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121. Verizon DSL Service to Penn Lake

May 03, 2006

Verizon DSL Service is available in many areas neighboring Penn Lake Park Borough and we, the residents of Penn Lake, want and deserve the same opportunity.

Please enable Penn Lake to receive Verizon DSL service.

122. Albemarle County Biscuit Run Rezoning

April 24, 2006

We are Albemarle county residents opposed to the county adding high density developement while the area infrastructure will not support it.

Increasing the area density will result in a higher population and a greater tax burden on our current county residents.

The area's current infrastructure cannot support the almost 5,000 units and the traffic problems they will bring.

As a result, and most importantly, an increase such as the one being proposed for Biscuit Run will have a grave impact on the quality of life of all Albemarle County residents.

123. Restore peace to our Ferndale neighborhood

April 18, 2006

This is a petition to resolve a neighborhood dispute regarding local city curfew and noise ordinances.

124. Pave Holly Hills

April 17, 2006

The Petition to Pave Holly Hills has been a topic of many Holly Hills residents for quite some time.

The receipt of our most recent Assessments provided the final initiative to get this ball rolling on April 17, 2006.

125. Chestnut Avenue/Lime Grove residents' concerns

March 21, 2006

This petition is in support of letters of objection to the proposed building plans for further development of Nutten Stoven Residential Home for the Elderly at 81, Boston Road, holbeach. Application no. H09/0279/06.

Previous application of building plans H09/1610/04 were refused on the grounds of over development of the site.

We the residents of all the homes in Lime Grove no. 1-11 and the two homes either side of the entrance to Lime Grove at no. 3 and 5 Chestnut Avenue are opposed to the newly submitted plans.

126. Arthur's Salon to continue shop signage

Feb 09, 2006

Arthur's Salon is calling for all local residents and clients to support this petition.

The petition asks Local Council to reserve this Business the right to continue to advertise shop signage on the main street.

127. Removal of No Parking Signs on Woodhaven

January 26, 2006

This petition is here to remove the no parking signs on Woodhaven Circle.

The reason for this petition is in response to the amount of parking currently available. There is hardly a sufficient amount of parking spaces for the number of tenants that reside in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. This parking issue causes a number of problems for the tenants that live in the Jacob Heights Townhouses along with residents of Mankato that don't live there.

The first problem created from these no parking signs is resident parking. The problem arises due to the fact that there are four tenants living in each unit in Jacob Heights. There is no possible parking configuration utilizing the garage and driveway that will allow any single tenant to leave at anytime. This is the first reason why parking on Woodhaven is requested. A lot of the residents living here are college students.

Everyone has busy class and work schedules and being blocked in your driveway by a roommate not home is not a valid excuse for a professor or employer. The second major problem created from the no parking signs on Woodhaven is in regards to visitors and guests. If all tenants are home there are no available parking spots nearby for guests. This makes is very difficult to meet with friends, family, coworkers, and classmates in the Jacob Heights Development.

There are currently 42 units in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. There is also an additional 24 units under construction. This means that the current problem is only going to get worse unless the city of Mankato does something about it. Enclosed is a list of Mankato residents who all agree with the complaints stated above. The residents of Mankato demand action. There are obviously plenty of solutions to the current dilemma.

If authorized parking signs are required for the public street of Woodhaven Circle then possibly permit only signs could replace the no parking signs. Another solution is to build another public parking lot across from the Jacob Heights Townhouses.

128. Keep Shake as our Super

Recently there has been some personal ideas and actions that involve each and every person living within these walls of 2121 Roche CRT.

There has bee talk about firing our current Super Shake. I Personally don't know of the exact reasons for the dismissal of Shake as our super, however, I do know that up until this moment Shake has done a wonderful job.

Shake is involved with the tenants and owners' needs and wants of this condo. If you recall this past summer when Shake hosted the garage sale/BBQ with the help of us residents. We have seen a few different supers try to succeed at this demanding job, but we have yet to see someone who is involved with what the residents want.

I recall a time when the children were not aloud to play with balls in the park area nor ride bikes or rollerblade. Our kids always felt like they were walking on thin ice at all times. Now this Condo has become a family oriented place to live, and the children are happier now that they feel welcome to play as children should play.

Shake is outside playing with the kids during those warm days in the park conducting games to play and showing them how to play them. Not only does Shake have a love for making kids smile, but he also gets the job done. We do need a super that we can trust and that cares about us residents as human beings not as just a unit.

It is a great feeling to know that there is someone you can call if you need help that will be sure to help right away.

129. First Cymru bus route no.43

January 15, 2006

On the 8th January 2006 a new bus schedule started with significant changes to bus routes in the area of Swansea east.

This resulted in the removal of the bus route no.43. The sudden change has caused great difficulty to the residents of Swansea to have the ability to travel around Swansea.
Affecting the elderly, disabled, workers, mums, dads, children etc.

130. Auto ID Stickers for Residents of Florida

December 28, 2005

As per the current town code, signs are posted on residenial streets allowing "no parking" or "one hour parking" only, whereas, discouraging residents to report a strange car to the police for fear of being ticketed themselves or causing that part of the street's resident vehicles to be ticketed even though we as residents live here and have full right to be here.

Residents' vehicles of Surf are being, or can be ticketed for parking past one hour on the street in front of their residence.

The ordinance should allow resident vehicles to be distinguished from visiting vehicles by means of an identifying sticker on the windshield which can be purchased for a one-time nominal fee at our city hall.

131. Oppose Rezoning neighborhoods to the North and/or East of the University of North Dakota

The Grand Forks City residents below are against the rezoning application Z54 for the purpose of rezoning the present R4 and R2 neigborhoods to the north and/or east of the University of North Dakota, (the area between 1st Avenue North and 10th Avenue North and the area between Columbia Road North and North 20th Street) on 6.583 acres located at the northeast intersection of Mars Hill Road and Burnt Hickory Road to the proposed suburban condominium zoning.

We are against this application due to concerns over spot zoning precedent; where one condominium is allowed more can follow, impact on our roads; we contend that 28 units regardless of age restriction will impact more than the current residential zoning, and the overall concern over the enforcement of the senior restriction and the resulting impact on our schools and roads.

132. Ban chaotic parking by parents of Langley Grammar school pupils

We are writing to inform you that we have a big problem with chaotic parking in our road, so we are writing with a signed petition from all residents who are all in agreement with this letter.

The problem parking is caused by parents collecting children from Langley Grammar. This disturbance is occuring five days of the week between 3.00pm & 3.30pm during term time only. We have cars parked bumper to bumper both sides of the road, all residents feel very strongly that this problem must change.

We understand these children need collecting from school! But so do our children! This disturbance prevents us leaving or entering our own road, let alone parking in our road, this kind of parking is very inconsiderate/ hazardous and obstructive, this kind of parking will day obstruct emergency services entering our road and we are not prepared to wait untill that situation occoured this cannot continue, this disturbance must stop.

133. Street Lights Village of Runyon Springs

The Residents of the Village of Runyon Springs are concerned about the lighting in the community. We wish to express our concern about the safety issues of our residency.

The Residents of the Village of Runyon Springs are requesting additional lighting and requesting a higher voltage of lighting in all areas of the new subdivision.

134. Oppose Thornton Lake Estates Development

We the residents of Green Acres oppose the development of Thornton Lake Estates whose intention is to utilize our residential street as an outlet to Springhill Road.

Our opposition is clearly based on and outlined in the Approval Standards used by the Albany City Planning Commission which specifically states as follows:

(3) The transportation system is capable of supporting the proposed use in addition to the existing uses in the area. Evaluation factors include street capacity and level of service, on-street parking impacts, access requirements, neighborhood impacts and pedestrian safety.


For the last four years residents of the High Grange Housing Estate have had to live with the passing traffic, and overnight parking of lorries, coming up from the A68 to the Faverdale Industrial Estate.

Although there are many parking areas and roads leading to, and within, the industrial estate which do not affect residents and homes, unfortunately lorries are parking overnight next to residents' homes leaving their engines running for several hours which results in:

- fumes
- noise
- vibration to residents homes
- resident health problems - ie insomnia, stress
- disruption to wildlife
- environmental impact.

136. Safety concerns for 13th Street, Santa Monica

July 12, 2005: Residents oppose the addition of a proposed two-story parking structure at a neighboring car dealership.

Residents request that Santa Monica City Council approve speed bumps on 13th Street due to execssive speed by mechanics and potential buyers speeding beyond the 30 mph limit.

137. Sullivan County Living Wage

A coalition of local groups, led by Sullivan Peace and Justice, is seeking the enactment of Living Wage legislation in Sullivan County, NY.

This petition is the first step of a campaign to accomplish this -- a petition that calls upon the county legislature to draft a resolution for subsequent enactment.

138. Sports Lights for the MP III clubhouse

We have a new clubhouse that opened up for our section of the development. We would like to add sports lights to the tennis and basketball courts. The other 2 clubhouses have these sports lights and many residents would greatly appreciate and benefit have the lights.

139. Install Lights at Provinces Park

We, the undersigned, residents of and around the Provinces, parents, and friends of children who are members of JPYO, would like to petition Anne Arundel County to install lights at Provinces Park. In the past some criminal activity has taken place in the park, i.e. the concession stand has been broken into, etc...

Installing lights will deter some, if not all, criminal activity, making the Park a safe place for families and residents in general.

Please make the Provinces Park safer for our children, their parents, family and friends and the residents of and around The Provinces, Severn, MD.

140. Coppin Road Footpath

There are a large number of residents and health club patrons who regularly walk up Coppin Road. The mornings are particularly busy with school children walking to the Highway to catch their respective school buses, and a similar situation exists in the afternoon.

The traffic on Coppin Road is considerable and poses a significant hazard to pedestrians.

141. 16th Avenue Noise Attenuation Wall

The primary purpose of the proposed wall at the 16th Avenue interface with the Rosedale community is to provide necessary noise attenuation for the residents who live beside the street, the 6-lane east-west trucking route through Calgary.

It should perform to this standard. Any break in the continuity of the wall is a weak point for noise attenuation.

The City of Calgary tender drawings for the Rosedale interface, on view at the City construction office at 1635 7th St NW, show the wall with breaks, about 15 - 20 ft long, at the end of every street block where there is a remnant lot in the community. The lot is to be redeveloped with an infill house and an alley link. The infill house is intended to function as the continuation of the noise attenuation, across the alley from the break in the wall.

The reason given by the City and its representatives, for providing these breaks, is that it will relieve the visual monotony of a continuous wall. This reason is doubtful given that wall is being designed with such a high level of detail and variation, and with extensive landscaping on the 16th Avenue side.

-The breaks are a weak point in the wall that will allow traffic noise to bleed into the neighbourhood.

-The breaks are a safety hazard. There will be no real barrier to absorb a vehicle from veering off of 16th avenue into the neighbourhood.

-The breaks create confusion on a pedestrian scale. Pedestrians will walk down alleys rather than neighbourhood streets.

142. No Creekview Addition

This petition is being developed concerning the matter of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment to change the current land designation for property located west of Grand Avenue and Hillview Drive in Marion, Iowa.

The proposal is to change the designated area from "Parks and Recreation," to "PD-R, Planned Development-Residential." We, the residents of this neighborhood, do not believe this proposal should be approved.

143. Assigned Parking in Elena Court

We, the residents of Elena Court are requesting that the Board of Directors pass a resolution that allows the residents of Elena Court to have assigned parking spots.

144. Abolish Portage County Proposal for Campground

Town of Dewey resident and/or taxpayers who do not believe the Portage County proposed campground would be in the best interest of the Town of Dewey residents nor nearby property owners.

145. 12 lot subdivision at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH.

Delvin Arnold has purchased the property at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH. Mr. Arnold is proposing to have a 12 lot Subdivision in the now wooded area, which also has other issues. Those issues being the Water Table, Environment, Wildlife, & intrusion on the abutters. At the meeting on Feb. 2, 2005, Planning Board member Tom Gillick stated that the objective of the meeting was to review the design of the proposed Subdivision only. Many residents concerned about the proposed development attended the meeting to voice all their concerns, which are all viable.

We the citizens believe that the area is mostly wetlands which is already an ongoing issue currently that the Town of Hampton has yet to rectify. The water table rises in an area on Bourn Ave. that has residents outraged. We work very hard at keeping our property well maintained & the water issue is an ongoing battle. Water is currently being pumped through exposed PVC piping from the excess water and some days it may take hours for the water to dissapate. The traffic that goes down Bourn Ave. causes the water to almost go up to residents front doors.

Tom Gillick describes the situation as "temporary". I have lived on Bourn Ave. for almost 3 yrs and I have never seen the situation addressed appropriately. The residents that already have water problems in their basements will only become worse and extremely costly. There is also the Wildlife issue & Environmental Protection that residents would like to see.

The area is overdeveloped as it is & by forcing out the Wildlife, there is potential for more accidents & also the risk of the animals finding refuge in residents homes. I am a firm believer of protection of Wildlife, the land is currently their home and most of the residents do not want to see that destroyed.

These are all the concerns of the residents of Hampton, NH. that will utlimately be affected by this proposed development.

146. Reinstitute Internet Access for RAs On Duty

In the Fall 2004 Semester, Internet access was cut off for Resident Advisors on duty in the residents halls at the University at Buffalo.

This Petition is to request a reversal of that policy since it is detrimental to our job/school productivity.

147. Let Mark Back In

In recent Events an RA of West Wall has been fired and removed from the building for what we the residents feel is an unjust reason. Mark Heany an RA of West Hall was fired from his position as an RA from the building for gambling. We feel that even though it maybe wrong to gamble and its good not to promote it, it is unfair because he was playing for fun, which makes it like any other card game.

We feel that firing was rash and could have thought he could have been dealt another punishment. We feel that we were robbed of a friend and a person we feel we can trust to talk to in the dorms if we have problem.

148. Bring the Isle of Capri to Old Jefferson

We residents and business owners of Old Jefferson welcome the Isle of Capri Casino.

149. Residents Oppose Zoning Changes to Arroyo Grande Site

The property on Arroyo Grande is presently zoned as residential and previously approved as an office complex. The owners are petitioning to rezone those properties to accommodate a storage facility. The residents are opposed to the change.

150. Retention of Oleander/Hawthorne Traffic Signal

It has been noted that the City of Wilmington has plans to remove the traffic signal at the intersection of Oleander Drive and Hawthorne Road.