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31. Change foreign ownership regulations for the telecom sector

In 2009 Canada's Globalive, with the financial backing of Orascom attempted to launch Wind Mobile in major Canadian centers. At the time, the CRTC ruled that Orascom in effect ran Globalive due to the size of their investment in the venture, effectively preventing them from operating.

However, the Governor in Council (acting on suggestion of Tony Clement, Industry Minister of Canada) concluded that since Canadians owned 66% of the voting shares, that they were controlled by Canadians, and allowed them to launch Wind Mobile.
In little more than one year, Wind Mobile has launched in 5 major cities across the country, has signed up over approximately 300,000 subscribers, invested hundreds of millions in our economy during an economic downturn, and has provided competition and more choices for wireless customers.

On February 4, 2011, the Federal Court ruled in a suit brought by competitors Public Mobile and Telus, that the Governor in Council's decision overriding the CRTC's decision was improper. Wind was granted a 45-day stay of the decision to file arguments.

There are thousands of jobs that are at risk, as well as the unlimited plans with no surprise fees that Wind Mobile has provided since their launch.

32. Questioning Hong Kong Arts Development Council's Re-Invitation Of Proposal For The 54th Venice Biennale 2011


On October 29, 2010 (Friday), I received a phone call, followed by an email (Appendix available on my facebook and by request -, from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (thereafter HKADC) regarding its decision to re-invite proposals for Hong Kong’s participation in the 54th Venice Biennale. As an “original applicant”, I was encouraged to resubmit.

I am motivated to write this letter mainly for the following reasons and concerns:

1. the discrepancy in terms of the type and amount of information in the email and on the HKADC website regarding “re-invitation” (;

2. the artistic- and cultural-political implications of the re-invitation in terms of what projects it implicitly favors now;

3. the quality (transparency, accountability, fairness) of the long-term public environment in which art operates.

33. Sign Online Petition to Restore SCAN TV Funding in City of Seattle Budget and as the Public Access Manager

SCAN TV (Seattle Community Access Network Television) offer Seattle and King County residents and organizations affordable production resources and access to various kinds of distribution technologies to become the Producers and the Content Providers of SCAN TV, allowing SCAN TV to showcase diverse expressions of thought, art and entertainment. SCAN airs on Comcast channel 77 and Broadstripe 23 in Seattle.

FUNDING: Public access channels come from Section 611 of the Communications Act. They are dedicated channel space on cable systems specifically for “use by the general public.” The cable channels pay for public access through franchise fees paid by subscribers; since 2006, those franchise fees are paid by Comcast to the City of Seattle, Department of Information Technology, and are held in the Cable Television Franchise Subfund. The Department of Information Technology contracts with SCAN as the “designated public access manager for the City of Seattle.” In 2010, SCAN received $650,000 from the City for this purpose.

Anyone can sign! Our first preference is for Seattle residents, then King County residents.

34. Preserve Galveston's "Window on the Waterfront"

The waterfront of Galveston, Texas, adjacent to The Strand historic district, is a vanishing element of a city landscape that defined and shaped the historic character what was once one of America’s largest seaports and centers of immigration.

There is a natural beauty and attraction to the waterfront – people want to be near it. Many cities have developed their waterfront areas without a vision for their use as cultural facilities and open spaces. This should not be allowed to happen to the last open waterfront area in downtown Galveston.

35. Ban Latex In Public Places

1 to 8% of the world population has an allergy to latex. Sounds like a small number until you realize that equals 65 to 520 Million people.

This issue becomes bigger when you understand that it is not just a contact allergy, but can be an airborne allergy as well. This means, unlike many food allergies, people with a latex allergy don't need to come in contact with the substance, just merely be in it's presence.

Those with a latex allergy are encouraged not to eat any of the following as well:

Pear, Mango, Sweet Pepper,
Peach, Rye, Cayenne Pepper,
Plum, Wheat, Shellfish,
Cherry, Hazelnut, Sunflower Seed,
Pineapple, Walnut, Citrus Fruits,
Strawberry, Soybean, Coconut,
Fig, Peanut, Chick Pea,
Grape, Buckwheat, Castor Bean,
Apricot, Dill, Lychee,
Passion, Fruit, Oregano Zucchini,
Nectarine, Sage, Persimmon

And these are just some of the other things that people with latex allergies should not be in contact with or even in proximity to:

Pacifiers/ Baby Bottle Nipples
Gutta Perch/ Gutta Balota (used to seal root canals)
Dental dams
Blood pressure cuffs
Stethoscope tubeing
Dishwashing gloves

36. Save Public Housing: Oppose PETRA

On May 13th, HUD submitted legislation to Congress that would make public housing more attractive for bank mortgages and other private funders. Private banks that could take over public housing in the event of a foreclosure.

If this legislation passes, we can imagine a future where our public schools, libraries and national parks are mortgaged to banks to provide funding.

Please help us stop the mortgaging of our public property and sign the petition below.

37. Save Tillicoultry Public Toilets

Clackmannanshire Council has decided to replace the toilets at Tillicoultry Bus Stance with a Pod type toilet. The present toilets are well used by locals, visitors and drivers.

The replacement toilet can only be used by one person at a time.

38. Reforms In Intermediate Public Transport (Auto Rickshaws)

Dear Hon’ble Chief Minister Smt. Shiela Dikshit, Hon’ble Minister of Transport, Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely and transport commissioner Shri R K Verma

With regard to the problems commuters face with auto rickshaw drivers (ARD), such as overcharging and unruly behaviour, we wish to bring your attention to the following facts.

Out of the two types of autorickshaw drivers, 80 per cent are renter-drivers, renting autos from contractors who own multiple vehicles. They pay Rs 250-300 for 10-12 hours and earn the same amount in profit: half their daily taking goes on rent and CNG. Owner-drivers own their machines, although “owner” is misleading as most are repaying huge loans to auto-financiers from whom they purchased the rickshaw and the required permit. Monthly payments are Rs 9,000-15,000.

Two decisions have strengthened the auto-financiers’ hands. In 1997, the Supreme Court capped the number of autos, trying to cut emissions. No new auto-permits would be issued; nor could they be sold. Delhi’s size and population grew, but the number of autos did not. Consequently, the permit price rocketed and a black market emerged. Only auto-financiers won; their existing stock of auto-permits appreciated. In the late ’90s, a new rickshaw with permit cost just over a lakh. Today, after a decade of black-market inflation, the same package costs Rs 4-4.5 lakh: Rs 1.45 lakh for the auto, Rs 3 lakh for the permit. Meanwhile, demand for rented autos rose with new migrants, but supply froze, allowing contractors to hike rents.

Then, in 1998, the Supreme Court ordered public transport vehicles to convert to CNG by 2002. Owner-drivers had to pay Rs 30,000 each. In 2000, Delhi had 83,000 autorickshaws. In 2002, there were 55,000. The average owner-driver could not afford it; thousands had to sell their autos and valid permits cheaply to financiers. Others had their permits voided and were left unable to legally drive their autorickshaws: selling them to a financier was the only option. By cancelling and hoarding permits, financiers and the Transport Department managed to get rid of over a third of Delhi’s autos, sending permit prices spiralling.

Financiers now hold most of Delhi’s auto-permits — but in the names of the original owners (not the financiers), who sold their vehicles years ago. When a driver pays Rs 4-4.5 lakh for the auto-permit package, the permit will be transferred in his name only when the loan is repaid. Until then he drives “illegally”. Renter-drivers have the same problem: the auto-permit is in the contractor’s name, or a false name to cover the contractor’s activities.

Other methods exist to retain control. The financier will make the driver — frequently a new migrant to Delhi — sign several blank loan contracts. This gives him power to raise interest rates and deny the driver ownership even when the loan is fully repaid. It also allows him to charge extortionate “penalty charges”. Many of Delhi’s owner-drivers have been repaying loans for many years due to compound interest and “late payment penalties” of up to Rs 30,000. The contract maximises the financier’s ability to repossess the autorickshaw. Once snatched back, it can be sold to the next driver. Many vehicles have been “sold” and repossessed five or six times.

The over-regulatory regime demands Auto-drivers to carry around 16 documents with them at all times, “available” from the transport department on application. However, each application requires an absurdly long list of supporting documents: a 50-year-old Bihari driver may be asked for his old school certificates and Delhi ID and ration cards. Impossible requirements, of course, lead to bribes being offered.
Is it surprising, then, that in this distorted market, auto-drivers can’t rely on the meter? Somehow, in the midst of all these repayments, rents, bribes and challans, the autowallahs must feed their families.

Yet auto rickshaws are a vital part of Delhi’s infrastructure: they are efficient, affordable, economical, environmentally friendly — and iconic. They cannot be scrapped. Instead, the whole auto rickshaw sector must be reformed, starting with the issuance of new permits. To become a “world-class city” Delhi needs a bigger, better fleet of intermediate public transport vehicles that provide convenient public transport to residents respecting right to livelihood of the drivers.

The apex court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority in January this year cited the freeze ordered by the apex court on the number of autos at 55,000 in the city as the main reason for the financier mafia selling autos at an escalated cost.

39. Legalize It

Legalization of marijuana should take place in the state of Florida reasons for this are many profits generated could help support education, roads and highways, and even help public funds for food stamps.

Statistics show 20% of all Americans smoke weed this shows there is money to be made the product could be taxed and sold where cigarettes are sold.

Facts show the following:
1. It is not addictive
2. It does not cause over dose
3. It is natural
4. Is much less harmful than ciggarettes
5.Has strong support
6. Many powerful and influential people in the U.S. have used it
7. It stave's off Alzheimer’s
8. Marijuana helps with: Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Meditation, Eating Disorders
9. Marijuana has been around since ancient times
10. Marijuana does NOT cause violent behavior
This should be plenty enough reasons to support my thoughts and I think many will agree.

40. Ban the Wearing Of The Burka In Public In The UK

An MP has called the wearing of burkas the religious equivalent of “going round with a paper bag over your head."

In a parliamentary debate, Conservative MP Philip Hollobone said it was “offensive” for women to cut off face-to-face contact with other people. The Kettering MP said he had “huge sympathy” with those who wanted a ban on face-covering veils in public. None of the three large UK parties back a ban, with ministers saying it would not be “British” to bar them.

I thought I would invite readers to petition on the matter because I believe that the majority in the UK do not approve wearing of burkas on this basis plus the fact that it has no relevance or place in British Society and demonstrates a disregard for Britishness and the British way of life, and, furthermore, a refusal to integrate and follow customs of this land.

41. Exempt Not-For-Profits From Governor Paterson's MTA Mobility Tax

In 2009, the NYS Legislature enacted a budget that included a hastily planned Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Mobility Tax aimed at curing the Authority's deficit. The MTA tax imposes a 0.34 percent payroll tax on businesses within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) and does not distinguish between not-for-profits, many of which are funded primarily with public funds, and for-profit businesses. Now the Legislature is considering increasing the tax for New York City businesses to .54 percent, as proposed in the Governor’s Executive Budget. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the human services sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The MTA tax has had a drastic impact on nonprofits. Unlike for-profit businesses, they do not have profit margins to pay for this additional cost. And now the Governor has proposed increasing that tax, at a time when nonprofits can least afford yet another burden on their already overstretched budgets. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the nonprofit sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) urges the NYS Legislature to exempt nonprofits from the MTA mobility payroll tax.

42. Oppose Uniform Dress Code for Public Schools

We are a public school yet we want a uniform, and we don't want it for upper classmen, we want it for PreK - 6th grade, Now that does not make sense.

Why didn't the parents and the people of Burlington City get to vote on it just like any thing else. Its our kids and i vote no to the Uniform dress code and if you are against it as well sign my petition.

43. PETITION of The Residents of the City of Rutland, VT.

 Repeated pornography issues in & among the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of leadership & morale of/in the Rutland City Police Department.

 Lack of action as is required to do “on behalf of the City and betterment of the community,” by the Police Commission.

 Lack of transparency within the City government & offices.

44. Support Vision Kashmir


45. Save the Library - Los Angeles Public Library

Cuts in services and hours for Los Angeles Public Library are being planned. Let our mayor and city council know that in today's economic downturn.

The public library is more important than ever (job hunting, etc.). Budget cuts should be made in less essential areas of government.

46. Petition for the addition of Mechanical Sweeping

Although we are a commercially zoned area, many transient people live on neighboring streets and in encampments. As a result our streets and gutters accumulate human waste, urine, needles, used condoms, hair, clothing, vomit, oil spills, paper & plastic debris.

Because the storm drains are clogged with trash we also have as much as a foot of standing water throughout the winter months.This all Results in a horrible public health hazard and a burden for the businesses owners, workers, and delivery couriers.

We need regular mechanical street cleaning as soon as possible.

47. Support a Bus Link to Frampton Road, Hounslow Heath

We, the residents living in the area around Frampton Road, Hounslow, call upon Transport for London to provide a bus link to our area with a regular bus service being provided along the length of Frampton Road.

Residents currently have a lengthy walk to the nearest bus stop, and many families are dependent on public transport to provide access to work, school, shopping, health facilities and leisure activities.

48. Appoint a No Kill General Manager for LA Animal Services so that all healthy and adoptable animals are placed in loving homes

With the resignation of LA Animal Services General Manager Ed Boks in June 2009, Mayor Villaraigosa is now charged with appointing the next General Manager. Our job therefore is to build a successful campaign to build awareness and advocate for Mayor Villaraigosa to appoint a No Kill dedicated General Manager.

As concerned Los Angeles citizens, taxpayers, members of rescue groups and animal advocacy organizations and visitors to your city, we are appalled by:

1) the unconscionable number of animals killed in LA animal shelters. In 2008, LAAS reports that they killed over 19,600 animals, while only 26,285 were adopted (a 30% kill increase from 2007);

2) the horrific conditions in the shelters that cause animals to further suffer and deteriorate, and the killing of dogs and cats for space; and

3) the lack of accountability and outreach to the public by the Department of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). Increasing public participation and volunteerism, including growing foster programs, are crucial to how other cities work towards and achieve No Kill results. Los Angeles is rich but under utilized with community support and compassion for animals.

49. Review Australian Federal Government Allocation of Tax Dollars to Community Television

Since the early 1980s, media enthusiasts set out to establish what was labelled "Public Television" services. The US, UK and Canada have had their main public television stations, and numerous satellite station affiliates spread out across their countries during this same period and to date.

Denied by the federal government at the time, the local television industry was authorized to create a community access television service for each metro area’s public, but these stations later dropped the “access” from their branding.

It was in 1994, that this third-tier industry in Australia began using commercialism that to date have increasingly encroached with each station, where it has become more stylized like commercial and public television rather than maintaining the philosophical principles of what a community broadcaster should be. On 4 Nov 09, the federal government gave your publicly owned digital spectrum and $2.6 million dollars to launch another commercial-style television network. Did the federal government seek the public’s opinion prior allocating your public ownerships?

Please sign this Petition and let the Australian Federal Government, under Senator Stephen Conroy know that the public should have been consulted on whether or not current community television stations met their philosophical principles as a community broadcaster, and let the public decide their faith and change for a newly designed television service that can live up its principle intentions.

50. David Cameron should keep his promise and hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty

We want David Cameron to keep his promise and hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty or we will not vote Conservative.

Recently, the chairman of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, has told voters that his party will not be holding a public referendum on the EU Lisbon Treaty, despite his iron-clad promise in 2007 assuring us that one would be held.

It is abhorrent that a major political party has cut we, the British people, out of affairs that would directly affect us. It is the people that make up the UK and without us, the Conservative Party would not even exist. We demand the right to be heard.

51. Is The X Factor Fixed? Investigate Vote Rigging



52. Investigation of Prosecutorial Misconduct

In the prosecution of Kevin G. Wiggins, on conspiracy and wire fraud charges, it is alleged that United States Attorneys for the Northern District of Georgia conspired with Mr. Wiggins's co-defendant and his co-defendant's attorney to falsify evidence. Such false evidence was presented to the court, along with documents prosecutors submitted to the court containing materially false evidence, and a variety of false statements made by one of the persecutors, which resulted in the sentencing of Mr. Wiggins.

In addition, the prosecutors violated Mr. Wiggins's and his sister's constitutional rights to due process, by deceiving the court into believing that other key participants in the fraud, a loan officer and underwriter, were innocent of the same crimes, and they also misled the court into believing the two closing attorneys in the conspiracy would be charged soon after Mr. Wiggins's sentencing, and to recommend a reduced sentence for his cooperation against the attorneys. It's been over a year and no charges have been filed.

It is also alleged that prosecutors, along with the F.B.I. case agent, prepared a report of Mr. Wiggins's testimony he provided in a debriefing with the government, in which he provided evidence to refute the false claims the appraiser in the case made about Mr. Wiggins's sister. The report was never presented to Mr. Wiggins or his defense attorney, nor the court. Moreover, the evidence disproving the false claims by the appraiser, were deleted from the report, and thereafter the report was provided to Mr. Wiggins's sister and her attorney, which led her to plead guilty under false pretenses, because prosecutors never mentioned the positive testimony her brother provided.

Mr. Wiggins has had a website set up to help bring the outrageous corruption of justice in his and his sister's case to the public's attention, to help prevent it from happening to other citizens of our country.

53. Fair Treament of ALL Patients at Public Hospitals

Fair Treatment for All Patients. Recently whilst my partner was admitted to the emergency ward of our local hospital, i was disgusted to find him in severe pain and having no other alternative than to lay on the floor within the emergency dept (not wait room) due to the lack of care by nurses and staff.

Clearly beds were empty yet from 7pm to 2am my partner had to endure severe stomach pain and vomiting whilst sitting up in a recliner when the only way to alleviate his pain was to lay. Since I sent this to the News I have had hundreds of comments to me about others experiences and i start this petition to encourage more people to voice their comments and concerns.

You can view the video footage and blog here
Channel 10 Report here:

54. Free/Reduced Public Transport For Young People In Cambridgeshire

A Campaign for free/reduced public transport for all young people under the age of 18 in Cambridgeshire.

55. Keep our Greenbelt


There is a beautiful greenbelt that runs through Lang Ranch and in 1992 it was dedicated to all the residence of Thousand Oaks as a restricted use easement with the right to prohibit construction.

For 17 years residence have enjoyed hiking along this naturally set hillside.

Case # 2009-70359 will allow an individual homeowner to build on this land for personal use. There is no upside for the taxpayers to allow this.

If this individual is allowed to do this it will open the floodgates for other homeowners to do the same.

With this petition we are letting the City of Thousand Oaks know that approving this case would be detrimental to public interest and would be a violation of the City of Thousand Oaks's fiduciary obligations.

56. LIberté au memebres arretés du groupe MALI?

Six militants du Mouvement Alternatif pour les Libertés Individuelles (MALI) ont été arretés par les autorités marocaines dans la nuit du 15 au 16 septembre.
Le 13 septembre, ce collectif a tenté d'organiser un pique-nique public pour revendiquer l'abrogation du décret 222 du code penal marocain qui interdit la rupture du jeune pendant le ramadan.

Cette revendication s'inscrit dans une volonté plus large d'obtenir la liberté de culte au Maroc. En effet la loi marocaine ne reconnaît que deux religions. Les marocains de confession juive sont soumis à des lois qui leur sont propres et les autres sont automatiquement considérés comme musulmans et traités comme tels par le code pénal.

La répression policière que subissent ces militants s'accompagne de menaces de mort quotidiennes de la part de barbus-fascistes qui eux bizarrement ne sont pas poursuivis. Ce laxisme n'est autre qu'une façon d'encourager ces personnes à commettre des actes haineux. Il n'y a qu'à lire la déclaration de la très gouvernementale agence de presse marocaine pour s'en rendre compte.

Le but de ce groupe est de soutenir les militants de MALI, et de réaffirmer notre attachement à la liberté de culte, il ne s'agit pas d'inciter les gens à ne pas jeuner, chacun fait ce qu'il veut.

57. No to sale of Blue Springs County Park

Blue Springs is a County maintained park in Screven County, Georgia. It has been in the history of Screven Countians for many years. It has been our heritage with many, many great memories.

The county is selling it at public auction in 3 weeks because "our" elected commissioners have determined it is an eyesore to the community.

This is WRONG!

This petition is for residents living in Screven County and non-residents whom have lived in Screven County.

58. In Support the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan.

59. In support of the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan

August 19, 2009 is the 30th anniversary of Khomeini’s declaration of Jihad and also the launching of an enormous military attack on the people of Kurdistan in Iran. To protest the brutal policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), residences of Kurdistan have been invited to launch a day of public strike by several leftist parties and groups. In support of this initiative, we, the undersigned individuals, call on all lovers of freedom to support the people’s struggles in Kurdistan on this historic day.

60. Approve A New Public School Choice for Georgia Children

Georgia Connections Academy is a pioneering virtual public charter school whose mission is to maximize academic achievement for students in grades K-12 throughout the state of Georgia who need an alternative to the traditional classroom.

Georgia Connections Academy’s belief is that all students can thrive through a Georgia Performance Standards-aligned, individualized learning program that combines the best in virtual education with unique technology-based teacher productivity tools and very real connections among students, family, teachers, and the community. Students will attend school primarily from home, following a Personalized Learning Plan under the supervision of highly qualified Georgia teachers working in partnership with the student’s face-to-face “learning coach” – typically a parent/extended family member. The school will also provide students with all necessary technology along with community socialization activities.

The Connections Academy virtual school model has already shown that it resonates with families across Georgia. More than 21,000 Georgia families have expressed their interest in having a quality virtual charter school by contacting Connections Academy by telephone, email, or the website.