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61. Make Victorian rooming houses safe

Call this a home?
Campaign for safe rooming houses in Victoria

Victoria has a severe shortage of affordable housing. This has caused increasing homelessness and a proliferation of privately operated rooming houses.

More and more individuals and families, including women and children, are turning to rooming houses as their last option before sleeping on the street.

Privately operated rooming houses are the most dangerous form of accommodation in Victoria. Poor regulation and the lack of minimum standards mean that rooming houses can operate for maximum profit, with little regard for the safety or amenity of residents.

They do not offer residents security, privacy or safety. Shared areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are often stages for violence, intimidation, drug dealing and other illegal activities.

There is no control over who enters or stays in the house. Some residents lack an adequate lock on their door. Imagine your food and possessions being regularly stolen or having to stand outside the bathroom door to make sure your daughter is safe. Would you call this a home?

Victoria lacks the regulatory tools to adequately control this segment of the private housing market. It is time for the introduction of a statewide set of standards and a regulatory scheme that will protect vulnerable residents from exploitative practices and conditions.

Call This A Home? is a coalition of peak bodies, organisations and individuals committed to safe rooming houses in Victoria.

We believe every Australian has a fundamental right to safe, secure and affordable housing.

62. Bring more jobs to Michigan City

All we have here in Michigan City is just store and restaurant jobs and that's it.

What we need in Michigan City are more factories so that people will be better able to support their families.

And these college kids will have to go out of town in order to procure employment opportunities.

We need to procure more industry in this town so our young people attending college will have something to come home to.

And we need to procure better housing and employment opportunities for our most disadvantaged and destitute citizens of our community.

And we also need to obtain better housing and employment opportunities for our elderly and disabled residents as well.

63. Road Safety and more lighting in the Friary community

We the undersigned would like there to be traffic control signs in place at the entrance to Frairy Park Estate, as there are big lorries that use the entrance to reverse into, this has become increasingly worrying for many residents as they have young children playing in this blind spot area.

We would also like to have more lighting erected on the Frairy Park Estate.

64. Stop L.A. County Wild Animal Killing

I am blessed to live in a beautiful neighbourhood, a peninsula with a hill surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, lots of trees, many wild living animals, peacocks, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks of course and many more.

Two days ago I came home and noticed an Animal Control truck stopping behind my car in front of a neighbour’s home. The Animal Control officer took a cage and went into the home’s back yard. Shortly after he came back out with a little squirrel in the cage. Out of curiosity and because my inner voice told me to, I asked the officer, why he had the squirrel in the cage. This is what he told me:

The woman living on this property trapped the animal, because she was bothered by it. She then called Animal Control to send a truck for the pick up of this little critter. At this point I had to ask, what would happen to the squirrel now and was then told, that it would be brought to the Animal Control station to be put down.

I took a deep breath and asked if there was anything wrong with the squirrel, maybe it was sick or so. The officer then said, that there was nothing wrong with it, the woman just did not want the squirrel in her back yard and so, according to Los Angeles County policies, it had to be put down. I looked at the woman still waiting to see the animal go and she quickly closed her gate.

At this point I did what I had to do and started negotiating for the poor squirrel’s life. If this officer wouldn’t have released the squirrel in a park in the neighbourhood, I may have ended up in a straight jacket that evening. This lucky squirrel is still alive today but many other wild living animals, trapped by mean and selfish residents, who obviously still don’t understand the importance of a healthy ecosystem, are not anymore.

Thanks to the City of Palos Verdes, California, which allows residents to trap wild living animals. L.A. County offers support by renting traps to people for a fee, which also includes education and training on how to trap wild living animals properly. People then call Animal Control, they come, pick up, take along and kill.

A decision of the Board of Supervisors of L.A. County and the permission to trap make it possible.

We desperately try to save this planet and an ecosystem, which can collapse at any minute and this country fights the worst economy since the last depression.

And here Los Angeles County pays to kill wild animals that have done nothing wrong, not hurt anyone and are no danger to anybody - just because these animals are unfortunate to call their home some mean resident’s back yard, who has nothing better to do than to destroy our environment. Squirrels too are part of a sensitive ecosystem and so are raccoons, opossums, skunks, rattlesnakes, insects and many others.

California is bankrupt and our tax money is spent on Animal Control officers, having to go, get and kill. Did the L.A. Board of Supervisors get too much of the Californian sun before they came up with this?

I intend to fight this insanity, if you agree with me, please help and sign.

You can also help by investigating your own City/County’s policies to find out, if there are more such rules in other places. Together we can make a difference. It may take an effort and it may be inconvenient, but it is worth it. Not acting and accepting a madness like this is not an option for me. Hopefully it is not an option for you either.

Let’s get the ball rolling!

65. True broadband Internet at Freemen's

The University of Leicester provides poor internet to Freemen's residents.

66. 230kV Transmission Line Golden Valley, Arizona

This petition is to the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding Unisource's proposed 230kV Transmission Line through Golden Valley, Arizona.

We are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to look at alternative routes to the ones proposed by Unisource and Transcon.

67. Hey Mayor of Pitman, can we park in your driveway?

*There is currently a new "Municipal Parking Lots" ordinance that will be in effect starting September 1, 2008.

*This ordinance will require Pitman residents who do not have parking at their homes, to purchase a parking permit to park in a public lot. Without purchasing this overnight parking permit for $100 per year, overnight parking in a public lot is prohibited. (For more information please see the flyer or go to

*Parking is difficult already for most residents who reside near the historial Pitman Grove. Most houses do not have driveways for parking to begin with. Some houses only have partially paved alley ways to park in. With these alley ways only partially paved, it makes getting in and out very difficult especially during winter months when it snows.

*We are also not allowed to park infront of our houses between the hours of 2:00 am to 6:00 am without being ticketed. They allow us to "call" our cars in if we do have to park outside. However, if you call too many times you abuse your parking priviledge and they put you on a reject list.

*Pitman recently expanded the baseball field on Lincoln and Cleveland Ave which took away ample parking for Pitman residents. That field is rarely used for anything.

*The ordinance states that even if we buy these $100 parking permits they can not guarantee parking spots. What do we do then? Where do we park? This ordinance is already creating more problems then we presently have.

*Why are the residents near the Grove being penalized because we do not have ample parking like other areas of Pitman? It is not justifiable that the residents who don't have sufficient parking have to pay $100 a year just to park their car.

Please sign the following petition to help us to oppose this ordinance.

68. Eliminate the congestion charge in Manchester

I am petitioning against the congestion charges in manchester, this is ridiculous as the price of petrol and diesel is already climbing and the cost of living has increased unfortunately our wages have not increased to pay for these stupid charges.

This is also ridiculous for the people whom live within the Manchester area.

Stop Congestion Charges!!

69. Budget Ease for an Overwhelmed Community

Bridgeport, CT's Proposed 2009 Budget constitutes many changes and hardships for citizens in an already stressed community.

According to the budget, 43 newly civilianized staff that will operate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) even though though the budget has scaled back funding for public library services, eliminates 19 positions in the Public Health Nursing Program, eliminates the general fund school based program, dental hygiene and reduces the nursing staff by half, budgetary reduction of 1/3 of staff funding, reduction of 25 positions, eliminates 87 direct line positions and accounts. Budget calls for a 4-mill tax hike or a 9 percent increase in taxes. As far as education, 7.4 teaching positions are not funded in the mayor's budget, and 41 new positions could not be filled.

The budget allows to provide sanitation services including garbage collection, bulk trash pickup, leaf removal, and recycling to our residents. Beyond regular trash pickup, these additional services are by no means mandated, and they carry a cost of $6,545,327.

These costs could be reduced if residents would carry the cost of garbage removal.

70. Support the fencing of Redcar Town facilities at the Trunk Rd

As part of the development of Redcar Town JFC, new facilities are being build at the Trunk Rd playing fields. This development includes fencing off the allotted are of the palying fields. However, there is a campaign to stop the fence being erected a the Trunk Road.

The club has contacted Neil Russell, a Redcar Council official, who has confirmed that this is true. Neil is slightly concerned as he has only received negative letters /emails from local residents regarding the erection of the fence.

To counter act this we need to send emails / Letters of support for the fencing, obviously letters from local residents surrounding the Trunk road would be ideal, however support from anyone who will use the site would help support the erection of the fence.

The obvious benefits of the Fence are -

    Promotes safety for children;

    Stops irresponsible dog owners letting dogs foul in areas children will play;

    Stop unsupervised dogs from harassing players and destroying equipment;

    Stops youths on motor bikes riding across pitches when children are playing.

71. Request to stop rent increase at Fairview Mobil Home Park

We the undersigned residents of Fairview Mobil Home Park are against the rent increases that accrues each year of 15.00.

Many residents are on fixed income and find it hard to keep up with the increases.

72. New Playground Equipment for Residents of The Settlement of Cypress Creek

The playground equipment is a safely hazard and is not able to be used. The slide is too small and is unsafe. There is no swings.

The age limit states on the sticker of the equipment 2 to 5 years of age, which is not acceptable for even that age.

Even though the equipment is fairly new some of the pieces are missing, the Playground can not be used by the children in this neighborhood.

73. Save Our Christian Bookshop

Update Jan 29, 2008


Just to let you all know that we have had a meeting this morning with the Managing Director of Wesley Owen and they have reversed their decision -we are staying open!

This is subject to Mullers (the landlord) agreeing to a rolling lease, but they are confident that this will be acceptable.

The decision to keep us open is as a direct result of the passion of the staff and the Christians of Weston Super Mare who have either signed the on line petition or written with their concerns - so thank you all so much for your support.


They will be reviewing the situation annually so please continue to support us so that we might retain this vital outlet.

With many thanks to you all



It has been proposed that the only Christian bookshop in Weston Super Mare, be closed permanently sometime in March 2008. It is at present in a three week consultation period, which is to allow for any ideas or opinions to be submitted, which may reverse this decision.

There has been a Christian bookshop in the town, for at least the last 50 years, and despite the growing trend in internet buying, we feel that there is still a need for this outlet.

Weston Super Mare is a growing town with a growing Christian community. It is also a town with many older residents, who would not be able to travel to Bristol to purchase Christian books and music. Many of these same residents do not have access to the internet, or indeed have the knowledge to do so.

The Christian bookshop is more than a shop, it is a place of safety, where many come to find a listening ear or to share an experience.

For almost every other book topic or music there are numerous outlets in the town. Not so for Christian books and music. In this day and age of ever decreasing values, surely this is a sad reflection of our times. This is heightened by the fact that a nearby outlet specialising in witchcraft, is thriving.

We in this country have the luxury of worshipping freely, whilst others in foreign lands are daily tortured and executed for there faith. Would we as Christians, not then be negligent if we did not fight to retain this invaluable Christian resource?

It is for these reasons that we invite you to sign this petition.

74. Build Roadrunner Park (Canyon De Flores Park)

• The Canyon De Flores community is long over due for a park we can all enjoy.

• The preliminary talks between the city and the school district need to be accelerated.

• The Land has already been set aside for a park southeast of the St Andrews Bridge.

• The land has also been identified in the city plan for years now. We as residents want to know what exactly is going on.

75. Brockhill Road Safety Petition

Speed Limits in the Brockhill area of Redditch are being regularly ignored.

Of particular concern are the following roads:

The B4184 (30mph)/Brockhill Drive (40mph)
Lily Green Lane (30mph)
Salters Lane (30mph)

Local residents regularly observe traffic breaking the speed limit.

At evenings and weekends the engine noise of excessive acceleration can frequently be heard specifically on the B4184, but also on Lily Green Lane and Salters Lane.

Residents are not satisfied that the police do not react to the reckless endangerment of life in this area and would like our elected representatives to ensure that this matter is fully investigated and action is taken to prevent future injury and or loss of life.

76. Beautification Project for the Intersection at 2nd Street and Helen

Recently within the past six months there has been increased occupancy and turn-over of residents of the mobile home park at Helen and 2nd Streets.

This has resulted in a dramatic increase in socializing and loitering on the perimeter of the property and on the street during the day and through the late evening hours and the consumption of alcohol and drugs by minors.

There has also been a dramatic increase in automobile and motorcycle traffic and speeding, as well as dumping of furniture and debris on the empty lot across 2nd street.

We propose a community beautification of the properties by requiring:

1) Property owner of the mobile home park to build a fence barrier around the perimeter of the park;

2) Property owner of the empty lot to provide continued clean up and waste removal as required by the Clean Tahoe Program;

3) Neighborhood residents to provide basic landscaping along the perimeter of both properties including planting of trees, shrubs and flowers, and

4) City of Lake Tahoe to install speed bumps on Helen Avenue and 2nd Street.

77. SOS from residents of Saket Complex, Thane

August 10, 2007

The Chief Justice,
Mumbai High Court,


Respected Sir,

On behalf of 4000 residents residing in Saket CHS Ltd. and Saket Towers, I am filing this letter to you with an urgent plea to kindly intervene and give us relief for the various reasons mentioned under alongwith facts :

1. Vide its order dated July 26,2006, the Mumbai High Court through its respectable Judges, Justice RM Lodha and Justice Naresh H Patil, restricted the movement of Heavy vehicles in the city of Thane, from Majiwade junction to Meenatai Thackeray Chowk to K Villa up to Kalwa Bridge and onwards towards Vitava and Belapur.

2. Delivering the judgement the Hon. Judges stated that (quote) : Pt. no. 2 : The AGP informs us that a meeting of the Collector, Thane, Commissioner, Thane, Municipal Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner(Traffic), Thane and City Engineer, Thane Municipal Corporation took place on July 24, 2006.

3. Pt. no. 3 of the said judgement further states that (quote) : The AGP placed before us a change route map,marked X for identification purposes. As per the said route map, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 now passes through the road marked by arrows from Navi Mumbai to Old Agra Rd. According to the decision taken in the said meeting, the traffic from National Highway No. 3 and National Highway No. 4 does not pass through Meenatai Thackeray Chowk ( Castle Mill). We are thus satisfied that the grievance of the petitioner raised through the PIL has been redressed and no further orders need to be passed in the writ petition.(unquote).

4. After this order, the Thane Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police diverted the entire traffic of Heavy Vehicles on SAKET MARG.

5. The area through which the traffic is now passing consists of a cluster of 24 buildings( 7 storied) and 3 Towers ( 19 storied) – all residential premises. There is a School and Junior College in the area which works in 2 shifts. In fact, there are less residential buildings in the so-called city area from Meenatai
Thackeray Chowk to Kalwa Bridge, as the road passes through a big lake on one side, a playground on the other side and a Jail premises later.

6. We would like to stress here that the Hon. High Court does not possess, nor is it expected to possess the specialized knowledge about the effects of the movement of Heavy Traffic from different areas of the City.

7. Looking at the trends seen for the last few years in the High Court regarding PILs, it is noticed that the judiciary is now taking over the role of Bureaucracy without having to take the responsibility and in the course, instead of hauling up the concerned officers responsible for the mess, the Courts are indulging in trying to sort out the mess itself.

8. In the current case, we would like to inform you that there are 4000 people residing in the Saket vicinity who are bearing the brunt of the irresponsible decision to divert Highway traffic through a stretch of a road meant for residential premises and constructed to withstand only LIGHT VEHICULAR movement.

9. This diversion has created daily nuisance to these thousands of people including school going children, pregnant women, senior citizens and office-goers.


11. A survey conducted by the Thane Municipal Corporation, after diverting this traffic on Saket Marg produced a shocking picture. It was found that in 24 hours more than 14,000 vehicles ply to and fro on this stretch of 4 kms – movement which has destroyed the road and left behind huge craters, rubble, pollution and NOISE POLLUTION.

12. Yes, during night time the noise levels due to constant brakeing and honking by these vehicles reaches decibel levels exceeding 130. The Supreme Court / High Courts have been pro-active in barring usage of Loud Speakers or Crackers after 10 pm. So, our plea is ban movement of Heavy Vehicles near Residential premises after 10 pm!

13. Here, we would like you to consider the following :
• Whether all parties present in the July 24 meeting have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act?
• If they have acted in conformity with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, whether the diversion of Highway led traffic through an internal residential road can be construed of PROTECTING THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC SAFETY AND DOES NOT AMOUNT TO VIOLATION OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT AS GUARANTEED UNDER ARTICLE 21 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA?

• Whether such disowning of responsibility which leads to residents resorting to remedies of Raasta Roko or Bandhs are in the best interest of society?

On this background, we have no alternative but to invoke extraordinary jurisdiction of this Hon. High Court under Article 226 of the Constitution of India for the protection of the rights of people as guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India and seeking redress of our grievance to implement the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act so as to maintain and uphold the interest of Public Safety and not allow it redundant at any cost and in any circumstances.
Hence this petition!!


Dayanand Nene
A7/303, Saket CHSL,
Thane 400 601.
# 3290 4315/ 93239 60475.

78. Stop illegal parking / trading of motor vehicles from Plumstead Common

Motor vehicles are being illegally traded from Plumstead Common Road, the vehicles can sometimes be a handful and at other times go well above double figures.

I have photographic evidence of money changing hands, these activities can go on into the night they have been happening according to older residents in the area for in excess of ten years.

The problems this creates for all council tax paying residents are 1. lack of parking 2. a general eyesore 3. loud music from some of the vehicles whilst being shown to prospective clients 4.reving of engines loudly at various times of the day/night 5. car alarms going off and the owner of the vehicle not being resident in the area therefore unable to turn off 6. it's breaking the law.

79. Flexible Work For All

Prior to January 1, 2007, Garden Ridge and some of the other units were operating Monday through Friday and weekend working schedules. The Units were operating with less staff, salaries were less and overtime for pay for staff was limited.

As regard to weekend staff, staff was able to provide more community activities for the residents and because of these activities residents were contented.

At the present time, as a result of changing to patterns, excessive overtime for pay is prevailing, more employees are quitting their positions, absenteeism now exists and in due time all this will directly affect the residents.

80. Petition Against Proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16

A petition by Homeowners, Business Owners, Residents, Legal Voters and Taxpayers of the Town of Johnston the proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16; an ordinance relative to stagnant water as a public nuisance.

81. Kennet District residents against motorbikes racing on our roads

Finally, after many years of ‘sport bikes’ using the public highways in the Kennet district achieving the highest speeds possible without fear of prosecution, the rate paying residents now demand action to be taken.

This dangerous ‘game’ threatens the safety of local people, their children and animals - specifically horses that are bred and exercised here.

The already anti-social situation is made worse by the attitude and threats made against the residents of Avebury who complain of the noise and speeds outside the Red Lion pub and village outskirts.

Bikers currently operate under their own rules, boasting to residents that they
cannot be easily caught. Able to simply outrun police cars that pursue them,
their bikes are only equipped with one number plate that can be so small it is
barely legible. Add to that their ‘anonymity’, and we face an escalating problem of lawlessness. In addition, the bikes are often fitted with illegal exhaust systems to create maximum disruption, noise and offence.

The link below shows an example of two bikers that did not appreciate being filmed. They returned for the camera on several runs at speeds for which one would be imprisoned if in a car. The lime green bike has been seen on many occasions ‘baiting’ residents.

82. Poor maintance and repairs at Northern Oaks Apartments

This petition relates to maintenance and repairs over at Northern Oaks Apartments. Residents are having water leaks inside their apts. and repairs are not being done because of only one maintenance person on staff.

The only way to get anything done is it have to be an emergency.

83. Natural Gas Supply to ALL Gisborne residents

A large number of Gisborne residents will receive natural gas to their homes by February 2008.

However, there is another section of Gisborne which is located over the Calder Freeway, Emmeline Drive, Panorama Drive, and McGregor Road which is home to a large number of residents. These residents are not listed to receive the much needed natural gas to their homes.

84. PennDOT should not close Log Tavern Road

PennDot plans on closing Log Tavern Road for six months to repair a condemned bridge. The detour will require residents along Log Tavern to go 30 miles out of their way.

This is a life safety issue for all the residents of Crescent Lake and other communities in the area.

We would ask PennDot to leave one lane open while repairing the structure to allow emergency vehicles and residents access to their communities and the town of Milford Pa.

85. The Villages At Rancho El Dorado Clubhouse Use

By signing this petition you are supporting the reservation acceptance for The Villages Clubhouse to any Village Resident.

And that the Board of Directors not excluding outside organizations from using the clubhouse as long as it is reserved by a Village Resident.

86. Removal of Raised Power Lines

For Residents of 1177 Hornby St. "London Place" note the following reasons for removal:

1) Cost - Fee for BC hydro to cover or flag the power lines in order for window washers to clean windows. Fee has increased dramatically, and power lines do not serve the residents of 1177 Hornby.

2) Safety - People have climbed power poles to get to the top of the shared patio on the roof of 1177 Hornby. safety for both them and against theft. Also, safety for BC Hydro members who flag the power lines and safety for window washers of London Place.

For all buildings between the 1200 and 1100 blocks of Hornby and Burrard note the following reasons for removal:

1) Safety - Transformers have blown and have resulted in fires to the extent of fire department deployment.

2) The poles also narrow the alleyway resulting in garbage/Large trucks having a difficult time manoevering for daily activities.

87. Prevention of Influencial Neighborhood Store Closing

The residents of 17th West Oxford Street is writing this petition in reference to the closing of our neighborhood store. For the pass few years this store has served our community and created a positive environment for our community.

Having this store within our community provide a convenient and exciting outlet for their customers. If this store was to be terminated it would create a negative prospection in the community.

With signing this petition you will be supporting the remaining open and continue serve within the community.

88. Off road parking for residents of 54-64 Shawbury Road Manchester

There is 6 houses in Shawbury Road that the Council seem to overlook. The road her is very narrow and can not accomadate parked cars and the houses do not have off road parking. Each house has 2 or more cars causing cars to park on footpath. This is a danger to this part of Shawbury Road as emerency services would be unable to get down the narrow road.

Off road Parking would be a solution to this problem and could even save lives if the worst happened.

89. Open Block House Drive Petition

Dear BHC Residents,

As many of you know, Block House Creek needs another entrance/exit to our neighborhood. Currently, there is a petition online to open Scottsdale Drive as a solution and we are adding Block House Drive as the solution.

On May 27th, the Blockhouse Creek MUD Board approved a resolution to be sent to the City of Cedar Park and Williamson County offices, to open Block House Drive to 183-A, as another exit/entrance as they would keep it a private road for BHC residents (unfortunately, this isn't enough and it is why we have this online petition for the residents of BHC to voice their desires).

We believe, Block House Drive South is the most logical solution, because it does not compromise the safety of BHC children and/or disturb the peace of our neighborhood. It is why most of us purchased a home in BHC. Scottsdale is probably the quickest solution but unfortunately it compromises what many of us believe in (indirectly or directly). Scottsdale opens up to driveways, neighborhood children and potential disaster. We understand that Block House Drive may take some time to open up but it is the best solution for EVERYONE in the neighborhood. There are no houses that face the road, only fences and the safety of BHC children is not compromised and the peace in the neighborhood is sustained. It's the perfect solution.

We are asking you to join fellow BHC neighbors by signing this online petition.


The main points for opening the road are:

Traffic congestion in front of the elementary school, traffic backups on Creek Run, Blockhouse Dr. to New Hope. Our children walking to school need to be safe!

Emergency vehicles do not have a clear route to the back part of the neighborhood. In case of an emergency they need a quicker route to us!!

Quicker access to the new Hospital/Medical Center being built.

In case of an emergency evacuation, residents should have more exits than we currently do.

The city of Cedar Park has a proposed fire and EMS station at the corner of New Hope and 183-A.

When the commuter train begins, the RR Track will be extremely busy. Traffic will become backed up on BHC and New Hope during rush hour.

Environmental concerns because of the extra mileage we have to drive to get to our destinations.

The routes we do have to travel take us by school zones, and thru other neighborhoods.

There is no evidence that crime increases because of more access to neighborhoods.

Easier access for the new shopping centers, potential buyers will not move here if they realize how difficult it is to get to the shopping/hospitals.

There are not enough exits/entrances for our 2200 residents!!

90. Deny Curative Amendment Request: Cali Entertainment

Cumberland Township is being forced through Pennsylvania Law (Landowner Curative Amendment) to entertain an application to cure our zoning laws of an omission of the term "water park" on behalf of Cali Entertainment, Mechanicsburg PA. Cali Entertainment wants to purchase land, develop a "mixed used facility" including a hotel/theater/indoor out door water park and condominium space/retail space. The land in question, 96.7 acres of privately owned parcels is located at the intersection of Business 15 & Cunningham Road, Gettysburg, PA.

Cumberland Township residents, Freedom Township residents/businesses in the impact area were invited by certified letter to attend a special April 17th 2007 Curative Amendment Application Hearing at the Cumberland Township Offices, Fairfield Road. The residents in attendance who expressed opinion did so overwhelmingly against this curative amendment application and in fact against this project as a whole. The residents were not expecting such a high density development with multiple and ongoing demands of water and septic when the area was rezoned 3 years previous. Additionally, the size of the facility and it's components remove every spectre of real nature and wipes forever the serene bucolic quiet views. This facility will operate days, nights, weekends and all season long.

The attendees were informed that there is no public referendum required or permitted to deny this application at the outset. The Township soliciter advised that current PA law permits for only acceptance of curative amendments - there is no denial in a direct sense. They have to approve it and take the time and money to research what changes need to be made to the plan to make it happen.

Cumberland and Fairfield Township residents have grave concerns regarding the consequences of such a project from water use of this facility: not only the pools proposed but the regular commercial use. This project presents a bevy of environmental concerns from loss of habitat for native creatures, loss of greenspaces (note: handy landscaping does NOT replace greenspaces) to increased noise pollution from traffic, congestion on this road as there is no possible way this can go in without a traffic light; light intrusion from the facility, visual intrusion of this facility the folks who have to face this compound.

The plans as originally stated call for 85% impervious coverage which nearly doubles the current standards in the township of no greater than 45%.

In adequate EMS support in terms of manpower and equipment and water resources is a huge safety issue.

In this particular case harm comes to not only the quality of life for Cumberland Township residents but Freedom Township residents in the immediate impact area. Given the two townships being governed by separate entities and the final say being in the hands of Cumberland Township, the rights of those in Freedom Township appear to be swept under the rug as their supervisors have left them alone with their issues with no hope of support or protection.

We the undersigned are resolved that future problems resulting from approval of this curative amendement will be caused by a flurry of land speculation and rampant residential development. This will cause an influx of more residents to an area that will be woefully unprepared for their immediate and future needs, including but not limited to water, septic, educational, emergency/medical and professional services. The loss of greenspace and the further flushing of our wildlife from rural areas will also be devastating.

We also believe that despite the thousands of dollars and time spent rezoning the area over 3 years ago were not adequate to meet the savvy methods of developers/builders of this era.