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1. MUNTO Season 3

Munto is a two-episode original video animation (OVA) project by Kyoto Animation, first released in 2003 titled Munto followed by a 2005 sequel Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time. An animated television series entitled Sora o Miageru Shōjo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai based on the OVAs was produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Yoshiji Kigami.

The TV series is a nine-episode continuation of the OVAs, and aired in Japan between January and March 2009 on Chiba TV. The TV series includes an updated director's cut of the OVA episodes with new animation and footage.

2. Make 'MyMusic' Season 3

MyMusic is an American web transmedia mockumentary sitcom created by the Fine Brothers that premiered on April 15, 2012 on the MyMusicShow YouTube channel.

The series follows a group of co-workers that are employed under a music production company. MyMusic was the first transmedia sitcom on YouTube.

The aim of this is to show TheFineBros that the MyMusic fandom wants season 3. So I hope everyone tweets, facebooks and other social media accounts this to them so they can see that we care and want Season 3.

3. High School DxD season 3

This petition is for fans of High School DxD that want to see a third season!

Like any petition, it needs lots of signatures, so sign up!

Also I'm not sure if I sent the link to Funimation correctly, cause this is my first petition so If someone could tell me how that would be great. Don't message me on Gopetition though. Chances are I won't answer.

My email is

4. Darker than Black Season 3

With the ending of the phenomenal second season of the called anime series Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed with the lack of answers given to the amount of questions generated by it’s ending.

So we, disappointed but still loyal fans and viewers, come here to state our point and to try to have BONES and the director Tensai Okamura to listen to our only wish.

We agree that not only the ending was too unclear and left too much in open, but also showed us a new tipping point in the story that had origin in the ending chosen for the 2nd season, and which is still a hidden incognito for all the DTB fans around the world. We see in this, a very new opportunity to improve the story and to develop the concept within it, as new mysteries peeked in the very ending of Season 2, and they seem to be just waiting to be revealed. Such a mysteries that had origin through the following facts told at the finishing part of Season 2:

- America invaded Japan, in hopes of regaining their status as the World superpower.

- Misaki, Madame Oreille, Mao and co. formed a group to resist to the Americans, called The Syndicate.

- A child woke up inside Hell’s Gate and is seen to be able of killing many humans.

- It’s assumed to be the child of Izanagi and Izanami, Kagutsuchi, the prophesied disaster to befall the World.

- Hei is alive and has his powers back.

• Through this topics, we find that the story was never completed, as we don’t know how this battle against Kagutsuchi ended. If the humans were save or how the child of Izanagi and Izanami was killed.

• Looking for other points and questions, we found out that although the whole 2nd season was all about it, no one actually figured out for sure who was Izanagi. If he was Hei or Shion we would only know if we saw Kagutsuchi.

• Other hidden points in the story were Yin’s wish and the fact that we never got to know if she really died, if Hei was able to kill her, or he just rescued her.

Also a very important fact, but this one related to both seasons:
- We still don't know what happened on Heaven's Gate. - What was Hei's link with Amber?
- How he got involved?
- How he got his powers?
- Why it's said that what happened in Heaven's Gate was BK201 fault? Hei's fault? His sister's fault?

All this, takes us to the same conclusion: There’s no reason why an anime as successful as Darker Than Black, should be shoot down by BONES when it has now the greatest opportunity to conquer more fans with a whole new season.

That's why we are here. That's why we are spreading this petition through internet:

5. We want HOA Season 4

House of Anubis fans have loved Season 1, 2 and 3!

Let's do it again with a Season 4!

6. Bring Back Legend of the Seeker

Due to financial issues, Tribune, the major distributor of 'Legend of the Seeker,' decided not to renew the series. ABC Studios, which produced Legend of the Seeker, explored other options, and unfortunately, an apparent deal with Syfy fell through.

7. Darker Than Black Continuation

At the end of a phenomenal anime series called Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed. Not only was the ending unclear and left too much open, but it downright challenged much of the earlier points made.

The thoughts over this ending can be found here (NOTE: Spoilers for any readers who have not finished the series)

However, many thought that there would be something made later to clarify. However, the only thing that has been confirmed and released is a four episode OVA series detailing what had happened before the entire second season.

All other inquiries on a third season have been shot down by BONES.

8. English Dub D.Gray-Man episode 52+ Season 3 & 4

The series D.Gray-Man is only in English up to episode 51. All of the other episodes are in Japanese.

It is unfair that people who don't understand Japanese and only know English are deprived of the opportunity to view the full series in a language that we can understand.

9. Vampire Knight Season 3

Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight was brought forth into the world of anime on April 8, 2008 and proved to be a huge hit among all anime fans, vampire lover fans and other fans alike. On October 7, 2008 the popularity of Vampire Knight continued and increased as a Second Season, known as Vampire Knight Guilty, aired which proceeded on with the story based on the original manga. After a small number of only 26 episodes this wonderful series has come to an abrupt end, concluding the Vampire Knight anime completely.

However the manga counterpart of this tragically epic story is still ongoing. Due to it's 'unresolved' and abrupt ending, there are many fans out there who have been left confused, asking countless questions that have been left unanswered.

If you are new to this particular anime, please do check it's extremely worth watching. And on further note, please do check out the Vampire Knight manga.

Vampire Knight has proved to be a classic among many anime fans and does not deserve to end the way that it did. So I'll get straight to the point....WE WANT A THIRD SEASON OF VAMPIRE KNIGHT!! XD If you truly love and heart Vampire Knight and would like to see more of it with brand spankin new episodes then...
Join this battle and help us fight for Vampire Knight Season 3 by signing this petition!! By signing we can all make this happen!! SO SIGN...

Thankyou for your time... SEASON 3 FTW! XD

NOTE: This petition will be sent to both Matsuri Hino and Studio Deen.

UPDATE: OH MY FUCKING GAWD....You people are nuts *O* 15 000+ signatures huh? *faints* I guess that just proves how awesome VK is ;DD Anyway...gomen...I said I'd send this on during July....but rl stuff got in the way and I've been really busy -__-" Don't worry though VK fans! D; I'll definitely try to send this on in September =] (The VK power is with me XD 8D ) Also I'd like to apologize to those who asked me countless questions through messages but never got replies. My email inbox kept acting funny and I couldn't send any replies DX Anyways... Please keep signing! >.< The more signatures then the more persuasion for another VK season 83 THANKYOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT *O* VK SEASON 3 FTW~!! >.<

Much Love,