for numerous seabirds and marine mammals;
- is virtually surrounded by a critical coastal habitat for marine mammals, including the world's premier walrus breeding areas;
- shelters one of the largest eelgrass beds on the planet, Izembek Lagoon, an underwater meadow crucial to the bay's fish, birds, and invertebrates.

This tremendous concentration of wildlife is threatened by routine drilling discharges and accidental spills from proposed offshore drilling operations and risky tankering of oil.

Fortunately, the House of Representatives has voted to extend the moratorium protecting Bristol Bay for another year, so debate over the protections should continue this September, when a joint House-Senate conference committee is expected to take up the issue.

Bristol Bay won a reprieve from the dangers of offshore drilling once before, when 23 oil leases there were relinquished by the petroleum industry soon after the tragic Exxon-Valdez tanker spill devastated Alaska's Prince William Sound. The people and wildlife of Prince William Sound still have not recovered from the 1989 spill, and yet the oil industry now wants to risk an even bigger catastrophe in Bristol Bay, where seasonal broken sea ice, fierce storms, and rough ocean conditions would make oil spill cleanup impossible. The wildlife of Bristol Bay needs your help!!
*Note, the petition may be sent to other senators depending on who signs it!

368. Youth Judge for Canadian Idol 2

Getting a youth judge on the television show for canadian idol 2.

This Petition is for all those "Canadian Idol fans", which believe that next year on "Canadian Idol 2" there should be a YOUTH Judge. The following Petition will be sent to "CTV" if given enough Signatures. Thank you for your support and for your participation!

369. Support Pat Toomey in Primary

This petition is to appeal to the Republican party to stop thwarting the grassroots in Pennsylvania by bashing Rep Pat Toomey (R-PA-15), who is running against Specter in the Primary.

370. Increase Child Support

This petition is drawn up to better support the children by increasing child support. We would like child support to be increased to a minimum of $100 for fathers that are/ are not working and/or receiving a source of income of at least $300 per month. Therefore, some fathers may decide to work instead of depending on state or federal assistance because of the decrease in income. This will be putting more money into society and creating more jobs.

371. ClubsNSW Axe The Tax

A petition against NSW Treasurer Egan's proposed increase in Poker Machine Tax.

372. Improve the pathetic state of Reliance Infocom Services

Ever since the reliance Infocom service started it has been nothing but a joke. The network isnt well spread, SMS don't work, tech support rarely has an idea as to when things will actually work. The so called 'features' of the handsets are actually shortcomings and Reliance has no plans of replacing them. The Samsung handset can't ring and vibrate at the same time. Moreover the max SMS length is an apalling 140 chars.

373. FSI Marketing Scams

The signing of this petition is in benefit to future and former patrons associated/or affiliated with FSI, Fire Specialist, Inc. Fire Safety Specialist, Inc, or Fire Secure, Inc.

This document is being signed by former Trainees, Managers, Regional Managers, and officers up to the Vice Presidents position. Also any vendor or realator formerly associated with FSI. This document will be presented to the FTC, BBB,IRS, Attorney General, TWC, and State Fire Marshalls office.

This document will be used for the purpose of all persons formerly affiliated with FSI to voice your support of abolishing the current and future business practices of FSI.

Anyone that invested any monies or time with FSI, please feel free to sign this petition. Your signature would be appreciated.

374. Ban the Auctioning Of Dogs on


"On Friday 25th July 2003, less than 24 hours after this petition was started, Trade Me agreed to stop the practice of auctioning of not just dogs but also cats, birds and horses. They have also sought the advice of the SPCA on how to make their site more animal friendly an encourage responsible ownership. Thank you to everyone who supported this petition. It worked a lot faster than we were expecting and just shows what people can do when they band together.
Thank you again."

This Online Petition has been set up to try to discourage the New Zealand based buy, sell, trade and exchange internet site Trade Me ( from allowing the auctioning off of DOGS on their NZ based Auction Site. We feel very strongly about dogs being auctioned off and would like as much support as we can get to try and convince Trade Me that this is not the way of responsible dog ownership. Dogs are our much beloved family pets and there are far more suitable ways of selling your dog or puppy to the best possible home through advertising and lots of contact with the prospective owners rather than as an auction. We are concerned that once the reserve price is met on these auctions, the seller is legally obliged to go through with the sale, and therefore has no say on whether the home is suitable or not.
Please sign our petition and support the stopping of dog auctions on Trade Me.

Thankyou, Joanne, Maree and Jan.

375. Kellam High's Boys and Girls Surf Team

This petition is for all who are in support of Kellam High School creating, founding and sponsoring a co-ed surfing team.


Our animal contol facility is a "kill shelter". Iredell County kills more strays than any other county in our area of the country and does not give adoptable animals a chance at a loving home. Our method of euthanasia is inhumane. We need your support to lobby our county commissioners for new ordinances. Please sign our petition below. Thanks you for your loving support.

377. A Petition to Stop the Construction of the Chicopee Women's Jail

The Reality

· The U.S. puts more people in jail than any other nation in the world.
· From 1980 to 2000, the inmate population quadrupled to 2 million.
· Massachusetts ranks 12th in racial inequalities among people incarcerated.
· 450 children have mothers in the Ludlow jail.
· 25% of women sent to MA county jails are from Hampden County compared
to 20% from Boston-Suffolk County or 4% from Worcester.

This must end. The Springfield Harm Reduction Coalition is working to stop putting our mothers, sisters, and daughters into jail. How? By preventing the construction of the Chicopee Women's Jail, scheduled to break ground this summer ('03) at a cost of $26 million. By adding your name to this petition, you can be part of a new movement to stop throwing people into jail and start improving the conditions in our community.

Initiated by the Springfield Harm Reduction Coalition (SHaRC) c/o Arise for Social Justice, 94 Rifle Street, Springfield, MA 01105

Arise for Social Justice, Critical Resistance WM, Holyoke Girls Inc., Out Now, Paloma House
The Performance Project, STEPServices, western Mass. AFSC

378. Presumed Shared Physical Custody Equals Happier and Healthier Children

Petition of Brian P. Lees, etal for legislation relative to a presumption of shared physical custody of a child is accompanied by bill, Senate, No. 1075. Support Senate Bill 1075 to promote presumption of shared physical custody of a child.


This petition is just to show that we support you all here in dago, and everywhere else. Our prayers are with you.

380. Rectification & Justice for Rude and Obnoxious treatrment by NationWide Furniture

On 2-07-03 I purchased & paid for a 5pc bedroom suite for my daughters which I had put on hold for them the previous 2 weeks ago, I was assured on the 6th the bedroom suite and other items were there and could be ready on the 7th. I made room for the bed room suite by getting rid of the old bed my two toddlers had. On the 7th the items were paid out in full & I was told it would be delivered at 4pm, and it wasnt.I called off & on repeatedly, and was assured it would be at my home. My little girl ,whom is three kept asking where her new bed was, she was a little upset when she saw us getting rid of the old one. At 6:30 pm the Mgr callls and tells me that the bedroom suite was sold by another employee to someone else, I was upset and wanted my money back, but the Mgr. assuredus they'd have another suite in on Monday. Monday I called all day, Tuesday I did the same, and about 4pm I spoke with Allen and he told me if the bedroom suite didnt come in he would call me so I could get my money. I waited and noone called so i assumed the bed was on it's way. It had begun getting late, and no bed had arrived I was in tears and upset, I was so upset I began having breathing problems, At 630 I had to go to the Er, I was having a bad asthma attack , I collasped at the hospital ER. Wednesday I was told the bed should be in , but at this time I did not believe the employees and decided, to get my money, I called the store and spoke with Marquise the Mgr, and told him I ws coming to get a refund, he was rude , and told me initially I was not going to get one, but after talking for alittle while he told me to come to the store. When I got there Marquise stayed on his cell phone never approaching, while another employee, named Darryl, asked what could he help me with, when I made him aware that I would like a refund he rudely told me I could not gety my money back, I was insulted while in the store, yelled at , asked by Darryl While he pointed at his sign ,"CAN YOU READ!" I was so upset I began hyperventalating, and having a asthma attack, in the store. My friend and mom was with me, she yelled for them to call the paramedics, and Darryl asks Is that even neccesssary? They were rude and obnoxious, when the paramedics got there , and helped me off the floor , and to the ambulance the employyees slam closed their doors. Since then I have been further insulted , I have been called a liar, they said I set them up, they have made no attempt to rectify the situation. Before this I had had no asthma attacks in years, and I lived a pretty happy life, I am the mother of six, one of my children have sickle cell disease, this not only affected me but them, I was having anxiety attacks, and depression. I do not have medical Insurance so am further stressed by the medical bills. Their CEO , nor their house Attorney made matters any better, they too, have been rude, and slanderous towards me, my good name.

No customer should have to go through this , or have to put up with this. I was apalled to find that this company had many complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. This is not just about me and my situation, but about justice for all customers, and to show Big or Small Businesses that they can both mistreat , & disrespect their customers and get away with it. Please support my petition, for justice,
you may also mail in your support to ,
PO BOX 5623
Columbus GA

No MOney Please, just signatures or letters of support.

The store that comitted these horrid acts is located in Columbus ,Ga
Nationwidewarehouse Furniture
4313 Woodruff Rd

381. We support the Angels, especially in Dago

This petition is to show some of us love and support the HELLS ANGELS. We are heartbroken and outraged by the events that have transpired in EL CAJON, CA., this last week. Please sign this to show your support for your local 81 as well as the Angels in DAGO. THANK YOU.

382. Support the lukemia society

A petition that helps kids with all kinds of disease.

383. Support The Lakewood School Language Development Program

The Lakewood School Language Developement Program has been a very sucessfull program for the last 25 years. Helping many children with severe language problems overcome their challenges and become confident and productive students. The current School Board has formed a committee to come up with a recommendation to either change or eliminate this program from our school ditrict in order to save money, with the misguided promise that a new format of language development programs will access more children. We, the parents of these children do not want to see this program done away with but expanded in its current proven form if possible.

384. Support for construct of trafic diversion island on the 1300 blk of S. Washington Street

The completed T-Rex and Light-rail project including a new light rail hub on Louisiana and south Washington street will have immediate impact on auto and pedestrian traffic directly impacting the saftey and quality of life of the residents of the 1300 blk od south Washing street. A perposial has beeb put forth by Robert Dorroh from CDOT to construct a traffic diversion island in the South intersection of S. Washington Street and Louisian to discourage neighboorhood access via South Washington Street. If this diversion were constructed, the only way to access the 1300 blk of S. Washington immediatly South of Louisiana would be from Arkansan on the South or a right turn from eastbound Louisiana. Traffic exiting Washington onto Louisiana would only be able to turn right and proceed eastbound.

385. Create a "Finding Nemo II"

This petition is for anyone who saw the Disney/Pixar movie "Finding Nemo" and thought it was an excellent family film. If you would enjoy to see a sequel to the movie, continuing where the story left off, please sign! As you may know, Pixar & Disney are very busy right now with movies such as "Cars" & "The Incredibles," both due out in within the next 2 years. Also, "Toy Story III" and "Monsters Inc II" are possible. However, in the meantime, we can gather names in support of a "Finding Nemo" sequel to be done in the future.

386. We support Ruben!!!

I am tired of everyone Complaning about Ruben and that he cheated. RUBEN DIDN'T CHEAT!!!

387. We Love Clay!

This is to show our support for our American Idol- Clay Aiken.

388. support thomasmac4

This is unfair my account thomasmac4 was frozen 2 years ago.:(And its annoying it was my main name and had 800,000np on it.Neopets keeps telling me that I was frozen because of cheating but i didn't.My friend jeff was using progs. to cheat on neopets on my computer when he had the progs. on a disc.And he froze my 2 accounts my bros 3,my sis,cousins,and nextdoorneighbors usernames.If u can sign this petiton we can prove neopets wrong and maybe they'll get a better protection that only freezes the cheater account and not anyone elses ever on the comp. If u sign this and have a petition send me the url for it at I'll sign yours but olny if u sign mine.

389. Yes to Tourneys in Flipside Social Rooms

This is a petition to rebutt the one to ban Tourney Playing in Uproar/Flipside Social Rooms. The leagues that operate in these rooms do a lot of work to host fun games for players that enjoy. These players also bring new players to Uproar/Flipside and support the playsite a great deal. Also, the tourney playing only takes up a few tables at a time and in no way interfere with non tourney playing.

390. Support Fairly Oddparents