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1. Another Brick in The Wall

As a result of the litigations between Canadore College, Nipissing University, Canadore Students' Representative Council (CSRC) and Nipissing University Student Union (NUSU) in the past year, The Student Centre has experienced a halt in operations.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was formed in the 2012-2013 academic year, in order to safely wind up The Joint Student Executive Council, better known as JSEC. Although each section of this document has been followed and executed thoroughly, the MOU was created with unrealistic deadlines, which has ultimately led us to our current situation.

We are asking the student body, Canadore Alumni, and former CSRC executives and members to get involved and start asking questions so your money can be used for your experience.

2. End Lib-Dem cooperation with the Coalition

A coalition is when two or more parties in government work together, either because of similar ideology or to achieve an elective majority, theoretically reaching compromises on important subjects to achieve a roughly even legislative record (issue #1 goes to party A, issue #2 goes to party B in exchange. It's not ideal, but both parties get something they want).

This coalition fails in both of those regards.

The Lib-Dems do not, and should not, have even a remotely similar political ideology to the Conservative Party. Similarly, the Tories have little to nothing in common with the Lib-Dems, and compromises on major issues have been non-existent. Instead, only a series of humiliating concessions have been made, and the Prime Minister has seen fit to lend his weight to sabotaging even these, as has been made clear with the referendum.

This is not a coalition, it is a Tory government masquerading as a coalition, pinning the blame for their actions on the Liberal Democrats whilst slowly eating their electoral base.

It is a state of affairs that cannot continue, and thus the Liberal Democrats must salvage what is left of their reputation and leave this ship of government before they are nailed to the mast. They do not deserve the criticisms aimed at them, and if they are to avoid decimation at the next election they must realise their mistake early, pull out, and assume a campaign of coordinated blocking of the government's supposed-reforms until concessions are made on major points of Lib-Dem policy and tangible results are produced as a result.

3. Nick Clegg should honour Liberal pledges on Student Tuition Fees

At the last UK General Election Liberal Democrat leader, Mr Clegg made great play of the Tory and Labour parties’ suggestion that student fees would have to be increased. He publicly signed a pledge that he and his party would oppose any tuition fee increases.

Mr Clegg was photographed holding up his signed copy of the pledge, which read, “I pledge to vote against any increase in fees in the next parliament and to pressure the government to introduce a fairer alternative.”

More than 500 Liberal Democrat candidates signed the pledge, including every single elected Liberal Democrat MP.

In addition, the Lib Dem election manifesto spelled out that party’s pledge on university fees as follows: “Scrap unfair university tuition fees for all students taking their first degree, including those studying part-time, saving them over £10,000 each. We have a financially responsible plan to phase fees out over six years, so that the change is affordable even in these difficult economic times, and without cutting university income. We will immediately scrap fees for final year students,” read the Lib Dem manifesto.

If that was not enough, Mr Clegg made the following statement while on the election trail: "Despite the huge financial strain fees already place on Britain's young people, it is clear both Labour and the Conservatives want to lift the cap on fees. If fees rise to £7,000 a year, as many rumours suggest they would, within five years some students will be leaving university up to £44,000 in debt. That would be a disaster.”

Now, however, Mr Clegg has supported fee increases of up to £9,000 per year, £2,000 higher than his “disaster” prediction of only a few months ago.

This petion has been started by the National Liberal Party which offers a radical alternative to the Liberal Democrats. If you sign the petition we may contact you about this and other campaigns.

4. Stop Using Our Own Money to Oppress Us!

April 20, 2006

The Big Free is a concert held every year, put on by DSA, using student fees to bring a headlining band to Columbia.

This year, DSA has contracted using student fees to bring Three Six Mafia to campus. This group is notoriously oppressive to women, with songs titled "Slob on My Nob", and "Shake Dat Jelly".

It is the goal of this petition to stop DSA from bringing Three Six Mafia to Columbia, using student fees.