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1. COALITION OR ABC* to defeat Harper on Oct 19, 2015

*ABC = Anyone But Conservative


The current 3-way race is roughly equally divided. A joint co-operative, collaborative coalition of the N.D.P., Liberal & Green parties is the only sure way to defeat Harper. A coalition worked in the UK, currently works in Germany & Israel and could work in Canada if the parties want it to. Expect a better government when when leaders govern together. see

Note: Justin Trudeau has so far refused to cooperate with the NDP. In that case, and for this election, the Greens and NDP should get together.

Change is needed!

Harper is a known dirty election player. The PC party has the most money and will try to buy his re-election in order to stay in power. The Canadian economy is in recession under Harper who has done so much damage while in power -

The Economy:
Climate change;
Environmental laws weakened;
Veterans treated very badly;
The war on science and scientists muzzled;
Canadians spied on by our own government;
Foreign policy & bombing of Iraq & Syria;
Poor response to refugee crisis;
No public inquiry into the tragic deaths of murdered & missing aboriginal women;
Harper government’s decision to scale back the growth in Canada Health transfer payments to the Provinces;
Bill C51 anti-terrorism legislation could criminalize free speech;
Slow, bureaucratic immigration policy;
Proroguing Parliament four times;
Corruption & abuse of power;
Civil Liberties;
Omnibus Bills;
Multiple scandals;
Secret trade deals and on and on!

Harper thanks disgraced staff.

Harper wants to make it harder for Canadians to vote against him.

2. Allow NAFTA Oil Sands Investigation

The Alberta Oil sands are an important part of Canada, both for industrial and political reasons. They supply essential oil to our country, though may have an unfortunate price.

It is believed that tailings ponds, left behind after mining in an area, are seeping their toxic contents into nearby streams, as well as the grand Athabasca river, breaking our own Federal Fisheries Act. NAFTA(North American Free Trade Agreement) would like to conduct a formal investigation, none of which have been done, to see if this is true.

The Harper government has so far refused to let this investigation take place.

Why would they decline the investigation if there was nothing to hide?

3. Force the resignation of Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment

We need to draw the attention of The House of Commons, House of Commons in Parliament assembled, Government of Canada to the following: Because Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of the Environment, Member for Nunavut has shown callous disregard for the Aboriginal members of her constituency in that she blatantly disregarded and refused to debate the cost of food in Rankin Inlet leaving Native elders to eat out of garbage dumps.

In addition she threatened to sue the Aboriginal Peoples’s Television Network simply for raising the issue of exorbitant food prices in the far north.

4. Open Carry Manitoba

The right to keep and bear arms was introduced in the bill of rights in 1688. Unfortunately the governments have since widdled down our rights as both Canadians and human beings the right to self defense.

The law in Canada says you can defend your life with equal force of your attacker, it also says the law acknowledges the possibility of an individual requiring a restricted handgun for protection from other individuals when police protection is insufficient.

You know when someone confronts you when the police are not around, or when the opportunity to even call the police is unavailable. However, what stops you from this is the rcmp wont allow you an open carry permit to protect your life.

But oddly enough they give them out to places when the handling of valuable goods are concerned, you know like the governments money; but your life I guess is not valuable enough to get one. so please sign this petition and thanks for your time.

5. Retirez les médailles du Jubilé de diamant de la Reine accordées à des criminelles anti-choix / Retract Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals from Convicted Anti-abortion Criminals

(English follows)

Des médailles du Jubilé de diamant de la Reine ont été décernées en octobre à deux criminelles reconnues. Le député conservateur fédéral Maurice Vellacott a sélectionné Linda Gibbons et Mary Wagner comme récipiendaires de ces médailles. Il s’agit de deux activistes anti-choix qui violent délibérément et répétitivement des ordonnances judiciaires de l'Ontario interdisant aux manifestant•e•s de harceler les femmes à leur entrée dans une clinique d'avortement.

Madame Wagner a illégalement fait intrusion dans des cliniques, dont elle a délibérément effrayé les patientes et le personnel et entravé les activités des cliniques. Les deux femmes ont été emprisonnées à plusieurs reprises depuis des années, sans manifester le moindre respect pour la primauté du droit ou les droits d'autrui.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medals were awarded in October to two convicted criminals. Conservative Member of Parliament Maurice Vellacott selected Linda Gibbons and Mary Wagner to receive medals. Both women are anti-choice protesters who repeatedly and deliberately violate Ontario court injunctions that ban protesters from harassing women as they enter an abortion clinic.

Wagner has illegally invaded clinics, frightening patients and staff and obstructing clinic operations. Both women have been in and out of jail for years, showing no respect for the rule of law or the rights of others.

6. Take A Stand Against Bill C-38

Bill C-38, while allegedly a "budget" bill, is in fact an omnibus bill that includes a significant number of other, non-monetary, legislative reforms. These reforms deserve to be analyzed and voted on individually, rather than collected into a single bill which will be accepted or rejected in its totality.

The proposed reforms in this 425-page bill include:
* dismantling the Environmental Assessment Act;
* eliminating habitat protection from the Fisheries Act;
* weakening Food and Drug regulations;
* repealing the Fair Wages and Hours of Labor Act;
* raising Old Age Security qualification from age 65 to age 67;
* reducing health care transfers to the provinces;
* repealing the Kyoto Implementation Act;
* eliminating independent oversight from 12 key government agencies (including, for example, for the Food Inspection Agency and for Revenue Canada);
* eliminating organizations who provide independent public policy research;
* dissolving the Public Appointments Commission (which ensures that key public service positions are assigned by merit alone); and
* curtailing the Auditor General's ability to hold the Government accountable to the Canadian public.

Please check the associated website for more details on this bill.

7. Citizen's Arrest of Stephen Harper

English version, French version below. Version anglaise, version française ci-dessous.





The accused, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, stands charged:

THAT he has and continues to commit High Treason and conspire with Members of Parliament against the people of all provinces and territories by failing to comply or communicate with Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada in regards to levying war by purchasing F-35 fighter jets during peacetime under questionable circumstances (Appendix A), legislating the Crime Omnibus which creates a war zone for Canadian citizens (Appendix B), violating four sections of the Canadian Rights and Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982 (Appendix C), and violating three articles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations (Appendix D).

Version française.





L'accusé, Stephen Harper, Premier ministre, est accusée:

Ce qu'il a et continuera à commettre une haute trahison et de conspiration avec des membres du Parlement contre le peuple de toutes les provinces et les territoires en omettant de se conformer ou communiquer avec Sa Majesté la Reine du chef du Canada en ce qui concerne la guerre perception par l'achat de F-35 de combat jets en temps de paix dans des circonstances douteuses (Annexe A), légiférer sur la Omnibus Crime qui crée une zone de guerre pour les citoyens canadiens (Annexe B), la violation de quatre du Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, La Loi Constitutionnelle de 1982, Canada (Annexe C), et de violer trois articles de La Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme, Organisation des Nations Unies (Annexe D).

8. Federal Commitment to a Sodium Reduction Strategy for Canada

Most Canadians consume far more salt than is healthy and most of this comes from processed food. Excess sodium intake is a major contributor to high blood pressure and high blood pressure is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease (stroke and heart attack) and further associated with increased risk of stomach cancer, osteoporosis, asthma and several other health conditions.

In 2010 federal, provincial and territorial ministers of health agreed to national goal of reducing the average daily sodium intake of Canadians to 2,300 mg by 2016. The average daily sodium intake of Canadians currently is 3,400 mg/day – well above safe and recommended levels. In November 2011, the Federal Government rejected a Federal/Provincial and Territorial plan to reduce dietary sodium, blurring their former commitment.

This petition asks that the Government of Canada commit to, and establish, a national sodium reduction strategy for Canada, which includes setting and monitoring sodium reduction targets and timelines.

9. Tell Canada to "Show Up" for Health

From October 19-21, 2011, over 100 Member States of the United Nations will be formally participating in the World Conference on Social Determinants of Health, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Among the delegates will be numerous heads of state and, at last count, over 60 Ministers of Health and other senior Government Ministers from around the world -- including Ministers from other G8 countries.

The Government of Canada is currently refusing to send its Minister of Health and/or other senior Cabinet Ministers to this key global meeting. The absence of Canada's Prime Minister and other federal Ministers from this world conference will send a dangerous message that neither the health of Canadians nor global cooperation to improve health in other countries are priorities for the Government of Canada.

OCT 21 UPDATE: On October 20, Canada's Minister of Health was asked, in the House of Commons, why she decided not to participate in the global meeting. See video for question and response (English translation of questions provided below).

TRANSLATION OF QUESTION: "Mr. Speaker, this week 118 countries are meeting in Brazil to develop a plan of action on the social determinants of health. However, this government (Canada) is not attending. In Canada, 20% of health care spending is attributable to preventable social causes of illness such as inadequate housing and poverty. The World Health Organization recognizes that social inequities result in inequities in health.The costs are astronomical. Can the Minister of Health explain why she is not at this important international meeting."

10. Send Cheyenne to the Finals!

Not sure who to vote for in the upcoming election? All the constituents looking the same? Why not vote for someone who will prove they care for their constituents, prior to the election?

If Stephen Harper lets Cheyenne Anderson suck his toe she will win tickets to the Stanley Cup Final - a lifelong dream for this Canadian girl.

11. We want a Valerie Harper Government!

The current governing party of Canada has issued a directive that reference to "Government of Canada" should be replaced by "Harper Government" in federal communications.

In changing the long-standing terminology "Government of Canada", the current governing party is seeking to equate its leader, Stephen Harper, with the act of governing this country. (Taken from "I Am (Not Stephen Harper's) Canadian" petition.)

12. Say "No" to the Newly branded Harper Governemnt

First it was the "Government of Canada." Then it was "Canada's New Government." Now it's the "Harper Government."

Public servants from four different departments have confirmed to The Canadian Press that they received a directive late last year that the words "Government of Canada" in federal communications be replaced with "Harper Government."

13. I Am (Not Stephen Harper's) Canadian

The current governing party of Canada has issued a directive that reference to "Government of Canada" should be replaced by "Harper Government" in federal communications.

In changing the long-standing terminology "Government of Canada", the current governing party is seeking to equate its leader, Stephen Harper, with the the act of governing this country.

As a democracy, Canada is not run by one individual. It is a country run by an elected body, which is accountable to the people and answerable to the opposition.

In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people."

The government of Canada is not Stephen Harper and Stephen Harper is not the government of Canada.

The government of Canada is the people and the people are the government of Canada.

One collective body, not one man, forms this government and make this country a beautiful place.

- - - -

Contexte :
Le Parti conservateur, parti actuellement au pouvoir au Canada, a émis une directive voulant que toute référence au « Gouvernement du Canada » dans les communiqués issus des ministères soit remplacée par « Gouvernement Harper ».

En remplaçant l’appellation traditionnelle « Gouvernement du Canada », le parti au pouvoir tente de mettre de l’avant son leader, Stephen Harper, comme le centre de l’activité gouvernementale.

En tant que démocratie, le Canada n’est pas dirigé par une seule personne, mais plutôt par un parti élu par le peuple, lequel est tenu de rendre compte à la population canadienne ainsi qu’à l’opposition.

Pour reprendre les termes du président américain Abraham Lincoln, « La démocratie, c’est le gouvernement du peuple, par le peuple, pour le peuple ».

Le gouvernement du Canada n’est pas le gouvernement de Stephen Harper et Stephen Harper n’est pas le gouvernement du Canada.

Le gouvernement du Canada, c’est le gouvernement du peuple, et le peuple est le gouvernement du Canada.

Ce gouvernement est constitué d’un regroupement de personnes élues; il ne repose pas sur un seul homme, ce qui fait du Canada un merveilleux endroit où il fait bon vivre.

14. Broken Promises by the Conservative party

Since first elected in 2006 the Conservative party has broken over 140 election promises. Admittedly they are working on a few and have made partial steps toward fulfilling others.

However, the Conservatives have been more concerned about retaining power than about actually governing as they promised.

This is unacceptable. Canadians deserve better, especially those people who voted for the Conservatives. See the link below:

15. Include funding for family planning and safe abortion in Canada’s G8 Maternal/Child Health Initiative

As the host country of the G8 Summit on June 25/26, 2010 in Huntsville Ontario, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his governing Conservative Party of Canada have chosen to champion an initiative to improve maternal and child health in developing countries.

However, this admirable initiative has become deeply mired in the Conservatives’ anti-choice ideology. The government announced on April 26 that they will not fund safe abortion services “under any circumstances” in developing countries. Although they were forced to back down from their earlier position that family planning and contraception would also be excluded from the initiative, there is still no firm commitment to fund family planning – only a vague promise to “consider” it, and to “not close doors against any options, including contraception.”

Please sign the following petition to call upon Parliament to include funding for safe abortion and family planning/contraception in Canada’s G8 maternal/child health initiative.


Incluez le financement du planning familial et d’avortements sans risques dans l’Initiative canadienne du G8 pour la santé des mères et des enfants:

À titre de pays-hôte du Sommet du G8, les 25 et 26 juin 2010 à Huntsville (Ontario), le premier ministre Stephen Harper et son Parti conservateur du Canada au pouvoir ont choisi de faire du Canada le champion d’une initiative visant à améliorer la santé des mères et des enfants dans les pays en voie de développement.

Toutefois, cette initiative admirable se retrouve profondément enlisée dans l’idéologie anti-choix des Conservateurs. Le gouvernement a annoncé le 26 avril qu’il ne financerait « sous aucune considération » la prestation de services d’avortement sans risques dans les pays en voie de développement. Même s’ils ont été forcés de faire marche arrière en regard de leur position préalable visant à exclure également de l’Initiative le planning familial et la contraception, il n’existe pas encore d’engagement ferme du Canada de financer le planning familial – seulement une vague promesse de « l’envisager » et de « ne fermer la porte à aucune option, y compris la contraception ».

Veuillez signer la pétition suivante qui réclame du Parlement le financement d’avortements sans risques, du planning familial et de la contraception dans l’Initiative canadienne du G8 pour la santé des mères et des enfants.

16. Resignation of Can. Fisheries Minister Gail Shea

The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Gail Shea and the Conservative Gov't of Canada is systematically dismantling the a well structured fisheries management plans throughout the coastal communities of Canada.

Management Plans that have been negotiated through co-management with resource stakeholders are being shredded by the Conservatives without regard for those that are adversely affected by this process.

17. A Petition to The Governor General of Canada to Reject The Prime Minister's Request to Prorogue Parliament

Whereas the citizens of Canada have duly elected the Members of the 40th Parliament, and

Whereas the first session of the 40th Parliament was prorogued during a period of profound economic instability, while the Government resisted a coalition helmed by a Member whose continuing leadership of his Party was in question, and

Whereas no such economic or political crisis currently plagues Canada, and

Whereas the Prime Minister's prorogation request appears to be concerned more with insulating his Government from the scrutiny of Parliament than from serving the interests of Canada, and

Whereas proroguing Parliament is a direct threat to the function of Parliament and the will of the Canadian electorate:

18. Support the resignation of Defence Minister Peter MacKay

In November-December 2009, as Minister of Defence MacKay was involved with the Canadian Afghan detainee abuse scandal. He was well aware of the torture of Afghan prisoners handed over to Afghan officials after being arrested by Canadian soldiers.

Richard Colvin, a senior diplomat testified in November 2009 before the Special Committee on the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan that he began warning the government about torture in Afghanistan in May, 2006. MacKay admitted that "there were deficiencies in the arrangement of how we transfer detainees".

MacKay had earlier told the House of Commons there wasn't "a single incident" to prove allegations raised by diplomat Richard Colvin in 2006 and 2007.

For more information and evidence regarding the timeline:

19. Canada must support US trial of Omar Khadr & reject refugee status for Gitmo ex-detainees

Open letter from Canadians to the Prime Minister of Canada

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

February 2009


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Western countries such as Britain, Spain and the United States have suffered the barbaric killing and maiming of innocent civilians at the hands of people living within their borders who were linked to Islamist terror. Terror-linked individuals have cost Western nations immensely, both in terms of human suffering and diminished personal freedom. Any government that claims to defend the security and freedoms of Canadians is duty-bound not to take steps that potentially increase this threat of terror while offering no demonstrated benefit to the vast majority of Canadians.

Yet, Canadians are now facing the prospect that the lobbying by certain hardline Muslim and Arab groups and their enablers will result in the return to Canada of alleged terrorist Omar Khadr now charged with murder and held in Guantanamo Bay by United States authorities. In addition, Canadians are faced with the very real possibility that individuals who have no connection to Canada, including several Chinese Uighur Muslims in Guantanamo Bay, will be granted refugee status in Canada because of the risks they may face if returned to China. There are many potential refugees from other regions who have never been associated with Islamist terror and who were not apprehended while operating at the pleasure of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. These people have a much greater claim to Canadian refugee status than these Guantanamo detainees.

With dozens of former Guantanamo detainees returning to terror upon their release, the Stephen Harper government must not expose Canadians to the risks and costs of increased Islamist terror in Canada. Where the rights of a refugee applicant conflict with the right of ordinary Canadians to live free of terror, it is the security of Canadians that must come first.

With this in mind, the signatories below hereby request that the Government of Canada abstain from any intervention in the course of the United States' prosecution of Mr. Omar Khadr, and refuse to cooperate with initiatives aimed at facilitating refugee claims by any current or former detainees of Guantanamo Bay or comparable facilities.

Background on Omar Khadr:

Islamic extremist members of Canada's notorious Khadr "First Family of Terror" are pressing Canada's Government to demand that the United States release family member Omar Khadr from US custody, and to return him to Canada. Soon after 9/11, Khadr was arrested along with terrorist forces on an Afghan battlefield, and is charged by American authorities with the unlawful killing of a young American soldier, and the maiming of another. He is awaiting trial at the military prison at Guatanamo Bay.

Dr. Daniel Pipes, author and expert on counterterrorism, provides a summary of the Khadr family's long history of involvement with Islamist terror:

- Patriarch Ahmad Said al-Khadr met Osama bin Laden in 1985, funneled Canadian taxpayer moneys to him, eventually moving his entire family to Afghanistan to join him, dying in an October 2003 shoot-out with Pakistani forces.

- Wife Maha Elsamnah took her then-14-year-old son Omar from Canada to Pakistan in 2001 and enrolled him for Al-Qaeda training.

- Daughter Zaynab, 23, was engaged to one terrorist and married, with Osama bin Laden himself present at the nuptials, a Qaeda member in 1999. Zaynab endorses the 9/11 atrocities and hopes her infant daughter will die fighting Americans.

- Son Abdullah, 22, is a Qaeda fugitive constantly on the move to elude capture. Canadian intelligence states he ran a Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan during the Taliban period, something Abdullah denies.

- Son Abdurahman, 21, reluctantly trained with Al-Qaeda, was captured by coalition forces in November 2001 and agreed to work for the Central Intelligence Agency in Kabul, Guantanamo, and Bosnia. He returned to Canada in October 2003, where he denounced both extremism ("I want to be a good, strong, civilized, peaceful Muslim") and his family's terroristic ways.

- Son Omar, 17, stands accused of hurling a grenade in July 2002, killing a U.S. medic in Afghanistan. Omar lost sight in one eye in the fighting and is now a U.S. detainee in Guantanamo.

- Son Abdul Karim, 14, half-paralyzed by wounds sustained in the October 2003 shoot-out that left his father dead, is presently prisoner in a Pakistani hospital.

In February 2009, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) launched an initiative in support of Khadr's freedom. CAIR-CAN is the Canadian chapter of a US organization designated an "unindicted co-conspirator" by the US Department of Justice in the Holy Land Foundation terror trial in which all defendants were found guilty of enabling Islamist terror. CAIR-CAN also refuses to condemn by name such terrorist enterprises as Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

CAIR-CAN's Khadr campaign produced a highly-publicized letter to the Prime Minister of Canada, calling on Mr. Harper to press US authorities for Khadr's release. The letter was signed by Islamic advocacy organizations such as the Canadian Arab Federation, the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association, and Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association. Apparently unaware of nature of some of these groups, a variety of other people and organizations have signed and associated themselves with this letter, including Mr. Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International (English Section), an organization whose public funding, through its federal tax-free charitable status, would appear to be at odds with this highly political initiative. Together, the letter's signatories seem to claim that Mr. Khadr should be freed and taken in by Canada, on the grounds that Khadr (1) is a Canadian citizen, (2) was fifteen years old at the time of his arrest, (3) could not get a fair trial in the US and (4) should be tried in Canada.

These claims are misleading. Neither Canadian nor any other citizenship grants immunity from prosecution abroad for terrorism, war crimes or crimes against humanity. Neither is there a bar in international law to prosecuting war criminals who may have been as young as fifteen at the time of alleged offences. As for the issue of fairness in the expected US prosecution, the American Government has made changes in trial proceedings in order to remedy procedural weaknesses identified by the US Supreme Court. Contrary to claims made by radical Islamists and their mistaken supporters - including activist professors - these changes are expected to ensure that Mr. Khadr's trial will be consistent with American constitutional requirements. Moreover, as in any other criminal trial in the US and Canada, court proceedings involving Mr. Khadr will continue to be subject to supervision by higher courts. As for a trial in Canada, this prospect is speculative and doubtful, given that the victims of the crime for which Omar Khadr is charged are American and US security forces have had had the entire chain of custody both of Khadr and the evidence against him from apprehension to trial.

Canadians would not permit a foreign country to dictate the release of an alleged criminal killer of one of its soldiers, from Canada's justice system. Likewise, Americans have the right to complete, without Canadian or other foreign interference, the prosecution in their country of Mr. Khadr or any other person charged with murder. Canadians should therefore expect their Government to stand up to radical Islamists and their misguided associates. In particular, the Government of Canada must stand fast, and avoid any behaviour that could be construed as interference in our neighbour's legal system and sovereign constitutional right to protect itself. To do otherwise would set a dangerous international precedent that could later invite foreign interference in Canada's own judicial system. As an insult to the American constitutional order, interference could rebound on Canada's genuine interest in positive, productive bilateral Canada-US relations.

Background on refugee claims by Uighur Chinese:

Members belonging to the Uighur minority of China held at Guantanamo Bay have filed for refugee status in Canada through their Canadian lawyers. These individuals are from a group of 17 Uighurs captured in Afghanistan.

These individuals have no connection to Canada, and while they have not been convicted of specific terrorist crimes, there is no compelling reason why Canada should be the country of choice for their refugee applications. As citizens of China apprehended in Afghanistan, they would normally be returned to China or Afghanistan. China's human rights record has made the US authorities hesitant to pursue this option, and returning them to Afghanistan may endanger the lives of Canadian and US soldiers. There is no reason for Canada to accept custody of these individuals, to have them on Canadian streets, or to sustain the expense of their attendant monitoring, surveillance, legal aid, healthcare and welfare, particularly when Canadians already face economic challenges from financial and security threats.

In short, Canada's Government must not trade our collective security in order to curry favour with radical Canadian pressure groups seeking refugee status and taxpayer support for these individuals.

20. Stop Canada Condoning Death Penalty

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day declared last week that the PC government has decided to stop requesting clemency for Canadians on death row in the U.S.

21. Stephen Harper, something has to be done about Global Warming

Since his election into office as the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has created many false promises about fighting climate change. None of these have been fulfilled.

He said, a year ago, when he opted out of the Kyoto Accord, that their GHG emission targets were too high and that Canada wouldn't be able to reach them. In return, he promised to set some realistic goals for Canada. Those goals still haven't been set.

After making this promise, Stephen Harper quickly rearranged his cabinet, firing the former environment minister, Rona Ambrose, and replacing her with Jim Flaherty, former finance minister who knows, or seems to know, nothing about the environment.

This petition intends to make Stephen Harper aware of climate change and the fact that he is the only person who can greatly change our goals and emission levels.