Petition Tag - special edition

1. Bridge to Terabithia - Special Edition

Bridge to Terabithia was an amazing movie, a fact that I'm sure many can agree on (If you can look past the misleading marketing that is). But the DVD and Blu-ray disc didn't really do the movie justice. While it had some cool extras, there wasn't much to look at.

So I thought I'd create a petition. To ask Walden Media and Disney to release a special edition of the movie, which should include way more clips and footage, as well as the deleted scenes which weren't included on the DVD/Blu-ray.

All in favor, please sign! =)

// Teralian - A Place For Us

2. Get Demolition Man Special Edition

There have been scenes cut out of Demolition Man and they should have a DVD featuring all of the cut out scenes and released on blu-ray with those features as well. The movie is released on blu-ray.

We just want the deleted scenes released.

3. A Better Hocus Pocus DVD

Hello, This petition was started for the fans of the movie Hocus Pocus (1993). Were you very impressed with the features of the Hocus Pocus DVD released in June? Nope, neither was I. I started this petition in the hopes of getting a big amount of people to sign saying they want a better Hocus Pocus DVD with special features such as Deleted Scenes from the movie featured in the theatrical trailer, Behind the Scenes featurettes, or Interviews. Please sign here with a small note if you feel a Special Edition Hocus Pocus DVD or some recognition to the movie is something you'd like to see done. The Nightmare Before Christmas, also made in 1993, was made into a Special Edition DVD including the deleted scenes, trailer, behind the scenes documentary and a lot more. The things the movie fans would love. Thank you for your time! ~The people of Hocus Pocus Online.