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1. 20% Low Income Discount for City of Santa Barbara Water, Sewer, & Trash

Drip ... drip ... drip ... drip ... drip ... That sound you hear is the water torture of Santa Barbara's water/sewer bill. Even if you use no water, residential customers will soon have to pay $46.06 in minimum monthly service charges. These minimum water/sewer service charges are among the highest in the entire country.

If you are a grandma trying to make do on social security, annually paying the city $552 in minimum water/sewer service charges will be a significant bite out of your check -- and a real financial burden. If you are living on fixed income with increasing costs there is less money for food.

Low-income residents with children on a tight budget typically need more water, but end up paying a disproportionately higher share of the city's water budget. Why does Santa Barbara have the most backward and regressive water/sewer rate schedule of any city in the United States? Why should the desalination plant be paid for by the poorest local residents? Santa Barbara has many disabled and elderly who have lived here and struggle every month to pay this bill.

Currently, the only discount is a tax discount. This is not enough and since 13.9%, 12,766 of Santa Barbara's residents live under the poverty line; and 34% for the County. 5.6% 5,143 of our population is disabled under age 65. We are asking for a 20% discount for our low income individuals who are serviced by the City of Santa Barbara in addition to the non-taxed accounts.

2. Save Neverland Ranch

Sotheby's and Hilton & Hyland are trying to sell Michael's Neverland Ranch.

They should not be selling our beloved king Michael Jackson's ranch.

It must be preserved and kept safe as an historical monument.

Please share this so we can keep Michael's ranch safe.

3. Don’t Leave Us In The Dark SCE: Keep The Lights On in Santa Barbara

This petition seeks the support of all downtown Santa Barbara Businesses to convince SCE to make it their #1 Local Priority to fix the crumbling Electrical Infrastructure in the Santa Barbara Business District.

Public safety and the economic vitality of Santa Barbara are at serious risk, and we want to see this escalated to an urgent priority, to be tackled immediately after the holiday season.

4. Santa Barbara Harbor - Stop the Fee Increases

Waterfront Director John N. Bridley submitted the following fee increases as part of the waterfront administrations Fiscal Year 2010 Operating Budget Recommendation. These recommendations will be given to the Board of Harbor Commissioners for their approval at the Public Harbor Commission Hearing on Thursday, March 19th 2009 at 6:30 P.M. at City Council Chambers - City Hall.

• $25 per linear foot slip transfer fee increase in Fiscal Year 2010 on all slip categories except 20 foot slips.

• 2-4% slip fee increase in Fiscal Year 2010.

• 50% slip fee increase for Visitor slip fees $0.60/night to $0.90/night (Commercial fishermen $0.60/night to $0.70/night)

• 150% fee increase Six Passenger charter permits from $100/year to $250

• The report also notes: “No significant permanent staffing levels changes are proposed.” And proposes over 6 other fee increases for parking etc.



6. Santa Barbara Anapamu Bike Lane

Santa Barbara has bike paths on State and Bath. But only one street perpendicular to State has a bike path and that street is Anapamu. Yet this bike path is not enforced. Anapamu is not wide enough to allow for both parking and a bike path and the city allows parking on Anapamu. Our streets are crowded and will become more crowded as all the condo projects, that are currently being constructed, come to completion.

Our city council members have agreed to spend millions on yet another downtown parking garage, on the corner of Victoria and Anacapa. Yet nothing is being done to improve our city for bikes, walking and public transportation.

7. Relocation of Santa Barbara Comunity Academy to the campus of La Cumbre Junior High

The Santa Barbara Community Academy no longer has adequate space at its current campus, 215 East Ortega St. The School Board has decided it will no longer support and move forward with plans to expand the current campus. A option presented was to possible move a portion of the SBCA to the campus of La Cumbre Junior High. Having already experienced negative effects of a split campus this option is not ideal and is not supported.

Currently there are 18 empty classrooms at LaCumbre Junior High and existing land surrounding the school where the Academy's portables and other empty portables in the district could be moved. The campus has a auditorium and cafeteria in addition to much more adequate playground facilities.

8. Fair Quality of Life Zoning

Santa Barbara has initiated strict set-back requirements for home owners. Requirements that restrict the use of sometimes up to 25% of one's property; for the sake of a obsure definition of 'Quality of Life'. Yet these requirements are only applied in the horizontal plane and not also in the vertical plane and over all building zones. For example, a home owner and developer can build vertically, next to single story building, which cut off all 'rights of privacy', 'light' and even 'air' from their neighbors.


If restrict vertical development if two or more story structure (house, condo or office building) affects their neighbors 'right of privacy', 'air' and 'light'. Right of privacy is defined as 'can the neighbor see right into the back yard of their neighbor'.

9. Employees of SSBMFC want 90 minute parking

Employees of Sansum Santa Barbara Medical Clinic would like the city of Santa Barbara to open up 90 minute parking. Allowing the employees to park freely on the streets surrounding the clinic at 317 W. Pueblo Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105.