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181. Daily Maintainance of Elevators in 75 La Salle St.(21 stories) to Prevent Constant Breakdowns!!

220 residents above the first floor, many, senior citizens and children rely on the elevators in the 21 story building of 75 La Salle St. to get in and out.

The constant break down of one elevator is bad enough when at least one breaks down once or twice a week. When both are down, it is down right inhumane. The elderly must navigate the stairs or are not able to leave their homes to get fresh air, run errands, shop, bank or live a normal life because of not being able to rely on the elvators.
These elevator are fairly new and after almost 2 years of installation one elvator at a time, we now have elevators that not only break down frequently, but have faulty electric eyes, causeing persons to get "slammed" by the closing elevtor door, that does not even reverse itself when contacting an obstacle in the closing process.

The elevators stink and one would wonder if the work was done well enough, or if the maintainance people purposely allow problems to persist for the purpose of frequent returns. During the holidays, Thanksgiving, C hristmas, and long weekends, it uncanny how the elevators are always not working.

182. To Reinstate Ginny Monroe as Director of Nursing at Scotland County Care Center

We the Residents and Tax payers of Scotlnad wish to have Ginny Monroe Reinstated as the Director of Nursing at Scotland County Care Center and ask for the Resignation of Kathy Shoop, the current administrator of Scotland County Care Center.

183. Reinstate Hill Country Village Secretary, Susan Heck

The city council of Hill Country Village voted 3-1 on 11/12/03 to place city secretary, Susan Heck on paid leave. This action was taken at the request of the city administrator, David Harris. Mr. Harris presented as his reasons for requesting Ms. Heck's removal a list of nonspecific and undocumented charges.

All of the many citizens who addressed the council spoke favorably on Ms. Heck's behalf, providing testimony to her 10 years of loyal, efficient, and honest service to everyone in the Hill Country Village residential and commercial district. Disregarding the tax payers stated wishes, the city council proceeded to vote to remove Ms. Heck from her job and fill her position with the complaining party, David Harris.

184. Recreation Programs for Palisade

Palisade Town Government has denied the Palisade residents a recreation program. This year will be the second year in a row. Our children as well as our adult residents need to have a recreation program, our town is small and there is little to do to keep our children occupied. The citizens of Palisade need to speek up and get a Recreation program going in Palisade.

185. Citizens' control over residential Zoning

Residential and commercial building has been plagued with a problem. Corporations and the government are not consulting with the residents and citizens before building such things as Nuclear Power Plants, raw Sewage plants, and highways righ on the front door of our homes. This petition is for the approval of a law that would make it possible to allow the local residents of whatever is being built vote and give feedback to the building comittee on how they feel about the specific building.

186. Dissatisfaction with VZ Avenue high speed service

Petition by Harbor point residents about the slow and unreliable DSL service we are receiving.

187. Run city water into Northward s/d!!!

All residents of Northward s/d are on wells, and we have no fire hydrant close enough to help us if there is a fire.

188. Worship Without Cruelty

Can you imagine a live goat being thrown in a pond and torn apart by young men? Can you picture 7000 young buffaloes being rounded up and killed by a thousand drunk men carrying khukuri knives? A festival where 200.000 animals are killed to please a goddess? Mass sacrifice with financial support by the government?

Perhaps you cannot. However, events such as these take place regularly in Nepal. We at Friends of SPCAN have launched the 'Worship Without Cruelty' campaign in order to raise awareness about these practices and to ty and stop them. Please take 5 minutes of your time to write a letter to the Nepalese authorities and/or Nepalese Embassy in your country.

The Gadimai Mela takes place every five years in Bariyarpur, Bara district, in the south of Nepal and is scheduled for Kartik (October-November) this year. The fair is infamous for the large number of animals (up to 200.000) which are sacrificed to appease the Gadimai goddess. The fair reaches its climax on an 'auspicious' day, when thousands of buffaloes are sacrificed. The blood letting that takes place turns the entire area into a marshy land of blood. It is expected that this year some 60.000 young he-buffaloes will be killed, as well as an additional 140.000 chicken, goats, pigs, birds and other poultry.

The first ritual during Gadimai is to worship the weapons which are used in the sacrifice. The priests chant different hymns to appease the Goddess Gadimai. Once the pre-sacrificial rituals end the animals are brought in for the kill. The sacrifice starts with the offering of five different animals: pig, buffalo, goat, wild rats and birds which include chicken and pigeon. The different animals represent the mental obscurations sacrificed by the community including anger, stupidity and desire.

After the sacrifice of the first animal, a goat, thousands of pigeons are sacrificed by severing their heads. Next three wild rats are brought and sacrificed before a comb like pole. After this more than 250 people carrying naked swords and axes wrapped in red clothes, all with a license to kill, approach the temple. They frantically rush towards the field where more than 7,000 young buffaloes are kept. Before the beasts are slaughtered, seven buffaloes tied to a pole undergo the sacrificial ritual. In the end, only the heads of those gentle animals who were alive just a few moments ago, remain.

The Khokana festival is held every year in August, the day after Gai Jatra. A 5-6 month old goat is thrown in a pond close to Rudrayani temple in Khokana, a village in the south of Kathmandu Valley. Nine young men enter the pond and start to tear the goat apart by grasping its legs, ears, hoof or tail. The one who manages to kill the goat is the 'hero' and leads the Shinkali dance which is held afterwards. Khokana residents have witnessed the barbaric scene year in year out and think it provides religious merit. It is not clear why and when the cruel goat-killing was introduced. Locals believe that when children started to drown in the pond in the 12th century, residents started to drown a live goat to appease the gods. However, there is evidence showing that devotees in former times offered fruits and flowers in the temple and that the act with the struggling goat was introduced to create a spectacle.

The campaign against the Gadimai and Khokana cruelties will include letter writing to Nepal's political leaders, awareness raising programmes in schools following by signature campaigns, meetings with Bara officials and possibly a demonstration.

189. Island Club Membership

The current residents of the PGA Villages in Port St. Lucie, FL purchased their homes knowing there was no club membership requirement. Now the developer is building a recreation club and all residents will be expected to pay for the maintenance. We, the undersigned, feel this should be made a membership club whereby the residents who want to use this club will the ones who pay for the maintenance.

190. Cristy Meyer, Mayor of Sioux Village Re:Irreconcilable Differences

Due to past circumstances of Cristy Meyer being former Deputy Mayor, now currently Mayor, we the residents of Sioux Village, feel she is very harsh spoken and deals with certain situations in an unprofessional manner. Cristy is very demanding on certain issues, she pre-judges before attending to certain problems, and tends to abuse her position. We feel that it would be in the best interest of Sioux Village for Cristy Meyer to step down as Mayor.

191. Carrollton, Texas Public Skate Park

Dear Mr. Mayor and Council Members:

It has become apparent that there is NO WHERE in Carrollton for kids to skate. It is presently illegal for skaters to use any public or private side walk or hand rail.

In-line skating and skate boarding are legitimate sports and provide adolescent boys and girls with a fun, harmless and focused activity, in much the same way that baseball and football do. Skating also keeps them from other, not so positive, activities.

Since Carrollton is able to provide more than adequate facilities for baseball, football, tennis, golf, swimming and soccer, why have we not addressed facilities for this growing population of skaters? A place for them to skate would keep them from breaking laws, eliminate man power to police public areas, stop grinding on hand rails and stop waxing curbs, which are all the reasons they are not permitted to use public property now.

We, the residents signed below, request that an OUTDOOR PUBLIC SKATE PARK be built to accommodate in-line skating, skate boarding, grinding and ramp jumping.





TUSD Board Members face the difficult task of selecting High School boundaries for the purpose of contining the excellence and integrity of the school district. The undersigned residents/attendees of the TUSD respectfully request that the Board respect the research, dilligence and integrity of the committee the Board comprised to determine the best means to CREATE THREE EXCELLENT HIGH SCHOOLS FOR TUSTIN UNIFIED. SELECT MAP B - thus enabling all three schools to thrive as equally as possible without unreasonable inconvenience to families of the TUSD. ALL students and families should be considered rather than the personal needs and wants of a select group. CREATE A LEGACY OF THREE GREAT HIGH SCHOOLS BY SELECTING MAP B.

194. Petition for speed humps on Elderberry Drive, Austin Texas

Elderberry Drive in Austin, Texas, has a very long history of speeding vehicles at all times of the day and night. This area is a residential street with a very large number of small children and Adults. The children of the area uses this street as thier safe haven.

Elderberry residents have also been the victims of randoms drive-by shootings. Their vehicles have had their windows shot out. We believe that the installation of speed humps will greatly deter traffic through our neighborhood and help return a feeling of security and a peace of mind to the families in the area.

Please take a moment to sign this petition via email. Pass it along to the other residents in the neighborhood.

Thank You for supporting these improvements to our neighborhood.

195. Help Our Neighborhood

Fullerton Drive, Clearwater Drive, Harbor Drive, and Sedalia Drive in Columbus, Ohio, has had a long history of speeding vehicles at all times of the day and night. This is a residential street with many pedestrians. Children use this street as their main paths to the neighborhood Elementary and Middle Schools.

Too many speeding driver's cruse up and down our streets like they are race car driver's in the Indy 500. On July 29, 2003, a person in a stolen car plowed through 4 yards, knocking down trees, trash cans, bricks, and coming within a few feet of a resident's car and porch. A number of neighbor's cars have been struck, and damaged due to such driving. What about the children of the neighborhood, are they to be hit next?

There are a couple of other concerns our neighborhood has. One concern is that our street lights are not properly working, and some haven't been on in months. Property has been coming up missing from people's yards, and cars.

We, the residents of Blacklick Estates, would like to see something done to stop these problems that have been occurring in our neighborhood.

196. Security for Residents of The Constantine Apartment Community

Due to our Homes (apartments) at The Constantine Apartments lacking ANY SECURITY. Our vehicles & our guests' vehicles being broken into. Our expensive potted plants and other personal items being stolen off of our door stoops, patios, and front porches during broad daylight, and at nights, so many times in the past few months. I request that something be done by the Management &/or the Owners of The Constantine to increase and improve the security, safety, and well-being of the Residents of The Constantine Apartment Community.

197. Increase Safety in Timberland Place

We are asking the developers of our neighborhood to include additional safety measures to better protect the residents of Timberland Place.

198. Herrick and Wick residents demand residential permit parking

Because the heartland health center has limited parking [the center has 171 beds and circa 25 parking spaces] 75% of the center's workers [not visitors] park on our residential street every day. This is not only an inconvenience but also a safety hazard, particularly since Herrick Street is a dead end street. The center is clearly in violation of many rules.

We have tried to find a solution to this problem with the city of Allen Park, but after 2 yrs of nothing but empty promises we, the Herrick and Wick residents wish to petition the city to enact a residential permit parking [RPP] that restricts non resident parking to 2 hrs.M-F 9-5pm.

199. Support for construct of trafic diversion island on the 1300 blk of S. Washington Street

The completed T-Rex and Light-rail project including a new light rail hub on Louisiana and south Washington street will have immediate impact on auto and pedestrian traffic directly impacting the saftey and quality of life of the residents of the 1300 blk od south Washing street. A perposial has beeb put forth by Robert Dorroh from CDOT to construct a traffic diversion island in the South intersection of S. Washington Street and Louisian to discourage neighboorhood access via South Washington Street. If this diversion were constructed, the only way to access the 1300 blk of S. Washington immediatly South of Louisiana would be from Arkansan on the South or a right turn from eastbound Louisiana. Traffic exiting Washington onto Louisiana would only be able to turn right and proceed eastbound.

200. Ban Aerobatic Stunt Flying at Iowa County Airport

Spring of 2003, aerobatic stunt flying began at the Iowa County gave permission to two pilots to perform stunt flying maneuvers without prior notice to or input from area taxpaying residents.

The area in which these aerobatic stunts are performed is very populated and creates an unacceptable level of noise and disturbance to the nearby residences, farms and valuable livestock.

The noise level these maneuvers create make outdoor activties impossible. Even normal conversation cannot be held INSIDE some of the closer homes due to the noise level. A few residents work nights and sleep during the day. These peoples sleep and all the area residents live's are being unacceptably disrrupted.

This type of flying also poses a threat to life and property in the likely event of a crash.The pilots have been instructed to stay within a restricted area over the airport. On several occasions these pilots have goneOn June 19, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. there will be a meeting of the Iowa County Airport Commission at the Iowa County Airport. Mr. Gerald Dorsheid, one of three Airport Commission members, has agreed to add our concerns to the meeting agenda.

We wish to express our concerns in regards to the aerobatics that are being performed at very low altitudes over many residences near the Iowa Count Airport.

We live on County Road QQ, one mile east of the airport. We have many long established and new neighbors. We ALL strongly object to the "stunt" flying that has begun at the airport this spring. Our main objections are to the safety hazard and the extreme noise it creates.

One of the stunts the pilot performs is flying the aircraft straight up in the air, stalls the engine, flips the plane and spirals back down towards the earth and when it is a few hundred feet above the earth the engine is started again, creating a thunderous noise. A representative from the FAA informed us the noise level that is created by performing this stunt is very close to breaking the sound barrier.

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the pilot performed these stunt flying maneuvers for several hours each day, stopping only to refuel. When this is happening, we have to close our windows and even then it is difficult to hold a normal conversation in our own homes. In order to get any peace we have to actually leave our homes that we are paying ever-increasing property taxes on. Those very taxes pay for the airport, it's commission and the manager's salary and yet as long as this type of flying is allowed our property value will decrease.

With the amount of accidental crashes with single engine aircraft that occur during normal flights, the likelihood of a crash from this type of maneuver is tenfold. This area is simply too populated for such maneuvers to be allowed by the Airport Commission. In addition to the numerous residences there are several farms with livestock that are being "spooked" by this severe noise putting the handlers in jeopardy and running off valuable pounds of meat.

Several complaints have been filed with the Iowa County Sheriff Department, the FAA, the Flight Standards Commission and the Airport Manager. We have been advised the Airport Commission is who we need to address our concerns to in order to resolve this dangerous and extremely disturbing activity. We, the property owners and residents are in the process of generating a petition against this type of flying at this airport and will carry signatures of all who object. We will then present it to the Airport Commission on June 19th. We would like to invite everyone who would like to express their concerns to this meeting. We also invite a reporter from this newspaper to attend to obtain additional information that will be presented.

201. Tractor Trailer Rigs Drivng on Old Nacogdoches Trl.

We the residents of C.R. 203/Old Nacogdoches Trl., Forney, TX, Kaufman County have concerns about our neighborhood. Tractor trailers are using C.R. 203 for access to Interstate 20. C.R. 203 is not designed for heavy equipment. C.R. 203 becomes unsafe for residents vehicles because of the wash-board affect that happens from the tractor trailers on a dirt road. The part of C.R. 203 that is paved has become as bad as the part that is not.

Concerns have been expressed to the owner of Sutton Fruit and Vegitable on the South side of Interstate 20 about the trucks going above the posted speed limit, but it has done no good.
We the residents of C.R. 203 would like to request that signs be constructed at both ends of C.R. 203 "No Trucks" and Speed Limit signs that are posted clearly for drivers.


The owner of the existing gas station is requesting a Use Permit from the City to demolish the existing gas station and car wash and add a 24-hour gas station and 24-hour convenience store. As residents of this area of Menlo Park, we have significant concerns about allowing such a facility in this largely residential area.

203. Pave Our Streets - Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road

We the undersigned residents of the City of Montgomery, Alabama, residing within District One, do hereby recognize the following to be true and just:

1. It is the duty of each city council official to assure the needs of the council district represented by the official.

2. Each official is responsible for the conditions of the streets and roadways within the official's district.

3. Each street and roadway within the offical's district should receive equal care for upkeep and maintainence.

4. Several roadways within the Eastmont community of district one have been repaved and surfaced within the past twenty years, while other roadways have not.

5. The roadways of Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road, within district one, are in long need of repair, in order to insure the needs of safe driving along these roadways, equal continuity of the the community's road maintainence, and the aesthetic appearance of the community.

THEREFORE, it is hereby RESOLVED, that the residents of the Eastmont community of district one of Montgomery, Alabama, compel its official, the Honorable P.C. Pilgreen, to utilize his office to immediately affect the repaving and surfacing of the roadways of Kiefer Drive and Hagar Road.

204. Petition for Road Humps on Larchwood Drive, Dallas

Larchwood Drive in Dallas, Texas, has had a long history of speeding vehicles at all times of the day and night. This is a residential street with many pedestrians. Children use this street as their main path to the neighborhood Elementary and Junior High Schools.

Larchwood residents have also been the victims of random gunfire and more recently gun shots fired into their homes. We believe the installation of road humps will deter traffic through our neighborhood and help return a feeling of security to our families.

Please take a moment to sign this petition via email. Pass it along to other residents in the neighborhood.

Thank you for supporting these improvements to our neighborhood.

205. Get street lights in the Cane estate neighborhood

We the residents of Cane Estate request the installation of street lights in this neighborhood in order to deter criminal activities and promote safety for the residents.

206. California Poppies, Instead of Litter!©

More than 40,000 California residents are working to help preserve and protect our trails, paths, highways, coastal areas and parks from the blight of discarded litter! © California Adults: Plant one free packet of California Poppy seeds.


April 6, 2003 is 100th Anniversary of State Flower.

207. Return our quality of life - less noise at Emmerich Parks!


Petition to Give us back our quality of life

To: The Village of Buffalo Grove


Neighboring residents have recently attended several Village meetings in protest of the Buffalo Park District's request to permit the Buffalo Grove Recreational Association (BGRA) and the Bill George Youth Football League (BGYFL) extended usage of the Public Announcement (PA) systems at both East and West Emmerich Park parcels for the entire season, beginning in 2003.

Prior to 1992 Park Ordinances poorly governed the organizations listed above. In 1991 the Park requested that the Village allow them to install PA systems on both parcels. Public hearings and Village meetings took place due to concerns expressed by not only the residents, but by the planning commission and the village board regarding the request. The planning commission vetoed the request (0 yes - 7 no). The Village amended the wording to "limited use" and passed an Ordinance referencing Emmerich East.

"Limited Use" at Emmerich East was defined as:
· The PA system was limited to homecoming, post-season playoff and tournament football games.
· The PA system was limited to three weekends (six days maximum) for football.
· The PA system was limited to a maximum volume of 70 decibels.
· The PA system was limited to specific hours of the day;
o 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00noon - 4:30pm on Sundays.

Even though the BGRA and Emmerich West were included in all deliberations, once drafted, the Ordinance failed to include this association and parcel.

"Limited Use" at Emmerich West was discussed to:
· Limit the PA system to All Star games for baseball.
· Limit the PA system to one weekend (two days maximum).
· Limit the PA system to a maximum volume of 70 decibels.
· Limit the PA system to specific hours of the day;
o 9:00am - 5:00pm on Saturdays and 12:00noon - 4:30pm on Sundays.

Through the years, the rules of the Ordinance have constantly been violated, and when requests to enforce the Ordinance were made, little or nothing was done, and the violations continued.

As mentioned previously, the Park District is now asking for amendments to Ordinance. They have requested permission from the Village to allow full usage of the PA from dusk till dawn for the entire football season at the East parcel, and submitted a second request for Ordinance to allow 8:30am start times on Sundays for baseball at the West parcel.

In 1992, there was an estimated 500 participants registered with the BGRA and the BGYFL. There are now an estimated 2,800 participants registered. These numbers do not reflect the teams played against. Activity has risen from some weeknights and some weekends to nearly every night and nearly every weekend.

History of the events that led to the ordinance as well as current events regarding recent discussions can be obtained through the Village web site ( under "agendas and minutes" then under "board of trustees, preliminary agendas". The most recent meetings regarding this topic began with the Village on September 23rd. The plan commission workshop is anticipated on 11/20/02.

We are asking you as neighbors to help stop any further intrusions to our neighborhood. The continuing growth has polluted and overburdened our streets with traffic and our neighborhood with congestion and noise. Should Emmerich East be allowed full usage of the PA, it will be a matter of time until Emmerich West requests the same. Our efforts are to maintain limited use.

Members of the Village Board have told us that our best defense would be to show up at the public hearings with as many neighboring residents as possible, which is the purpose for this letter. We look forward to any issues, concerns or suggestions that you may have, and truly look forward to your support at future meetings.

Note: We are not fighting City Hall. We are asking that the Village maintain and enforce the "spirit" of the Ordinance, which is to limit the use of any amplified system at both parcels. A petition has been drafted, and there are currently thirty-one (31) signatures. We ask at the very least that you sign this petition. More importantly, please attend as many meetings on this topic as you can.

Gary Gillmeister John Teckorius
196 Raupp Boulevard 199 Raupp Boulevard
847-541-0664 847-459-8599

Give us back our quality of life

I have read the Give us back our quality of life Petition to The Village of Buffalo Grove, and I hereby sign the petition:

Eligible signatories: residents of Buffalo Grove.



209. Stop allowing "Jake Brakes" on highway 540

Interstate 540 was built through an area by West Fork Ar, that is populated with several homes. The level of sound has increased tremendously. The loudest vehicles that drive through the area are the large trucks using "Jake Brakes" as they cross a bridge passing beside our neighborhoods. In many areas the sound is so loud that a conversation would have to wait until the truck would pass. The noise pollution from the highway could be greatly reduced by banning "Jake Brake" use on all down hill slopes near populated areas. Many areas post signs restricting Jake Brake use. Excessive noise from I-540 could also be reduced by installing a sound deflecting fence to direct noise away from houses. Evergreen trees planted along side the road before and after bridges could also reduce the noise that echos through our homes.

Residents with houses and property have lost property value from the undesirable sound that surrounds their homes. Excessive highway noise also contributes to residents stress, loss of sleep, and blocks out natural communications of native animal species normally heard in Arkansas forests.

210. Ban VWP for Europe

This petition is to ban Visa Wawer Program by the method administrative for citizens of European Union. EU is harassing legal residents of United States with unconstitutional formalities and regulations.