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1. Ronnie Radke - An Inspiring Role Model

Ronnie Radke, previous lead vocalist of Escape The Fate and current lead vocalist of Falling In Reverse. Many fans abandoned Ronnie in his struggles through prison, my aim is to show people that he is still the same inspiring, amazing person.

Everybody makes mistakes: Gordon Brown, Rupert Murdoch, etc. why should Ronnie be any different? So I ask you now - is he not the same person he was before he made this mistake? If you have a heart, please sign this petition and let Ronnie know we still love him!

Let him know he is still worthy of his fans! And for ALL haters out there you don't deserve his love!

2. Justice For Michael

Michael Cook was murdered on May 6th, 2006. His murderer confessed to killing him in his statement but has never been charged.

North Las Vegas Police Dept. recommended murder and attempted murder to the Clark County District Attorneys Office. The case was denied by the DA without a formal denial. The DA said at first that there was lack of evidence but then later during an interview with our local news station said that it was self-defense or in defense of others.

If the NLV Police Dept. feel that they had a strong case, then we believe that the case should be re-submitted to the DA along with an arrest warrant for the murderer.

3. Free Ronnie Radke

Ronald Radke was sentenced due to a complication in the case of a crime he didn't commit. The main suspect in the case committed suicide so the law had nowhere else to point but the friend of the alleged murderer.

Justice is not served when you put a man away for something he didn't do. He needs to be placed in a rehab program not prison.