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31. Say NO to the journalistic bigotry of MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell

On April 3rd 2012, Lawrence O’Donnell slandered a religion of over 14 million people worldwide among millions of other fellow Christians in his newscast "The Last Word."

O’Donnell made inflammatory and inaccurate statements about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also known as “The Mormon Church” and its founder, Joseph Smith, during his political program intending to offer analysis of Tuesday's presidential primaries.

It is the responsibility of the news providers to report facts. We seek 350,000 signatures for this petition by May 2nd 2012. We will submit these signatures to MSNBC for remedial action.

This information was confirmed on "Deseret News" website. To read more go to:

32. Allow The Secular Student Alliance At Paradise Valley High School

I’d like to thank everyone for their support. I never imagined that the petition would gain so much attention. However, this whole situation has been a large misunderstanding between myself and the administration.

I never meant to shed Paradise Valley in a negative light. PV is an accepting community of diverse students and staff. I have met with my principal and this situation has been resolved.

The misunderstanding was completely on my end of things. Again, thank you all for your activism and support.

33. Campaign Against Terrorist Activities In Nigeria

All too often we are reminded that terrorism continues to inflict pain and suffering on people’s lives all over the world. Almost no week goes by without an act of terrorism taking place somewhere in the world, indiscriminately affecting innocent people who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Countering this scourge is in the interest of all nations and the issue has been on the agenda of the United Nations for decades.

Eighteen universal instruments (fourteen instruments and four amendments) against international terrorism have been elaborated within the framework of the United Nations system relating to specific terrorist activities. Member States through the General Assembly have been increasingly coordinating their counter-terrorism efforts and continuing their legal norm-setting work. The Security Council has also been active in countering terrorism through resolutions and by establishing several subsidiary bodies. At the same time a number of programmes, offices and agencies of the United Nations system have been engaged in specific activities against terrorism, further assisting Member States in their counter-terrorism efforts.

To consolidate and enhance these activities, Member States in September 2006 embarked upon a new phase in their counter-terrorism efforts by agreeing on a global strategy to counter terrorism. The Strategy marks the first time that all Member States of the United Nations have agreed to a common strategic and operational framework to fight terrorism. The Strategy forms a basis for a concrete plan of action: to address the conditions conducive to the spread of terrorism; to prevent and combat terrorism; to take measures to build state capacity to fight terrorism; to strengthen the role of the United Nations in combating terrorism; and to ensure the respect of human rights while countering terrorism. The Strategy builds on the unique consensus achieved by world leaders at their 2005 September Summit to condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

No one is looking at Nigeria Terrorist group at present; Nigeria is a very good save heaven for the Terrorist because of bribery and corruption that was used in building the nation. The Security is very relaxed due to the low paid salary giving to the security agents and no good DNA systems and tracking of individual person involved. The border is free and anyone can claim to be a Nigerian at any time because the country hardly knows its citizens.

34. Stop The Violence Against Women in Nigeria

35. Protect the Christians in Iraq

The Iraqi Christians need to be protected from being attacked by Muslim extremist.

It is not morally justifiable to attack them because of their Christianity beliefs that disagrees with Islam religion.

36. Remove religion from courtrooms

The first Amendment in the Constitution declares a separation of church and state. That should be all that is needed.

37. Replace Religious Belief with Rational Understanding

Religious belief promotes and honors a lazy intellect. And it is by appealing to ones lazy intellect that one can be persuaded to perform the most horrendous of acts.

To get beyond the tragic events resulting from 'fanatical' religious activity as evidenced thought human history people need to begin to think. And thereby begin to understand their purpose right here on planet earth.

38. Validate "Extraterrestrialism" as An Authentic Religion

Extraterrestrialism is a belief by many that humanity evolved into what it is today through the aid of extra-terrestrials.

Extraterrestrialists believe in treating their neighbor the way they, themselves would like to be treated. They believe in an open mind and warm heart when coming in contact with other people or ideas that may or may not conflict with their own beliefs. They do not impose their religion on others, nor do they require church and organization goers to donate. One’s financial choices, time or resources given to the church or organizations will never be judged nor ridiculed.

While growing in popularity amongst all types of people, Extraterrestrialism has remained a marginalized group. It is not given the same validity as other religions such as Christianity and Mormonism, which Extraterrestrialism originally stemmed from. It does not have rights to be recognized as a valid article on Wikipedia, when “Baller” is accepted as a legitimate term. Extraterrestrialists want others to know that they exist. They want to teach others in an unbiased manner of what they believe and show the world the ways in which they live spiritually.

Extraterrestrialists want to show that Extraterrestrialism is a valid religion because they believe in it and it’s their way of life.

39. Stop prejudice through education

I have learnt about prejudice before and I think that it is completely wrong. I am very hurt when people are prejudiced against me. I am very shocked to discover that only certain types of prejudice such as racism and sexism are illegal.

It is now time that everyone understood and recognised that there is good and bad in everything and that there is a difference between what people CAN do and what they WILL do. I am always very nervous of prejudice and no one deserves to be afraid of being harassed because of who or what they are. I know some people who are prejudiced against pit bull type dogs because they have had bad previous experiences with them. Even this I cannot understand. They should be better educated to know that there is good and bad in everything.

I have heard of others who have bad experiences with Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, and still hold nothing against them. Any dog of any breed can be trained to be nice, whatever their nature or original purpose. I once knew a border collie who wouldn't have known a sheep from a cow because she had never been trained to herd animals. Every day, I fear prejudice and I get even more strongly against it. I cannot understand nor tolerate ANY prejudice whatsoever. Children and young people should be better educated so that they grow up tolerating all religions, races, nationalities and types of people, as well as dog breeds. A better way of dealing with dog attacks on children would be to make socialization classes mandatory for all dog owners. This would also create more jobs as not everyone would be able to afford these classes so the government would have to set up their own classes and pay the people who own the places and those who run the classes. This would not be that hard to enforce because if enough signs and posters were placed regarding the importance of dog socialization the general public would report those who did not take their dogs.

Another idea would be to make it mandatory that children in primary schools are taught how to approach dogs properly. They should always ask the owner before touching a strange dog/s, and even if they let them stroke their dog/s, they should always put their hand out for the dog to sniff first. Never stare into a dog's eyes as this is a sign of aggression. Some dogs do not like to be petted on the head so unless you know the animal well you should never touch its head as it can appear to be frightening to the dog. If a dog chases you or growls at you, you should not run or scream because then he'll be more likely to chase you. The best thing to do is to just ignore him and, if possible, crouch down to show that you are not a threat.

Back onto the topic, how would YOU like it if people were hateful against your religion? Whoever said "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" was talking out of his or her armpit. Words can and do hurt people. Black people do get offended when they are called "n*****" and foreigners do get offended when they are called "p****". Despite rumours and myths, most prisoners are not gypsies or travellers. Some of them are bad, some of them are good. Some of them steal, some don't. Some drop litter, some don't. No one should be judged by anything other than their own personal character.

Prejudice can be stopped, or at least reduced, by education!

40. Ban executions, stonings, torture and discrimination in Iran

ما مجازات واحکام غیر انسانی اعدام، سنگسار،شلاق وشکنجه درهرشکل آن را درشأن مردم کشورمان ایران با پشتوانه تمدنی کهن نمی دانیم.

ما سرکوب و کاربرد خشونت، محکومیت ها و مجازاتهای وحشیانه را درخور شهروندان کشور خود ندانسته و خواهان لغو و محو اینگونه مجازاتها از سرزمین مان ایرانیم.

ما خواهان حقوق دمکراتیک برای زنان و جدایی دین از حکومت هستیم.

ما برآنیم که وابستگی دستگاه قضایی ودادگاه های انقلاب و دادسراها به سران حاکمیت جمهوری اسلامی و تبعیت آنها از منافع و مصالح سیاسی اقتصادی حکومتگران اسلامی، مانع از اجرای عدالت شده و درمقابل مطلق گرایی و سرکوبگری چنین دستگاهی، جان، مال و حیثیت هرشهروند ایران درخطر است.

ما خواهان لغو همه احکام غیرانسانی اعدام، سنگسار، وثیقه های ویرانگر و شکنجه درهرشکل آن هستیم.


Since 2006, public primary schools have been compelled by the Dept of Education to accept offers made by religious groups to teach religious instruction. Students in these schools are allowed to opt out of these classes but receive no alternative education at these times.

We are happy to support a broad-based study of religions, philosophy and moral values, but we believe a narrow religion-specific approach has no place in secular schools.

42. Speak Out 4 David Kato

For more information about the campaign please visit

43. No 2 Religion, Yes 2 Faith

To give all religions due respect, but give none the power to control our connection with God, nor allow any middleman to restrict our freedom to articulate personal faith that is divinely ordained with a free will to choose, change or contemplate.

44. We prefer and support the existing faith based education system in Morinville and Legal, AB.

We are very satisfied with the education and educational environment that our children receive in the Morinville and Legal education system and we prefer and support the current faith based educational system, for the following reasons:

We are a diverse group, Catholic AND Non-Catholic who recognize and favor the high quality education that is provided by the GSACRD education system and we appreciate the inclusion of traditional celebrations such as of Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Christmas, Easter and the like. We DO NOT support the elimination of these;

We also believe that the students should continue to have opportunities to celebrate achievements, demonstrate citizenship, good character, and build a sense of community. We do not believe that these notions are particular to only Catholic students, but are common to all families regardless of faith or religious belief;

We believe exercises and activities, for the most part, are non-faith specific and that various groups are represented in order to serve all families in the region;

We recognize that a substantial portion of the school community are not Catholics, practicing or otherwise, and notwithstanding, we continue to see a sizable number of students (majority), of various denominations, enrolled in a formal religion class;

Alternatives are provided for those choosing not to participate in such a class. We do not believe that the current system serves to indoctrinate the student community;

We all wish to foster an environment of acceptance for our children and families in the school division. We believe that a faith based education helps to achieve such a goal;

As well, Catholic and non-Catholic families alike, have indicated a very high level of satisfaction with the current system when surveyed. This is evident in the survey results which are deservedly and consistently very high and award winning.

45. Tell Victims The Truth Pope Benedict XV1

It has come to light, in the ongoing investigations and litigations of sexual abuses by Irish clergy, that the Irish bishops took part in a cover-up of the abusers specifically because of instructions from the Vatican contained in a 1997 letter, made public recently.

It has been suspected by many (mostly Survivors of Child Abuse) and with further evidence obtained now raises serious questions in which the Holy Father has a duty to answer both morally and Legally; not only as leader of the catholic church, but as a citezen of humanity.

The Pope in 1997 was the widely popular and beloved John Paul II, who is currently being fast-tracked by the current pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, for sainthood, however, many Catholics are calling for a halt to that process, at least until all the information is made public about what role John Paul II played, not only in the letter to the Irish clergy, but in other cover-ups of predatory priests around the world?

He has reaffirmed that for sainthood, the Church requires that at least two miracles be attributed to the candidate: The second miracle for John Paul II's canonization should be the purification of the Church, and to accomplish that miracle they would have to voluntarily disclose all they know about sexual abuse by the clergy, all the documents, all the names of the abusers and all the bishops and other involved in covering up. That would truly be a miracle and it would clearly show that John Paul II was the leading architect of the cover up.

Facing a growing scandal over sexual abuse by Irish priests, the leaders of the Irish Catholic Church in 1996 put together a protocol for handling the crisis, which included instructions to bishops to cooperate with law enforcement.

In 1997, the Irish bishops received a letter from the Congregation for the Clergy - in other words, the Roman Curia which is, together with the Pope, the governing body of the Catholic Church. The letter, stamped "Strictly confidential," remained so until an Irish bishop handed a copy to a reporter recently.
The letter referred to the Irish bishops' document and said it contains "procedures and dispositions which appear contrary to canonical discipline and which, if applied, could invalidate the acts of the same Bishops who are attempting to put a stop to these problems."

Please sign & support Victims Worldwide.

46. End Inequality

Any God worth worshipping can not continue to be a god of inequality. We cannot continue to let the all male run religions set the example to the rest of the world that it is alright to discriminate because of race or sex... and is not the Will of God for it allows the justification of over 1/2 the world to live on less than $2.00 a day, while 25,000 children starve to death each day, and millions more go to bed hungry each night.

We need a better example from The Religions of our world from where God's morality flows.

Any Religion to be relevant to non-believers, as well as believers must end inequality by starting within an all male run religion that is suppose to represents the female half of God as well as the male half.

47. Support Religious Rights In School

Lately, schools across the country do not allow you to wear a religious piece of jewelry or have and right to speak your religion in school.

Any student should be allowed to express their religious right.

48. No to the ban on Sunday Salmon Fishing

The prohibition of fishing for salmon on a Sunday is contained in section 13 of the 1951 Act, as amended by the Freshwater and Salmon Fisheries (Scotland) Act 1976 (section 7 and Schedule 3) and the Salmon (Weekly Close Time) (Scotland) Regulations 1988 (SI 1988/390) made under the terms of section 3(3) of the 1986 Act.

Whilst understanding the need to have some time per week to allow salmon to escape anglers, there is no practical or rational reason why this should be a Sunday.

Many anglers work Monday to Friday, leaving only Saturday and Sunday to participate in their chosen pursuit. The status quo prohibits them from fishing for salmon on half of their weekend.

The reason for the current close time being a Sunday has probably got something to do with some religious organisation. It is time that anglers stood up and argued against religious zealots interfering with our fishing.

By all means, have a 24 close time, but let the members of Angling Associations determine what these are to be, not some unelected God Squad.

49. Stop Religious persecutions in Iraq!

In accord to UN General Assemblies, two very clear Declarations against RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE were done by them.

They are related to religious freedom. One resolution (adopted by the 36th session of the United Nations General Assembly on 1981-NOV-25)- Declaration On The Elimination Of All Forms Of Intolerance And Of Discrimination Based On Religion Or Belief - and A second resolution (adopted by the 48th session on 1993-DEC-20) also exists - ELIMINATION OF ALL FORMS OF RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE.

50. Keep prayers at public events - Your voice counts!

They want to ban the prayer spoken at public events! “School Prayers Targeted” headlines scream on front page of the Chattanooga Times Free Press newspaper, dated Wed. Oct. 20, 2010. The “Freedom from Religion Foundation" is demanding local school leaders to eliminate prayer at public events. They claim, by them hearing prayers over the use of loudspeakers at football games, graduation ceremonies etc. is an "unconstitutional government-endorsed form of religion." I agree with Jim Rogers, a parent of a local Hamilton County student who boldly stated, "Public Christian prayer falls under the right of free speech." He stated, "Our country was founded on the principle of religious suffrage and the freedom to express that religion. God is incorporated in our money, the oath of office, our legal system, and in the Pledge of Allegiance. You cannot find one aspect of our secular government that doesn't make reference to our Creator."

I was astounded after exploring “Freedom from Religion Foundations” web site. Using unified solicitations; “One person can make a difference." Encouraging slogans “Make a Difference” as they quote the powerful words of Thomas Paine; "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue… of supporting it." Freedom from Religion Foundations is only 30 yrs old yet holds the most trophies for eliminating “God” from “Government” than any other foundation. They call us hypocrites, mocking the very existence and substance of God, the Creator of this marvelous, spectacular planet, twisting HIS truth for the use of destruction and slander against God’s glory and purpose.

This warfare against God is not new, nor is it a new technique, the Bible tells many stories of this same enemy…I realize winning this petition, and keeping our “right to verbally pray before public events” does not stop nor silence the enemy of God; however it will prevent us from losing our constitutional rights to exercise our freedom of religion to pray out loud wherever, whenever, however, we desire!

Stand together & refuse to let some half-witted enemy without foundation of any faith or principle dictate that we have to participate in “silencing” our voice! Our Saviors blood fell on this earth giving us the covenant of God’s benefits and blessing. Do not seal your mouth with fear, slothfulness, nor listen to lies that your voice will not make a difference – even the enemy agrees one person can make a difference! According to Phil 2:1-10… how much more powerful are we when we lift our voices in unity, like minded, with the same love, same purpose… as we await for the day that every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! Sign this petition! Proudly enter your name, city, and state and sign this petition. Spread it around… together will not surrender due to our silence!

51. Stop Scottish State-Schools from Endorsing Specific Religions

Within state schools in Scotland there is a promotion of specific religions (dependent on the school) above others or irreligion. My belief is that there should be laws in place to prevent an unbalanced religious education for the children of Scotland as it goes against a diverse religious society in Scotland. Those who wish to follow their religion should do it in their own time and if they must during school day, they should make the choice to remove themselves from the class to do so.

To force those who don't wish to be part of a religious observance to leave the educational environment is discriminatory and ostracising against someone who has not made a religious choice at all.

Despite the majority of the country coming from Christian families, this does not mean we are a purely Christian country, 40% of the country follow no religion at all. Even if we are a 'Christian country' there is no reason for our faith to permeate into the educational system unless it is in a fair and balanced learning environment.

52. Declare Babri Mosque a peace zone!!

The Babri Mosque (Hindi: बाबरी मस्जिद, Urdu: بابری مسجد), Babri Masjid or Mosque of Babur was a mosque in Ayodhya, a city in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, on Ramkot Hill ("Rama's fort"). It was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people, despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally organisers that the mosque would not be harmed. More than 2000 people were killed in ensuing riots in many major Indian cities including Mumbai and Delhi.

2000 people were killed, many others injured. I want that we stop fighting over trivial issues issues, and start working on other pivotal things, like terrorism, hunger.

Peace is what the common man wants, and peace is what we should get.

53. Save the Od Yoseph Chai Yeshiva from Destruction

“Save Our Yeshiva” is the name of the last-ditch campaign launched by students and supporters of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar to stop the demolition of the yeshiva building, a key Torah learning center located in Samaria, in the heartland of Israel.

The yeshiva replaced the former one located at the grave of Yosef Hatzadik in Shechem which was ransacked, smashed by pickaxes and set on fire by an Arab mob in October of 2000 after the then Prime Minister Ehud Barak ordered the army to vacate the tomb.

Under the order of the present Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, the IDF Civil Administration issued a demolition order against the 11-year-old yeshiva building. According to Israeli building practice, the Defense Minister needs to sign off on the project as a formality. Barak has refused despite amply documented early government authorization and funding for its construction. Ironically, the building commenced when Barak was Prime Minister. The building was built with private donations along with the Israeli government which invested 3-4 million shekels in the building.

Yeshiva staff, students and supporters, shocked by the May 9th demolition order, which many claim to be the result of politics within the Labor party, have mobilized to prevent the destruction of the 13,000 square foot Torah institution.

54. Halt Threatened Yeshiva Destruction

“Save Our Building” is the name of the last-ditch campaign launched by students and supporters of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Yitzhar. July 4, 2010 marks the demolition date for the yeshiva, a key Torah learning center located in Samaria, in the heartland of Israel.

According to a hotly contested order imposed by the Israel Defense Force’s Civil Administration, the 11-year-old building in the town of Yitzhar is not properly authorized, despite amply documented government authorization and funding for its construction.

Yeshiva staff, students and supporters, shocked by the May 9th demolition order, have mobilized to prevent the destruction, which many claim to be due to a policy adopted to punish area residents and students for conflicts with the IDF and for alleged acts of retribution against nearby Arab towns.

55. Start respecting other Religions!

Previously Funny Sketches of Prophet Muhammad PBUH were drawn in a newspaper in Denmark and now Facebook took the advantage of its popularity to do the same pitiful act.

56. Bring Prayer Back To Public Schools

Prayer in Schools .. For and Against. (By Carol Brooks)

Much has been said both for and against prayer in schools. There is little doubt that neither the founding fathers nor the Lord Jesus Himself would have been in favour of ‘forced’ or ‘state sponsored’ prayer. The option to pray or not to pray is a matter of individual choice and has to come from the heart. It is a matter of some doubt whether the actual doing away of prayer in schools has directly contributed to the escalation of teen-age pregnancies and suicides and the downward spiral of the SAT scores. The Pharisees thought they would be heard for their ‘much speaking’, and similarly it is questionable as to how much value there is in a ‘canned’ prayer even if recited by thousands of young people across the country. (Consider that most schools in India start their day with a very generic prayer, similar to the one that sparked the U.S. Supreme court’s decision on the Engels v. Vitale case in 1962).

However the indisputable statistics in the following article are too frightening to be ignored and, even more damningly, the downward slide in behavior started about the time of the court decision and very evidently had something to do with it. As we see it, the court ruling to remove prayer from the school system was nothing more than the ‘official’ stamp on the removal of God from a very crucial part of our society. It was simply one large step among many small ones, which has contributed to the moral & spiritual disintegration of the US. It was a flying leap across the narrow chasm separating a God fearing moral country and the chaotic ‘everything goes’ situation we find ourselves in today. The message the Supreme Court sent to the country that fateful day was that it was okay to ‘remove’ God from His rightful place.

Remove the fear of God from the human heart, whitewash the reality that all of us will face and answer to a supremely moral Being sooner or later, eliminate the concept that He demands adherence to His laws and it is but a short step to the deterioration of the cornerstone of society… The Family. With the fear of God done away with there is no longer any reason to treat the marriage vows as sacred, to bring up God-fearing children. From there it is an even shorter step to all the other sinister and evil circumstances we find ourselves in today…. Teen pregnancies, violent crime, suicide, drugs and alcohol abuse are the very logical fruits of a society that has forgotten that He is a God of wrath.

The US Supreme Court was simply another tool, a very effective tool, in Satan’s hand.
ALEDO, TX (FR) - How did the removal of voluntary prayer from the schools of the United States affect our nation as a whole? That question has been answered in detail by a research company in Texas which has gathered and tabulated statistics from hundreds of sources relating to the rates of moral decline in America.

Specialty Research Associates, under the direction of David Barton, has released a report entitled America: To Pray or Not to Pray which uses over 100 pages of graphs and statistical analysis to prove that crime, venereal disease, premarital sex, illiteracy, suicide, drug use, public corruption, and other social ills began a dramatic increase after the Engel vs. Vitale Supreme Court decision was made in 1962 which banned school prayer.

Prayer in schools prior to 1962 was utilized in school districts all over the U.S. in many varieties. Some teachers used extemporaneous prayers, simply expressing their thoughts and desires; others implemented structured prayers, such as the Lord's Prayer or the 23rd Psalm, or others approved by local school boards. New York students prayed each day: "Almighty God, we acknowledge our dependence on Thee and beg Thy blessing over us, our parents, our teachers, and our nation." It was this simple prayer which came under fire and went to the Supreme Court for the landmark decision.

Says David Barton, "It is impossible to know how many of the 39 million children were involved in daily verbal prayers, but most accounts indicate that a clear majority of the students voluntarily participated in daily school prayer. Is it possible that the prayers that were being offered by these children and their teachers across the nation actually had any measurable, tangible effect?"

It was this question that led Barton to uncover the statistical proof that the removal of prayer did indeed take its toll on America. Below are just a few of the examples featured in Barton's report.

A. Young People

1. For 15 years before 1963 pregnancies in girls ages 15 through 19 years had been no more than 15 per thousand After 1963 pregnancies increased 187% in the next 15 years.

2. For younger girls, ages 10 to 14 years, pregnancies since 1963 are up 553%.

3. Before 1963 sexually transmitted diseases among students were 400 per 100,000. Since 1963, they were up 226% in the next 12 years.

B. The Family

1. Before 1963 divorce rates had been declining for 15 years. After 1963 divorces increased 300% each year for the next 15 years.

2. Since 1963 unmarried people living together is up 353%

3. Since 1963 single parent families are up 140%.

4. Since 1963 single parent families with children are up 160%.

C. Education

1. The educational standard of measure has been the SAT scores. SAT scores had been steady for many years before 1963. From 1963 they rapidly declined for 18 consecutive years, even though the same test has been used since 1941.

2. In 1974-75 the rate of decline of the SAT scores decreased, even though they continued to decline. That was when there was an explosion of private religious schools. There were only 1000 Christian schools in 1965. Between 1974 to 1984 they increased to 32,000.

a. That could have an impact if the private schools had higher SAT scores. In checking with the SAT Board it was found that indeed the SAT scores for private schools were nearly 100 points higher than public schools.

b. In fact the scores were at the point where the public schools had been before their decline started in 1963 when prayer and Bible reading/ instruction was removed from the schools.

c. The scores in the public schools were still declining.

3. Of the nation's top academic scholars, three times as many come from private religious schools, which operate on one-third the funds as do the public schools.

D. The Nation

1. Since 1963 violent crime has increased 544%.

3. Illegal drugs have become an enormous & uncontrollable problem.

2. The nation has been deprived of an estimated 30 million citizens through legal abortions just since 1973.

It is also more than slightly disturbing that prayer has been taken out of schools yet there are so many instances where religion and the existence of God are recognized by the government. For example:

Each day's session of the Supreme Court starts with the invocation: "God save the United States and this Honorable Court."

The National Anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner" contains the words "Praise the Pow'r that hath made and preserved us a nation."

The National Motto is "In God we Trust." [See Article]

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag contains the words "one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The Declaration of Independence includes the phrase: "with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence."

This petition is not to make students pray but to at least present them the opportunity to do so.

57. Delete the page "Everybody draw Muhammad (PBUH) day" on facebook

People are making fun of Islam by drawing bad sketches of our Prophet (PBUH) on facebook.

58. Stop "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day"!

After Comedy Central cut a portion of a South Park episode following a death threat from a Muslim group, Seattle cartoonist Molly Norris wanted to counter the fear. She has declared May 20th "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."

Norris told KIRO Radio's Dave Ross that cartoonists are meant to challenge the lines of political correctness. "That's a cartoonist's job, to be non-PC."
Producers of South Park said Thursday that Comedy Central removed a speech about intimidation and fear from their show after a Muslim group warned that they could be killed for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The group said it wasn't threatening South Park producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but it included a gruesome picture of Theo Van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker killed by a Muslim in 2004, and said the producers could meet the same fate. The website posted the addresses of Comedy Central's New York office and the California production studio where South Park is made.

"As a cartoonist I just felt so much passion about what had happened I wanted to kind of counter Comedy Central's message they sent about feeling afraid," Norris said.

Norris has asked other artists to submit drawings of any religious figure to be posted as part of Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor (CACAH) on May 20th.

59. Separation of Church and State for Canada

No policy exists in this country (Canada) to officially separate church and state.


60. Put Back the Nativity Scene, in public view at Luzerne County Courthouse

The Nativity Scene was removed from the lawn of the Luzerne County Courthouse in response to threats of a possible future lawsuit to be filed by American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United.