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151. Sign Amendment in Red Lodge

Red Lodge is facing a new challenge. The City Council is debating whether to allow electronic signs in the Community Entrance zones by amending the existing sign code (which currently bans electronic signs). The potential consequences of such an amendment are troubling, as MANY civic groups will have the ability to put up electronic signs. In addition, businesses can and most likely will challenge the language of the amendment to get in on the action too.

All organizations currently have the ability to convey their messages through signage; however they are limited to non-electronic formats. If we want to avoid having Red Lodge look like King Avenue or Grand Avenue in Billings in a matter of years, this amendment needs to be opposed. It has already passed 4-3 on "first read" so the next City Council meeting is the last opportunity to change the Council's vote on this matter.

152. Keep The Society Hill II Bus Route

The Society Hill II Association and some residents (2) took a vote on whether or not to keep the current bus route that runs through our community and voted to stop the bus from coming through the community.

The new bus stop will be located across route 440 where the bus depot is curently located. The problem is that there was no posted notice of the upcoming vote and many residents did not know about the upcoming issue therefore not allowing them to vote.

153. Astoria Lane Stop Sign

The residents of Kedron Hills would like to see a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Astoria Lane, Euclid Court and Creston Hill. This would slow down speeders and help insure the safety of our kids.

This intersection is one of the busiest school bus stops in the neighborhood and installing two more stop signs on Astoria would greatly deminish the probablity of accidents and or fatalities invloving our children.

154. Road Maintenance of Central Rd.

The residents of Central Rd., south of Round Up Way in Apple Valley, were given the opportunity to self-maintain this portion of Central Rd. Twenty years ago (for the purpose of reducing their property taxes). Now with the changes of residents over the years, it has become a hardship for everyone to maintain the road. Now we are asking the County to list it as a, "County maintained road."

155. Manhattan Beach Skate Plaza

Dear Mayor Wilson and City Council Members:

It has become apparent that there is NO WHERE in Manhattan Beach for kids to skateboard. It is presently illegal to skate in our park and on the street, or for skaters to use any public or private sidewalk or handrail as a skate obstacle. Our children are being treated like criminals and ticketed for engaging in an activity that not only provides psychological benefits like increased levels of self-esteem and confidence, but which also provides a fun physical activity.

Skateboarding has become the sport of choice for over 13 million Americans. In fact, the amount of skateboarders has surpassed the amount of Little League baseball players.

Since Manhattan Beach is able to provide more than adequate facilities for baseball, football, tennis, golf, swimming and soccer, why have we not addressed facilities for this growing population of skaters?

We, the residents signed below, request that an OUTDOOR PUBLIC SKATE PLAZA be built to accommodate skateboarding. This skate plaza differs from a skate park in the sense that it has curbs, ledges, benches, tables, stairs and rails that the "street skating" kids could use as obstacles instead of private, public or commercial property. We find this type of design appropriate considering that 78% of all skateboarders classify themselves as "street skaters". It would also have a designated beginner section, so that smaller and less advanced skaters can have a place to practice without being intimidated by the more advanced athletes.





157. Post Delivery for the residents of Woodridge and Evergreen drives in Steep Falls Maine.

We, the undersigned, are moving to change the post delivery system for the residents of Woodridge and Evergreen drives in Steep Falls Maine.


The electricity keeps going out on Hwy. 316 South and Hwy. 318 South in Marvell, Arkansas. This is causing the residents' computers, televisions, air condition units, and other appliances to burn out. This is causing the residents to replace their appliances.

159. Fund Nazareth Library

Request that the Upper Nazareth Township Budget includes full support to the Nazareth Memorial Library.

160. Call to Peter King to stand as Independent candidate for Federal seat of Wentworth

Peter King has been the Liberal Party sitting member of the Australian House of Representives for the Sydney seat of Wentworth since 2001. Despite his outstanding performance and the support of the residents, he failed to gain Liberal Party pre-selection for the upcoming elections.

This is a call for Peter King to stand as an Independent so he can continue to represent the people of Wentworth.

161. Opening of Apollo/Corsair Rd.

Ridgefield Oaks has an opportunity to open the road from Corsair Dr. to Hoadly Rd. The residents on Corsair Dr. will have to change their address to Apollo Dr.

Please sign below if you are in support of Corsair Dr. and Apollo Dr. opening.

162. Investigate the cost of dredging the lagoons surrounding Osborn Island

This petition asks the governing body of LEH to investigate the cost of dredging the lagoons surrounding Osborn Island. The residents would be willing to share in the expense of dredging. This is a non binding petition.

163. Residential Parking

In the 900 Block of Newport, between Monmuth Street and Saratoga Street residents are having constant trouble finding parking places in front of their homes due to new and existing businesses. I and other residents have had police called to mark our vehicles to be marked for parking in front of these businesses multiple times. The reason for parking in front of businesses is their customers take up our parking and it leaves us with grabbing any spot we can find.
We are petitioning for residential parking for that reason. In need of signs that are for residents only and parking passes for residents and visitors of residents.

164. Compensation for Residential property damage by Air Traffic over our city by the Airlines community

We the Citizens of Inkster Michigan seek the support and leadership of our City Government to advocate for funding from the Metro Airport Community to replace windows, roofs and all siding of our homes. We are requesting this because as you know The Airline industry has a plane flying over our city every minute. It is creating structural damage to our homes, vehicles and disrupting our sense of peace as a community.

We want accountability from our Elected City Officials and we are demanding that they seek compensation for All damages outlined in this petition. Make no mistake your neighboring cities Westland, Wayne, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights and Romulus have all had similar petition drives which lead to the control over the frequency of flights over their cities and Secondly, monetary compensation for all damages to their property by the Airline Industry.

As a result of Quality leadership in those cities, the residents of those cities were able and are able to get new doors, windows, roofs, insulation and more. We are seeking compensation for our damages. We need the unified support of all residents in this city to come together and support this petition drive. You can do your part by signing this petition.

165. Abolish Hidde View Development Jacob Road Access

Eight years ago the plans for the Wall Township Hidden View development was introduced. The plans proposed access from Cherry & Red Bud lanes in the Ramtown section of Howell. The Howell Council took action against this proposel. The NJ Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing access to Hidden View from Cherry & Red Bud lanes. Plan B was to build a bridge over the Garden State Parkway which proved to be to daunting. The new plan calls for access to Hidden View via a new $750,000.00 "T" intersection at Jacob Road in the Forest Ridge development.

This plan is a result of complaints from the residents in and around the Cherry & Red Bud Lane area. While no one wants the access road in their area, to move it to another area is just shifting the burden. The Cherry & Red Bud Lane area has numerous alternate routes to Newtons Corner Road. The Forest Ridge area has extremely limited access to Newton Corner Road for vehicles from 177 new homes.

This "T" intersection if built will pose a serious threat to safety and well being of the children and all residents in the Forest Ridge development. Direct access to Newton Corner road or another main road should be found. Builing a new access road that funnels the traffic from 177 new homes trough ANY existing residential development must not be allowed.

166. Abolish Construction Use of Private Road in Delray Beach, Florida

Construction traffic is using 133rd as an access point into a new development known as Bexley Park. This is causing residents who's home abut 133rd to be subjected to extreme amounts of noise and polution which is thereby causing property damage and stress to these residents.

167. Against the proposal to place bus stop on Bowes Road

We, the residents of Bowes Road object to the placing of a bus stop outside our residence.

We believe it will cause disturbances to our quiet and peaceful neighbourhood as well as encouraging more crime from people who are not from this neighbourhood i.e. young children.
Anothe reason why we are not happy about this new proposal is because it will reduce the market value of our properties and make the houses in front of the bus stop look unattractive.
This is our proposal that we have put forward to yourselves in the hope that you will recognise the clear distress the residents are feeling regarding this matter.

We would like to point out that the residents do not object to having a bus stop on Bowes Road, but we simply believe that placing it here is not necessary as there is plenty of space to place it elsewhere.
Thank you.

168. Against renewal of License (Music & Dancing) for ZULUs

Residents of Harvey Road are against the renewal of the License (Music & Dancing) for ZULU'S 640 High rd Leytonstone London e11.

Reasons are:

Unsocial behaviour by people leaving between the hours of 11:00pm to 3:00am
Noise levels by people shouting after leaving the club/pub. Litter left by customer of above premises. Violence on numinous occasions when police have been called. No parking facilities for customers who block up Residents parking. Lude behaviour by customer from club in side streets.

169. Healthier Living in Magnolia Park

The purpose of this petition is to clean up the community of Magnolia Park in efforts to provide a more healthy and safe environment for the residents to live. The community has a serious rodent problem. The responsibilty to minimize this problem lies in the hands of the city of Atlanta, Lane Company and the residents of Magnolia Park.

170. Protest against any "through street" to proposed subdivision

We the owners and residents of Shadow Brook Estates, Cave Junction, OREGON, protest any through street to the proposed subdivision on tax lots 700 & 701, owned by PJW Properties LLC.

We feel the intrusion of traffic into our quiet cul-de-sac subdivision is a disturbing development. Our street is narrow and does not provide room for pedestrians or parking on the street. We are concerned that additional traffic coming and going will be a safety issue for us, our children and pets.

Pleade reconsider not using Shadow Brook Drive as an access to the proposed subdivision on Hanby Lane. Thank you. The concerned owners and residents of Shadow Brook Estates.

171. Support Patterson Crossing Shopping Center

The Patterson Chamber of Commerce is requesting residents and business owners to support the development of a new shopping center located on Route 311, in Patterson, NY.

172. Noise Ordinance for Lashmeet

Recently a local resident has begun to play their music at excessive levels during the day and night. This has caused many of us residents to not enjoy a nights rest or to enjoy our own domain due to this noise.

173. Street Lighting on Salisbury Drive

We the undersigned homeowners / residents of Crown Grant petition Hamlet Homes to install street lighting as per other streets in Crown Grant for safety concerns.

174. Restoring Peace to the Neighborhood in Castle Street, Baltimore City

The 400 block of Castle Street in Baltimore City is in need assistance from the mayor's office to help restore peace to the neighborhood. Several residents have moved in and out of 417 N. Castle St. The residents have all been constant eyesores to the block. We the neighbors of the 400 block of Castle St. are tired of the nuisance and total lack of respect for privacy and structure.

175. Get Berkeley's Public TV Station in East Bay

Berkeley's B-TV channel 28 is an excellent resource for free speech, uncensored, non commercial programming produced by local residents.

Your city government has the power to get Comcast to include this channel for all cable subscribers in the East Bay. So, please read and sign this petition today!

176. Ourt rights as US citizens to choose our own communication network!

When residents moved into the community, all kinds of documents were signed (ie.e no drugs will be used in the unit, and documents, the rental office having access to the units at all times). We were not notified, nor signed documents that stated that Star Power was the only communication network that we could get in our units, due to the owner of the community's buget plan until we were in our units.

We as residents that pay market rate rent, are requesting that other options be avalible to us by law to have the right to choose, as residents of Doglas Knoll Apt. community and citizins of the United States of America.

177. Water Extension & Upgrade for residents of Eatontown Road

Water Extension and Upgrade! Our well water is unfit to drink or cook with. When they removed the coal off the landin this area it affected the quailty of our water supply. We also would like to have the water lines upgraded so that the residents that do have water would have better pressure.

178. Rainwater Tank installation Rebate

For the last few years drought conditions have been experienced in division 4 of the nanango Shire. A pipeline has been constructed, with the assistance of a generous grant from the Federal government, to construct a pipeline between Tarong energy's feeder line the town's catchment area at Boobir Dam. While this is much appreciated, the increasing impost placed upon those residents connected to the reticulated town water supply is stilla financial burden to many, and there is a general desitre to minimise the need to draw from this resource.
Recent heavy rains have been very welcome, especially as water restrictions are still in place. However, it is a tragic loss of a valuable and irreplaceable resource to see thousands of litres of this precious rain water being lost from roofs and down gutters.

Brisbane City Council and many other forward thinking administrations across this county have implemented cash rebate schemes, thus assisting residents to install rain water tanks, as outlined in the attached document,which has been gleaned from various civil and state government information sheets.

179. Pine Valley to become District Residents of Evergreen, CO

Becky Brown suggested that Pine Valley residents should be considered district residents, and be charged accordingly at the Evergreen, CO Recreation Centers. She asked me to create and circulate a petition and bring to a board meeting.

180. Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act, ยง 55-248.16 Article 3 - Tenant Obligations #6 and #7 Violation

We, the people, of Building 1201 at Culpeper House Apartments feel the residents in Apartment #111 have violated the Virginia Landlord and Tenant Act. We also feel that our neighborhood aren't safe as long as the residents in apartment #111 continue to live in building 1201. We request the residents of Apartment #111 vacate our building. Please see violations below....

6. Not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or permit any person to do so whether known by the tenant or not;

7. Conduct himself, and require other persons on the premises with his consent whether known by tenant or not to conduct themselves, in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors' peaceful enjoyment of the premises; ...