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1. Safety Around Our School

The students, parents, staff and community members at Abington Avenue School believe that there is a strong need for "Speed Bumps" and "School Zone" signs around the local streets surrounding Abington Avenue School.

Abington Avenue School is located at 209 Abington Avenue between North 6th and North 7th Street next to St. Francis Elementary School as well as the Mount Carmel Guild Cares School. Within a two block radius there are three different schools home to well over 1,000 local school children.

It is imperative for the safety of our school children, their family members and the staff at each of the schools that speed bumps be put into place to slow down the rush hour traffic moving throughout the neighborhood.

Having signs noting the school zone would also help in making drivers aware of the three elementary programs that are currenlty in this area.

2. Protect our Kids at Riceville Elementary School

This Petition is to help our children safety last night on 01/10/13 Riceville Elementary School in Riceville TN was broken into and vandalized. Was this a childish prank or a warning for a brutal attack on our children and teachers?

If this a brutal attack how our we protected. Our school has no protection or precaution for visitors off the street to walk into the front door and roam the school freely.

3. Strong gun control is needed

Due to recent activities in the Sandy Area schools and 5 lock-downs in Alberta schools due to threats and guns in our schools, I would like to see changes for the protection of our children and others.

I would like to see new procedures in place to protect the innocent from dangerous situations in our schools and other areas.

4. Keep our children and schools safe

I think children who attend school should have a student ID and the parents should have one with their children's name on it.

All the schools have is a buzzer and security holes.

5. School Safety via Metal Detector Option

There are too many children and adults losing their lives to senseless violence in schools. All schools should be equipped with metal detectors, more security guards and more officers should patrol school areas to ensure some safety for our loved ones.

The use of metal detection devices can be authorized to provide building administrators with an option in the establishment of a safe and secure learning environment.

Metal detectors should never be viewed in isolation as an only option, but rather a component of a comprehensive school plan to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit or prohibit the use of metal detectors at the discretion of the principal.

6. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors in ALL Georgia Schools

A potentially deadly leak at Finch elementary in Atlanta sent nearly 50 teachers and students to the hospital.

Georgia is NOT required to have Carbon Monoxide Detectors in K-12 schools.

7. Reform and Enforce Arkansas Anti-Bullying Laws

My daughter has just finished her 5th grade year at Lincoln School of Excellence with the Forrest City School District in Forrest City, AR.

Since September 2011 my daughter has been the subject of several and continued bullying, physical intimidation, physical assault, threats, harassment as well as her personal property stolen and destroyed.

We have gone back in forth with the School Building Administrators as well as the District Superintendent to no avail. My daughter had even reported that while being chased to the school bus she stopped and begged Mr. Brown the School Resource Officer to help her and his only response to her was to go tell someone who was still on the clock.

Ms. Taylor the school Principal made excuses for this behavior and the Mr. Woods, the Superintendent did nothing. A group of three little girls lured my daughter out of her classroom by another student and was standing down the hall waiting to physically attack her. The school did nothing regarding this. These same students stole her backpack, emptied its contents in the toilet and stomped on her brand new glasses. Again the school told us there was nothing they could do or enforce in this matter.

My daughter has been petrified to attend school; Ms. White the Vice Principal told my mother that the school could not protect my daughter. We went and filed charges and had these girls and their parents served with bullying, harassment and destruction of property, however Fletcher Long (St. Francis County Prosecutor) and his Deputy, Christopher Morledge refused to prosecute stating repeatedly that is was a school matter and it was not their job to govern the schools.

Christopher Morledge even told me that bullying was not against the law and proceeded to tell me once I get my law degree I can quote the law to him. Once I found the statue for the Bullying law he then told me it was not a criminal offense and that students can do it all day long and its not enforced. I asked Mr. Morledge does he have the choice to prosecute to which he said yes, but quickly stated he declines to do so.

8. Gabby's Law for School Bus Stop Safety

Every day, twice a day through out the school year our children stand beside busy roads waiting for the school bus without any safety measures to warn motorists. In Florida alone 3-7 children are killed annually at their school bus stops.

The school districts rely solely on the school bus being at the stop for bus stop safety, but until the bus arrives our children are vulnerable. Since Gabrielle (Gabby) Mair's death on June 1, 2010, four other children have been killed at their bus stop waiting for the bus and after the bus left.

Warning signs for motorist as to the location of the bus stop with temporary reduced speedlimit on roadways with speedlimits greater than 25 MPH would eliminate or greatly reduce the needless tragic deaths.

9. Reinstate Funding For School Safety

Texas Attorney General's website claims that the average age of a gang member is 10-21 years old. Yet there have been major cutbacks in funding on the local, state and federal level for school safety.

I have had e-mail correspondence with Kenneth Trump, the President of National School Safety and Security Services. He has assured me that parents such as myself who have lost a child to gang life need to stand up and be heard. We need education, awareness and safety for our children and we cannot do that if they keep taking the money from our programming.

We need this petition and it needs to be signed by every American and sent to the senators. The people that represent us need to hear us loud and clear, we will no longer sacrafice our children to this "thug life". Stand up with me please and lets send them a message.

10. Stop the Cutting of Our School Bus Services in East Dunbartonshire

At the moment, pupils are eligible for school transport if they live two miles or over from their secondary school or one mile and over from their primary school. This has been changed, with effect from the 2010/11 school year, to three miles or over for secondary pupils and two miles or over for primary pupils across East Dunbartonshire.

As a result of these changes, more and more parents will transport their youngsters by car to the school gate. This will make our roads even busier - and they are already jam-packed at peak times - and exacerbate safety issues around many of our local schools. The roads are simply too busy and walking routes are simply unsafe to allow school children to walk.

We believe these are "soft target" cuts which make our school children less safe in the immediate vicinity of their school and make the routes to school more busy and less safe than they already are.