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61. GiVe RiCkI-LeE a ReCoRd DeAl

To give Ricki-Lee Coulter a record deal.

Please sign this petition if you think that Ricki-Lee should get a record deal.

62. Kid Clubs everywhere!

Don't you think kids should have a hang-out spot right around the corner everywhere? Sign this petition and we just might!!

63. Bring Back the TRUE Sonic!

Are you tired of all the crap SoA and Archie is giving to Sonic fans? Do you wish you could once again play a new Sonic game without having to shell out 300 bucks for another non-Sega system? Then my friends, you've come to the right place! My name is Usa-chan, a manga/anime creator and hardcore Sonic fan. The only problem is that I haven't bought a single game or a comic after the Sega version of Sonic Adventure 2 was released! What's the deal here?!

1) Archie is still being a group of butt-munches and are continuing to print out piles of shit they expect us to pay almost 3 dollars for.

2) Apparently Sega, world-wide for that matter, thinks that the all concole thing is the best idea they ever cam eup with. The thing is, if Sega is going to produce games for other systems only that means that gamers will have to buy yet another console just to get Sega brand games! Bull shit!

3) The new Sonic just sucks! I don't know why, but maybe it's the characters that gets me. Rouge was just another bad attempt to put a female into a Sonic game, Amy is getting worse, Tails is becoming a Sonic butt-licker, and the English voice overs for the games are worse than those old-godzilla flicks! WHAT THE !!

4) Sonic X finally drove the nail into the coffin. What the fuck is this shit? Sonic gets transported to Earth and he meets all these gay characters! To add to the insult, all the English voive-overs are played by the cock-suckers who play the voice on that vomit-tron show, Poke'Mon.........The show is just horrible. Bad scripts, bad acting, and the art is just ugly.....
AAAHAH!!!!!!!! For everyone who still has hope for Sonic sign this petition for Seag of Japan that they need to get their heads straight! They need to get their asses back into their own concole and start making their own damn games again! In fact, for those of you with ties to Sega of Japan, send them my address:

3101 N. Centennial St.
Indianapolis, In 46222

If you want the true Sonic back, sign this petition!In fact, rant all you want on the American Sonic. Just raise fuckin' hell!

The stuff that Sega of America has been spoon feeding us is a load of crap anyway...

So as a final note, bring back the original Sonic, on an all Sega console.........

64. Neopets: Avatar Simon Says

Avatar Simon Says is like the game Simon Says, but with avatars! This is a fun game to play on thec boards of Neopia! But Neopets is going to ban it! Oh No! Now what? You sign this petition, thats what! SAVE AVATAR SIMON SAYS TODAY!

65. frenzal - get rid of gordy

I don't like gordy, even tho now, i seem to like him a little more after reading those reveiws on that site, i still dont. plus i have nothing to do.
so to get a kooler drummer in frenzal, please, sign this:D

66. Mcfly to tour with Buted in Nov/Dec

As you know the best band ever BUSTED are doing a concert this year in Nov/Dec 04 - which is gunna rock, but sadly other band mates Mcfly wont be there supporting them or performing with them on tour. This petition is to get Mcfly up on stage with Busted in nov/dec! So please sign this because they have got to be there, BUSTED AND MCFLY! wow!

Please tell all your mates about the petition!

67. Keep all forms of hunting, shooting and fishing in the UK

Sign this petition to keep hunting, shooting and fishing. Show that the rural community care about their sports and way of life. Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the country, earning vast amounts of money.

68. Help Get a Skatepark for Harleysville Kids

Hello. I am a resident of Harleysville, PA. This petition is directed in the direction of kids everywhere, skateboarders, and people fed up with the annoying sound of skating, rollerblading, or biking and the crowds that come with these sports.

I would like to propose a skatepark be built in Harleysville in order to keep skaters from damaging local property. It would also help to keep local authorities focused on crimes and more important things rather then just trying to bust the skateboarders in my town. I believe it will be a free public park for the people, by the people, and a skate at your own risk establishment. Money can and will be raised at local stores, in schools, and also from donations. Materials and labor will also somewhat be handled by donation as well as funding.

If you are a skateboarder or would like to help give us kids somewhere to go without getting fined, arrested, or yelled at, please sign this petition.

69. Petition for Golfland to get Pop'n Music

This petition is in hopes of persuading Golfland to purchase Pop'n Music for its Mesa, Arizona facility. Many people wish for Golfland to purchase new rhythm and action games such as Pop'n Music. If you are one of these people then please sign this petition in hopes for Golfland to get Pop'n Music!

70. Shut down American Poetry Society

We have to shut down in order to put a stop to the scammimg that these lowlifes are doing. American Poets Society is the same company as in the same state (MD) in the same city (Baltimore) in the same address (600 Reisterstown Road Suite 200G) in the same zip code (21208) with a P.O. Box!! How far or how low are these scam artists going to go to greedily steal our hard-earned money? Let's shut them down for good, sign this petition!!!!!!!!!!!

71. No Coach No Team

Wednesday Feb. 4 Franklin Knights basket ball coach got fired. All Franklin students would like to have him back in our Franklin family. If you sign this we will get one step closer.

72. Get TV ONE on in Los Angeles

This is a new petition.

I hereby sign this petition to request that TV ONE be put on in the Los Angeles area. I want more entertainment in my area!!

73. No Kill Animal Shelters in New York!

Every year thousands of animals die in animal shelters! Sign this if you want all of the animal shelters in New York to get more funding and become no kill!

74. Faux pas at backdoor

If you think its time to see Faux pas at the backdoor you should sign this petition. Many bands have played there multiple times & if you are sick of waiting and will actually come out and see faux pas play at the backdoor if given the chance , please sign this petition. Feel free to comment ...

75. Bring back Dennis L. on Average Joe!

Dennis L. was unfairly booted from NBC's show "Average Joe" because the girl NBC picked was not-so-average! Sign this to get NBC to bring him back on the show!

76. Give Levi a Record Contract!

If you've been watchin aus idol like me and r mad bout levi then sign this petition and tell all ur friends coz levis a star!!!! plz sign this!!! 4 a good cause!!!

77. Save the music department in schools!

This is for children. Let's save the music in schools around the world.

Everyone that LOVEs music in school needs to have music. If we [students] lose the music, not many of us will have the chance to learn how to sing properly. So sign this petition and be proud that you have learnt or taught someone to sing.

78. More Police Patrols In Winnie

On Sunday October 26 between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am around five places were broken into. This needs to stop. We need more Sherrif Patrols in Winnie at night.

Please sign this petition for more Sherrif Patrols at night in Winnie.

79. Give Rebekah LeVauney a record deal!!!

Sign this petition if you think Rebekah should get a record deal!!

80. Bring Back Fat Pizza to SBS!!

SBS cancelled Fat Pizza. Don't let em do it. Sign this petition and bring Fat Pizza back!!

81. Bring "No Refund" skit to SNL

A long time ago 'NSYNC was on Saturday Night Live.They played a band called No Refund.The skit and song they did was really funny and catchy.Well since 'NSYNC is coming back into the spotlight maybe they can be on SNL againing playing No Refund.There is not a lot of information about No Refund since they are a just a band wrote for a skit but maybe snl can write some shows featuring No Refund as a skit allowing 'NSYNC(and only 'NSYNC) to play as them.

Please sign this saying u would like the snl writters to write more skits with 'NSYNC as No Refund and show 'NSYNC how many people love No Refund so they will agree to come to SNL occasionally and do more No Refund skits.

82. Westlife To STRIP TEASE On The New Tour

Ok Girlys and Blokeys...
As the new Westlife tour is coming and some of us have experienced how much of a good show Westlife have given us for the past three tours... What would we like to see this coming tour...
Does WESTLIFE STRIPPING sound good to you... Well it does to me and to alot of other girlys and blokeys out there...

So to just request or suggest or maybe just support this petition that WESTLIFE should STRIP TEASE on the next tour just sign this petition and get the word about and keep your fingers crossed (",) (",) Oh what a night it would be (",)

83. Westlife come to The USA for a tour

Time for a Westlife tour, being able to actually go to one.

This petition is to try and get Westlife to do concerts in the US. So please sign this petition. Thanks.

84. Humber College Food Services

For years now Humber students have enjoyed the food prepaired on campus, however, the price of it has skyrocked to the point where students can't afford to eat let alone pay for tuition, book, residence, and many other "fees" we must endure. If you "The Students" feel that the price of food should be lowered I urdge you to sign this petition.

85. Lower the prices on domains!

Thousands of people around the world want a domain for their website. The only thing stopping them is the price! The cheapest price is around $5.99 a month! That equals to $71.88 dollars a year! A lot of people don't have that much, and it only gets worse! Sign this petition to try and lower prices!

86. Petition against new Neopets Rule

I hate the neopts guild rule, do you? If so, sign!

Please sign this, the new rule is awful, we can barely type in our guilds!

87. Anti-Link Rule On Neopets


PLEASE sign this! We can STOP the rule! We MUST stop the rule! SIGN!

88. Get rid of John Howard

For a long time now, we have had John Howard as Australia's Prime Minister. During this time, we have been involved in a war the country did not agree with, we have had the GST (good and services tax) come in, and the list of levys and extra taxes are rising with each day we have John Howard in power.

Mr Howard does not listen to the people, and anyone who wastes taxpayers money and does not make decisions according to what the people want for their country should not be running it.

Please sign this petition, so we can have a Prime Minister who will look after the common good of the country, and so we can have a better Australia for the future.

89. Disney Channel - cut the 65 episode rule

Disney Channel has lost a lot of viewers because of the 65 episode rule and to prevent this happening please sign this and hope Disney cuts the 65 episode rule.

90. Save Hulk Hogan In Smackdown:Here Comes The Pain

This is first one!

As most of us heard Hulk Hogan has been removed fom the new Smackdown Game Here Comes The Pain now im sure most of us are very angry about that so if your a hulkamaniac sign this petition to save Hulk Hogan.