Petition Tag - real madrid

1. EA Sports FIFA

Hello my name is Francisco L. I want everyone to join me in this petition to EA Sports to include the leagues of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica in the FIFA video game. We have seen new leagues in almost every new release of the most popular video game in the world but we haven't seen love for the Central American region.

2. Fairness for Fabio Capello

The Real Madrid president would like to sack the football coach Fabio Capello.

3. Schuster for Madrid

I am a frustrated Real Madrid fan. I have suffered the most boring, static and negative football for 4 years.

This has to come to an end. Some fresh and younger blood is needed to change direction.

4. Manifiesto por la continuidad de Fabio Capello

Manifiesto de los Fans del Real Madrid