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151. Save the Greek School of London

The Greek Nursery and Primary School of London was established in 1983. From its current premises, which were bought during the Andrea’s Papandreou government has operated since 1988. It is the only full time Greek school in Britain and currently operates with 62 children.

It provides education from 3.5 years old up to 12 years old. The school programme is based on the Greek Educational Curriculum of 5 periods every day and 2 periods of English based on the British Educational Curriculum.

The Greek Government is proposing to get rid of a number of teachers and merge classes with less than 8 children to one class regardless of which year the pupils attend. The photograph above displays the 1st, 3rd and 5th grade of the school on its premises.

152. Support "Presumed Consent" Law for Organ Donation

Support "Presumed Consent" Law for Organ Donation.

A Petition for the Government to change Legislation to "Opt-out" and Save Lives

153. Stop The Hinchingbrooke Hospital Privatisation

Hinchingbrooke Hospital was to be closed in 2006. I was the organiser or the Save Hinchingbrooke Hospital Campaign, the result was 1500 people marching through Huntingdon and a 55,000 signature petition which was delivered at No 10 Downing Street.

Now they want to Privatise the Management - this will mean that ALL staff will work for the private company and profits WILL be made for the Private company's shareholders....

Maternity and A&E ARE in danger of being cut!

154. Save Our Sea Turtles, Terengganu, Malaysia

Malaysia was once famed for its Leatherback sea turtles but now this species is virtually extinct from Malaysian waters and the other three species are not far behind – Olive Ridley, Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtle.

Over 400,000 Sea Turtle eggs being eaten each year in Terengganu. Only 1 in 10,000 Sea Turtle live to adulthood because of Human activities...

We totally support and promote the Tourism Industry in Terengganu State, but without proper conservation to Save Our Sea Turtle, the tourist will not return and so does the Sea Turtles...

Please act before is too late...

Please check on this too, Thanks

155. Get WWE off PG and get more attitude back

The Attidute era was the most successful in the history of the WWE formly known as WWF. More fans tuned in to Monday night raw though the years 1998 - 2001. I feel if the WWE got more attitude alot more fans would tune in week after week.

156. Save the 808 and 850 Metrolink Trains

Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) will convene a public hearing at a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors on April 2, 2010 concerning the anticipated significant budget shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2010.

The hearing issues include proposals for,
(1) the establishment, modification, structuring or restructuring of fares and/or servicees/major service reduction to meet SCCRA's operating expenses,
(2) its purchase or lease of supplies, etc.
(3) meeting financial reserves and obtaining funds for capital projects.

The main issues this Petition is concerned with is the potential service changes/major service reductions include the discontinuation of service of trains 850, and curtailing of service south of Laguna for train 808. By discontinuing service of the 850 train, commuters must take earlier trains or ride Amtrak for this time period of 7:30 a.m. out of Oceanside.

157. Save Spyro

the legend of spyro trilogy is good but dawn of the dragon slaughtered the story my fellow spyro fans this petition is to activision and blizzard to ether a give up the name to some one more capable or b finally get to work on a new game.

There has Ben only talk of a new game however as you may search it theirs no data no physical evidence of such activity's in over two years. how ever since the purchasing of the spyro game rights blizzard has done nothing to show a new games creation. It is be leaved by many that this monolith of a company merely desired the name for personal promotion purposes. As such im creating this petition to have the games right passed on to some one more capable of producing a new game before this company drags the series into its coffin and drives the final nail ending its grand courier

158. Save The Ramada Ballina

In August 2007 Ramada Hotel opened its doors in Ballina, in the form of a 4 1/2 star international hotel. Not just your everyday run of the mill hotel but one with an international brand with well over 800 hotels in countries all over the world. The local and surrounding community use it for everything from drinks and dinner by the river to a very special night in Ballina, wedding functions to a family weekend by the beach.

During late 2009 a DA was lodged with Ballina council to change 94 of the rooms at Ramada Ballina to residential. The Ramada is a gorgeous waterfront luxury accessible to all in our region and visiting guests. Why would anyone vote to turn it into another tower dominated and controlled by an elite few.....? It belongs to the entire Ballina region not a privileged few!!!

Keep The Ramada Ballina as the flourishing hotel it is...... DO NOT turn it into another dead end residential block!

159. Save Wilford Library

Simply to save the proposed closure of Wilford Library at:

Ruddington Lane
NG11 7AX

There's a petition in Wilford Bowls Club & another in Wilford Co-Op - we could use your signature on the petitions. We've only got until this weekend to get as many people signing it as possible. Thank you.

160. Stop Pets Unlimited from selling animals

Whereas Pets Unlimited is a corporation that sells animals as pets and as food; and

Whereas these animals are often visibly left with no water and/or food in cramped and unsanitary conditions; and

Whereas many animals sold by Pets Unlimited are sickly, infected with lice, mites and fleas, or have other illnesses and infections; and

Whereas customers visit a Pets Unlimited store expecting staff to be knowledgeable about animal habits, care, etc., and to provide accurate information about the animals sold by Pets Unlimited; therefore

We, the undersigned, hereby affirm

That Pets Unlimited immediately begin to rectify the living conditions of animals kept at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited ensures all animals sold (either as pets or as food) be provided all the proper care, food, water, shelter, etc; and

That Pets Unlimited staff be provided the appropriate training and information regarding care of animals for sale at Pets Unlimited stores; and

That Pets Unlimited takes the appropriate steps to ensure animals sold to customers will be put into safe, caring, compatible environments (e.g. selling similar demeanour fish or dogs); and

That Pets Unlimited sells animals only from reputable, registered breeders or that Pets Unlimited work with shelters and rescue groups to find rescued animals safe, caring homes; and

That if Pets Unlimited cannot provide for the proper, humane living conditions for animals housed in its stores that Pets Unlimited ceases the sale of animals until such a time that Pets Unlimited can provide humane living conditions for animals.

161. Save Better Off Ted

This petition is here to save the show Better Off Ted on ABC (Usually on Tuesdays at some time). They have started to run two new episodes a week and this seems to be a sign that they are just running the last episodes until it is gone.

We are attempting to get them to put new episodes on Wednesdays or at least attempt to promote the show.

162. Save the Tram Depot Workshops, 38-40 Upper Clapton Rd




JAN 31ST 2011


NEWS UPDATE: July 16, 2010

Although the planning sub-committee has approved the application 4:3 it is not the end of the story. Well over 1,200 objections have been sent in by letter, email, written petitions and this petition.
We are continuing to fight this badly flawed decision and still need your support so please do sign the petition if you haven't already done so.


London's only fully intact Horse Drawn Tram Depot site is about to be signed away unless people come out in numbers to support our campaign to save it at the
Hackney Planning Sub-committee's meeting at
TODAY!! Tuesday 29 JUNE.




There is now a discussion about how to make the Tram Depot into an Arts Trust/Centre



Please sign the NEW petition:


The proposal includes the new Trust retaining those businesses that are arts allied, and that the Arts Council may look upon a guaranteed income from renting out other units to small industry (ie. to the other current residents) as a good thing.


We are asking everyone and their friends, to help us fight against a planning proposal that is threatening to destroy a real Hackney gem, shut many active small businesses and result in about 100 workers losing their jobs.




Hackney council will be looking to pass a planning application for the Tram Depot site at 38-40 Upper Clapton Road. Originally the Tram Depot was built for the horse drawn trams, with the tram engineering works housed below the upper storey stabling. Now this historic site, one of the last in Clapton, is home to many thriving small businesses including furniture makers, fabric suppliers, artists, various car services, an ever expanding foam factory and Clapton's only two galleries, the Tram Depot and Vulpes Vulpes. The application proposes the destruction of the site to be replaced by ‘same as everywhere else’ flats with a much reduced area for office and light commercial usage but no guarantee of occupancy. This will destroy the thriving site and ruin the livelihoods of over 100 people and effect the wider area with severe pressure on already stretched local services. Furthermore, the plan's inclusion of the ubiquitous 'local store' to be run by one of the big players will ruin local shopkeepers.

Please help us by opposing this application we have until 14th January 2010 to object to the demolition of the historic Tram Depot, 38-40 Upper Clapton Road!

Here is how you can get involved:

You have three ways to voice your opposition to Application 2009/2490, and don’t forget to state ‘If the application goes to committee I would like to be advised of the date.’

1) Most effective opposition:

To email your opposition to the Planning Officer Ian Bailey directly

an objection letter has been prepared for you to cut and paste:

Remember to put you name and address or your objection won't count.

2) The quickest opposition:

Sign this petition and send it to everyone you know! We need as many signatures as possible for our voice to be heard!

Please fill in your address so your signature counts fully as an objection.

3) To object directly to the Planning Dept. go here [remember to tick the box saying you OPPOSE the planning application!]:;jsessionid=1280E4A609053F723AC399579922E846?action=CreateApplicationComment&applicationType=PLANNING&appNumber=2009/2490

To view the plan go here :

163. Save Community Radio

Our mission is to stop the payment of royalties to record labels and artists for radio air play. Did you know that radio stations pay over $24,000 a year just in Royalties? Small radio stations can't afford to spend that kind of money.

This kind of unnecessary payment is killing radio in small town america. Sign this petition and help us stop this now before it claims another station!

164. Save St Michael's Hospice Staff & St Augustine Nursing Home

We work for the Hospice and have set up this petition to try and put a halt to the redundancies of approximately 21 Nurses/Health workers from St Michael's Hospice/St Augustine Nursing Home and also the closure of the adjoining nursing home. The redundancies of some staff could happen by 22 Dec 09 and the closure of St Augustine by Feb 2010.

This is a sad day for the patients,staff and even East Sussex,The patients of St Augustine nursing home will have move to new accommodation which is so sad as this is their home. St Augustine has been serving the community since 1886 and was once run by nuns.

165. Hoof Beats Of My Heart

This petition is all about giving horses a home specifically the breeds almost endangered.

There are only 10 animal shelters in Ohio and only 6 of them help horses and 100,000 of them die in America including Ohio.

Shelters will help so that's why we want the mayor and/or the city council to make a shelter specifically for horses.

166. Save Dundee's Tay Hotel

I believe that Dundee Council should be doing their utmost to save one of the few old buildings that is left in the city centre rather than leaving it to go to ruin.

I feel it is so important that all that can be done to preserve this great Dundee landmark should be done but sadly at present it is being left to decay.

167. Save the music in our education system

Pay checks are being cut and the music programs are gonna be the first to go....

168. Don't end Big Brother, keep it going!

Big Brother has been going for a strong 10 years, and most of its viewers enjoying watching it during the summer.

Channel 4 have decided that it may be dropped next year.. that would be shame!

169. Stop Whaling for Good

The Japanese Government is sending its whaling fleet into the protected waters of the Southern Ocean Sanctuary around Antarctica.

And this year, Japan is threatening to add endangered humpback and fin whales to its target list!

170. Save ASHLEY O'BRIEN's Memorial

On the 31 January 2009, Ashley O'Brien (17) was tragically killed whilst walking home along Road One on Winsford Industrial Estate.

A Memorial was subsequently erected, consisting of a bench, paved area, flowers and a photograph and small plaque. This was completed through donations received from friends and local businesses, who recognised that this tragedy must not be forgotten.

The memorial is intended to provide a safe place for all those who wish to publicly remember Ashley.

It was specifically placed in a position that was sympathetic to the surroundings, and was done in full consultation with the council. However council objections have now been raised that may result in much of the memorial being removed.

The purpose of this petition is to gather support, for the council policy to be revised so that his memorial can be saved in its current.

We thank everyone for their support.

171. Save Western Ghats

4 Dams
16 Weirs
21 Kms Mammoth Tunnel
Over 200 Acres of Concrete Structure….are set to cut the throat of Western Ghats.
Over 18 villages will be submerged; over 800 hectares of forest will be destroyed

Destruction of the Western Ghats will not only cause decimation of biodiversity but also accelerate the impact of global warming.

172. Save the Orangutans

A long time ago people started to use a product which is now in most of our everyday life's this is called palm oil.This product is used in many things such as soaps in the body shop to oil's and being deep fried in chicken from KFC, things like this are tearing up our beautiful rainforests and habitat's in Borneo.

They destroy the forest by burning and bulldozing the trees leaving the orangutans caged up with no place of their own.

173. Help Save Newham Boxing Club

Please help save our boxing club opened in 1981 by ron chapman & bob galloway and continued by son joey chapman, due to the council putting all there money into the Olympic games has made the council set a new lease and demand a rent £10,000 per year TEN TIMES their current payment......

Joey Chapman's statement "We have Olympic hopefuls John Coyle, Liam Desmond, George Moughton & George Veness. How does it look for there future if the council close us down please help save our club?"

174. Save the Spiceburger

Walsh Family Foods closed its doors earlier this month with the loss of 50 jobs and a receiver is to be appointed to the business next week. The company, based in the Poppintree industrial estate in Finglas, could no longer sustain heavy losses caused by the weakness of sterling against the euro and tough competition from UK rivals.

The company patented its recipe for spice burgers, but the product’s popularity never really expanded beyond Ireland. It remained the only producer, so future supplies may depend on the ability of a receiver to find new interests to take over the business.

175. Let's have Unity!!!

Unity Day was born in 1978 on Belmont Plateau and has since become the nation’s largest outdoor radio event. This keystone Philadelphia event celebrates family values, pride, and empowerment. Thirty years and counting. That’s how long WDAS FM’s world famous Unity Day has been going on, making it a part of Philadelphia history now.

WDAS recently announced that "due to the difficult economic times," the station could not produce Unity Day this year. Last week Clear Channel announced that John Rohm, who manages its stations in Pittsburgh, would also be market manager of the Philadelphia cluster, which consists of WDAS, Power 99, Q102, Radio 104.5, Rumba 1480, and My106.1.

176. Save Leigh Gilded Hollins School

This petition is to save our magnificent and beautiful school, Gilded Hollins Junior & Infant School in Leigh, Lancashire.

Gilded Hollins is the highest scoring non-church school in the entire Borough of Wigan. Despite this, Wigan Council want to close it down.

They propose to merge our School with 3 other schools and locate them all on the same site. Gilded Hollins, Lowton J&I, Lowton High and Golborne High will all share a site with a Health Centre and Library, all of which will be open to the school AND the general public.

The implications of moving a mile to the new site and closing down such an excellent school has far too many implications to list here.

177. Stop the Development of Black Ash Creek

74+ acres of wooded land called Black Ash Creek is for sale as a future site for development. It is important to save this beautiful ecosystem and have it designated protected parkland.

178. Save Union Square

The Metro Station Authority threatens to demolish five historic terraces and local businesses on Union Square to make way for the proposed Metro Station. The buildings are heritage listed. They are the heart and soul of the Pyrmont Village.

The past lives and breathes in the present and the future. Buildings and areas should not be pulled down or reconstructed just because it suits the flow of traffic or the use of underground rail systems. Much more needs to be shown to justify the actions of the Authority. Our community has a legitimate and reasonable expectation that the choice of a suitable location will occur with proper consultation and will not be done capriciously or with no concern for relevant matters.

Our Council and the State Government will be judged on how they deal with and value our heritage and its culture. There are other options for the Metro it could be in the Casino complex or on the corner of Union and Pyrmont Streets. If the road was closed between Edward and Pyrmont Streets during construction this important village hub could be left intact.

The best barometer of a society’s character is how it deals with and understands its past and how it uses that knowledge to help it carry on its present tasks, and then to shape its future.

179. Calling for retained firefighters to remain exempt from EU working directive

At present, many local fire services are provided by retained firefighters who already work in full time jobs, and supplement that employment by giving service to the local community.

By making themselves available at the drop of a hat to attend local emergencies, they are often on call outside of normal work hours.

Although the directive requires employers to make sure that employees do not work more than 48 hours a week but, the Conservative Government secured an ‘opt-out’ in 1993.

However, the European Parliament has now voted that there should be no exception to the working time directive for the UK. Furthermore, the majority of the European Parliament wants any period of ‘on-call’ time, including ‘inactive’ time, to count as working time for the purposes of the directive.

Retained firefighters would be breaching this rule as their combined employment and ‘on call’ time will normally exceed 48 hours. – and subsequently they could be forced to give up this valuable service to the community.

180. Save our Michael Scofield!

In 2005 "FOX" started to air the series "Prison Break". For a lot of fans "Michael Scofield" became the hero. Besides the audience liked Michael´s relationship with Sara. They even called it "MiSa" for Michael and Sara. All fans hoped for a happy end.

They made videos with Sara and Michael and opened internet pages to talk about "MiSa". But in the series finale the disaster happened. Michael Scofield died.

Now all "MiSa" and Michael-fans are sad and disappointed. So a lot of fans try to save their beloved Michael:

We also wrote to FOX: and to the producers:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;