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We are starting this petition because our school uniforms are uncomfortable and not tailor‐made for teenagers bodies. Our skirts are made with a see‐through fabric and are also not made for our bodies, for skinny girls, skirts are too short, and for bigger girls, the skirts rise up. Shirts could be replaced by polos, to avoid the buttons to open at the chest area, and to be much more comfortable. TIS is such a modern and open‐minded school that we shouldn't be wearing very old fashion and formal clothing.

2. Stop school uniforms in Lawrence county schools

All people can't afford them and we don't live in a communist country.

3. Stop School Uniforms at Richmond County Schools

School uniforms are unnecessary. They do not benefit the school, students, teachers, parents, and most of all our education. School uniforms are hindering our education becoming a distraction to our class time. Many students get sent to In School Suspension (ISS) for absurd reasons, such as wearing the wrong colored socks, or not having a belt; making them miss valuable class time.

School uniforms are meant to stop bulling, gangs, fights, and save parents money, when in reality they do the exact opposite. Bullying is still happening (putting someone in a uniform does not change the students’ actions towards others), gangs continue to happen, and fights are still going to happen despite the uniform policy. Uniforms are only costing families extra money, when we could just buy regular clothing and save the money we use on uniforms to save up for college (money doesn't grow on trees!).

Lastly, school uniforms only make the student hate going school more because we have no self-expression whatsoever. They teach us at school to be ourselves and not be afraid of self-expression, but how are we supposed to express ourselves when we all look like replicas of each other.

We, as students of Richmond Senior High School, started this petition to let our School Board know how we feel about school uniforms. No, we do not mean just completely abolish a dress code, we understand that we need to have some regulations, but we hope you understand we need to be able to express ourselves.

4. Recall the decision to enforce a mandatory school dress code.

The school uniform dress code that will begin to be enforced in the 2012-2013 school year is unnecessary, too strict and will only aggravate the students into breaking the dress code.

In studies, students who are required to wear uniforms actually score lower than those who are not. School uniforms essentially take away the students freedom of expression and should not be allowed in public schools.

5. Bring uniforms to Greenville County Schools

This Petition is to ask Greenville County Schools to make Uniforms mandatory for all schools.

I have seen were 2 other Greenville county schools are already using the uniforms and have said that It has helped the students focus more on their studies, than on what other children are wearing.

I don't know about other parents but I am tired of having to go buy expensive clothing just to make sure my children do not get bullied and teased because of what they are wearing.

6. No More School Uniforms!!!

I say that the administrators should remove school uniforms, but keep dress codes, because some of the student body feels that the administration enforces uniforms more than the actual learning process.

Children grow every year and what may have fit them last year now doesn't fit and that is throwing money away. The uniforms are taking away our freedom of expression! And I shall not stand for it any longer!

I want my freedom! And I'll be damned if I let one school take that away from me!

7. Stop School Uniforms

People in Australia are having trouble with their school uniform. And people in America get to wear normal clothes and that is not fair!

8. Students of Huffman High Scool asking for a change in school uniforms

The school dress code is so strict to the point that it has even turned away one of the 12th grade students just because she could not get the right color school shirts.

In preveous years, students have been able to wear shoes that were the colors black, white, or brown, and even a combination of the three.

In saying this, from the begining of school people have been suspended from every grade level just on shoes and shirt colors alone.

9. Support School Uniforms for North Albany Academy

In an efforts to improved school performance many public schools throughout the country are implementing school uniforms in an effort to improve overall performance and to reduce negative behavior.

Listed below is a summary of the some of the pros for wearing uniforms:

1. Many educators and sociology experts believe that students who wear school uniforms perform better academically in school.

2. Students are often so focused on their wardrobe that it distracts them from learning.

3. Some experts believe that a mandatory uniform policy will remove this distraction and improve student attention.

10. Remove school uniforms in the Lake Village, AR schools

The Uniform policy at LakeSide Schools in Lake Village is hindering the education of our children.

Children are being expelled due to small uniform infractions. There is no gang activity in Lake Village to warrant school uniforms.

The teachers are concentrating more on what the students are wearing than what they should be teaching them.

11. School uniforms should not be dress for schools

Im sure everybody is excited to go to a new school..But when you here"OH and it is a lovely uniform"Your thinking EWWW I want to wear my own clothes not a uniform.

I think there should be absolutely NO uniforms because individuality,Just think.. How you dress is a reflection of your personality. And Im sure you wouldnt want to be stuck wearing the same thing over and over again.

12. Removal Of Livingston Parish Public School Uniforms

March 08, 2006

This is a petition for The Livingston Parish Pubic School System about removing uniforms.

In 1999 the school board sent a survey home with students for their parents asking weather or not they would like to see their students wear uniforms. The rules were no where near as strict as they are now. And if the survery was not returned it was counted as a yes vote.

Over the past five years the policy has goten stricter. The school system spends more time dealing with uniform violations then dealing with adademics.

This petition is for the removoal of school uniforms in the Livingson Parish School System.

13. Ban on School Uniforms In the United States

January 11, 2006

In the Constitution "Freeedom" is the most common word used.

Forcing children to wear uniforms is against the Constitutional order!

So, with my petition I want to ban school uniforms.

14. Ban School Uniforms in Yazoo County Schools

February 22, 2005

85% of parents with children enrolled in the Yazoo county School systems voted against the rule that all children attending Yazoo County schools must wear school uniforms to school next year.

Most parents in Yazoo County are either poor or middle class and the expense of uniforms when they usually have to buy either off-brand clothes or second-hand clothes is just too much. Sending our children on field trips is expensive enough as it is when you have a hard enough time buying groceries and neccessities. Now the school board wants to add the extra expense of uniforms. The teachers voted 55% for uniforms. If the parents' votes were higher (85%), why did the school board vote to use uniforms against the parents' wishes? The children themselves will feel like just a number to the teachers with no individuality.

A child's clothing is an expression of his/her personality. I will not send my children to a school that infringes on their rights and the parents' pocket books with total disregard for the parent and child's feelings in this matter.

15. Imposing School Uniforms in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System.

School uniforms reduce violence among students, while raising their overall grades and attendance. Uniforms require students to dress alike, decreasing the likelyhood of incidents of violent robbery.

Students' grades improve with uniforms by redirecting their attention from classmates' fashions, to the intended lessons of the teachers. Finally uniforms increase attendance rates of students by having them no longer afraid of violent events, and their increased energy to learning.

School uniforms will benefit the students, giving them the best education they can recieve.

16. Stop school uniforms in virginia beach

Its time to take a stand for what's right in virginia beach, i would love to get rid of the uniforms at my school, its very uncomfortable and it doesn't show who i really am. i hate being like everyone else, i want to be treated like an individual... it just isn't working at all..i need help.. please help me!


Shool uniforms - They suck!!