Petition Tag - speed bumps

1. Speed Bumps and Street Light for Safety

I would like to have necessary speedbumps placed to insure the safety of my six children who are under 12 years old who reside with me on Valleyview Drive in Cedar Rapids. There are several other families with young children in this neighborhood.
My wife and myself have witnessed vehicles drag racing at all times of the day and late into the night. There is not much of a police presence in the neighborhood. My wife and myself have witnessed vehicles drag racing at all times of the day and late into the night. There is not much of a police presence in the neighborhood due to us living right outside of Cedar Rapids limits.
We are also asking for a street light for dusk nighttime safety to be installed.

2. Residential Speed Bumps for our neighborhood on Cold Spring & Parkland

On November 17th, 2016 in Moreno Valley CA, 92557 - A child was hit by a vehicle while riding his bike... People continuously drive their cars at a high speed on Cold spring/Parkland in Moreno Valley CA every day. There are so many children and pets in this residential area and it amazes me the amount of people that drive down this street at a high speed!

A child today was hit by a car and whether it was due to speed or not paying attention while driving he was injured. Thank God he is going to be okay! Do we have to wait for a death to happen before action is taken? How about we prevent this and slow these drivers down and help our children be safe and avoid having that dreaded phone call! Please for the safety of our children and pets please help us in our community by placing speedbumps on these roads...

Thank you.

3. Road safety small local streets

I've lived in my small narrow street for two years now and I'm sick of the speeding cars that go up and down my narrow street. My cat got killed here through speeding drivers.

I need to get a speed limit on this street as my son and other children play in our street but drivers don't seem to care what speed they do. I think there should be a limit of just 5 miles per hr which would be very reasonable or someone is going to get hurt or even killed. This is how fast residents and their visitors go.

We need something done ASAP. Please help by signing this petition.

4. Protect our children and residents from MOTOR VEHICLE VIOLATIONS

With our recent move to the neighborhood, my wife and I have had the privilege to meet many of our neighbors. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for welcoming us to the neighborhood with open arms.

Since we live on Lake St, we gain the opportunity to meet many of you and your wonderful families through your daily walks. 99% of the conversations I have with each of you, we seem to always share one major concern and that is the Motor Vehicle Violations that take place in our community.

The goal with this petition is to pro-actively put an end to the many violations that take place on our streets and protect our residents and children.

One day, I walked across the street to grab our mail with my daughter in my arms and a car blew the stop sign at Lake St and Buena Vista and almost hit us. My little girl is 2 yrs old and is always under our supervision but I foresee our neighborhood walking to the Lake or riding our bikes together. If "speed bumps" are installed, it will force vehicles to slow down.

Speed bumps will also serve another purpose by reducing the number of cut through vehicles cutting through our community to avoid traffic or traffic signs on major roads.

5. Waters Edge Speed Bump Petition

We continually have speeders in our gated community and the board refuses to put in speed bumps or do anything about it.

I would like to show the board that all the families in our community want to keep our streets and children safe by having them install speed bumps to slow down speeders.

6. Speed Bumps Placed in Front of Brown Street Academy to Protect our Children

Brown Street Academy is located on 20th street on the west side of Johnson's Park. The school sits between brown street and Garfield ave. 20th street is a two- way street where traffic is speeding both ways everyday.

Parents and school buses uses that street to pick up children and drop off children at school. There is a sign that says 20mph and there are school pedestrian signs there but drivers are not paying attention or they don't want to.

When you are in a school zone they must and should slow down even if there are no children present at the time. When children are present they are still speeding. People side mirrors have been hit as well because of the speeding on 20th street.

We want our children safe at all time coming and going to school.

7. Speed Bumps for Muirhouse Road, Motherwell

The speed of vehicles travelling on Muirhouse Road is causing grave concern to local residents.

Our neighbour was killed recently and we need to put a stop to the speeding so there are no more fetalities.

8. Place speed bumps in Tokoroa

For years, speeding in Tokoroa has been a ongoing issue for the residents in Tokoroa. Cars are exceeding the speed limit on our busy roads and its time that some safety measures were put in place.

I believe as the town grows there must be a level of safety placed. As a parent it is important that children and elderly are safe to walk on our streets. With the increasing number of accidents occuring in Tokoroa at the moment.

Reducing the speed of cars by placing in speed bumps we can ensure the safety and protection of our children and residents of Tokoroa.

I have 1000 people who have signed my petition from Tokoroa alone and now I will take this petition nation wide.

9. South Waikato Council: Provide Speed Bumps for Busy Streets

I am starting a petition to get speed bumps placed down our busy streets and the streets where schools and daycare facilities are. Why?

There are too many cars that speed around schools in busy streets and by reducing the speed of cars by putting speed bumps in we can ensure the safety and protection of our children and residents of tokoroa.

There have been 5 people run over in tokoroa and children just about get hit its time the safety of the people that live in tokoroa stand up and do something about this pressing issue.

10. Speed Bumps for East Bryant Ave

There are speeders and careless drivers that drive down East Bryant Ave in Geneva Alabama.

There are a lot of small children that play in or near the street, and also there are older people in the vicinity.

11. Speed bumps on Koeberg Road, Milnerton, Cape Town

After my boyfriend's son was knocked over in a hit and run on this road this morning, I decided enough was enough.

Too many innocent children are losing their lives on this stretch of road and nobody is doing anything about it. Taxis are running red lights, driving down the shoulder of the road and mowing down children left, right and centre.

This needs to end!

12. We need speed bumps on Holcombe road, Warnbro to stop the speeding

We the residents along the Holcombe road are writing this petition due to the constant speeding down our street.

Holcombe road is used as a major through road in Warnbro and it seems people are treating it as a 70KM zone rather than a 50KM which is what it is meant to be in residential areas.

We have on numerous occasions called the police asking for something to be done, and have yet to see any action.

There have been a few incidents now of animals been killed on the street, and we fear it is only a matter of time before it could be one of our children.

We are pleading with you to please do something about this problem before it is to late.

13. Add Speed Bumps to Artesia Blvd for our Safety

Artesia Blvd is a community street ending in a dead end. There are numerous families with children residing on and near this street. As a result, there are many children playing outside, riding bikes and scooters, and traveling to friends houses, as well as students going to/returning home from school, people running and walking their pets, construction workers and school buses.

There have been numerous accounts of speeders down this road and the roads feeding into it. We have even seen someone drive into the Artesia Blvd water feature. Several accounts have even been brought to the police. Now, we are witnessing near collisions, people nearly being hit by careless drivers speeding down the road.

I am afraid for mine and my children's safety, as are other parents and residents of Artesia. We would like to see this problem resolved before anyone is injured. This is a concern that has gone unchecked for long enough.

14. Speed bumps for Market Street

Market street in Centreville, Alabama is in desperate need of speed bumps.

There are at least a dozen children that live on the street.

Drivers do not abide by the speed limit making it dangerous for residents and their visitors.

15. Speed Bumps on Lathrop Rd (off of Barbara Terry)

Due to habitual high-speed racing, on Lathrop Rd (off of Barbara Terry and near the levee) and the potential danger of running into pedestrians, private homes and city property as well as the unnecessary noise, speed bumps are requested to be placed in order to curb this behavior.

16. Install Speed Bumps on Cordero Drive

Cordero Drive is the main bypass linking Deer Creek Neighborhood to Falcon Ridge Neighborhood - there is heavy traffic daily that utilizes this street and has a history of excessive speeding (+ 25 miles per hour which is the posted speed limit).

This concern has been presented to the City Council of Cibolo on more than one occassion due to ongoing safety concerns of the street.

17. Fix Grieve Road (before it becomes the Road to Hell)

After yet another traffic accident this morning 01/02/2013 between a car and a transit van on the Grieve Road, I seriously think that Inverclyde Council should get their finger out and do something about this road before someone is KILLED!

Speed bumps or something similar is very much needed.

18. Add Speed Bumps in the Excelsior District to Save Lives, San Francisco

My name is Samantha Hoeg. I am a San Francisco native living in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. I have lived in this neighborhood for most of my life and it has been obvious for years that many people driving through this area drive at excessively high speeds whipping over the many hills making this neighborhood dangerous for pedestrians, children at play and the many dogs that occupy this community. It is also a short walk to Mclaren Park, the largest park in the city and a popular park to take your dog out for its afternoon walk.

One week ago a lady from this neighborhood lost her dog to a hit and run on the corner of Vienna and Avalon, where there is no stop sign. There is no reason to be driving that fast just because you can through these areas! Avalon is one of the steepest hills in the Excelsior District with the "right away" allowing drivers to exceed unnecessary speeds. One week later, today January 25th, yet again a dog was killed by a high speed driver in front of my house, 126 Vienna street at about 10:30 am. I had to witness as my neighbor run over to pick up his dead pet.

Yes we, as dog owners, should practice more caution keeping our dogs on leashes, but having more speed restriction on at least Vienna and Avalon will only prevent more of these unnecessary tragedies from occurring. Are we going to wait until it is a small child of the neighborhood that falls victim to this?

Please help us make the Excelsior District a safer place for all its residents, both human and animal alike.

19. Petition for Speed Bumps Redbud Lane North of Low Bridge

The Whispering Hills Board Agreed to and Acknowledged the need for Speed Bumps/Humps on Redbud Lane.

Speed Bumps were ordered and put in place. Speed Bumps were accepted, by the majority of residents, but a Style Change was requested. Speed bumps were removed and never replaced.

This area has a walking trail exit, creek where children play and fish, and is a downhill invitation to speed. A future park is also proposed for this area of Redbud.

20. Speed Bump On Walton Lane

Many children and animals live on or off of Walton Lane, and have a difficult time when crossing the street, or taking a walk.

This in large part is due to the dangerous speeds at which drivers drive when passing through the neighborhood.

This is unsafe, and measures need to be taken.

21. Speed bumps on Martlet Place

I am writing to express my profound concern for the safety of the children in my neighbourhood. In the last month have since seen 2 children have close encounters with vehilces.

There is a playground at the bottom of Martlet Place on the turn, therefore children are always present in this area. The amount of vehicles that speed through this area are ridiculous.

We currently have "children at play" signs posted in the area which do no justice. I have spoke to residents in the area who have expressed the same concern as myself. Myself and the residents in this area are hoping to be able to get speed bumps put in place on Martlet Place.

I would also like to add that the playground on Martlet is the pick-up and drop-off area for the school buses. I feel it is only a matter of time before a child is seriously injured.

22. Place Speed Bumps on Peach Place

In the last year two kids were hit by speeding vehicles traveling on Peach Place which has a speed limit of 25 mph. On this road are two churches and a neighborhood park which is located on a hill. I have been living on this road for over twenty years and I've witnessed a high speed chase and a four year run over by a truck, on New Year's Day.

I have a nine year old son who rides his bike to the park with his friends and I have a fear that one day a car would come speeding over that hill and injure more children.

23. Keep our children safe petition - Bloor Street West Roads

On behalf of a number of residences north of Bloor Street West and the surrounding area I wanted to bring to your attention our concerns surrounding the safety of our children in this area as it relates to traffic and roads.

Thank you to all who have supported this campaign.


This is a petition to add speed bumps on the 700 block of Ada St adjacent to Industrial St. This street is being used by many vehicles who are attempting to access the Industrial. As many of us have witnessed, many drivers are focusing on quickly getting onto or off of the Boulevard. They are not taking responsibility to slow down in this family oriented neighborhood.

We have 2 children who lives on this street and there are many other children in this neighborhood. We feel it is our duty to take every precaution for the safety of our children but we need your help. We hope you will agree that the addition of speed bumps on this street will considerably add to their safety.

Please help protect our children's lives by signing this petition.

25. Fifers against Speed Bumps

This petition seeks to bring to the attention of Fife Council public anger at the proliferation of speed bumps, or inverted potholes on our local roads. Speed bumps cause huge damage to small, environmentally friendly cars whilst 4x4s are exempt.

They are used by councillors to satisfy the need-to-be-seen-to-be-working mantra, and have no consideration for the impact on vehicles. Speed bumps are constructed in so many different shapes and sizes that the result is their is no correct way to cross them. The burden on the taxpayer is further reinforced by damage caused to emergency vehicles which need to travel at high speeds along our roads.

Motorists are paying record levels of fuel duty and road tax, yet we are forking out more in repairs to our suspension and tyres caused by speed bumps. Speed bumps divert attention away from the real reason for accidents on our roads which is alcohol and drug abuse. Most motorists drive responsibly, so stop punishing us !

26. Speed bumps needed along Discovery Place and E. Iowa Ave in Nampa Idaho

For many years, drivers in Nampa, Idaho have been speeding around a long stretch of road in Nampa, Idaho. Discovery Place turns into E. Iowa Ave and is across the street from Greenhurst Elementary School.

The street is long and has a slight curve as the road turns into E. Iowa Ave. Residents along our street have had cars in their yards...almost been run over in the middle of the day and had their mailboxes knocked over too many times to count.

There are families with children and pets along this street who are afraid to let their children play outside due to the speeding cars. Unfortunately, the street is wide and it lends itself to speeding.

27. Traffic Calming (Speed bumps) for Henry Street Spring Hill

After witnessing a pedestrian/car accident on the 3rd of February I have decided to organise this petition to introduce traffic calming devices on Henry Street in Spring Hill.

There are numerous short and long term apartment patrons, pub patrons, and 2 child care centres within 100 metres of the street. Combine that with literally hundreds of cars per day using it as a shortcut, this sort of accident was bound to happen, and will continue to happen unless something is done.

Henry Street is currently 2 way and only barely wide enough for that, let alone the speeds and blind spots accessing Astor Terrace, John Street and Leichhardt Streets.

We call on Brisbane City Council, Queensland Transport and Brisbane City Police to work together to discourage streets like this to slip under the radar when it comes to traffic management.

28. Douglas Avenue Speed Control

Douglas Avenue is a quiet, family oriented street in Lindenlea. It is only one block long, but there are currently at least 10 children living on this street that are all under the age of 12 (with two more on the way).

There is currently NO posted speed limit on the surrounding roads, and according to the City of Ottawa, this defaults the speed limit to 50km/h.

According to Safe Kids Canada a child stuck by a car traveling at 50km/h has an 80% chance of dying as a result of the "accident". Reducing the speed to 30km/h means that child has a 95% chance of surviving.

The number of incidents of speeding drivers along this street is shocking and unacceptable. We are tired of people speeding through our neighborhood because it provides quick access to Beechwood Avenue from the apartments and other residences along Putman Avenue. There is already a better street one block away (Springfield Road) that provides safer access to Beechwood (because it is wider, longer, and there is a traffic light).

Many of the residents often remark that it is only a matter of time before one of the children is hit by a speeding car.

Many of the speeding drivers are repeat offenders that do it every day.

29. Speed Bumps for Hillsdale Ave West (BTN Yonge St & Oriole Parkway)

For the safety of our children, please install speed bumps! We already have speed bumps for Hillsdale Ave East.... for the same reasons, we need speed bumps for the west side of Hillsdale.

Hillsdale Ave West is the only "through way" street btn Eglinton and Chaplin Crescent, therefore cars speed down Hillsdale Ave West very quickly!

30. Install Speed Bumps On Wood Rd

Wood Rd has become a hazard to the residents living on it's domain. Travelers cutting through from Lyndon Ln often speed through Wood Rd during prominent times when children are playing and and residents are walking.