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61. Save The Secret circle (tv series)

The secet circle has a mass fan base I think renewing it will make the Cw happy with the money and the fans that are shouting on all different Internet web site on bringing this amzaing tv series back on air for a season 2

62. Save The Gaiety for Community Use

195-197 City Road, Cardiff was once the iconic Gaiety cinema and later a Spin Bowling Alley. The building had been left empty for several years (we believe since 2006) and the company who owns it have fallen into debt.

Throughout the years that this building was empty, it has been abused by drug addicts and people stealing fixtures from the inside of the building. Earlier this year, a group of individuals have entered the building and are trying to set it up as a free social centre for the use of the community. Because of seeing lots of enthusiastic and supportive members of the community, we think this is a valid project.

We want to set up various skillshare sessions in the space, including several workshops in arts and crafts, music, performance art, language, yoga, climbing, freerunning etc. We would also like to us the space to kickstart several art projects and hold exhibition, all of which will be completely free.

Bonne Mares Limited have recently won a courtcase for a standard possession order, meaning they can send baliffs and remove us from the building whenever they choose. We need to act now if we want to save the space, which will otherwise be left to rot away (judging from the lack of interest from both buyers and owners).

We would ideally like to gain some sort of legal possession, preferably we would like to be able to look after the building until it is sold. We do not want any money but are more than willing to fix it up and work on it. We think this is both in the interest of the owner and the local community.

If you want to find out more about the project please visit or or send us an email

If you would like to see our project come into fruition, please show support by signing this petition. We appreciate any kind of help we can get.

Thank you.

63. Project Aware: Give sharks a fighting chance

Shark populations are devastated by overexploitation, including targeted fishing, bycatch and finning.

Each year, tens of millions of sharks are killed by Earth’s most dangerous predators - humans. Too many of them fall victim to the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning - the act of removing shark fins and discarding the often still alive shark overboard. As Eastern demand for fins remains strong, markets for shark meat are growing, helping to push shark species to the brink.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) analyses, all shark species proposed at the meeting met the criteria for listing under CITES Appendix II. Such listing requires that trade is controlled in order to avoid use that threatens the species’ survival. Despite the depletion ofsharks worldwide, restrictions on international trade are in place for only three shark species - whale shark, great white shark and basking shark.

Join thousands of AWARE divers and shark advocates who are serious about shark protection. Sign the petition and urge your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Together, we’re gaining the attention of policymakers worldwide. We’re closing loopholes in existing global shark management policies and insisting on full protections for Endangered and Critically Endangered sharks

64. Save the Sharks

Dear President Chinchilla,

We the attached signatories would like to congratulate you for the proactive stance your administration has taken with respect to marine conservation issues. The recent creation of the Cocos Island Marine Seamount Managed Area will support sustainable fishing initiatives among this country’s national fishers. In addition, closing the private docks to the international shark finning fleet was without a doubt a major accomplishment.

However, the foreign fleet continues to side-step the authorities’ controls by landing fins in Nicaragua, loading them into Costa Rican trucks, and importing them back into this country via Peñas Blancas for their eventual re-exportation.

In order to end the shark finning fleet’s egregious practices – ones that overshadow the marine conservation accomplishments of your government – it’s necessary to prohibit shark fin imports.

This action would have no impact on the national fishing industry or on any other industry that respects our laws.

65. Bring Derpy Back

Click the link for the information


After only 1 Season, Channel 9 have decided to axe Tricky Business. The show boasts an impressive cast including Shane Bourne, Debra Byrne, Lincoln Lewis, Kip Gamblin, Anthony Starr and Gigi Edgley.

As Australians, we need to band together and start supporting MORE Australian Television dramas, along with Australian actors!! Save Tricky Business from getting the axe!

For ALL inquiries, contact
Or Join my Tricky Business Facebook group!

67. ASPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls!

It is unfair to euthanize EVERY single pit bull type dog for scarring and/or being captured in a drug raid or pulled from the fighting ring.

Without even seeing whether or not the dog is capable of being rehabillitated, they put it down. Puppies (like the 12 week old ones rescued by the ASPCA, NYPD Vice Enforcement Division and Bronx District Attorney’s office, who have scarring from being 'fought') are still young enough to be rehabillitated to the point of being a house pet. I take it into my own hands, I own two american pit bull terriers. One is a blue named Duke, who is 8 months old and bought from a reputable breeder.

The other one, a piebald with pitbull named Rosco, was taken from a dog fighter. He had escaped a fighting ring and went on the streets. We took him in in our own hands. He now is so freindly with other animals. He loves to play play play play, but very gentally. I think that not all dogs can be rehabillitated, but a majority can. I understand the money issue, and time issue, but they would find a way to rehabillitate a Golden Retriever thtat is aggressive, a Labrador, a Great Dane, a Beagle; i can keep going all day. I have seen them say "we will find away to rehabillitate this dog and find it a home" when the dog is far more aggressive then some pit bulls rescued off of the streets, fighting rings etc. The whole fact about "worrying if the dog will get the right home" lingers i nthe air also.

Since pit bull type dogs are so eager to please, strong, agile, athletic and smart, many thugs like them for fighting. These dogs have stamina, Rosco (the one we rescued) can go for hours, running, jumping, swimming, everything, including chasing a ball! Duke (my blue who is more bull dog type, thick and at 8 months is 70 pounds, and Rosco is 72 pounds and he is 4 years!) is so lazy, and flops down panting within 10 minutes of play; depsite how hot it is that day. I think that it is the SPCA's or person who is placing that dog into the correct home, to do home checks, and check ups on that dog. Every month or so, do check ups at the house. If you think theyre sketchy, or live in the "rough" part of town where the dog could be used negativley (i.e. intimidation, gaurding, attack dog, fighting dog etc.) pass over the people! You cannot just go giving this dog breed to anyone, but that doesnt mean "put them all to sleep because people are idiots and irresponsible"!

Now, what does banning breeds solve? Irresponsible ownershipe? No. dog fatalities? Maybe by 1%. Over population in pounds? No, irresponsible people, i.e. thugs etc., will do anything to get a dog breed they want, even if it is breaking the law. I think their should be no laws on dog breeds, but laws regulating who can own certain breeds, and who can own an animal. Maybe their should be a test you ...have to take for 1 year. 1 year you have to do things in the community proving that you are responsible, and not an abuser. You get pulled over? No dog. You get arrested? Certainly no dog. If anything bad were to happen to you in that 1 year period, than no dog until you can prove that you are responsible enough too own one.

If they want a head strong dog, than they should not only practice and show responsibility, but they should make out a game plan saying, Okay the dog will have to sit here, not dash out the door, walk good on a leash, not challenge me, not dominate me, and not bully or push me around. Just because a breed of dog bites, or over populates, doesn't mean put them all to sleep and ban the breed. Say someone had 32 kids, and the parents died... The 32 kids had to go to an orphanage, and some kids have mental problems, and anger problems..what do we do? Put them all to sleep? Keep them locked up? No, try to get them better. Would the government ban parents for breeding, or owning children that could one day end up a thug, a murderer, a rapist etc.? No, they just say "raise it right and it will act right!". Than why cant it be the same with animals?! If an african american person shot somebody, it is not right to go around be skeptical of every african americans just because one shot somebody.

If a Caucasian person rapes someone, is it acceptable to go around being afraid of caucasions? No, the answer is NO. If racism and genocide is illegal, than why are we still doing it? Not necessarily to people, but to dog breeds. This needs to end, if it isent judging someone for body weight, color, sexual orientation or anything, its judging an animal for the breed it is.

BLAME THE OWNER, NOT THE ANIMAL. BLAME THE DRIVER, NOT THE CAR. BLAME THE SHOOTER, NOT THE GUN. BLAME THE PEOPLE, NOT THE WORLD This has been constantly making me and family and friends upset, euthanizing E.V.E.R.Y pit bull rescued. It upsets me, especially this latest case (link posted here---------->) will result in death for the dogs. This is my duty of being an advocate of the breed, to save these dogs... here is a link to my page on facebook, dedicated to the breed, please like share and post what ever you like... afraid of the breed? We will help you not be... have questions of anything? Feel free to ask us!

Thanks, the lives of those pit bulls and the pit bulls of tomorrow, are in our hands.

68. Keep iCarly On The Air

iCarly, filmed in the studios of Nick on Sunset, first hit the national airways with the pilot episode "iPilot" on September 8th, 2007.

Since its first episode, iCarly has become one of the best shows on Nickelodeon. Produced by Dan Schneider, whose other credentials include All That, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, and the newest production: Victorious.

Sadly, Dan Schneider has announced that the 4th season will be the Series Finale of iCarly. A show that has dominated Nickelodeon for the past 5 years. We can not let this happen.


The magnificent evergreen forest on Mt. Zlatibor is letting go under strikes of chainsaws and heavy machinery.

With pine trees taller than 15 meters and older than 70 years, stretching over 500 acres of forest land it is a predominantly influential Nature Park and self preserving ecosystem on Zlatibor.

Planted immediately upon the end of the Second World War it bore status of protected natural wealth and had become a habitat to numerous animal and plant species.

Today it's a host to a large number of families of squirrels and rabbits, also turtles, moles, hedgehogs, ant colonies, lizard dens and various birds such are robins, woodpeckers, ouzels, owls, wild pigeons, magpies, etc.

Abusing state's law regulations on environmental protection and disregarding obligatory acts of Aarhus Convention the local authorities issued The General Plan according to which the Nature Park is turned into zone of tourism and high commerce.

WARNING: The Nature Park is undergoing heavy deforestation and soil devastation by local Zlatibor authorities and Serbian Orthodox Church. Biodiversity is threatened with extinction as workers and machinery plow through in preparation to build communication and drainage network.

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the 5 min documentary below.

More info at:
Nature Park - Geo Location
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Facebook
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Blogspot
Sačuvajmo zlatiborsku šumu - Twitter

70. Save our Cemetery at Pine Mountain, Qld

Elizabeth (Betty) Cox was the first recorded member of our pioneering families buried in our small cemetery at Pine Mountain in 1883 and the last burial took place in 1932. Records show family plots for members of Bryce, Cox, Hill, Hunter, Brown and Hine families, as well as others (23 burial sites) pioneers are buried here.

A large memorial stone commemorates the tragic death of a young (22 year old) man who was accidedntly shot whilst hunting for food. His grave is hidden in the overgrowth in the middle of this cemetery. Other members of his large family are also buried nearby.

The Pine Mountain Historical Society and members of the local community (including descendants of people buried in the cemetery) are opposed to the Uniting Church bulldozing the cemetery and subdividing the land for resale.

A defining measure of a civilised society is the way it deals with its deceased members.

Please sign our petition and help us save our pioneer cemetery.

Elaine Peet
Pine Mountain & Districts Historical Society Inc
Ph: 5464 3827

Follow link to view more photos:

71. Preserve Transportation Funding for Arabia Mountain HS

Now is the time for PTSA Advocacy to ensure that the DeKalb County School Board does not cut transporation services to Arabia Mountain High School!

AMHS offers successful programs in Career Pathways, Environmental Science and Engineering and was recognized this week as a "Green-Ribbon School" by the U.S. Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The academic dreams and hard work of 891 Arabia Mountain High School students, over 1/2 of our entire student enrollment, are at risk.

These students depend on county bus transportation from the Satellite locations to pursue their academic goals. The elected members of the DeKalb County School Board have decided to eliminate the transportation lifeline for some of the best and brightest students in the DeKalb County School System.

Here are the facts:

AMHS is not accessible by public transportation services like the other high schools on the transportation elimination list.

There are no continuous sidewalks on Browns Mill Road for our students to walk to school, which may put an increased number students at risk along the 45 MPH speed limit state road.

Adding over 800 additional cars to the Browns Mill Road area will create unbelievable gridlock and chaos in an already congested area. Recall the congestion "road rage" incident that occurred last year at the school that resulted in a parent brandishing a weapon on school property.
From AMHS Traffic - Summary

Consider the safety of the students. With the elimination of transportation options, new and inexperienced 16,17 & 18 years olds will be driving to AMHS in an already traffic intense and congested area.

An increased number of students may remain on campus, unsupervised, at the end of the school day as they wait for parents to arrive after working hours.

Eliminating transportation to AMHS would effectively close our high school, or turn it into a neighborhood school.

The next opportunity for public input on the board plan is Monday, July 9, 2012 at 6:30 pm. Please sign the petition to show your support.

72. Reserve Land for the Gray Wolves


The Gray Wolf is a species of wolf recognized as Endangered by the US Government and Extirpated by New York State. This species of wolf’s numbers have dropped as low as 150 per state due to destruction of their natural habitat and and hunting wolves for game.

Using donations, our organizations goal is to help spread awareness of the growing issue of this endangered species, and encourage people to help preserve and save these wolves from being killed and lost thanks to human indecency like so many species have been in the past.

73. Stop the extinction of the Polar Bears

The already endangered polar bears have faced a new threat besides global warming: the unjust greed of oil companies.

If the plans for the Shell oil company go through to drill in the Arctic, the great white bear will succumb to the oil and will officially be eliminated. Moreover, dependence on oil itself has arguably caused carbon emission warming that is destroying the very habitat of many arctic creatures.

74. Return Due Process to Mississippi

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

With the NDAA's indefinite detainment without due process clause, (meaning legally, the Federal Government can arrest anyone for anything at any time secretly) It is time to recognize that Mississippians could lose their right to a fair trial.

With new bills being introduced to take away our first amendment rights, we should be worried about the consequences of disagreeing with any legal policies the government wants to implement.

If there is a suspected terrorist or protester, they should have the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers to determine if their actions were illegal, and to determine the extent of punishment under law.

75. Save Edgewood Kindergarten Teacher

As you all know, Bristol has redistricted our elementary and middle schools. They closed some of the elementary schools to fill the two newly built schools in Forrestville and West Bristol with students and are shuffeling around most students within the district to different schools after the summer.

The number of students will not change within the district, however it has come to my attention that several of our teachers have gotten pink slips.
The board of education is pink slipping by seniority, meaning they will get rid of the newer teachers.

One of them is my son's Kindergarten Teacher at Edgewood Elementary, Miss N. She is a fantastic teacher, with a lot of compassion, enthusiasm and motivation for her job and her students. She is the kind of teachers we need to give our kids a great future. She cares about the school and about our kids. I believe the teachers should be based on ratings versus seniority.

I am calling on all Edgewood parents and residents of Bristol, CT and those that care about it, to please help me save Miss N. from being out of a job at the end of the summer.

Many more teachers have gotten pink slipped I am sure, but the number of students will not change after the summer, this would mean increase in class sizes, which also translates in less one on one time for teacher student interaction, so the ones that are behind already, will fall even further behind. Our kids education and future are on the line here.

Please help save our great teachers!

Thank you!

76. Save Fulford

The former Penistone Grammar School buildings Fulford, Weirfield and the stables and the site they are situated on are been sold for possible residential development, which would lead to the demolition of these buildings.

These buildings are an integral part of Penistone's social history and must be retained for future generations. Other alternatives for use and conversion need to be fully exhausted before this can be allowed to happen.

77. Save Dispatches-Cancel C'est La Vie

CBC Radio has recently announced that it will be eliminating Dispatches from its programing line-up in June '12. This is unacceptable. Dispatches is the only CBC Radio program that brings us in-depth coverage of issues and cultures from around the world.

C'est La Vie, on the other hand, is a French-language program which focuses on the music and culture of Quebec. C'est La Vie isn't a bad program but Radio-Canada, the national French-language broadcast arm of the CBC, provides identical content. Its loss would not be so keenly felt as that of Dispatches.

Dispatches brings us the world.

78. Protect the Great Lakes

Michigan's Great Lakes have been providing the fresh water to most of the Michigan (and even other state) residents. But every year, more than 24 billion gallons of sewage that is untreated, gets poured into the Great Lakes every year. This forces many of the beaches to close and contaminated, which leads to "dead zones".

Many animals and plants are affected in negative ways and it is hurting our environment, especially our lakes, which will affect our daily life.


Εδώ και μερικά χρόνια (από τα σχέδια ακόμα της υποθαλάσσιας οδού στην παραλία της Θεσσαλονίκης) είναι στα πλάνα της πολιτείας η καταστροφή του πάρκου για skateboard που εντάσσεται στο γενικότερο χώρο του πάρκου του Φωκά. Μετά από πολλές επαφές και ομιλίες τους τελευταίους μήνες με Δημάρχους, Αντιδημάρχους, Αρχιτέκτονες (σχεδιαστή του πάρκου, μελετητή της νέας παραλίας και επιβλέπων των έργων),
και παρότι όπως ανακοινώθηκε ότι το να γίνει αλλαγή σχεδίων και να παραμείνει το πάρκο αντί να γίνει στην θέση του πάρκο σκύλων (όπως είναι προγραμματισμένο) δεν αλλάζει χρηματικά την δαπάνη η το χρονοδιάγραμμα των έργων, δεν δίνει κανένας το πράσινο φως να σταματήσουν οι εργασίες.


Το πάρκο του ¨Φωκά¨ είναι το πρώτο πάρκο στην Ελλάδα σχεδιασμένο και κατασκευασμένο αποκλειστικά για πατίνια (skateboard).

Κατασκευάστηκε με πρωτοβουλία του Δήμου Θεσσαλονίκης το 1984-85 και είναι φτιαγμένο από μπετόν.

Αν και το άθλημα του skateboard δεν ήταν ακόμα ευρέος γνωστό στην Ελλάδα εκείνη την εποχή παρόλα αυτά ο Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης μπόρεσε να οραματιστή την εξελικτική πορεία του αθλήματος και με την κίνηση του αυτή κατάφερε να μεταδώσει το όραμα του στους νέους ξεκινώντας έτσι μια καινούργια εποχή για την πορεία του skateboard στην χώρα μας.

Παρόλο που το πάρκο ονομαζόταν εξαρχής πάρκο Φαλήρου, λόγο της περιοχής στην οποία άνηκε, στην πορεία των χρόνων υιοθέτησε το όνομα ¨Φωκά¨ μιας και τo κομμάτι του πάρκου που ήταν για πατίνια αποτελούσε προέκταση του παιδότοπου ¨Φωκά¨ που ήταν δωρεά του Οδυσσέα Φωκά και από τον οποίο είχε πάρει και το όνομά του.

Μπορεί το πάρκο μην έχει κάτι το ιδιαίτερο κατασκευαστικά και οι αρχικές του κλήσης να έχουν χαλάσει μετά την ανάπλαση του, αλλά όπως και να έχει είναι ένα μοναδικό πάρκο το οποίο εξυπηρετεί όλα τα επίπεδα αθλητών, έχει κυκλικό σχήμα με αποτέλεσμα να μπορούν να αθλούνται πολλά παιδιά ταυτόχρονα, είναι αρκετά μεγάλο ώστε να χωράνε επιπρόσθετες κατασκευές/ράμπες για να καλύψουν τις ανάγκες της εκάστοτε εκδήλωσης/διαγωνισμού, είναι το κεντρικότερο πάρκο της παραλίας με ασφαλή διέλευση από τις περισσότερες περιοχές της πόλης και τέλος είναι το πιο πολυσύχναστο πάρκο της παραλίας από την πρώτη μέρα κιόλας της δημιουργίας του.

Το πάρκο του ¨Φωκά¨ ως τώρα έχει ¨μεγαλώσει¨ πάνω από έξη γενιές skateboarders και έχει ¨βγάλει¨ σπουδαίους αθλητές, αλλά αυτή την στιγμή κινδυνεύει μιας και στα σχέδια της πολιτείας είναι να το γκρεμίσει στα πλαίσια της ανάπλαση της παραλίας την Θεσσαλονίκης.

Ο μοναδικός και υγιής τρόπος διεκδίκησης του πάρκου είναι να είμαστε όλοι καθημερινά εκεί παρόν δείχνοντας έτσι ότι το πάρκο έχει ακόμα ζωή και έχει σκοπό να φιλοξενήσει πολλές γενιές ακόμα.




MP Kate Hoey and a small group of residents are vigorously lobbying TfL bosses for a LIVE bus station in the square in the heart of Clapham Old Town. This scheme will involve up to six live bus stands with platforms, shelters, signage and commercial lighting, taking up the majority of the square and leaving the Old Town Square open to development as a transport hub.

The Clapham Regeneration Project (formerly Clapham Gateway Project) began with Venn St and was due to stretch down to the Old Town to include a landscaped public square and 4 ‘waiting only’ bus stands (parked up). It works logistically, aesthetically and is in tune with the community’s need for a smooth bus service. It’s TfL approved, funded and all ready to go.
The local community is unaware that this project is under threat.

We URGENTLY need you, the local community, our neighbours and local businesses to show support for the Clapham Regeneration Project. The plans implemented now will be in place for decades to come.


81. Keep Emily Fisher Charter School Open

It was announced on March 2nd,2012 that Emily Fisher Charter School in Trenton, New Jersey will be closed June 29th. The reason is because the test scores put the school in the bottom three percent statewide.

82. Help with the cost neutering within Wolverhampton

The amount of dogs especially stafforshire bull terriers in rescue centres within wolverhampton and surrounding areas is disgusting. Most people find neutering costly.

Help for people on low incomes would help this situation.

83. Ban Animal Slaughter For GOOD

I will not settle down until animal slaughter is banned forever.

Join this petition to help me end slaughter and give them better homes.

84. 65 naira or nothing

On Jan. 1 2012, the federal government of Nigeria hiked the pump price of fuel from 65naira to 141naira and later to 97naira. We the citizens of Nigeria say NO!!! There is too much waste pipes in government finances that we know that what ever sacrifice we will be making will only be in vain. We say to the government.


85. Save Australia's Indigenous Languages

One third of the NT population are indigenous and hold the linguistic future of Australia’s Indigenous Languages in their hearts and minds. But cannot alone control of the policies of assimilation to English only imposed on them promoting the death of our 50,000 year old Indigenous language heritage.

Linguistic diversity is part of the diversity of life and the loss of these languages threatens the cultural traditions and the fabric of local knowledge linguistic and biological diversity, making the world more fragile, more vulnerable, with less to hope for in the future.

Article 14.1 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, to which Australia is a signatory, says:

“Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages, in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.”

86. Υπογράψτε κι εσείς και κερδίστε

          Εάν γνωστοποιηθούν οι δυνατότητες της τεχνολογίας LED μπορεί να γίνει μεγάλη οικονομία ενέργειας

       Υπογράφοντας αυτό το petition μπαίνετε στη κλήρωση για να κερδίσετε ένα οικονομικό προβολέα LED (ένας κάθε μέρα για 10 ημέρες).

       Παράλληλα βοηθάτε στο να γίνει πιο γρήγορα γνωστή η νέα αυτή τεχνολογία που παράγει περισσότερο φωτισμό με ελάχιστη χρήση ηλεκτρισμού και αντικαθιστά ενεργοβόρες συσκευές όπως παλαιού τύπου προβολείς.

       Στις δύσκολες εποχές μας η ενέργεια είναι πολύτιμο αγαθό. Είναι ιδιαίτερα σημαντικό να εφαρμόζεται γρήγορα η νέα τεχνολογία έτσι ώστε να μειώνεται η ζήτηση ενέργειας και να ανακουφίζεται η Αρχή παροχής με πλεονεκτήματα για όλους..

Η κλήρωση θ αρχίσει απο ημερομηνια που θα αναφερθεί σε λιγες μέρες

Δείτε το προβολέα κάνοντας κλικ εδώ

87. Save the University of Canberra's Japanese Language Program

Dear Reader,

The University of Canberra has proposed to cancel the Japanese Language Program. As a current student of the program I urge everybody to help convince the preservation of such a great university course.

With many students in the middle of their degrees this cancellation would cause so much stress and many problems. Especially for the ones who decided to go to university to specifically learn the Japanese Language.

The Japanese Program has allowed many students to learn the language and culture, which is important in the current globalizing world and especially in our very multicultural Australia. It has helped create great friendships with many Japanese students on exchange at the university and also while benefiting local students, it is a very attractive course for international students.

The university has agreements with several universities in Japan and while we have students anticipating going on exchange in Japan, we also receive many Japanese students to learn English. This is a great way to represent our university and our country.

Please help us maintain this excellent, well developed language course with the best, most encouraging teachers by signing this petition.

The past students, current students and future students appreciate your help.

88. Stop Wisconsin killing Charlotte this Christmas

Worst Christmas story: Wisconsin vs. deer, article by John Kass @Chicago Tribune. The State of Wisconsin wants to kill Charlotte a deer, who thinks she is a horse.

Charlotte was rescued by Marvin Graaf and is being threatened with up to eight months in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.00. Some 15 months ago a mother deer and her fawn were hit by a car. The mother died and the fawn had been dragged by the car. Only her ear was torn. Charlotte stayed in the same spot where her mother died and wouldn't leave. A neighbor knew a man that had rescued other animals. For four days Charlotte, the fawn, just stood there where her mother died. She wouldn't eat. She was dying. Marvin was able to nurse her back to good health.

In August, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources sent officers to Graaf's home to kill Charlotte. Graaf refused to release Charlotte to them. She threatens no one by staying on Graaf's farm running with her horse friends.

89. Take Shark Fin Soup Off the Menu in BC, Canada

100-150 million sharks are killed every year. In the past 20 years, shark population has decreased by 90%. Scientists predict that within the next 15-20 years, sharks will be completely wiped out.

The are the most important species on Earth, simply because they control levels further down on the food pyramid, as tertiary consumers, and therefore the oxygen levels in the ocean, which controls everything on earth, as it covers 2/3 of the Earth's surface.

Please protect this beautiful creature, and ban the act of shark finning. It starts out locally, but when brought to a global perspective can change the situation dramatically. The slaughter of sharks will soon affect you, so please, take action and sign the petition.

Thank you.

90. Save Foundation Reggae

Reggae Music is dying it's being replaced on our airwaves by Hip Hop sounding beats.

Help us get the message to the media house to preserve out heritage our culture our gem.