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31. Save Luke: Stop the US Government from Letting Him Suffer and Die

For many (TOO MANY) years now, Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey would have been dead, if he had not fought with all his strength to stay alive. He ran out of strength, and his government continues to deny him help. He cannot cope if his health gets ANY worse. If he does not get help BEFORE it gets ANY worse, nothing that can be done will matter. He suffers from THE REAL VERSION of those "anxiety attacks" that cop-out nobodies like to lie about. AND BECAUSE SO MANY LIED PREVIOUSLY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A SYSTEM THERE WAS TO SAVE LIVES he is denied help. That and his AGE. He has been told MORE than twice in denial letters, that the government officials with authority to save his life "Feel at his age, with his problems you could work enough hours to support yourself."

Their opinion does not change reality and now, in reality, Luke lives EVERY DAY with breath just low enough to suffocate on GOOD days, and lives in suffering fear of anxiety attacks that could take the last of his very limited precious oxygen, because they keep denying him.

Luke was afraid to make this petition. To stop talking in the third person finally, I only didn't want to make this petition because I was afraid that ASKING for help, instead of someone else asking FOR me, would make me look like another person taking advantage of the system, and if that happened, I would AGAIN be denied, and still die. I was hoping one day, someone would make this petition FOR me, because I lived in constant fear that doing it myself would have the world ignore it, the same way I'm ignored now.

But my illnesses are not fake. My terror is not fake. And I am so afraid of dieing, I finally went against my fears, just because this is the last chance I may have. I'm too scared not to try. That fear is my honesty. I don't want to die. Signing THIS petition ONLY MEANS you are PUBLICLY PUTTING YOUR FOOT DOWN that you

"WILL NOT LET YOUR GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AND LET YOUR GOOD FRIENDS DIE!" So please, tell American government they DO NOT get to let me die. THE PEOPLE DO. So I'm begging the people. My favorite hobby is video games and good samaritan work, but I dont do much of those things any more, because I can barely breath. SOMEONE TELL THE USA GOVERNMENT THAT THEIR OPINIONS OF ME DON'T MATTER, and that their people WONT TOLERATE them letting me die.

EVERYONE who knows me personally, knows how loving and sick I am. (AND MACHO.) I never would petition this, if it did NOT mean, I would MORE THNA LIKELY quickly die, if I dont get help. Living WITHOUT the help is such suffering, is that any better?

Help take away Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey's suffering. Tell your government they do not get to let him die.

Tell American Government that the people make the choices, and NOT them ALL alone. Tell them YOU DON'T WANT them to LET Luke die, (THEY ARE DOING THAT!) and that's WHAT MATTERS. Because if a miracle OR some kind of intervention by POWERFUL PEOPLE is not done SOON, Luke may not have much longer. The worst part is, surviving like this is so much worse than death. I am in horrible terrible suffering. They won't let me stop suffering. I don't want to die, and I don't want to suffer.... They keep letting it happen.

Tell the American Government that the people do not like them letting those who are legitimately in need of help, to suffer. Tell them. If enough of you don't, they will continue to let me suffer to DEATH. I cannot combat this forever. I am so afraid.... I REFUSE to go to a street corner and beg for money for my meds. And the amount of time I can walk and talk is too limited to provide for myself. I'm ashamed, but more terrified than ashamed now, so I am too afraid not to ask for help. I will not beg on street corners for other people's hard earned pocket cash. But I will ask for help from a system MADE TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT.


32. Get The Voice to Allow us to Save contestants without using a Twitter Account

I'm really tired of not being able to save my favorite artists on The Voice because I don't have a Twitter account. That is really unfair!

I think saving should be available on so everyone can vote to save. It's not fair that everyone can vote the night before the results but only people with Twitter accounts can save artists when they are in the bottom 3.

If you agree with me on this, please sign.



Quoting Councillor Shawn Pankow
April 15th/2014

"After about three years of debate, it appears the wrecking ball is headed for the home at 140 Elmsley Street. The property was bought years ago by the previous council with the intention of tearing it down and expanding the parking lot for the new Memorial Centre.

In 2011, it was suggested by a former building inspector that the building was actually in very good condition, contained some beautiful heritage elements and was really too good to tear down.

With demands for space at town hall, council decided to repurpose it as a new location for the Chamber of Commerce and a Welcome Centre. The cost for this was estimated at $35,000, or not much more than the original $30,000 estimate for demolition.

Discussions with the Chamber dragged on causing a delay in that plan and eventually, with the police moving out of the municipal complex, there was no longer a need to move the chamber.

The building was properly winterized in 2011 but for unknown reasons (staff involved are no longer employed by the town) proper precautions were not taken in 2012 causing damage to the hot water heating system and plumbing. The new projected cost for repairs soared to about $87,000, including a completely new HVAC system and ductwork and restoration of the original two storey porch on the front. However, many of the repairs are cosmetic and the extent of the damage is not yet known. Much of the house has already been re-wired and a new 200 amp breaker panel has been installed.

A divided Council deferred any final decision on it in 2013 and there is no money in the 2014 budget for renovations or demolition. It appeared council had agreement at the time of the budget passing that we would sell it, but that no longer appears to be an option.

I have been in the building and have renovated old homes in the past. It is a beautiful old home that could serve many purposes. It would be a shame to tear it down and I would prefer council find a new purpose for it. I had suggested it could be a home for the Centre for Youth but they would prefer to use the hall in the Youth Arena (something council will have to discuss in the near future).

Some members of council are reluctant to have it as a family home once again as they would have no control over how that area would look. Although, our property standards bylaw would have influence over the site.

Perhaps the zoning could be changed to commercial and it could be turned into a nice office. Yes, commercial taxpayers pay about double the tax we collect for residential properties. Perhaps it could be given to a charity or not-for-profit and made into something that will contribute back to the community for decades to come.

The majority of council - Mayor Staples and Councillors Brennan, Cummings and Graham have all stated they want it torn down and the site turned into green space. However, with a $30,000 cost of demolition plus a number of trees to be cut down and stumps to be removed along with the other landscaping required to turn this area into a park, I assume the total cost will be around $50,000. With no money in the budget, I'm not sure how this will be paid for.

The building has sat vacant for years and once it is gone, there is no bringing it back. I don't understand why there is such a rush now to tear it down and create that large of an out-of-budget expenditure when leaving it for now leaves the door open for all possibilities.

All of this on the same evening The Hub approaches council looking for additional financial support for "our" community pool. I wonder if members of council will be as anxious to provide the additional support needed here as they are to spend $50,000 to tear down this classic old building?"

34. Prevent Physical Books From Ever Going Out Of Print

People of the world, do not let the future take away our books. It is a growing issue as the planet advances. E-books are the new thing and therefore less and less phsyical books are being sold. Soon they will be extinct.

Help me prevent this from ever happening! Physical books are a tradition, they are real and beautiful. Help me keep them alive!

35. Save the Sharks! Stop the Cull!

There are more than 465 known species of sharks living in our oceans today. They are an apex predator near the top of the marine food chain, and they regulate the populations of species below them.

Research has shown that massive depletion of sharks has a cascading effect throughout the ocean’s ecosystem.

The fact that shark species are so diverse and inhabit every ocean on the planet makes them key players essential to the ocean environment. Yes they are a dangerous animal – but we need to remember that we are swimming in THEIR homes. We are in THEIR territory.

Sharks kill 10 humans a year, which although this is devastating, research has shown that these deaths are simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It has been proven that the majority of sharks will mistake a human for food, take one taste and realise their error – swimming away without even a second thought. On the other hand, humans kill 100 million sharks a year, purely out of fear. We are not the enemy! And as a matter of fact, the chance of being killed by a shark is one in nearly 300 million. According to statistics, you have more chance of being killed by a pig!

The bottom line is, the effects of removing sharks from ocean ecosystems, especially in such large numbers, although complex and rather unpredictable, are very likely to be ecologically and economically damaging.

Save our Sharks! Stop the Cull!

36. Don't Deport Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber has done many good things here in America. He has supported multiple Charities and foundations which include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s Association, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, City of Hope, Cure Duchenne, Food Bank For New York City, Give Back Hollywood Foundation, Grammy Foundation, It Gets Better Project, Jumpstart, KaBoom, Musicians on Call, Pencils of Promise, Red Cross, Usher’s New Look Foundation.

You can find more information on this at Justin Bieber may not be perfect, but who is? He worth having in America.

Justin Bieber is a good individual who deserves a second chance. Justin Bieber took time on Valentines day to visit a 6 year old child with a rare form of cancer. He flew her and her family to New York and spent two hours with them. You can read more about this at

Justin often visits children from the make a wish foundation, where they help children with terminal illnesses. He visited a school that supports homeless children in Las Vegas and donated $100,000 to them for school supplies and food. He also donated an additional $100,000 for toys for the kids not only did he donate to the school but he performed an acoustic of “Under the Mistletoe”.

You can read about this and so much more on He has done so much to help people not only here in America, but also in other countries too. He is an great asset to the United States of America.

If I were to write about all of the inspiration, and love and compassion he has shown towards his fans then this request would be endless. He has been a blessing to many people lives and his music has touch many many lives for the good.

I believe he deserves a second chance.

37. Legalize the most useful plant on the planet

A few decades ago, the most useful plant on the planet was criminalized with absolutely no evidence to back up the reasoning for it to be criminalized.

This plant absorbs carbon dioxide while it grows; reducing the carbon footprint that we-as humans-leave for the future generations. This plant also absorbs harmful radiation.

This plant can be used to make paper, fabrics, building supplies, plastics, fuel, and many other things that are useful to mankind and is a renewable resource. This plant is also the most nutritious food source available. The human body maintains a balance of Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids at a ratio of 1:1:2 to function properly. This plant is the only plant in existence that maintains that ratio and is also a great source of fiber.

Within this plant there are compounds very similar to the ones found in breast milk that aid in proper brain and social development in children. The compounds in this plant have been proven to prevent cancer when ingested and to cure cancer when these compounds are concentrated and ingested in high volumes.

There has never been a death or instance of overdose documented in association with this plant or any concentrate derived from this plant.

38. Save DeYulio's Sausage Co.

DeYulio's Sausage Company is a 3rd generation family business, that survived through the recession only to be put out of business by the City of Stamford evicting us. The City of Stamford took our property via eminent domain and began the eviction process back in 2012.

In December, 2012 we signed a lease to move to a building in Stamford, CT; however, the building needed repairs that the landlord could not do. So the lease was cancelled and we began hunting for new property. We found a building in Bridgeport, CT and began the process of purchasing it in the spring of 2013. In June, 2013 we signed a contract with the City of Stamford that said we would be out by December, 2013, in order to hold off on the eviction process.

The bank we were working with had us jumping through hoop after hoop and strung us along, until the last hour when they denied the loan based on environmental factors on the property.

We immediately went to another bank, and they are going to be loaning us the money for the property. We should be closing on the new facitlity by the end of the year. Then we would need 6-8 weeks for renovations. When we asked the City of Stamford for an extension until March, they were unwilling to give it to us. On Tuesday we asked the courts to give us the extension, and on Thursday, 12/19/13, the judgement came down denying the extension. Friday morning, 12/20/13, we were served with eviction papers to be off the property by this Monday, 12/23/13, @ 8am.

If they evict us we will have to close down because we do not have anywhere to go. Our 20 employees will be laid off & unable to support their families right before the holidays. Our business has been located in Stamford, CT since the early 1900's, when my great-grandparents had a market where they manufactured their own sausage in the back. Then in the 1960's Urban Renewal caused the City of Stamford to take the property they were on via eminent domain, and we were moved to our current location; only to have eminent domain happen a 2nd time.

We are asking for the publics help to pass this along to as many people as you can in the hopes that if we get enough signatures maybe the City of Stamford will change their minds or our local representatives will help us stay in business, and stop the layoff of 20 employees right before the holidays.

39. Help Save Tillys Temptations & Celebrations

Helen, owner of Tillys Temptations & Celebrations lives in close proximity to Market Drayton and previously ran her business from home. She decided to make a move into town and showcase her business further. She decided to use the Pop-Up shop now known as Buttercross Village for this.

Since opening her shop, she has received criticism from the council for not opening all 5.5 days of the pop-up opening week and has also been accused of writing an untoward message on her facebook profile (this was not the case), and has been asked to leave the pop-ups. She has been served notice and has till the end of the month.

Helen also has a disability that can sometimes imit her ability, but still wants to bring her business into the town and she have been able to use the popup to do this. The council are wrong to treat her the way the did.

Please help support this lovely local lady and lets keep her business thriving.

40. Save Penshaw Village Hall

Penshaw village hall has been around for many years now. The current hall has only been here for 17 years but a hall in the village has been there for a long time.

The developers have decided they are going to build houses over the land. This would tear the village apart nd we think with alot of people backing us they'll stand down!


Recent data has implied that EA will be shutting Spore's servers down on 1/1/14. Comrades in arms, we must protest this at once! If we can get 15% of all Spore users, that's accounts, EA has to reconsider.

Share this with everyone in Spore, and help save our game!

42. Save Toontown!

On August 20, 2013, Disney announced the closure of their most famous MMORPG, Toontown.

This petition is to prove to them that toons around the world value and see Toontown as more than just a silly kid's game.

Toons of the world, we must unite to save our town!

43. Save Metro Cottage

The local council has indicated they don't want a commercial enterprise on park land. They have decided to demolish a building - No 1, Cornish Street, Payneham, Adelaide.

This property butts onto a dog friendly park. We want to open a CAFE in this location, that targets dog owners.

Two kindergartens (commercial entities) and a communal veggie patch also butt onto the parklands as well as a community hall /function centre which is rented out.

44. Save the animals and our planet!

Animals around the world have been dying because of human pollution and cutting down trees. Right now we are on the verge of destroying the world because of our carelessness.

We need to make a difference! We cant live much longer if we keep on overproducing so rapidly. We need a change in society now or never.

45. Save Royal Glamorgan Hospital

Welsh Government-backed cuts to the Royal Glamorgan hospital in Llantrisant could stop treating the most serious accident and emergency cases as part of a major NHS shake-up in south Wales.

The plans involve removing from the Royal Glamorgan:

Consultant-led maternity care (obstetrics)
Specialist baby care (neonatal)
Specialist children's care (paediatrics)
Emergency medicine (A&E)

46. The Face of Surfers Paradise Tourism

The Surfers Paradise Metermaids have been a most recognised icon of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast for the past 49 years, celebrating all Surfers Paradise has to offer - its beaches, bikinis, sand sun surf and fun.

The peak body charged with the promotion of Surfers Paradise, the Surfers Paradise Alliance, do not believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids are relevant to the promotion of Surfers Paradise. In most cases planned events promoting Surfers Paradise do not involve the golden bikini girls.

So the question is, do you believe that the Surfers Paradise Metermaids should be involved in the marketing of Surfers Paradise and should they be the face of Surfers Paradise promotions?

47. Save the San(d)ity of Glenelg Beach

This is a simple plea in-spite of the Millions to be spent shifting sand artificially along the Adelaide Coastline. While there are other, more effective and long term solutions being washed up on Glenelg Esplanade.

Noone could artificial develop anything as environmentally friendly as this sand-trapping solution, ingeniously invented to the beach by a storm. Let alone as cost effective.

48. Stop development plans in Victoria's National Parks

Stop the unacceptable plan to pave the way for new accommodation, restaurants and activities in National Parks that were formerly off limits, parks created by our forefathers for all generations to enjoy, cherish, respect and protect.

Parks such as Pt Nepean, Port Campbell, Wilsons Promontory and The Grampians need protection.

Ryan Smith, the Environmental Minister Has Now Amended The National Parks Act, Passed on 27 of August and wants to sign off 99 year Leases to private companies and compromise our National and Coastal Parks.

49. Lets give back to Cyprus 2013

Cypriot lawmakers rejected the unprecedented levy on bank deposits in an effort to protect the rights of the people who entrusted it throughout the years.

The time is now for Cypriots to show that together they can succeed and that when people stand united even the most difficult situations can be overcome.

Cypriot people will not remain impassive! Let's create a list of people who want to give back to Cyprus! Let's move words into action!

Depending on the level of response we will ask the Central Bank of Cyprus to open an account for every willing person to contribute. Every single cent counts!

50. Bring back United Productions of America

United Productions of America (better known as UPA) was known for "non-cartoon violence" and the creation of the plucky Mr. Magoo and off-the-wall Gerald McBoingBoing.

With the closure of the studio in 1959, UPA found its gem with Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol in 1962.

I'm such a fan of the UPA classics I've researched, and brought the DVD release of the Jolly Frolics.

51. Help get Rabbit Run-Away Orphanage on the Ellen show

Rabbit Runaway Orphanage (RRO) is a non-profit organisation and operates as an incorporated association. It is a public charity, run by a committee under Australian Law, with membership and a small dedicated group of volunteers. It is Victoria's first and only dedicated No Kill Pet Rabbit Sanctuary.

RRO receives no government funding and is reliant soley on donations and fundraising. It is an entity that belongs to all people that care about the welfare of pet rabbits. They are unique as Bunny orphans come to RRO as ‘overflows’ from other animal shelters.

RRO aims to provide care for sick, unwanted, stray, or mistreated rabbits and facilitate appropriate short-term care, medical treatment, rehabilitation treatment, long-term re-homing solutions, educate the public on rabbit ownership and care, prevent unnecessary euthanasia of rabbits and discourage the cruelty inflicted upon rabbits.

We (the volunteers and supporters) want to get Judi and Bryce Inglis on the Ellen show when she comes to Australia in March. We want them to have the opportunity to be exposed to a wider audience, tell their story and help educate on pet rabbits.

52. Save the wall / Salvemos el muro

Mosayko Vallarta has been commited to make Vallarta shine brighter by bringing art to the streets. Volunteers have dedicated 3 months making the mosaic mural in the Romantic Zone.

Mosayko Vallarta ha estado comprometido a hacer que Vallarta brille aun mas trayendo arte a sus calles. Voluntarios han dedicado 3 meses haciendo el mural de mosaicos en la Zona Romantica de esta ciudad.


Please sign this petition to use against and put to the Surrey County Council who are closing down Heritage Farm Nurseries.

No to destroying the owners' livelihood and home, making 20 people jobless and making 100's of families angered that we are being closed by the SCC as they are too greedy for money!

54. Save the Tea Rooms

Help support the cause to keep local business local & save the Victorian Tea Rooms from a corporate nightmare.

For almost 20 years Mark, Michelle and the team have been the heartbeat of Kings Heath Park. They have helped local people, local businesses, local groups & especially the elderly. They have become part of the family to much of the local community especially in times of need & NOW ITS TIME TO HELP THEM.

Birmingham City Councils unfair decision has been met with horror by local customers who find it unjust & ludicrous that an integral part of their lives and community can be taken away for a few pounds.


55. Save North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood

The North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood are a multi-use wild green space between Maryhill and North Kelvin in Glasgow.

It is bounded by Clouston, Sanda and Kelbourne Streets, and used to be football pitches and tennis courts. For 20 years, since the City Council abandoned the land, local residents have been looking after it.

Around 1000 people per month have been using the land at formal events over the last year, and many more use it informally for their children to play in, for dog-walking, and for environmental issues such as growing food and composting. A planning application has been submitted which will level all but a handful of the 480 trees on the site.

We are past the point at which we are allowed to make formal representation to the Planning Department. But we still need your support - this petition will be used in an appeal to the Scottish Government if the planning application is approved by the City Council.

Please follow the links for much more on this issue of the importance of wild green space that is so important to all of us.

56. Save the Strays in the UK

Did you know that, in this country, that there are dog pounds that kill strays if they are not claimed after seven days? In fact, one dog is killed every hour by local authorities in this country.

Stray dogs are NOT always pure mean or vicious. Not all of them were abandoned or born as strays; some of them may have just been abused/neglected that no one else knew or cared about and they just ran away. Some of them may have even been bred as companions and they just got lost or stolen and hadn't had chance to bond with their people beforehand.

I used to walk dogs for a shelter. A lot of the ones that I walked there had been strays before coming in and at least some of them were absolutely lovely.

If a stray dog has had a home before, and been socialised and trained properly, there is about as much chance of someone being attacked by that one as there is of them being attacked by any other dog. Stray dogs are still part of the same "man's best friend" species; they just happen to be homeless, that's all.

There has even been at least one case of a stray dog protecting and caring for young kids. Do you really think that such a devoted hero is likely to attack anyone unless provoked?

A lot of people may tell you that, because they are not purebreds, they do not have equal rights. What a total load of nonsense. ANY dog of ANY breed or type can become a stray if, say, the owner dies and no one else who would want them knows about them.

Also, why don't mixed breeds matter as much as purebreds? Surely if you love dogs, that should include them as well? The quality of believing that pedigree dogs are superior to so-called "faulty mongrels" that can actually be just as good-tempered and obedient as any purebred reminds me of the qualities exhibited by the Nazis, i.e their belief that the pure German and Aryan races are superior to all others. Did you also know that the Nazis used to often be hateful to the people who not considered to be "pure" as well?
Stray dogs DO NOT need to be killed. All it would take would be for the UK Government to require everyone except licensed and fully-checked and approved breeders to spay/neuter their dogs and require all authority dog pounds to always at least try to put the dogs in rescue spaces instead of killing them once their seven days in there are up.

Spaying and neutering actually does more good than harm. It can help to prevent the animals in question from getting certain cancers such as that of the uterus and testis, and it can make them live longer.

57. Ban Plastic Bags in La Jolla!

Help raise awareness of plastic and how it effects our environment!

Los Angeles County has been the first county in California to ban plastic bags, so why can't San Diego or specifically La Jolla?

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL beach community and it's sad to see our local markets using plastic bags!

Help the oceans and ban plastic bags!

58. Save the Chesham Arms from being converted into flats!

We are campaigning for the Council to refuse planning permission for the conversion of the Chesham Arms into flats.

Too many are pubs being lost. Locally we are surrounded by pubs that have closed or have been converted to other uses, like betting shops or barbecue houses. Council policy is to defend pubs – saving the Wenlock Arms was right and popular and they should do the same again. The Council’s own policies list the Chesham Arms as a key building in the Conservation Area.

- The pub has been open for almost 150 years and is a vital part of the history of the street and area;
- The pub is a crucial social facility and hub for the local community;
- The pub is a viable business.

See website for more details:

59. Identical Twin Safety Initiative

Over 90% of TTTS pregnancies end with mortality when conservatively monitored.

Please help greatly reduce these outcomes by signing this petition to simply require an increase in monitoring of pregnancies at high risk for developing TTTS or SIUGR.

If you have recently been Diagnosed with TTTS, please visit

Helpful resources:

60. Save Libby

Housing NSW is over-charging its tenant Elizabeth Anne Ciesiolka (Libby) at a rate of 50% of her gross income. It continues to charge rent on Child Support when Libby does not receive this. Housing NSW is sending letters to the tenant demanding the overcharged rent be paid and it can evict her from her home of 19 years on the basis of her failure to pay 50% of her gross income to it.

You can watch a YouTube video about this petition:
Short version:
Long version:

Housing NSW’s assessment of Libby’s rental subsidy application totals $213.30 rent per week but the documents provided by Libby show an annual income of $18,508, plus her son’s annual income of $3,735 totalling $22,243. The assessment charges rent at $11,073 per annum which is at a rate of 50% of the household’s gross income. This is causing severe housing stress and anxiety for Libby.

Housing NSW’s assessment of Libby’s rental subsidy does not refer to any of the documents she submitted and statutorily declared in her subsidy application. She has not been informed of why they were rejected. Housing NSW policies require she be informed in writing of any perceived irregularities in her documents but she never has been given reasons why they have been repeatedly rejected, although sometimes accepted, over the years.

Housing NSW's assessment and the following documents can be found in the contentious documents file at

Rejected documents
• First Employment Income Details: This document was rejected as incomplete by CSO Nik on 7 August 2012 because it did not state income per week and was not marked with a Company Seal.

• Second Employment Income Details: stating income per week as $385.58 and marked with the Company Seal

• Letter from Child Support Agency stating that entitlement to Child Support would cease on 18 November 2011.

• Child Support Agency Certificate under ss.116(2) of the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988 (Cth): showing that child support remains unpaid.

• Centrelink Income Statement: 7 August stating eligibility for Family Assistance but that no income is received fortnightly it is received as a lump sum at the end of the financial year.

Libby’s son:
• PAYG income tax statement 2012 and 2011 with 2012 showing that Libby’s son’s income averages $71.83 per week.

1. The amount assessed as $423.41 appears to be calculated from the rejected First Employment Income Details and therefore rejects the Second Employment Income Details stating income per week as $385.58.

2. The assessment fails to accept Child Support documentation that shows that child support ceased on 18 November 2011 when Libby’s youngest son finished school and that the child support remains unpaid as the payer has withheld payments and cannot be located. This issue was discussed with CSO Nik who said that HNSW must continue to charge rent on Child Support until a letter stating that no Child Support is owed is provided. Libby expressed concern about being charged rent on unpaid child support and Nik said “you have nothing to worry about because Housing NSW is ‘not for profit’”. Libby contacted the Child Support Agency but they could not provide such a letter because money is still owed. Housing NSW continues to charge rent on Child Support and Libby has already paid 50% of that Child Support to Housing NSW.

3. No account was taken of Libby’s son’s income from paid employment. Instead the assessment charges rent on Newstart but he is not eligible for Newstart as he is only 21. Libby’s son is not eligible for a payment from Centrelink because Libby receives Family Assistance for him. Nor is he eligible for both Family Assistance and Youth Allowance as previously assessed by Housing NSW.