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1. END corruption in the U.S. government

George w bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary clinton, Bill clinton, Barrack Obama, Loretta lynch, James Comey, and others involved are many.

For the most part we all know of the crimes committed by these people and their associates who are guilty of helping to cover up their crimes to ensure they are not brought to justice. Crimes against humanity, perjury, acts of terrorism, use of political power for personal gain, misuse of classified material, theft, defrauding america, benghazi, the list goes on.

These are all issues that have been in the public eye for years now, and has become apparent that the laws of this country don't apply to them.


The SADC WE WANT Campaign is solemnly undertaken without party political or narrow sectional interests.

The Campaign calls for Accountability, Transparency, Fairness and Justice, People-Centred Economic Integration and Social Cohesion of the people in the Region. It seeks to emphasise Equality and Freedom which reside in the fundamental sovereignty which all of us must enjoy over our circumstances and choices. Hence the people’s organisations call on you to support the core demands of the SADC We Want Campaign:

1. A call for an Establishment of a SADC Parliament to allow the citizens of SADC to determine what form of parliamentary rule should come into existence and give effect to their voices in the governance of the Region.

2. A call for a Regional Court of Justice to guarantee to all, without fear or favour, access to justice and protection of their human rights.

3. A call for the full and complete Ratification of the Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of the People in the Region to enable the peoples and citizens of the Region to move between borders, to trade and exchange, to work and live in harmony as brothers and sisters of Africa- the free movement of free people in a free and prosperous region.

3. Call for a Royal Commission into the Australian Federal Police

The Australian Federal Police have been involved in a number of high profile prosecutions that have led to the conviction and incarceration of a number of innocent victims, including Capt. Fred Martens, Miss Jill Courtney, Dr Muhamed Haneef and the questionable rendition to Australia of the former Attorney-General of the Solomon Islands, Mr. Julian Moti QC in circumstances that can only be described as politically motivated.

Further, the AFP have exhibited questionable conduct in their dealings with the Bali Nine and Ms. Schapelle Corby. The recent trial and conviction of former AFP officer Mr Mark Standen for conspiring to import into Australia $130,000,000 of the precursor for making ice (i.e. pseudoephedrine) raises concerns of entrenched corruption within the AFP.

The murder of Australian Mr Drew Grant at the Freeport Mine in West Papua and subsequent allegations of tampering with the evidence contained within the victim’s body while in the custody of Australian authorities again points to possible corruption within Australia’s international security services, including the AFP.

The ongoing human rights abuses in West Papua being carried out by Detachment 88, which is trained and funded by the AFP, highlights the need for greater accountability within the AFP in its dealings with police and foreign security services.

The large number of refugees who died in the sinking of the SEIV X and the SIEV 221 and ongoing allegations that the AFP, through its agents, may have been involved in criminal conduct resulting in the deaths of these refugees needs to be investigated at the highest level.

Compounding these sad events are allegations from Portugal that Australian military intelligence personnel were involved in fomenting unrest in Timor-Leste, in order to further Australia’s political and commercial interests in the region. This lends weight to a suggestion that the AFP has become politicised and is being used as an instrument of terror, to pervert the rule of law, in order to further Australia’s neo-colonial interests in the region.

A number of high profile Australian citizens have been charged in controversial circumstances under Australia’s sex tourism laws and have either had their convictions quashed on appeal or are awaiting the outcome of the appeal process. The question needs to be asked as to whether these charges were brought out of a legitimate belief that a crime had been committed, or whether the AFP were acting solely to further Australia’s political and/or commercial interests in the region.

The murder of Mr Colin Winchester and the death of Ms Audrey Fagan, both senior AFP officers attached to ACT Policing (a command of the AFP) at the time of their deaths, must raise questions about why the smallest policing command in Australia has witnessed the deaths of two of its most senior officers. It is interesting to note that prior to his murder, Mr Colin Winchester was involved in investigating drug importation as part of his role with the AFP.

It’s for these reasons that I believe that it is necessary to hold a Royal Commission into the AFP.

4. Human Rights in the United Nations Administration of Justice

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[English]: Call on the European Union to ensure that the laws and practices of the United Nations internal justice system are fair and consistent with international human rights standards.

[Français]: Appel à l'Union Européenne pour assurer que les lois et les pratiques du système interne de la justice des Nations Unies soient équitables et conformes aux normes internationales des droits de l'homme.

[Български]: Покана за Европейския съюз да гарантира, че законите и практиките на Организацията на обединените нации вътрешната правна система, са честни и съобразени с международните норми за правата на човека.

[Čeština]: Přijet k Evropske unii, aby zajistila, že zákony a praxí ve Spojených národů pro interní systém soudnictví jsou spravedlivé a jsou v souladu s mezinárodními standardy lidských práv.

[Dansk]: Opfordrer Den Europæiske Union til at sikre, at lovgivning og praksis i De Forenede Nationers interne retssystem er retfærdige og i overensstemmelse med internationale menneskerettighedsstandarder.

[Deutsch]: Fordern Sie die Europäische Union auf, sicherzustellen, dass die Gesetze und Praktiken des internen Rechtssystems der Vereinten Nationen fair und im Einklang mit den internationalen Menschenrechtsstandards sind.

[Eesti]: Abipalve Euroopa Liidule, et teha kindlaks, kas ÜRO siseõiguse praktika ja süsteem on õiglased ning kooskõlas rahvusvahelise inimõiguse standardiga.

[Ελληνικά]: Πρόσκληση για την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση να διασφαλίσει ότι η νομοθεσία και τις πρακτικές των Ηνωμένων Εθνών και η εσωτερική δικαιοσύνη είναι δίκαιη και σύμφωνη με τα διεθνή πρότυπα ανθρωπίνων δικαιωμάτων.

[Español]: Hacemos un llamado a la Unión Europea para garantizar que las leyes y las prácticasn en el sistema de justicia de las Naciones Unidas sean justas y coherentes con las normas internacionales de derechos humanos.

[Gaeilge]: Iarraidh ar an Aontas Eorpach deimhin a dhéanamh de go bhfuil dlíthe agus cleachtais chóras dlí inmheánach na Náisiún Aontaithe cothrom agus ag teacht le caighdeáin idirnáisiúnta chearta daonna.

[Italiano]: Appello all’Unione Europea per far sì che le leggi e la pratica del sistema di giustizia interno delle Nazioni Unite siano eque e conformi con le norme internazionali dei diritti umani.

[Latviesu valoda]: Aicina Eiropas Savienību nodrošināt, ka Apvienoto Nāciju Organizācijas iekšējo tiesu sistēmas likumi un prakse ir godīgi un saskaņā ar starptautiskajiem cilvēktiesību standartiem.

[Lietuviu kalba]: Skambink į Europos Sąjungos ,kad galėtum užtikrinti, jog įstatymų vykdymas, Jungtinių Tautų vidaus teisingumo sistemoje, yra teisingas ir atitinka tarptautinius žmogaus tesių standartus.

[Magyar]: Felkeresni az Európai Uniót megbizonyosodni hogy a törvényei és a gyakorlatai az Egyesült Nemzetek belső igazságügyi rendszerének korrektek és megegyeznek a nemzetközi emberi jogok szabvánnyal.

[Malti]: Sejha lil Unjoni Ewropeja biex tizgura li il ligijiet u l prattici interni gudizjarji tan Nazzjonijiet Unitichuma gusti u konsistenti ma l istandards internazzjonali tad drittijiet umani.

[Nederlands]: De Europese Unie oproepen ervoor te zorgen dat de wetten en gebruiken van het interne rechtssysteem van de Verenigde Naties eerlijk en consistent zijn en overeenkomen met de internationale mensenrechtenverdragen.

[Polski]: Wezwamy Unię Europejską do zagwarantowania, że prawa i praktyki wewnętrznego systemu wymiaru sprawiedliwości Narodów Zjednoczonych są sprawiedliwe i zgodne z międzynarodowymi standardami praw człowieka.

[Português]: Chamar a atenção da União Europeia para assegurar que as leis e as práticas das Nações Unidas para o sistema de justiça interno são justas e coerentes com as normas internacionais de direitos humanos.

[Română]: Apel la Uniunea Europeană pentru a se asigura că legislaţia şi practicile interne ale sistemului de justiţie ale Organizaţiei Naţiunilor Unite sunt corecte şi în concordanţă cu standardele internaţionale în domeniul drepturilor omului.

[Slovenčina]: Požadujte od Europskej únie, aby zabezpečila zákony a praktiky vnútorného súdnictva Spojených národov tak,aby boli spravodlivé a v súlade s medzinárodnými štandardmi ľudských práv.

[Slovenščina]: Pokliči na Evropsko unijo, naj zagotovi, da so zakoni in prakse Združenih narodov notranjega pravnega sistema pošteni in v skladu z mednarodnimi standardi človekovih pravic.

[Suomi]: Kehottaa Euroopan Unionia varmistamaan, että Yhdistyneiden Kansakuntien sisäisen oikeusjärjestelmän lait ja käytännöt ovat oikeudenmukaisia sekä yhdenmukaisia kansainvälisten ihmisoikeusnormien kanssa.

[Svenska]: Uppmanar Europeiska Unionen att se till att lagar och praxis för Förenta Nationernas inre rättsliga organ är rättvist och i linje med internationella normer för mänskliga rättigheter.

[Русский] : Обратитесь к Европейскому союзу с просьбой гарантировать, что законодательство и практика Организации Объединенных Наций во внутренней системе правосудия справедливы и совместимы с международными стандартами прав человека.

[中文]: 呼吁欧联盟,以确保在法律上和联合国内部审判系统的实施上公平,符合国际人权标准。

دعوة الاتحاد الأوروبي من أجل ضمان أن تكون قوانين وممارسات نظام العدالة الداخلي للأمم المتحدة عادلة ومطابقة للمعايير الدولية لحقوق الإنسان