Petition Tag - socila services

1. Support a Sudanese family

NM has been taken away, from custody of her father, by Social Services in Westminster Council in London.

This followed the illness of her mother a few years back. EM was assessed for three months to check if he will be a good father, following that he was offered the full resident status. NM was returned to custody of her father in 2003. Family was assessed every six months until 2008. NM did not do well in school, due to social instability and she was not supported enough by School. Based on this, and on some teenage and repelion of NM's brother and other issues, Social security has sought a court ruling to take NM back last year. EM is well known to Sudanese Community as being of good standing.

He wants his children to grow up with some Sudanese cultural core values without compromise of the British norms.