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1. Stop Raising Smokers' Taxes!

Congress has singled out smokers for an unfair tax increase- and our representatives went along, voting to raise taxes on cigarettes $4.50 a carton.

That means more money for Washington- and less money in our wallet.

Your voice can make a difference. Tell our Congressmen to stop this tax increase while there is still time- because smokers are voters too!


Oak Farm clinic is due to close in September. The lease is due and the council want the building back. Oak Farm clinic supports 4 GP surgeries with an estimated 1,300 families.

It runs the following groups:

2 baby clinics up to 30 Mums / Dads attending a week.
Breast Feeding support group.
Behavior group.
Post natal first time Mums group 0 - 8months (which is fab)
Creepers and crawlers group. 8m - 18m
Baby massage.
It also is a family planning clinic and houses the DN's

Sign our petition to stop this from happening. Don't let them put even more pressure on our over run facilities.

3. Fighting For Animal Rights

Through the years, ciggarette and cleaning product factories, pet shops, etc. has been mistreating animals.

Cigarrtes factories force animals to smoke the cigars for a long time, to see what happens, and owners of cleaning product factories must test their products on something, so they choose animals to test them on. They drop chemicals that the product contains in the mouths and eyes of rabbits and monkeys. And, many of the times the animal is greatly injured, and even died painfully.

And pet shops only provide small cages for the cats and dogs, that are barely larger than their bodies. We must stop this unjust action now!

Me, Gabriela Cano, my sister, Carlina Cano, and my companion, Hannah Jones have made this petition to stop this cruel act towards animals.

4. Stop Cruelty to Animals!!

This petiton is so that we can make people aware of how much animal cruelty there is out there and ways we can all help to stop this problem.

5. Time for a boycott at

For anyone who knows who jason Tate is, you probably know he owns, and it's going straight to the kids' head, and we need to stop this stuff before it gets out of hand.

6. AOL Instant Messanger

Aol Is going to charge $15.00 per month to use instant messanger! They are going to start this May 9th! To stop this we need at least 1,000 people to sign the petition! Please help!

7. Let Dale Earnhardt rest in peace:stop the release of autopsy photos

The Orlando sentinel in Florida are trying to get Dale Earnhardt's autopsy photos released to the public and the family and fans are trying to stop this.