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1. Drexel Students Against Racial and Cultural Insensitivity

The diversity statistics for Drexel's 2011 incoming class according to were; 6% African American, 16% Asian or Pacific Islander, 56% Caucasian, 6% Hispanic/Latino, 14% International and 2% Unknown.

Drexel University has students of multiple religions and backgrounds studying there. Giving its diversity, Drexel should be more racially and culturally sensitive. This term Drexel students created a poster than can be seen as offensive to African students. It is suppose to be a poster for Drexel weServe Co-Op in Africa (Mozambique). The poster is a depiction of safari animals with a thatch hut in the background.

The fact that the program is completely unrelated to the image leads one to believe that the image was chosen based off of the location. Drexel's Student Conduct & Community Standards states that "... are prohibited as well as materials that may be viewed as demeaning or degrading to a person or group of persons."Somehow this poster and a few other items in the past have slipped through the regulations.