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61. Non à l'arrêt de Radio France internationale en turc

Le gouvernement français qui a la volonté de réformer l'Audiovisuel extérieur de la France (AEF) prétend créer l'équivalent de BBC, de Voice of America ou de CNN en France. Ainsi, les chaînes d'information France 24, TV5 et RFI ont été regroupées au sein de la holding AEF.

Si ce n’est que le gouvernement, au lieu de mettre plus de moyens à la disposition de ces médias pour confirmer les ambitions affichées, a choisi la voie inverse : 206 suppressions d'emplois annoncées au sein de RFI. Et la direction de Radio France internationale a confirmé vouloir supprimer 6 langues dont le turc.

En ce qui concerne le turc, les émissions d'une heure par semaine sur les ondes moyennes ont été arrêtées il y a deux ans pour des raisons "économiques". Depuis, il ne restait plus qu'une page internet mise à jour 5 fois par semaine par... une seule personne. Bientôt, cette page n'existera plus.

La direction de RFI justifie sa décision, contre l'avis de tous les experts, par la "non-pertinence" de la langue turque d'un point de vue géopolitique.


Dünyaya yayın yapan radyo ve televizyonlarında köklü reforma gitme niyetinde olan Fransız hükümeti BBC, Voice of America ya da CNN benzeri bir basın kuruluşu oluşturmak istemektedir. Bu nedenle France 24 ve TV5 televizyon kanallarıyla 17 yabancı dil servisi olan RFI radyosunu AEF (Audiovisuel extérieur de la France) isimli bir holding kapsamında birleştirdi.

Ancak hükümet konunun tek gerçek uzmanı RFI'den 206 kişinin işine son vereceğini açıklayarak bu kuruluşa daha fazla olanak tanımak yerine tam aksi yönü seçti. RFI yönetimi de bu reform çerçevesinde aralarında Türkçe'nin de bulunduğu 6 yabancı dil servisini tümüyle kapatacağını resmen duyurdu.

Haftada 1 saat olan Türkçe radyo yayını zaten bundan iki yıl önce "ekonomik" gerekçeyle durdurulmuştu. Geriye tek kişiyle hazırlanan sınırlı bir internet sayfası kalmıştı. O da pek yakında tamamen yok olacak.

RFI yönetimi bu kararını, bütün uzman çevrelerin görüşünün aksine, Türkçe'nin Fransa'nın jeopolitik stratejisinde "yeri olmadığı” gerekçesiyle açıklıyor.

62. Don't let Global Radio re-brand Ocean FM

Some of you may have heard that GCap Media were brought by Global Radio for around £375 Million in June 2008. Since then, Global have started re-branding some local stations.

On Friday 21st November, Global Radio re-branded Power FM (103.2fm), this is now part of Galaxy FM.

Over the next 12-18 months, it is expected that Ocean FM will be re-branded to 'Heart'.
Source (Wikipedia):

I don't want this to happen & I'm sure you don't either!

The 'Ocean' name has been on our airwaves since 12th October 1986, and it will be a great shame if we lose it!

63. Save Sirius Kidstuff

Sirius Radio and XM Radio have recently merged and Channel 116 Kidstuff recently became something very different.

Prior to November 12th, Kidstuff was a wonderfully educational and highly entertaining channel for preschool aged children. Now, when you turn it on there is a lot of talk, comedians (that are certainly not geared for a preschooler), and rap songs and such that are not for preschoolers at all.

64. Bring Back The Russell Brand Show

Russell Brand has resigned from his BBC radio show "The Russell Brand Show" His reason for leaving is that he feels that the show is not making people "happy" anymore.

Or though there is one mistake on his and Johnathan Ross's part he still makes us laugh and makes us happy.

The whole thing has been blown greatly out of proportion by the media, as despite the figure being quoted in its thousands, only two complaints were received about the show, both for Ross's use of an expletive.

Since then, the media have stirred up uncalled for and unnecessary amounts of controversy, considering the dialogue used would be water off a ducks back to viewers of many comedy shows e.g. Little Britain.
What's more, listeners were warned about possibly offensive language and content.

Matt Morgan

The Sony Award winning Russell Brand show originated on BBC 6 Music before moving to take the 21:00-23:00 Saturday slot as Radio 2's showpiece.

It has been one of the most successful of recent times and is certainly one of the funniest and really does brighten up the days of many people, with regular Co-host Matt Morgan, poet laureate Mr Gee and regular guest, Oasis star, Noel Gallagher.

The show has attracted over 400,000 listeners live or even 2 million (depending on which source you believe) and many more via podcast, for which it has dominated the charts on iTunes.

For the show's regular items, Nanacdotes, Pin pin, 'Gay', the jingle race war, Mr Gee's poems and the two hosts, Russell Brand and Matt Morgan, as well as former hosts and friends, Mr Nibbs, Trevor Lock and Christophe the Fish !

Mr Gee

Russell's resignation statement:


Russell, people need you to make them laugh, you said yourself that was the reason you did it and people need you to brighten their days once more.

A revolution in your honour, Russell.

Your loyal fans.





65. Get JB playing on Radio Now Again!

Alright, so I recently found out that Radio Now! (A Radio Station) was told to stop playing Jonas Brothers songs. Heres the story:
A church group went to the station and told them to stop playing Jonas Brothers music because it was somehow "offensive" to them. The radio station told the group no, and now the station is in trouble, & has stopped playing Jonas music, all because of a church group.


So we MUST get the Jonas Brothers back on the station. Do you really want them to stop playing Jonas music just because of a church group of what, like, five people? No! So sign this petition! We want at least 500 signatures before July 23rd. I know, big goal we want to reach, but please. Before you know it, this church group will try and get EVERY radio station to stop playing them!

Please & thank you!

66. Get The Beautiful Stranger on 107.5 WBLS FM NY

Barbara C. De Laleu is the epitome of a true passionate professional and genuine talent in the field of radio, rejected by many popular New York radio stations she supported as a young listener, she showed steely determination to make her mark in radio and after having knocked at doors for many months she finally broke it down to start a radio career for Cox Radio Long Island's #1 hit music station 106.1 WBLI-FM.

Ms. De Laleu aka The Beautiful Stranger is radio through and through, her reaction to being on the radio in Long Island for all to hear is one of great enthusiasm, she has a passion burning inside her that ignites others around her, she is a true leader and can very well become the next legend in the radio industry.

Yes we all have our own professional goals in life, but we all have one thing in common, admiration for Barbara C. De Laleu, The Beautiful Stranger. This young woman has given her all for radio since day one.

Sign this petition to say that you would like WBLS to hire Barbara De Laleu, The Beautiful Stranger!!! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!

Reasons to have or hear The Beautiful Stranger on WBLS:

1) She has a strong reputation in the radio industry as a professional due to her work ethic & determination.

2) Her dedication and ability to be trustworthy is evident to employers and colleagues.

3) Her passion resonates in all of her work and influences her success in radio.

4) Her voice and presence is so captivating and seductive that she captures the attention of many different cultures.

5) Her ambition, maturity, and persistence create a wisdom that is way beyond her years.

67. Keep Xmods Alive!

Nobody is certain about Radioshack's Xmods micro radio controlled cars.

We want Radioshack to continue them for us and any new hobbyists.

68. Play Below's Music On Kansas City Radio


69. Return 96.2 the Revolution to its former glory

On it's website 96.2 The Revolution states that it is:

"A radio station that covers all of Oldham, Rochdale, Tameside and Greater Manchester. That's a potential audience of almost half a million people."

It has marketed itself as a station that:

"Only plays good records - not the commercial dribble you may hear on other stations."

Listeners have enjoyed good quality indie, rock, punk and alternative music and the station has championed unsigned local bands that have since secured record contracts. Many of the DJ's that have presented shows on the station have an excellent broad knowledge of music spanning decades, upto and including new artists - local and international. Some of the DJ's are famous acclaimed local musicians.

Recent listener figures show a large drop to only 19000 listeners in December 2007. Details taken from RAJAR figures and can be viewed in full at

There is no publically available information to explain the drop in listener figures.

Over recent months the stations response to this situation appears to have been to dramatically reduce the number of presenters/DJs and more recently to introduce commercial artists onto the playlists which is exactly what the station still markets itself as not playing.

As a listener to 96.2 The Revolution I became increasingly frustrated with these changes and considered switching to another station or simply playing my own music. I concluded that I should channel my frustration into creating a 'myspace' page to express my frustration and to provide a forum for other listeners that may feel the same way. (Please see website link above.)

The page was created on Friday 18th January and three days later it had 400 'friends'. Even more unexpected than the popularity of the page was the number of people that took time to add their own thoughts and frustrations in the form of 'comments.' To date after less than two weeks the page has had over 1600 hits and is approaching 600 'friends'.

All of the people that have commented on this page except one person have expressed their frustration with these recent changes and many have stated that they will no longer listen to the station if it doesn't return to it's old music policy. Within the comments on this page and the two forums around this topic (links are available on the page) a number of people have expressed the opinion that the station does not market itself properly and that it's could target more appropriate advertisers.

These listeners feel that the station should reverse the recent changes, restore the station's past music policy and rare branding, and market is's unique selling point appropriately. They also feel that the station needs to reconsider how it sells to advertisers.

Unfortunately a number of these listeners, myself included, report that when they have written to the station manager to express their concerns they have had no response. This is the reason for this petition - to notify the owners of the station about the feelings and concerns of the listeners.

70. Stop Country Radio Replacing Old Country with New Country

A lot of Fans Have Been Requesting New Country Music From Older Artist and in reply we get They only play NEw Country Not Just NEw Music But New artist as well.

A lot of us feel that new country would not be here if it wasn't for our legends and some are still working hard to give us New music and if country radio doesn't play them We Loose Our Legends.

I like NEw Country But i like Old Country as well.

So let's Lobby FOR A MIXTURE of both.

71. Do not axe Bam-Bam and Streetboy, and Kat Shoob from Capital 95.8

Since March 2007, Bam Bam, Street Boy and Kat Shoob have kept thousands of Londoner laughing each weeknight between 7pm and 10pm.

The show provides an exciting mix of music, jokes and quirky news stories that perfectly entertain the many listeners of Capital Radio 95.8.

With its genuinely comedic moments, the show has a varied slection of features, and a great variety of music.

Unfortunately, the big brass at Capital now wish to axe these truly unique, one-of-kind, popular show.

72. should not be blocked

You should not block because it is not hurting anyone by letting us listen to it.

It helps us stay on task and is not affecting our work conditions.

73. We need Pastor Green back on air!

Pastor Green has been a mentor to many when he was on the radio, many listeners could not wait for the days that he was on the air, because he prayed with you and for you and that made many of the listeners' day.

Pastor Green is a dedicated man of God who not only plays great gospel music, he's a man of God who listens and helps others in the community and we the people want him back!

74. Review Radio Programme "The Late Show"

Changes of programming on local radio.

75. Gospel Rap Show On KoKa

In 2006 There was a radio show on Koka that was geared towards The Youth by playing only Gospel Rap and Gospel R&B from local and national artist.

Due to phone calls and public disapproval made by several listeners to the station the show was pulled off the air.

We are now petitioning to get our show back because it is needed in the area. It is a growing form of Gospel music that has changed the lives of Young people and Adults alike.

76. Save "Get This"!

Tony Martin's "Get This" (broadcasted on the struggling Austereo station "Triple M") is getting axed despite being one of the top rating shows on the station.

This is done in an attempt to focus the audience on the breakfast shows. In my (and many others') opinion, Get This is the most intelligent and the funniest show on radio.

It is also one of the very few shows who do regular political satire and who are not censored towards the favour of any political party. It is also incredibly dedicated to its listeners (one of which is me).

Martin and his team work for hours on end to get that perfect sound grab and compiling sketches for the listeners, not to mention making the podcasts which Martin works tirelessly to produce as quick as possible. He even took on an extra hour for the show with the same pay.

The only argument he's had with the station is "Can we do more?" as quoted in the Herald. Shows of this caliber don't come along often.


Listen to your local or national radio, BBC or commercial. The likelihood is
that any music you hear will only be those bands which have been signed
to the big commercial labels who indirectly control many of the playlists.

If you ask local radio DJ's why they aren't playing music from the local
bands who are packing out the music venues in your area, the reason
they give is that they have no freedom to choose the music they play.
Big industry buys control of playlists.

Even the BBC marginalise independent
music to late night slots and Radio 6. Local BBC radio doesn't even attempt
to play local music.

This means that the really great bands you want to hear might never get
a break or reach a wider audience.


There are many senseless and irrelevant programs being broadcasted on the radio and television in the metropolitan area where the crime rate is outrageously high.

I think that Radio One should cut some programs and devote at least one hour to the youth. Allowing them to call the station and express themselves about what's going on in there community, schools, and personal situations.

A counselor of some sort would also be available to answer questions and give advice. I also believe that BET should bring Teen Summit back. It would also be a good way for teens to receive information and speak on certain issues such as sex,gang violence,and STD's.

WPGC is my favorite radio station but I have an issue with them. They speak on violence in the city every chance they get but why not open up the lines for the youth to call in and express themselves. We have all these senseless programs on the radio but the biggest issue is left unattended.

I also have a big problem with my favorite television station BET. Who like I said about WPGC have discussed youth violence but where is the shows like Teen Summit? We need these programs back in the lives of the youth so there’s space and a place to air out issues. If we don’t reach out to our youth we will never know what’s really bothering them.


Steven Davis Jr.

79. Setting The Daily Record Straight

Hitz Radio UK is an internet radio station based in Ayrshire, Scotland founded by Ryan Dunlop in January 2006. The station has become infamous for the publicity it has gained in United Kingdom national newspapers, and for claims that it is fully licensed for internet broadcasting, that it has hundreds of thousands of listeners, and that it employs over 40 people. The station has also claimed that it has a projected turnover of £37,000,000.

Many of Hitz Radio's claims have been disputed, and many of them have been proven wrong by a variety of media communities.

Hitz Radio was launched as a single-stream, internet-only station by Ryan Dunlop on January 16th, 2006, branded as "Hitz Radio Unsigned". In order to launch the station, Dunlop used £20,000 of his father's money and a £250 grant from the Prince's Trust.

Since the station's launch, numerous additional streams have been added, including Hitz Radio Glasgow, Hitz Radio London and Hitz Radio Xtra, the latter being an indie station, although most of the output on each stream is the same.

In February 2007, Hitz Radio begun to gain exposure in the national press, with the Daily Record reporting on February 26th that Hitz Radio had become a radio empire "with five million fans".

The following week the Sunday Times reported that Hitz Radio had roughly 250,000 unique listeners, and that the station had 40 employees. In the Scotsman newspaper, however, the station was reported to have "five million listeners at any one time" Dunlop also appeared on BBC Scotland, Scotland Today and BBC Radio 2 to promote the station. In early March 2007, just after the original articles appeared, the station's website had only 25 forum members.

The forum was quickly scrapped after this became known. However as of 24th May 2007, the Hitz Radio UK MySpace site had attracted less than 1700 profile views and just over 200 friends since early March 2006. This suggests the claims of the number of people visiting the station's website, listener numbers and general public awareness of the station to be false.

In May 2007, Ryan Dunlop was awarded the "Business Hero 2007" award by the Daily Record for his work on Hitz Radio, and is the Shell Livewire "Young enterpreneur of the year" finalist for the Dumfries and Galloway area, although allegations his claims may be fraudulent are currently being investigated by Shell Livewire.

His eligibility for both awards is disputed due to his frequently changing his stated year of birth on both his personal website, and articles on other sites about him. The terms & conditions for entry to the Shell Livewire competition also includes the point that the business "must be legal".

As of 24 May 2007 inquiries are ongoing into the names of the Company's Directors and the age of Mr Ryan Dunlop. Even if the company is found to be compliant with various legislation for private limited companies, it has been proved that the radio station has been operating illegally since, by breaching copyright or trademarks from various sources.

80. Dr. Demento Show In Houston

The Dr. Demento Show has been running for more then 30 years. It's actually the responsible for the famous Parodist known as "Weird Al" Yankovic and his fame.

This show has a lot to offer, and plenty of enjoyable humor. Today sadly not as much of radio stations are airing the Dr. Demento show as before.

81. Remove Michael Baisden Show from FOXY 107.1/104.3 FM

In October 2006 Foxy 107.1/104.3 FM added the Michael Baisden Show which airs from 3:00p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The show is a syndicate of ABC Radio Networks.

Prior to this addition, the Foxy "drive-time" programming included a limited variety of classic smooth R&B tunes from the 70's, 80's, and 90's with a mix of traffic, news, and celebrity "infotainment" delivered by on-air personality, Cy Young.

A significant number of Foxy listeners, as evidenced on the message board, are disappointed with the content and quality of the Michael Baisden Show. Mr. Baisden promotes himself as "The Bad Boy of Radio" and lives up to that title at least once a week discussing topics like laser vaginal rejuvination, men faking orgasms, and the relatively low number of african-american swingers as compared to other races?"

This petition is intended to amplify the voices of dissatisfied Foxy listeners and compel the decision makers at the station to reconsider making significant programming changes without listener input.

Email address collection is compulsory, this is done to verify each signature is real and unique, much like a signature on paper. They will not be posted online or used for any other reason.

82. Get Razorlight off the radio

I can't stand Razorlight, and I'm not alone in that. How anyone can listen to that Living In America song and not puke is beyond me. And how did Somewhere Else get to number one? Are the charts fixed? There is one song I do like which is In The Morning, but one good song does in no way outweigh the terrible ones.

They're annoying and make my blood boil. Why do they get airtime? Is it some kind of sick joke? 'Cause I am not laughing one bit.


On the 26th October 2006, Branimir Glavas a Croatian parliamentarian and Lawmaker, Army General in Croatia Was arrested and put into jail. For alleged war crimes.

Branimir Glavas is not a crminal or war criminal for that matter, but a Hero for defending Croatian territory in Slavonija Croatia. He has been falsely accused and falseley imprisoned.

No CROATS ATTACKED any other nation during the homeland war they only DEFENDED their country and historical boarders and territory. No CROATS ENTERED or INVADED any other country. They were attacked by the aggressors.

84. Alexia Palombo invitée à Fréquence Plus

Si vous voulez soutenir Alexia et désirez qu'elle fasse la promo de son single sur Frequence Plus (1ère radio en Bourgogne Franche Comté), je vous invite à signer cette pétition.

85. Amateur Radio License Fee Exemption

A petition to register support for the exemption from the Annual Australian Amateur Radio License fees, for all serving and ex Defense Forces personnel.

86. cassie should be dropped from bad boy

Cassie cannot sing or dance she lip sync on trl and her performance was horrible.

It is not fair that struggeling singers who sing way better then cassie dont have deals.

And in a radio interview with cassie a dj asked her to sing and she said no the dj asked why and she said because she was scared. Cassie is a singer thats what she is suppose to do SING!.

Cassie performed on 106 and park on augest 8th 2006 and she sang horrible. When she records her songs in the studio her voice is inhanced by a machine....therefore CASSIE CAN'T SING.

87. Stop BT Removing Radio Broadband from N.Ireland

Update: August 18, 2006

This petition is now closed. BT are attempting to improve my system by changing my method of communication to cabled, the proposals seem good, thanks to all that signed this.

August 4, 2006

In 2003 BT secured a contract to supply Broadband to 100% of homes in Northern Ireland.

Now in 2006 when they have "completed this objective" they are downgrading all customers on Radio Broadband to Satellite broadband which gives a fraction of the benefits and even the chief executive of BT Wholesale Paul Reynolds admits :
"It is not true broadband, but it will give much faster internet access to many people who could otherwise be denied".

BT has spent part of a £10 Million European Grant putting in place Radio transmitters for radio broadband and this service is now to be axed, BT must not be allowed to get away with this.

BT are charging £27 pm for this "service", which in actual terms will only allow users to Browse the internet nothing more, it will not support any of the associated benefits of Broadband internet, no voice or video calling, no email service, no remote access, and for an IT business it is a death sentence.

After building up my IT business for 12 years, I will have to cease trading due to my inability to provide the services which I was able to provide over Radio Broadband.

The Minister for Enterprise Trade and Investment Mr Pearson said :

"By the end of 2005 every household and every business in Northern Ireland, no matter how remote, will have access to broadband at the same price. Local businesses will have the level playing field they need to compete in a global economy. This vitally important contract will deliver the Government's broadband vision of a fully connected Northern Ireland. In turn it will help make Northern Ireland more competitive,


In my opinion BT are reneging on that contract and have a duty to continue supplying Radio Broadband to Northern Ireland, why should we accept an inferior service that no longer enables us to conduct business, hardly the level playing field as projected in Mr Pearsons statement.

Urgent action is required to reverse this BT decision, they are due to cease the service next week.

88. Friday-Ad Office Radio

March 10, 2006

Petition to the directors of Friday-Ad to consider the purchase of a PPL licence to allow radio to be played on the premises. (Total cost £845+VAT).

89. London. Truth about TBC breakdown.

January 20, 2006

Startling revelations are surfacing in the "breaks in" news of the TBC radio.
We, a group of failed asylum seekers are living in the UK with fear of arrest and deportation to Sri Lanka at any time.

Mr.Ramraj assured us to obtain visas illegally using his association with the MP for Harrow west, Mr.Garath Thomas and the Councillor, Harrow Mr.Thaya Idaikadar.

In fear of returning to Sri Lanka, three of us barrowed from friends and paid him £5000 each in order to get the visa. However he could not help us in regularising our status as mentioned.

Therefore we asked him to refund the money. He started to threaten us to inform the Enforcement officials of the UK Immigration Service about our status in this country. He further said that we were from the LTTE and will inform to the UK Police that we were threatening him.

Despite this threat, we continued to pressurise him to get the money back. Then recently he asked us to wait in the midnight of 22nd of May 2005 in front of Domino Pizza, in Rayners Lane area. When we went there, he asked us to follow him. We went near a parked car (Metallic Green, R4 JRT) in the Warden Avenue. Then he gave us electronic equipments of possibly radio station and said that get your money from selling those equipments.

The Other day we heard the news that the TBC Radio Station was broken in. Later we got to know that he made a complaint at the Harrow Police Station that the LTTE suspects broke in his radio station.

In another interesting thing that the same Mr.Ramraj, one day had given money to one of another friends of us to buy a pay as you go sim card. Then Mr.Ramraj asked him to call to his Radio Station as well as to his mobile number using a phone with the same sim card frequently. Our friend was not aware as to why Mr.Ramraj asked him to do so.

Now we understand that the purpose of this is to manipulate and complain to the Police about the LTTE threat and to claim insurance falsely. In the recent news in his, , the same phone number has been mentioned in relation to the "LTTE threat story".

We also learnt that he had a history of cheating the Insurance companies in the year of 2001 and 2003 respectively.

If the UK Immigration Service and the Police can give us guarantee not to remove us from the UK, we are happy to assist the Police or the relevant officials in this regard.

90. Save Blast 1386!

July 5, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.

October 8, 2005

Since the merger between TVU and Reading College, the University has offered the students more hardship. Cuts are being made across the whole University, but the plan to close the Radio Station is one cut too far.

The Radio Station is the heart of the student community of TVU Reading and that must be defended no matter what the cost.

We the undersigned are disgusted at the plans to close the Radio Station and demand that the service is handed over to the Students' Union to continue to provide the essential services that the station provides.