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31. Make school districts account for our tax money

I worked for the Carbon County School District for 24 years and they are loosing
one forth of the warehouse inventory ( $220,996) every single year. I managed the warehouse and have copies of the inventories to prove this fact.

I made the Utah State Office Of Education aware of this problem back in Apr of 2012 and they looked into the matter. The Carbon County School District had excuses but nothing has been done! It is high time that they be held accountable for our money.

Craig Houskeeper

32. Leavers Locks

Our project is called Leavers Locks. It was inspired by the love lock bridge if France.

The purpose for our project is to give students at Canning Vale College something to leave behind to be remembered by. We are designing a statue with a hollow middle in the shape of a heart with two people connecting their hands. In the middle, the keys will be placed inside the heart like a money box representing each year twelve graduate.

The padlocks will be locked to the school fence along side the gym. For our project, we are expected to write multiple letters to our school board, principle and P&C to gain permission and knowledge for the project to be successful.

We have been lucky enough to receive $500 to support our project. This money will go towards purchasing the materials for our sculpture.

33. Residents against Farndon Road Development

The villages of Woodford-cum-Membris, a community of some 1,600 homes, have been the target of relentless residential development over the last thirty years or more. There are currently another 200 houses approved for construction on Byfield Road. Two further applications for developments of 44 and 55 houses in the village have now gone to appeal.

This level of housing development has not been matched by improved local services and infrastructure. It is contrary to current Planning policies relevant to Woodford. The developments are all outside the recognised village envelope and on Greenfields.

This over expansion of the villages will bring more traffic to our roads and overload existing infrastructure such as sewers. The increased population cannot be readily accomodated by facilities such as the local schools and medical services. The continued erosion of our countryside must be brought to a halt.

Please support our local councillors in opposing any further enlargement of our villages.

34. Bring in Restaurant Chains to Schools

Our school food is often bad tasting and simply not good to eat. There are few choices to pick from. The portions are always too small, but buying more food to fill your stomach can get very expensive.

For far too long students haven't been able to get a great tasting and filling meal at our school!

35. Support Charter Schools in Ontario

A Well-Kept Secret: Whatever Happened to Canada’s Charter Schools? Paul W. Bennett04/10/2010 By Paul W. Bennett - See more at:

Charter schools have coexisted with private schools in Canada for over 15 years. Yet they remain a well kept secret. Outside of Alberta, you would never know that they existed, especially if you depended upon Canadian public education sources for your information about the school choices available to families.

Are Canada's charter schools set for a comeback?

While North American charter schools may be modelled after private, independent schools, they are actually public schools. To be more specific, they are publicly-funded, autonomous schools which are formed to “provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the acquisition of student skills, attitudes, and knowledge in some measurable way.” (Alberta Education, 2010).

Since the premiere of the new documentary film Waiting for Superman, charter schools are becoming much better known. It has taken the educational world by storm and sent shock waves through the normally serene Ontario educational establishment.

Here in Canada the film has been greeted by our educational authorities with, for the most part, a stoney silence. Anyone who might suggest that it has any relevance to Canada is simply dismissed with the usual rationalizations. We have such a fine public school system, so the line goes, we have little to learn from the film.

Twenty years ago, a Canadian movement for charter schools stirred up quite a commotion. It was driven by concerned parents demanding more from public schools and looking for more parental choice within the system. Many were acquainted with Canadian private and independent schools, but lacked the means to enrol their children in schools charging tuition fees. Seeking higher quality public schools led them to become advocates for charters.

Since the early 1990s, the official reaction to charter schools has been apoplectic. When the Alberta government of Ralph Klein authorized Canada’s first charter schools, the core interests in Canadian education (school superintendents, education faculties, and teachers’ unions) closed ranks and successfully fended off charter schools everywhere else. Instead of fairly evaluating charters as a means of broadening school choice, public school authorities clicked into siege mentality mode, condemning the “privatizers” and casting aspersions on the motives of charter school advocates.

The first Canadian charter schools in Alberta were the result of the tireless campaigning of Dr. Joe Freedman, a fiercely determined radiologist from Red Deer, Alberta. Since their advent in March 1994, Alberta remains the only province to authorize charters. Today, Alberta continues to embrace “School Choice” in public education and to support 13 different charter schools. (

Following the breakthrough in Alberta, education reform groups favouring “School Choice” mounted a campaign in Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. The Ontario Coalition for Education Reform, the Society for Quality Education, and the Atlantic Institute of Market Studies (AIMS) all embraced the cause. Inspired by Dr. Freedman and American advocates of charters, the groups held conferences and published pamphlets proclaiming Charter Schools “an idea whose time has come.”

The frenzied activity peaked in 1997 and then stalled when educational authorities closed ranks and out-flanked the proponents by embracing a domesticated version of student testing and accountability. The Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, normally an ally, undermined the whole effort by publishing a “Freedom Index” suggesting (erroneously) that Canada’s public system already had more educational choice than the United States.

In Alberta, the existing Charter Schools have survived, but still face surprisingly strong institutional resistance, fuelled by the teacher unions. A recent January 2010 Canada West Foundation report, “Innovation in Action: An Examination of Charter Schools in Alberta,” put it best: Alberta’s chartering legislation is a straight-jacket which amounts to “the equivalent of clipping a bird’s wings and then asking it to fly.” (

“If Canada has a “school choice capital”, it is Calgary. Three of Greater Calgary’s top schools are Strathcona Tweedsmuir School, Rundle College, and Webber Academy, all catering to affluent and upper middle class families. The city also boasts six charter schools, enrolling 5,930 of the 7,161 students attending charter schools throughout Alberta. The number of students in Calgary charter schools has more than tripled over the past decade. Compared to the Calgary Public Board’s 99,680 students, the numbers remain small, but their evident success in improving student learning stands as a valuable lesson for other provinces.

Living as we do in a North American cultural universe, Waiting for Superman may just give charter schools a new lease on life here in Canada. Here is one “little Hollywood movie” that exposes ordinary citizens to the type of specialized, quality schools previously limited to parents who can afford such school options. If Canadians do embrace charter schools in greater numbers, public school standards may rise and so will competition for students.

[Dr. Paul W. Bennett is Director of Schoolhouse Consulting, Halifax, author of The Grammar School (2009), and online editor of EduBlog at]
- See more at:

36. Safer Crossings at local schools

Parents are noticing the rise of close calls when it comes to trying to cross a crossing near schools. Currently you legally do not have to stop at a crossing due to no white lines on road.

We are asking council to help us keep our children safer.

37. Local government workers need a decent pay rise

1.5 million people work in local government providing the essential public services we all rely on, often to the most vulnerable people in our society. They include school crossing patrol staff, catering assistants, cleaners, nursery nurses, library assistants and teaching assistants, as well as care workers and social care staff and pupil support workers - to name a few.

Since 2009, the workforce have suffered a three year pay freeze and a well-below inflation pay rise of just 1% last year. Those on the lowest pay levels earn just above the National Minimum Wage - poverty pay for responsible jobs that require skill and responsiblity.

The three trade unions who represent these workers, UNISON, the GMB and Unite, submitted a pay claim for a minimum increase of £1 an hour for local government and schools support workers back in October 2013. The Local Government Association Employers have made a measly offer of 1% for 90% of the workforce and a little more for those on the lowest pay points. The offer would mean that the lowest paid would be only 25p above the minimum wage.

Since 2010, local government workers and school support staff have seen the value of their pay drop by 18%. Many rely on benefits and tax credits to make ends meet. This doesn't need to be the case if they were paid a decent wage for the important work they do.

38. Restore Prayer in Public Schools

According to “Bible Resources” (2012), “In the mid 1990’s, school shootings became a trend, with at least 16 such shootings resulting in over 240 killed; one of the most horrific being the Columbine incident on April 20, 1999, in which 12 students and one teacher were killed” (What the Bible Says About School Shootings).

Betty Miller says the Columbine incident was the most horrific, however, up to date, in my surmise, The Sandy Hook incident has been by far the most horrific. The evil that has taken over our schools has been able to have full access since prayer was removed.

“Every effort to restore prayer to the public schools of America is an effort to save tens of thousands of American lives” (Homeward Bound Journal, 2010). Many organizations and individuals are ready to restore prayer in the schools. Prayer is a part of U.S. history that should be restored, especially, in public schools. The Declaration of Independence says, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights….”

We are not asking for Religion, we are asking for prayer! Let’s restore prayer back in public schools.

Bible Resources. Retrieved from
Homeward Bound Journal (2010, July 19).
School Prayer Amendment [Video file]. Retrieved from You Tube website:


Children in schools have been shot and killed because they did not have a hiding places to hide in out of sight of the shooter.

Some children at Sandy Hook Elementary School lived and were not shot because they had a hiding place to conceal themselves in.

The hiding place that can be created in schools can be formed with book cases that already exist in the class rooms. They can be formed free with volunteers in about 30 minutes. Cost: Zero

40. Stop Islam influences in Australian schools

Stop Islamic influences in Australian Schools.

Our children should be able to sing OUR anthem at our schools. They should be able to say Merry Christmas at our schools.

Stop Islamic teachings to our children.

41. Against proposed elimination of Korean communication specialist

Since the 1980s, Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland (MCPS) has provided Korean language (in addition to Spanish, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese) translation service for thousands of Korean students and their families.

Key information such as official documents, emergency announcements, curriculum guides, parent guides, email newsletters, and television programs are created by MCPS to inform parents and promote student academic success, 21st century skills, and social emotional well-being.

The proposed Fiscal Year 2015 MCPS budget includes elimination of the single Korean communication specialist that translates school system messages for the Korean community. We CANNOT let this happen!
한국 학부모님께 눈과 귀가 되고 있는 한국어 번역 서비스를 살립시다.

1980년 초부터 Maryland 주의 Montgomery County Public Schools(MCPS)에서는 한국어 번역 서비스를 수만 명의 한국학생과 부모님들을 위해 제공하고 있습니다. 학교와 교육부에서 제공하는 중요한 문서와 안내, 총기사건과 바이러스가 유행했을 때와 같은 다양한 비상상황을 신속하게 알리는 비상시 안내문, 커리큘럼 안내와 학부모님을 위한 안내서, 학생 학과목 안내와 학교와 교육구 프로그램 안내, 이메일로 제공되는 뉴스레터와 TV 방송 등 교육구의 중요한 정보를 한국어로 번역하여 제공하여 이를 통해 학생들이 성공적으로 학업을 이수하고 21세기의 필요한 사회, 정서적으로 건강한 학생으로 성장할 수 있도록 도움을 주고 있습니다.

오는 2015 새 회계연도 MCPS 예산에 한국어 서비스를 없애자는 안이 상장되어 교육위원회에서의 통과를 기다리고 있습니다.
그렇게 되면 Montgomery County 공립학교에서 웹사이트를 포함한 모든 한국어 번역이 사라지며 통역 서비스를 확장하려는 노력도 물거품이 되고 맙니다. 여러분의 도움이 필요합니다.

여러분의 목소리를 교육위원회와 교육감이 들을 수 있도록 진정서에 서명해주세요.

42. Close ALL Schools on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a Federal Holiday. Some schools are closed but not all of them.

I believe ALL Schools should be closed for this important holiday.

43. A secondary school for east Reading with the best facilities at the best location

East Reading needs to plan to increase the number of secondary school places available to families. The local council have bought some land in Crescent Road, adjacent to the UTC and Alfred Sutton Primary School. It is land designated for Educational use and has playing fields and some existing classrooms on the site.

The conservative MP for east Reading is promoting the conversion of the iconic North entrance of the Royal Berkshire Hospital on London Road. This site is located on a main road, has no outdoor space, playing fields or parking, and in addition, it is a grade 2 listed building and currently houses hospital clinical facilities.

44. Put our children first, bring a Sarah law to Ireland!

Background: I began this campaign, for the purpose off my two family members. Which were abused for numerous years, by their step father. Now that it's 2013, the girls who can not be named for protection reasons, have struggled to get their story heard.

At the beginning of October this year Sunday world newspaper agreed to publish their story. 3 weeks on, 3 newspaper stories, radio stations and our facebook page reaching incredible numbers, girls turning the page into charity for protection off children. For communities and victims off sex offenders, to give them place to go, an ear to listen. For families to come together stand together and stop suffering in silence.

The girls and I will be fighting for Sarah law' to be introduced into Ireland as soon as possible. We ask everyone to please share and sign our petition, every man woman and child, or inner child should have right to a voice. Thank you!


45. Objection to Planet Liquor, Observatory, Joburg

As a community, as residents, as families, as schools, and people who care about Observatory we have objected to the proposed bottle store in Observatory Avenue, on the corner of Short Street. The owner has now appealed to the Gauteng Liquor Board and we need to mobilize again. Remember what was said at the last application.

We were told the adjoining butchery and the braai area was highly successful and had nothing to do with the proposed bottle store! We were told it would be a high class bottle store with fine wines and cigars! Well the butchery is closed and we still believe that this property could easily turn into a shabeen, right next to a school.

46. Fund the schools to afford higher quality classrooms

All schools, whether Elementary, Middle, or High School, children deserve a suitable and attractive working environment.

Not to mention, since everyone knows that teenagers especially love style, the kids will excited to learn. And parents want nothing more than to see their children looking forward to school.

47. Stop Bullying, Harassment and Cyberbullying

Every School across the United States, and the World, has have Students that have been Bullied, Harassed, or Cyberbullied before.

I am a 7th Grade Student who attends Middle School in California, I have been harassed, bullied, and Cyberbullied, right now I'm currently being harassed.

I'm just one person, of many that have been bullied etc. Please help and stop this.

48. Get the Bible back in schools

Youth in our nation need times of prayer and Biblical teaching in order to properly make decisions, and need to be encouraged to follow the LORD JESUS CHRIST who alone should be our law giver, judge and King.

Along with requesting times of prayer and Biblical classes in schools, we the undersigned also demand that all evolution classes and classes teaching non-biblical principals be stopped at once since this is teaching a lie to our youth. As the founders of this nation stated, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights .. . .." The founders of this country proclaimed a Creator, as do we. HIS name is JESUS CHRIST.

49. Please Support Valor Collegiate Academy

Building a strong future for Nashville requires a high quality education for all of Nashville's children, regardless of zip code, race, or socioeconomic status. Valor Collegiate Academy intends to provide a world-class, college preparatory experience to students of all backgrounds in Nashville.

Valor teaches a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum that is truly personalized for each student. Through a personalized learning plan, each student is encouraged and coached on their path towards acceptance to a four-year college or University. Valor uses rich data to help students grow as scholars and as human beings in a supportive, high expectations community.

Lead Founder Todd Dickson brings over a decade of educational experience to Nashville. He is most recognized for his success with Summit Preparatory Charter in Redwood City, CA. Under his leadership, Summit Prep was named the #118 best public high school in America for the first time in 2008, and the #76 best public high school in 2009. In 2010, Summit was named one of the Top 10 Transformational Schools in the country by Newsweek, and has been featured as an education solution in the nationally acclaimed documentary Waiting for Superman.

Nashville’s Metropolitan Board of Public Education will be considering Valor Collegiate Academy's charter application in May of this year. A vital part of their decision will be based on the support of parents throughout the Nashville community. This petition is meant to demonstrate the excitement and support of Nashville parents in having MNPS provide this new opportunity for their children. Through this we hope to show the School Board the positive impact Valor Collegiate Academy will make upon its arrival.

Names and information collected for this petition will not be used for any commercial purposes.

50. Continue the option of Bibles being offered in Chilliwack schools

Keeping the Bible an option for grade 5 students in Chilliwack schools has come into question within the last few months.

We want to see this continue being an option for families and students.

51. Support School and Tax Savings

From 1992 to 2009 the number of students in Virginia increased 22%, the number of teachers 11%, and the administrative staff 100%. Augusta County ’s trends were in keeping. For the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year the total budget for Augusta County Public schools was $116,554,163 for approximately 10750 students. This is an annual cost of $10,840 per student.

During a similar period, 1999 to 2007, home schooling increased 75% because of an accelerating growth in the number of families that have lost confidence in public education. Meanwhile, Virginia and Augusta County, at an ever increasing annual cost to taxpayers, continues to focus on task-oriented teaching and testing programs that causes even more families to rely on home schooling and private schooling.

The solution is not more money. The solution is reducing the cost of mandated programs such as Virginia’s SOLs, the cost of administrative bureaucracy, and the cost of never-ending construction of bells-and-whistles facilities. Until the Augusta County BOS rises to its responsibility to provide objective, daylight scrutiny of school budgets the Augusta School Administration will continue to confuse their wants with student needs. Until citizens realize that it is not “for the children” but “for the adults”, costs will increase but the quality of education will decrease.

Note: Signers of this petition must include a street address to prove Augusta County residence.

52. Get Prayer Back In Schools

For many years now, we have seen tragedies enter our schools and slaughter our children. We have gone from sending our children to school as normal, to deploying them to a war zone that we didn't sign up for and praying they make it back alive.

People continue to say that different religions will be offended. Well, Religions aren't discriminated against when it comes to a bullet hitting our children. We are suppose to be a Country that's not divided, but because of our Religious beliefs we are. Prayer is not about "WHAT" you believe, but WHO you believe in. Why is it okay to Pray After the fact but not before? We see our President praying for the family and children, we see candle light vigils with Prayer going forth after we lose our love ones. They pray at the Funeral. If Prayer helps after, what makes us think it wont HELP before.

My question is this, we had it before, and it didn't Hurt, why can't we put it back and believe that its going to help. The only thing we have to lose now is another child. The schools, and schools transportation is being attacked, the devil is busy. Whatever we believe, I know this Country all believes in prayer. So help me get it back into our schools, let's get it on jobs, and all over. If you don't sign for you, sign the Petition for that last child that was killed, God forbid there be a next one.


53. All elementary children should be bussed

65 kids each year are kidnapped while on their way to or from school by strangers. Even more are kidnapped by family members that do not live with them as they are walking to or from school. With more and more sex offenders living among us, these kids in some cases are walking home passing unknown sex offender homes. As it was in MEMPHIS, TN Oct 2012, where a man kidnapped two children on their way home from school, this man was a convicted rapist and on the state sex offender registry.

Also in 2012 Jessica Ridgeway disappeared Oct. 5 while walking to school. The 10 year old was found dead 5 days later.

54. Make our students safe

Due to the past school violence and with the most recent tragedy in Sandy elementary school, leads me to have concerns with the students’ safety.

We have seen innocent people die by the hands of mentally ill persons with access to deadly weapons and that needs to be stopped before it gets to our doorstep.

55. Arm Teachers to protect Children in Schools

Since the year 2000 we have witnessed 77 shootings in schools around the US leaving 165 students and educators dead.

This situation is intolerable and something must be done to end the madness! We can no longer leave students as sheep in a slaughter pen, they must be protected in the only way murderers understand and that is DEFENSE!

56. Military presence at schools

In response to the recent tragedy at Newtown, Ct. we as parents (and taxpayers) believe there should be a military presence at every school across the country until appropriate security measures are taken.

As secure as the current systems may seem, the holes have been exposed in this latest act of violence. In order to stop an armed gunmen, they have to be met with the same at the front door. Recent census shows that there are approx. 3 million total (active & reserve) U.S. Service Members and approx. 100,000 schools.

This ratio shows that this is possible with 30 members per every school and in all reality, to ensure safety there is only 1-2 needed. Our troops as well as our government are funded through our tax money and it is about time we have a say in where it goes.

57. Give School Personnel the Right To Bare Arms

Please take a look at the history of our school shootings at the link provided below.

58. Put an End to Bullying

Recently my 8 year old son came home from the bus stop crying with his glasses in his hands. After calming him I found out that a child on his bus had been banging his head against the seat in front of him. After telling him to stop unsuccessfully my son went to the bus driver and the bus driver did nothing. So this child continued to beat my sons head against the seat.

My son was not allowed to move because of assigned seating on their bus. In the end the other child broke my sons glasses. Thankfully no other damage had been done. The schools principal says she will look into it but that basically nothing will be done. I cannot stand for this.

59. Help Save Our Kids' Lives from the Effects of Bullying

Too many young people are suffering from mental illness and committing suicide because of the effects of bullying and lack of control by our school system. It is believed that one in every four students in our Australian schools is affected by bullying.

Children who are bullied are three times more likely to show depressive symptoms. Bullying is the fourth most common reason young people seek help from children's help services. Children who were bullied were up to nine times more likely to have suicidal thoughts. These are just some of the statistics that have been researched but lets not forget those that lose the battle and end their lives.

The reason for this petition is My Daughter is 14 yrs of age has depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and counselling twice a week she comes home every lunch and recess from school because she gets bullied and has been for a long time through out her schooling. The schools remedy was to isolate her into A Block, so she could be looked upon by teachers whilst the Bullies get to enjoy the school grounds. They wont act upon their student incident report writing system because quote "The statements from the victim and the bully often differ and unless a teacher cites what happened no action will be taken."

My Daughter is not able to walk into the school grounds without feeling physically sick and that's just not good enough. The victim often becomes the problem at a school because the school does not Associate the child's depression symptoms with bullying and parents these days are only contacted when they owe the school money or a student has been suspended.

NO child should have to feel targeted by students or the system.

60. Require Illinois Schools to Defend Those Being Cyber Bullied While Off-Campus

Currently there is not even a proposed law requiring schools to get involved. Regardless of the anti-bullying campaigns, people are still being harmed and, in some cases, taking their own lives.

If this law is passed, it might help stop cyber bullying in Illinois for good.