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1. San Isabel Customers Support OPT OUT OPTION from Smart Meter Radiation

Experts are saying smart meters are unsafe, harmful to the environment, and often inaccurate. They can interfere with personal privacy and security.

Recent landmark developments: in Jan., 2012, public health authorities and a national physicians’ association decry the radiation from wireless smart meters:

The Santa Cruz Public Health Dept. issued a report, “Health Risks Associated With SmartMeters” that expressed strong concerns about the risk to public health, with scientific justifications

A large national physicians association, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, issued a position statement opposing the installation of smart meters based on forced, chronic exposure to wireless RF radiation as a known, preventable environmental hazard and risk to public health that should be prevented.

Concerning radiofrequency radiation exposures:

WHO determines RF radiation a significant cancer risk - placed in same category as a potential carcinogen along with leaded gasoline, DDT, exhaust, chlordane, and chloroform.

Landmark smart meter opt-out legal case won in Maine.

For more information on Smart Meters watch this YouTube video called "The Dark Side of Smart Meters".

2. Allow Washington, DC PEPCO Customers to opt-out of having a wireless "smart" meter as Maryland PEPCO Customers can

On August 10th, 2012, Councilmember Alexander released the following Press release:

Councilmember Alexander Requests PSC to Investigate
Pepco’s Smart Meters, Opt-out Policy

After receiving numerous complaints from Pepco customers, Councilmember Yvette M. Alexander and the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee are requesting that the Public Service Commission (PSC) investigate any health, safety and privacy issues related to the installation of the smart meter.

Since the smart meters were deployed in September 2010, Pepco customers have expressed their unease with the new device and have inquired about an opt-out policy that will prevent the installation or the transmission of data from already installed meters. Throughout the United States, opt-out provisions have been approved by state commissions and legislatures and several were adopted after the deployment of the smart meter. Councilmember Alexander as well as the members of the Public Services and Consumer Affairs Committee believe that this investigation will provide much needed answers to the inquiring public.

“It is essential for the PSC to take a long, hard look at the concerns raised by the residents and to determine if there is anything that Pepco can do differently to better serve its customers,” said Councilmember Alexander. “As legislatures, it is our duty to not only listen to our residents, but to show them that we have done everything in our power to help alleviate their concerns.

On August 16, 2012, PECO (The Philadelphia Electric Company) suspended installation of their "smart" meters due to fires and over-heating.

See: (Illinois , GE Meter - Note: PEPCO is using GE and Landis & Gyr brand meters) (Georgia) (Texas) - Note: The meters mentioned in this article are Landis & Gyr meters. One of the brands of meters PEPCO is using. Note: They were found to malfunction when they get too hot.

On February 8, 2013 West Monroe Partners was hired by the Commission to start the study. The cost of the study is $108,000 and is for one year. Details can be found here: and concerns here:

Note: The Santa Cruz County, California, Health Agency issued a report, in January of 2012, on the "Health Risks Associated with Smart" Meters" at the request of the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. The DC Public Service Commission does not have to reinvent the wheel and can take notice of this report:

and, The Commission twice rejected requests of the Office of Peoples Counsel to have an "opt-out" provision studied arguing that the Council required "all" to have a participate in the "smart" grid. The Council law authorizing the "smart" grid stressed two way communicating devices and did not order that they be "wireless." PEPCO decided to use "wireless" meters as opposed to fiber optic or cable/ethernet (Note: ANC 4B supported the second request of the OPC)

With the growing reports of "smart" meters being connected to fires, health problems (such as headaches, heart palpitations and interference with pace makers and other implanted medical devices) the Commission should to grant an immediate right to "opt-out" for all PEPCO customers while the issue is studied.

3. End 'Smart Meter' Implementation in the City of Windsor

a) 'Smart Meters' do not promote 'energy conservation'.

b) 'Smart Meters' are, and can be used in such a way that violates the privacy of every citizen under of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, specifically The Privacy Act.

c) 'Smart Meters' pose a possible serious long-term public health hazard using continuous radio-frequency radiation bursts (unlike cellular phone radiation).

d) 'Mandatory' installation of 'Smart Meters' is un-Constitutional, eliminating the citizens right of freedom of choice.

e) 'Smart Meter' installations have yielded irate customers throughout Ontario, Canada, and the United States who have noticed drastic increases in their energy bills, even without 'Time-of-Use' billing implemented. Leading to speculations of corporate profits under the guise of 'energy conservation'.