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121. Baned Poke'mon

Poke'mon is bad for the soul and bad for the mind.The creaters of poke'mon put stuff in that show to brain wash people, especialy young kids. That is why you need to sign this petition. Thank you for your support.

122. Abolish Smoking in Public facilities in the United States

Dont you just hate it when you are sitting next to a smoker? It just makes you want to barf! Sign this petition to stop that!

123. Time to release ER onto DVD

Okay - ER fans around the world have been begging Warner Brothers to release ER onto DVD for six months now!

And it is about time to get this petition started. Im calling on ALL ER fans to please help sign this petition so we can get ER onto DVD format.

Thanks for helping

124. Keep **Politically Incorrect** alive

Please Sign This petition to keep (P.I.)Politically Incorect on any Channel, for all Americans to have a "Forum of political topic debate". To air the show on earlier time slots in ALL time zones. As well to more available to all areas of the country. Free speach is an issuefor our Children in our country .
Not to be supressed By anyone,

125. Ressurect Thundercats on DVD

Remember Thundercats? The undespituted 80's cartoon classic? Well its high time we had it relesed on DVD. This classic needs recognition! Sign this petition and we will see Thundercats once again on our screens!

126. Dream Street is a Great Band!

Please sign this petition if you think Dream Street is a Great Band!!

127. Roll Eyes Smiley on MSN Messenger

All you MSN Messenger users, haven't you had the need some point in a conversation to use a "rolling eyes smiley" for sarcasm?.

You can make a difference, sign this petition to try and persuade MSN to include a Roll Eyes Smiley on the next version of MSN Messenger.

128. Help allSTARS get airplay!

This petitions is to help allSTARS and their single 'BACK WHEN' do well in the charts and to get lots of airplay!

Please can everyone sign this petition to help the band 'allSTARS' to get their new single 'Back When' onto our favourite radio stations!

129. Make School a Choice in USA

If you don't like school, but you still want an education, then you should sign this petition! It's gonna make it so you can go to school whenever you want. You'll still have summer vacations, and the normal holiday breaks! So please sign!!

130. Give Yates Woman Death Penalty

The yates woman murdered her five children and only got life in prison. She was also only charged for 3 of the murders. Sign this and help me argue for the death penalty.

131. Nickelodeon Should Play The Felix The Cat Show!

I've loved the Felix the cat show all of my life and Nick could use a neat show like it. I mean like they could play it here and there. I miss the show, now it doesnt even come on anymore! PLEASE sign this petition this show has been around for DECADES! Its a good show!


If you are against ANY hate crimes, including crimes related to race, sexual orientation, etc. Then sign this petition to STOP HATE CRIMES.

133. Save Charlie the squirrel-monkey

Charlie the Squirrel-Monkey was assulted multiple by Walter the Wombat and is undergoing medical treatment for his injuries and needs moral and monotary support. Many People have begun to rally their support for Charlie and we need more help please sign this petition to help save Charlie.

134. Unfreeze the Account Prettywittybaby on Neopets

On February 10, 2002, my main account on Neopets, prettywittybaby, was frozen. For reasons I have no idea, but I know I am innocent. When I believe I can get all the signitures I can, I will send this petition to the Neopets team in hopes that they will unfreeze my account. I have been on this account for one year, and after all that work I get frozen and I am not told why. Please sign this petition ONLY if you believe I am innocent. I do have other accounts, but none I have used for the Fruit Machine, Tombola, etc. My other accounts where merz, mystical_lupess, gaia_n_slash, angel_n_slash, and silver_dark_ora. I am a roleplayer and all of these account where to keep my characters in. Thank you for your time.

135. Sick and Tired of Nsync! Backstreet Boys have more talent!

Are u sick of NSYNC and their fans acting like NSYNC is number 1? well I am! I mean Backstreet Boys have been around soooo much longer then them and they have a lot more talent than NSYNC if u feel the same way Sign this petition! E-mail me at

136. Realistic Graphics for Zelda

This is a petition against the new "cartoon-like" graphics in the Legend of Zelda game coming out for Gamecube. At first, the graphics were supposed to be very realistic, like in the preview of Link and Ganondorf fighting. Now, they are very much like a cartoon, and not realistic at all. Many gamers were very excited about the amazing graphics, with the Gamecube's power, and now, almost all that power and excitement is going to waste.

If you agree that the graphics should be realistic and not like some cartoon please sign this petition. If you want to see the old realistic graphics, and then the new cartoons ones, go to, which has videos of the realistic and cartoon graphics. Please Sign!

137. Ban LTTE like Al Qaida from the World

LTTE, a ruthless Terrorist network like Al Qaida (or Al Qaeda) have staged a war in Sri Lanka. LTTE has been fighting this war for the past 25 years. LTTE have staged more suicide bombing attacks than anyone else in the world. In fact, LTTE is known around the world for forcing children to fight in this War. LTTE followers are openly operating from countries like Canada, England, Germany, and France.

LTTE is already banned in USA and England. However they have managed actively to raise funds in the western countries. LTTE says that they are in the war due to discrimination faced by minority Tamils in Sri Lanka. However, LTTE have killed many Tamils who voiced against LTTE bogus propaganda. A large number of Tamils living in Southern Sri Lanka peacefully with other communities and there are few Tamil members in the Sri Lankan parliament.

LTTE has killed Indian Prime Minister already and have shown that they are capable of carrying out operations in foreign countries too.

Please sign this petition and help send a message to the world that they are another Terrorist organization like Al Qaida and a severe threat to the Whole World.

Read more about LTTE criminal activities in the world:

138. .PSDL City Editing W/ ZModeler

Oleg M., maker of ZModeler has been working on a .PSDL filter for ZModeler so we can edit city files in ZModeler. PC425@Creative-City2 has made a .PSDL editor before Oleg M., but not for Zmodeler.

The .PSDL editor that PC425 made is very hard to use in my opinion, and very buggy also.

PC425's .PSDL editor does the job, but not the best.

Please sign this petition to have Oleg M. continue development of the .PSDL filter for Zmodeler! Please have all your friends sign this too.

I cannot guarantee Oleg M. will continue development, but its worth a try - right? PS: No hard feelings here pls, PC425, I respect your work, but we just need a better editor.

139. Anti-Globalisation: Anti-Progress

At this very moment across the globe, people are protesting against corporations prioritizing profits over people's welfare. They argue that corporations should serve people, and not the world economy. They also argue that we are living in a world system which has been re-fashioned by the New Right over the last twenty years. These imbeciles obviously didn't do history in their Uni. studies... the "world system" has always mirrored that of the animal kingdom: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Even as far back as the Ancient Roman & Greek era, society learnt that the weak get weaker, and the strong get stronger. The stronger the army, the easier the victory. The stronger the leaders, the stronger the empire. It was often the case that the weak needed to work REALLY hard, become strong, and then succeed. Today's society is EXACTLY the same... there is the easy option of "BLAME", or there is the alternative: "EFFORT". The difference is that the "Blamers" are the weak link in today's society, being the burden for those who put in the "Effort". It is not a matter of principle. It is not a matter of money. It is a matter of justifying their weak stance in society.

If [a majority of them] leave their sheltered Uni. lives, they will EXPERIENCE what life is all about. And this is what this is all about. For them to condemn an organization like McDonalds, who recruit young people and teach them VALUES at such an age, is preposterous! It is a simple case of "Tall Poopy Syndrome"... they cut individuals down who have made the effort to become successful, because they CAN'T BE BOTHERED MAKING AN EFFORT THEMSELVES. These morons expect us to listen to them when they have had NO LIFE EXPERIENCES... operating on theories rather than facts. Taking their advice is like taking medical advice from a car salesman. Don't allow the minority to rule our democracy... a true democracy takes EVERYONE'S issues into account.

Sign this petition to protect our future. Skip signing it if you are one of the BLAMERS...

140. John Maloney: Innocent Man- Petition

John Maloney was wrongfully convicted of killing his wife in 1999. There is sufficient evidence that there was absolutely no crime committed at all, by anyone, yet John Maloney sits in prison for no reason at all. This petition will be used for two purposes: to gain public support over the Internet and elsewhere and hopefully have a powerful affect on the court system to get John Maloney a new trial. John Maloney and everyone else that believes in him, wants his name cleared of this mockery of justice. Please read the facts at and sign this petition to show your support. And always remember "An INJUSTICE anywhere, is a threat to JUSTICE everywhere!" We hope to put a stop to injustice in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

141. Bring Ozzefest to Australia

We fun loving Aussie folk hardly ever get the opportunity to see international metal bands in oz let alone at one HUGE festival ....

So ...... we need to sign this petition and bring the internationally renowned Ozzfest Downunder!!!!

Bands who have previously been a part of Ozzfest include - Korn, Soulfly, Black Sabbath, Coal Chamber, Primus, Slayer, Deftones, Fear Factory, Rob Zombie, Hed (PE), Slipknot, System of a Down, Tool, Sevendust, Limp Bizkit, Godsmack, Pantera, Static-x, Incubus, Methods of Mayhem, P.O.D, Queens of the Stone Age, Apartment 26, Kittie, Pitchshifter, Shuvel and the Deadlights ...

And the lineup for Ozzfest 2001 includes -

All I ask is that you sign this petition if you are a Metal Freak and spread the word. Tell friends, send e-mails Do what you need to do!!!