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1. Support the Sea Islands Greenway


•Sea Islands Greenway is not the same project as the I-526 expansion.
•Johns Island's roads are dangerous and traffic is increasing.
•Progress, development and population growth are inevitable.
•Current traffic is largely composed of people commuting to and from the Sea Islands for work.
•Traffic is expected to increase by 50 percent by 2030.
•Charleston County began looking into the issue of traffic concerns in 2001.
•In 2009, Charleston County Council approved five separate studies to determine the best solution.
•The Sea Islands Greenway emerges as the most viable solution.

We can save the beauty of Bohicket Road and the lives of motorists on Johns Island by supporting the Sea Islands Greenway.

•preserves the rural nature of Johns Island.
•disrupts hundreds fewer property owners.
•reduces traffic congestion on Bohicket, Maybank and River Roads.
•could provide bikeways, jogging paths, bird-watching stations, picnic areas and equestrian trails.
•is almost half the cost of the other alternative to widen Main and Bohicket Roads.
•preserves road-side grand oaks.
•allows the tree canopy on Main and Bohicket to remain undisturbed.
•limits future roadside strip development.
•provides a safer and more direct route to and from the city.
•prepares Johns Island for the predicted 50 percent traffic increase over the next two decades.
•is 2.5 miles shorter than widening Main and Bohicket.
•results in half the number of home relocations.
•creates less disruption during construction.
•impacts no historic or cultural sites.
•avoids 5-lane roads on Johns Island.
•provides an alternative route for commuting workers.
•will create jobs for local workers.
•disrupts no churches or graveyards.
•eliminates need for other road widening projects.
•requires less farmlands and floodplains.
•provides travelers with scenic Lowcountry views.
•employs modern engineering safety standards.