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1. Boycott MYER until they stop selling real fur. STOP selling fur.

EYE whiteness have disclosed the department MYER Australia is selling a brand called Morgan & Taylor who use real Rabbit fur in accessories such as scarves and Gloves.

These farmed rabbits are from china and are subject to excruciating torture and inhumane methods of killing and living environment.

2. Watch while your fur coat is made. The fur industry is an abomination!

If you wear real fur, you may be interested in where it comes from. We want to know where our food comes from; buy local is today's mantra.

Well, fur comes from farms, also, just like our food comes from. God to and explore the many "heat wrenching" videos of fur "harvesting. Then, look again at the fur you wear. Comfy?

3. End the Fur Trade

In China, with a hidden camera, animals were filmed being SKINNED ALIVE!!! They say it's done to get a more perfect ''cut''. Afterwards the carcasses are tossed into a pile, still alive, and for up to 10 minutes you can see their hearts still beating, in agony, their eyes still blinking, and the puppies little paws still shaking.

There was one dog that still lifted his head and gazed at the camera with bloodied eyes even though it had been skinned. This is an absolute monstrosity, and it MUST BE STOPPED!!! Please do your bit to end the fur trade for good, all over the world, by signing this petition. FUR IS MURDER!!!!