Petition Tag - senior class

1. Senior Off Campus Lunch

This petition is intended to help the senior class at Blanco High School recieve off campus lunch, hopefully every friday. We understand that off campus lunch can sometimes be a problem, but we are a responsible class and will respect the privelage of being able to leave campus.

We also are also including in the qualifications for off campus lunch that you must be passing all classes and that you have not received ISS of AEP. To help keep track of this, the senior class officers are willing to make out tickets each week for qualifying students.

Thank you for your support.
Seniors '09

2. Class of 2006 Senior Gift Scholarship

This petition was created in protest of the Class of 2006 Senior Gift Scholarship, which won second place to that of Root Glen extension.

The Root Glen extension rightfully won the popular vote and should therefore be pursued.

3. More Choices for Senior Class Field Trip

This is a list of signatures of people who agree with the statements that have been made. We hope that you consider our opinion and allow us the chance to make a choice about expenses and where to go. Thank you for your time.