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1. Grant Visas to Captain Paul Watson and 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt

Call on the Australian Government to Grant Visas to Captain Paul Watson and 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt.

This December the Japanese whalers will head deep within the Australian Economic Exclusion Zone with a mission to slaughter 1035 whales, with some whales likely to take over an hour to die. Of the 679 whales killed during the 2008/2009 whale hunt in Antarctica, 304 were female. Four of the female whales were lactating and 192 were pregnant at the time of death.

The Japanese government's "Cruise Report" gives gruesome details on the foetuses killed. The four lactating females would each have had a dependent calf that would inevitably have starved to death.

Australians are proud of their affinity with the coasts and understand that whales are highly intelligent, socially complex, special creatures that play a vital role in the health of our Oceans. So much so that whale watching is now a 360 million dollar a year industry.

Labor's pre-election promise to stand up to the Japanese whalers has been broken. This means that the only thing that stands in the way of Japanese whalers slaughtering whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Japan has asked the Australian Government to act against Sea Shepherd, so as a direct and blatant result Captain Paul Watson and 1st Officer Peter Hammarstedt have been denied visas to enter Australia.

As a result of this action, the government of Australia is giving Japan a green light to slaughter Australia's whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

2. Save the whales BOYCOTT JAPAN

To call the whaling programme research is a hoax. The International Whaling commission has declared that the results of the programme are currently of no use, and non-lethal alternatives exist for determining all of the programme objectives relevant to whale conservation. 4,000 tonnes of the whalemeat which the hunt produces remains unsold, giving the lie to the suggestion that the whale hunt could become a commercially sustainable activity.

The current whale hunt in the Southern Ocean is neither scientifically useful nor commercially viable.

We will Boycott Japan and stop buying Japanese products until the killing of whales stops!

Hans Lak